Coach Glav transforms into Glav the broadcaster

Tom Glavine has arrived and he’s ready to enter the broadcasting world.  The 300-game winner will  call this afternoon’s game against the Marlins with Joe Simpson.  The game can be seen on MLB.TV, MLB Network and SportSouth.

Thumbnail image for 031610 glavine.JPG 

This photo was taken about 30 minutes before Glavine was scheduled to be on the field for a pregame feature.  When asked if he was going to wear the uniform in the broadcast booth or make a quick change Glavine said, “yeah, like Superman.”

Showing the same calm, cool demeanor that existed throughout his career, Glavine didn’t exactly rush over to the main field to prepare for the broadcast.  Instead, he took time to watch Scott Proctor toss live batting practice for a second straight day.

With the back-to-back hurdle cleared, Proctor is looking forward to making his Grapefruit League season debut on Friday night against the Tigers.  The veteran reliever, who is coming back from Tommy John surgery, could join the Atlanta bullpen some time in April.  

Glavine will travel south tomorrow when the Braves begin their annual two-game swing in Jupiter.  Wednesday’s game against the Marlins will also be televised and provided by the same aforementioned outlets.  But Thursday afternoon’s game against the Cardinals will not be televised. 

While in Braves camp this week, Glavine will get used to some of the broadcasting duties he will handle this upcoming season and also take advantage of the chance to don the Braves uniform and work with some of the club’s young pitchers. 

In other words, he’ll be preparing for some of the same duties he will possess this season.  While hit title is special assistant to the team president, Glavine will essentially be a jack of all trades this year as he attempts to determine what kind of role he would like to focus on in the future.

After sending this entry originally, I received an email from TBS that revealed John Smoltz will serve as one of their analysts for their weekly national broadcasts.  But more importantly, it sounds like he will team with Simpson to serve as an analyst for the Braves games carried by Peachtree Television this year.

There has been a wealth of pitching knowledge floating around Braves camp recently.  While broadcaster Don Sutton isn’t currently present, Phil Niekro arrived this morning and will stick around for the remainder of the week.

Glavine, Niekro and Sutton stand as three of the 24 pitchers in Major League history to notch 300 career victories.  

Today’s broadcast will allow you to watch Jason Heyward get his first look at Marlins ace Josh Johnson.  But the day’s storylines from a Braves perspective will focus on Takashi Saito’s attempt to rebound from two rough performances and Jair Jurrjens, who will look to duplicate the success he had on Friday, when he debuted with two scoreless against the Pirates 

Jurrjens hasn’t recently felt any discomfort in his shoulder and there isn’t really much reason to consume yourself with worry about him experiencing problems throughout the season.  But it will still be interesting to see how he feels after attempting to complete three innings (or throw approximately 50 pitches) today.

Saito’s problem during his first two outings stemmed from his inability to keep his pitches down.  The Braves don’t seem to be worried yet.  But a third consecutive rough outing from the 40-year-old reliever may provide even more reason to believe Peter Moylan could actually serve as Billy Wagner’s primary setup man for a majority of this season.  

NOTES:   After Tuesday night’s 5-2 win over the Nationals, Bobby Cox jokingly said, “Heyward has his worst game down here and still got on base two times.”   The 20-year-old right fielder recorded a broken-bat infield single in the first inning and later drew his seventh walk (28 plate appearances) of this exhibition season.

* Nate McLouth’s struggles continued last night as he went 0-for-3 and saw his batting average drop to .040 (1-for-25).  But if you’re stretching for a sign of optimism, he did put the ball in play during each of his three plate appearances. 

McLouth, who has struck out a Major League-high 10 times, has said that he has come to realize that something usually clicks during a certain at-bat during Spring Training. We’ll see Thursday if the ball he hit to deep center in the third inning on Tuesday night was a sign of better things to come.

*’s Martin Gandy has prepared a book appropriately titled “Talking Chop 2010 Annual.”  This book reviews the 2009 season, previews 2010 and provides a comprehensive look at the organization’s most significant players.

Those interested in purchasing or learning more about this book can go to Gandy’s blog or just click here. 

 * The Braves will hold an Open House at Turner Field on Sat. March 27 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. ET.  Fans will have a chance to run the bases, throw in the bullpen, enjoy many of the stadium’s interactive entertainment options and view some of the seats available via season ticket packages.  They are advertising one full-season package that costs $249 ($3 per game).

Today’s Braves lineup vs. Marlins
Cabrera 8
Heyward 9
Chipper 5
Glaus 3
Diaz 7
Infante 4
Ross 2
Hicks 6
Jurrjens 1



Heyward guns a guy at 3rd, then walks on three pitches. Man I wish I was him right now.

Wow, walked on three pitches? Isn’t there something in the rulebook against that?

Not when the pitcher goes to his mouth. Joe West was all over it.
Watching the ball leave the hand of Johnson, who is 6’7″, and get to Heyward, probably 6’6″, it looked on TV like the ball was in the air for about 2 feet between them.

Heyward struck out?

Yep, send him to AAA, he’s obviously not ready yet.

what’s the deal with a called ball for the pitcher blowing into his hands?

Joe West dances to the beat of his own rule book. At least it was a Spring Training game.

If you’re on the rubber, you can’t put your hands to your mouth at all.

However, it’s Florida. It’s 60 degrees here in Maryland… how cold could it be down there?

The rule is in place to keep from spitballs and so on, just can’t go to the mouth before a pitch period

I was watch the braves vs marlins game on sport south on directv earlyer today and I think Tom Glavine will do a good job along with Chip Carey and Joe Simpson on the braves tv broadcasts on Fox Sports South and Sport South. Also I am happy that John Smoltz is joining the braves broacasts on peachtree tv. Keep up the good work Mark at

Yeah, it’s great to see that Joe West is already in midseason form.
Man you got to love spring training, I just got an $8.00 ticket in the 2nd row behind the Braves dugout entrance. Lots of free baseballs. Of course I can usually buy regular season tickets right on the field at half face value for Marlins -Braves games. But I have to drive 1 1/2 hours to get there. I wonder if that will change when they get the new stadium. Man I hope Fredi is in Atlanta by then.

MLB blackouts drive me crazy!!! Since I live in Florida, Major League Baseball has the perception that I am somehow getting the local broadcast. The only way for me to see games (without physically going) if they’re not on ESPN, is if they are on MLB Network… or so I thought. I had my DVR set up to record the game yesterday. The guide info said “Spring Training, Atlanta Braves vs. Florida Marlins”. Instead of broadcasting the game, MLB had the 2000 All-Star game on.
I literally live in a black hole for Braves games. I spent $4-$500 dollars last year on the MLB package and the internet package. However, MLB thinks that since I live in the state of Florida, I am somehow in the vicinity of the Florida Marlins. Therefore, every time the Braves play the Marlins (in Miami OR Atlanta), it is blacked out on cable. So then when I log into the internet package, that game is also blacked out. So then I turn it to “Sun TV” and they either have the Rays game on… or some fishing show.
This wouldn’t frustrate me so much if the Braves didn’t play over 10% of their games against the Marlins.
Vent over.

Bravo, If you call them they can manually change your Blackout market. Maybe have them change it to the TB blackout or something. They have done it for me in the past.

Really? I’ll call Comcast today. Thanks!

I am not sure about comcast, but I did it with

I think that FSFlorida carries all Marlin games that are not on SUN.. . . if you get that station. Man, I was certainly spoiled in the glory days of TBS.

It’s wonrefdul to have you on our side, haha!

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