Jurrjens to the DL, Kimbrel to the Majors

Jair Jurrjens’ strained left hamstring has provided Craig Kimbrel a chance to get his first taste of the Major League scene.  

Before Wednesday night’s game against the Nationals,  the Braves placed Jurrjens on the 15-day disabled list and purchased Kimbrel’s contract from Triple-A Gwinnett.  

Kimbrel, the hard-throwing right-hander who is regarded as the club’s future closer, was attempting to get to Washington D.C. before or during Wednesday’s game.    

By the time the Braves made the decision to disable Jurrjens, Kimbrel was either traveling or preparing to travel with his Gwinnett teammates from Atlanta to Syracuse, NY. 
Kris Medlen will now make Saturday afternoon’s start against the Phillies.   Medlen completed a season-high three innings against the Cardinals on Thursday afternoon after Jurrjens was forced to exit after one inning because of the hamstring strain.  <p> 


Won’t be the last prospect infused into the lineup if Braves can’t turn it around soon. Maybe it is too simple, but why not take our hitter with the highest average (Martin Prado), bat him lead off, and follow with some combination of Chipper Jones, Jason Heyward and Brian McCann. Heyward’s base stealing abilities aren’t being used in the bottom of the lineup and how many more solo homeruns does the kid have to hit before we start batting him where guys should routinely be on base ahead of him?

I just turned the game on. Why was Heyward taken out of the game?

Still waiting to hear why Heyward exited. He lined out in the top of the second and didn’t return for the bottom half of the inning. I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, but we are about two miles above the field here in this press box.

Heyward left w/ a sore right groin. He is day-to-day.

Really glad to see Kimbrel make the club. Sorry it had to happen this way, but he is gonna be a star.Also happy to see Medlen get the start over Parr. He has earned it with his good BP long relief work. Sad to hear about Heyward’s groin pull . He and Prado have been carrying this team. With as little offense as we have been generating, losing Heyward might be a mortal wound.

Kimbrel arrived during the fourth or fifth inning. Once he gets dressed, he’ll head to the bullpen wearing #46.

Hanson just had one of the ugliest bunt attempts I have ever seen. The fundamentals of this team really don’t speak well to their Major or Minor league coaching staffs. I’m sorry but if it hits like a duck, and bunt’s like a duck sometimes its just a stinkng duck.

Way to go Nate, 1st hit of the year with RISP. That oughta get you to .072 or so. I say let Infante play center.

Man, Infante earned a starting spot last year before he broke his hand. I don’t think anyone remembers, but he was on FIRE before he went on the DL, and I thought it would be him, not Prado, who replaced KJ. Heck, Infante had started for like a week before he broke his hand and KJ came back(then Prado took over).

I’m not saying one home run makes him a starter but he earned it last year and he has proven he hasn’t lost anything.

The problem now is, where do we put him? A good problem to have, but in my estimation, he is too good to sit the bench.

But Papi, Not that great would be and amazing improvement over some of our lineup right now. I mean McLouth just got his first hit of the year with RISP, compared to Not that great, I’ll take infante with a .305 avg from 2009 right now. Not to mention that Cabrera can’t hit the broad side of a barn. I say let Omar and Matt play every day and bring Melky and nate off the bench. I mean how bad could infante be, at least he wouldn’t be stinking up the joint like Melky and McLouth.

Who’s in the bullpen ? Kimbrel, perhaps?

Interesting thing about Infante… he’s never been that great as a daily starter. His best years have come as a utility player.

Say what you will about McLouth – he is ******* FAST! Did you see him on that double? There are faster, but not many. He was at home, and then I looked, and he was at second. Why can’t he turn that into defensive range or more steals?

Look at the season Omar had when filling in for Carlos Guillen at short in Detroit. He can play on an every night basis and produce. He may not be an All Star, but he is a B+ at everything he does, and that is just fine with me. Escobar seems to have this Mozart/Rodman thing going on. All the talent in the world, but the Braves don’t seem to have the right screw driver to fit the screw he has loose. I feel for Frank, it’s hard to shop a nut job and get value back. Milton Bradley has made half the teams in the majors gun shy at this point. You can’t really call him misunderstood, as it is his issue to fix that, not the rest of the world’s. Send him to the Cubs. There would be some serious entertainment value to Escobar, Zambrano, and Soriano all on the same field.

Today’s TP report,
Andruw+KJ+LaRoche=22 HRs.
All Braves not named Heyward = 10 HRs.
Billreef, we’ve found your duck!!!!

Maybe not a duck. Ducks are renown for being calm on the surface and peddling hard under the water. I’m not ready to buy into that much praise for TP. He seems more like a piece of driftwood in the water. Nothing going on up top, nothing going on below the surface, just floating in the current. Let’s just hope he isn’t the Braves “current” front runner to replace Bobby.

I sure hope TP is not in the organization’s plans for anything beyond this year. If Chipper retires, pursue him for TP’s job. Isn’t Torre’s contract with LA up after this year. Bring him back to the ATL! I never cared much for TP. What dufus walks off the field in disgust because “his pitchers aren’t protecting him” when one’s pitching rotation was the best of its day and one of the best of all time? ATL’s problem then (and often times now), was a lack of sufficient offense. Come on TP!

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