McCann will start wearing glasses again

Out of the lineup for the second straight day on Friday, Brian McCann revealed that his early-season offensive struggles have been a product of the fact that he is once again experiencing vision problems. 

Having exhausted all other potential solutions, McCann will start wearing Oakleys fitted with prescription lenses again on Saturday, when he is expected to resume his duties as the Braves catcher.  

When McCann underwent Lasik for the second time in two years in October, doctors adjusted his left eye and hoped that his slightly blurred right eye would correct itself. 

McCann recognized a potential problem with his right eye vision during Spring Training and then became more alarmed when he began playing more night games during the regular season.

Check and later for more details.


This is “vision problem” thing is getting old. However, while we’re at it, maybe we should give Glaus, Diaz, Melky, and McLouth glasses. We can get Lowe and Kawakami some nice binoculars so they can see where some of their pitches land.

McCann should have just gone with glasses to start the season. Now he has potentially messed up his mechanics and produced substandard results. Maybe this experiment was due to doctor’s orders, if so, shame on the doctor’s. If it was McCann’s decision, then he should rather go with something that works (glasses) vs a variable (questionable lasik).

Hopefully his “vision struggles” can last through the Braves’ trip to Milwaukee! My Brewers don’t stand a chance against the Braves. Does anyone know if the Braves are a good team to ballhawk?

-Ballhawk Shawn

get out of the inning Lowe! Pitcher’s count against Utley and Howard and he doesn’t finish them off, then the old hanger to Werth. It’s sad when a team scores 3 runs because against this Braves team, that’s a win. No way they come back trailing from a mighty 3-0

This team is ridiculous. They have no speed or power (sans Heyward). All they hit are ground balls.
Note to Frank Wren: your “snub Adam Laroche” plan was awesome, wasnt it? You are an embarrassment.

I want to strangle every self proclaimed “doctor” who were operating on McCann like cavemen took splinters out of each other. Where is the Braves medical staff? Is anyone really at the helm of this ship. It’s kind of like bumper cars watching this team try to field a lineup every day. It’s not management 101, it’s more like remedial management trying to catch up for all those courses they flunked for the last 4 years.

Ok, you struck out Jayson Werth on all inside pitches in his first AB. Made him look bad. So in his next AB you pitch him all outside? I was literally screaming at the TV in anger for every pitch leading up to that home run. This team is sad, irritating, and playing absolutely stupid baseball.

earth to frank wren when need a big trade and need it now. let ofante be the new short stop and lead off hitter and trade escobar to someone that needs a middle infielder with speed. and i think it time that wren calls it quits after this year along with bobby and bring in a manager that can handle younger talent. gee the cubs brought someone up from aa why cant we give the younger guys a chance hell why not bring someone up fro single a.

willie cabrera
alex romero
cole miles

all these guys are tearing the cover off the ball and some one needs to bring these guys up and give them a chance hell cole is 23 cabrera is 24 and romero is 27 give these guys a chance instead of guys who aint producing

That’s it, i give in to the masses. Fire TP, there’s no way a guy like Moyer should go through an MLB lineup with 53 pitches in 5 innings. Our batting averages should speak bounds. Let’s get rid of him before he messes up Heyward too. Maybe then we can lure back Frenchy. . . .or not.

let’s just switch the whole aaa team with the braves team and see how it goes…i mean could it get any worse… could it be possible to lose the season in the first 6 weeks?…sure looks like it.

We make the worst pitchers in the league look like Cy Young candidates. This is ******* embarrassing. I may need to take a break from Braves baseball. This is seriously depressing me.

If there’s anything positive to take from the game so far, it has to be the nice inning of work from Craig Kimbrel in his MLB debut.

one hit by Moyer – teams must fight to see who gets the chance to face the Braves – 4 outfielders and 1 player – how long do they wait to find someone who can play – where is the coaching and leadership?

Two hits, that’s all we got was two stinking hits!!

All I ask is that no one on this blog compliments the wonderful pitching performance of Moyer.

Hard to win with no runs so we can’t blame Lowe for this one.

Still, GO BRAVES!!!

McCann splits – .380 with 2 home runs in day games.
.180 with 0 home runs in night games.

Shaunson – that second at bat by Werth – all sliders too. First at bat all fast balls, and made him look bad. Second at bat – all sliders, and left that one spinning thigh high. As you were screaming at the TV the ball was screaming too, “HIT ME!!!!!”

McCann should reconsider fixing his vision. Who wants to see what this team is doing? I wish I was going blind…

Calling all Braves players. Who is going to step up and be the leader of this team?

For 5 years this team has been a shell of its former self. A champion will always find a way to win. We use to do this but the Brave players just do not care anymore.

Thank goodness this is Bobby’s last year. Just sad that the Braves are not doing all they can to send him out a winner. It is just sad that Bobby’s final chapter of a story book career is turning out to be a total mess.

Brave Players, it is time for someone to step up and lead this team before it is to late

Or it could be the opposite, tazz. It could be that since this is Bobby’s last year, the team is trying to get by on emotion alone instead of actually, y’know, playing hard day in and day out. I’ve seen it happen in various sports.

Everyone said when the Braves signed Troy Glaus that it was a good start but we definitely need one more power threat. Yet Wren thought we were good as assembled. You get what you pay for. Signing past their prime free agents is no way to form a championship club. Add the fact that TP is killing our young hitters. Is it any surprise that we’re losing. Hey, I was just as excited about this season as anyone, but I think we all knew in the back of our minds that this lineup wasn’t going to be enough to catch the Phillies. Bad news is that it isn’t good enough to go up against a 50 year old and get more than 2 hits. We need Heyward back quick!

Is this team as bad as they look?
You can understand a pitcher having a great day and getting a no hitter. Can’t understand when every pitcher has a chance for a no hitter if they pitch against the braves. The leader in almost every offensive catagory is a rookie.

TP has to go, seriously, jamie moyer 2 hit shut out!?!?!?!

What a joke

All Hail!!! The “Hitless Wonders” of Major League Baseball reside right here in Atlanta! Isn’t it exciting to watch the braves futility day in and day out? The braves offense is OFFENSIVE!!! I noticed how well the team was hitting in spring training. What happened? Did you finally see a little Major League Pitching? Please get healthy real soon J Hey Kid or we’ll be out of the playoff race by Memorial Day. Is there anyway we can let our boys use aluminum bats….. cause they sure need something. Oh, and get rid of Frank Wren, he couldn’t swing a deal with a Fifth grader because he sure isn’t smarter than one.

4th inning update. No Hits! No Hits! The Wonders have no HITS!!!

Interesting splits between Escobar and Gonzalez. I hope this translates ok in columns:


Esco 143 18 40 6 0 3 12 .340 .385 .280

Gonzo142 18 39 10 2 4 22 .340 .458 .275

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