Hinske gets his first outfield start of the year

Putting Eric Hinske isn’t going to solve the enormous problems the Braves have experienced at the plate this year.  But with the Phillies starting right-hander Joe Blanton this afternoon, Bobby Cox is throwing Hinske out there for the first time this year.

Instead of giving Matt Diaz a chance to break out of his funk, Cox is going to play the matchup provided by the left-handed Hinske, who has hit .280 with a .773 OPS against right-handers this season.

Diaz has hit .182 against righties and just .179 against those lefties that he has feasted on throughout his career. 

Heading to the clubhouse to gather some news.

Braves lineup vs. Phils 5/8

McLouth, 8
Prado 4
Chipper, 5
McCann, 2
Hinske, 7
Cabrera, 9
Infante, 6
Medlen, 1


Finally, someone else who will swing hard. Good to see Mac back in there too.

I really want to see Medlen go five innings, and then stay in the rotation. Hell, he would be an improvement over half of the four people in the rotation right now. He needs to be a starter at some point, now is his chance.

I do understand his value as a versatile reliever, but come on. Kawakami and Lowe just aren’t getting it done. Hell, I’d rather have Redmond or Parr up here just to see if they can pitch 5 innings of 3 run ball. Not even a quality start. That’s how frustrated I am with Lowe and Kawakami.

So, I hope Medlen doesn’t get shelled, basically.

Oh, and why the **** is Fox showing Sox-Yanks? Frustrating.

Neverwhere, I’m with you. Apparently the geniuses at Fox think that Baltimore (where I currently live) is closer to New York or Boston than Philadelphia.
It wouldn’t be so bad if MLB.TV didn’t black out all the other games that are in the same time slot, so they’re partly to blame for this unholy agreement.

we are the best at striking out or hitting into a double play with the bases loaded. Its our main attribute, and something we should be extremely proud of. It takes really skill to swing and miss at every single pitch when the bases are loaded, and i, personally, dont believe that the braves get enough credit for their incredible ability to strand runners

Can you believe Glaus’ 1st at bat?????????
This guy needs glasses.
To papilgee: KK isn’t getting any run support…hense no wins. The Bravos need to clean house, starting with Wren

karlnicolai, that was neverwhere, not me. lol

Brilliant! They bust Werth inside with fastballs and he cant do anything with it, just like his first AB last night. Glad they realized it… 20hrs too late.

Karln, Kawakami is lasting to a very low pitch count, which is probably intentional to keep him in shape in a 5 man rotation, but he should be used to it now. But his ERA is equally ridiculous, even when adjusting it using other stats. He just isn’t producing. I haven’t given up on him though. Nor Lowe. I just like Medlen as a SP.

i smell another 7 innings without a hit….again!!!!

Well, I have very much given up on Kawakami. He has shown me nothing. Yeah, he pitched a FEW good games, but think about it… even Kyle Davies had a few good games.
I’m putting the over/under on Braves hits at 4. I’m taking the under. Any takers?

I just saw 3 of our players move round the bases and touch the one near the catcher?? I didnt think we were allowed to do this, I have seen the opposition do it many times but we never tend to do it? what is happening help! Also, when that guy with braves across his jersy used that wooden stick to hit that white ball and it didnt result in 1 out changing to 3 outs i was in shock, another confusing event!

3 hits

this is probably the worst team i’ve ever seen. They don’t have a clue up there. They might as well go up with wiffle ball bats….come on guys, seriously, this team needs optimism not pessimism, haha.

What a joke…We swept the Houston Astros and Mark ‘I think I can write intelligent and engaging columns’ Bowman gets his boxers in a bunch

It is a little understandable when Lowe lets 7 runs go in and the Braves hand him a loss.

But Medlen doesn’t deserve this. The fans don’t deserve this. Cox doesn’t deserve this. Come on…

Medlen goes four(maybe more? But I doubt it.) and lets one run go. Come on. For a spot start, what more can you ask? I’ll take that over anything Lowe and Kawakami have been giving… and I LIKE Lowe and Kawakami.

Please tell me that they are going to accept Bobbie Cox’s retirement. Plus while they are at it, they should trade the whole team for a little league team. Maybe then, the Braves will stand a chance of winning. This is the worst team that I can remember them ever fielding. Thanks for putting the doubts to rest that Atlanta does not have a decent Major League Sports team.

Of course it would be Medlen to get the first hit.. and Mclouth to GIDP.

Mark – this is really becoming a problem. Is there any talk about coaching changes (not Bobby) before it is too late. How many teams have so many players below their lifetime averages? I would love to know what the players think about TP and the way players flourish when they leave. KJ, AJ and JF are all having better years than every single Brave ( except Heyward). I don’t know TP and he may be a nice guy, but the hitters are all underachieving.

Hey, we scored! And then we scored again!

Boston rain showers FTW. I can now see the game. 🙂

I’m 100% behind Kris Medlen taking Kawakami’s spot in the rotation. KK did well in mop up duty last year, and he’s completely ineffective as a starter.


Make Hinske our everyday 3rd baseman, Diaz will come out of his funk soon and we need a 1B who can hit or field, either one would be fine.

Well, Welcome to Mothers Day. Another glorious blunder by the Braves. They can’t seem to get healthy and the ones that are healthy all need to be sent to the minors so that they can learn the basics of baseball. I mean, really, KK can’t pitch, and the rest of the team can’t field their positions. Cabrera doesn’t know that a ball should be sent to home on a shallow fly ball instead of letting them score. How are the youth of today supposed to learn the game if the majors don’t know what they are doing. Start paying them according to their playing. No more of these million dollar salaries to sit on their butts and not do their job.

I am being selfish here but am hoping that no one makes the all star team. They need to rest and heal. Chipper really needs to sit it out and stay home if he can and heal. I would hate for them to play the game and get hurt. They owe Bobby Cox a good year and at least make the playoffs and if it means giving up the all star game then be it. They need to think about him and do well for him

I am being selfish here but am hoping that no one makes the all star team. They need to rest and heal. Chipper really needs to sit it out and stay home if he can and heal. I would hate for them to play the game and get hurt. They owe Bobby Cox a good year and at least make the playoffs and if it means giving up the all star game then be it. They need to think about him and do well for him

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