Conrad gets his first start of the season

With Chipper Jones getting a chance to rest the left groin muscle that he tweaked Saturday, Brooks Conrad will make his first start of the season during this afternoon’s series finale against Cole Hamels and the Phillies. 

It would have been interesting to see Hamels’ reaction when he looked at the injury-depleted Braves lineup that will serve as his opposition this afternoon.

With Jones and Heyward unavailable, the Braves have Melky Cabrera sitting in the third spot of the order.   Cabrera went hitless in his first 14 at-bats during this road trip before delivering an opposite-field single during Saturday’s three-run sixth inning.

Cabrera does have three hits, including a double, in six at-bats against Hamels.  Brian McCann might be able to halt his struggles against southpaws.  He has hit .367 (11-for-30) with five doubles and a homer in his career against the Phillies left-hander.   

UPDATE:   Heyward is now saying that he thinks he could return to the lineup on Tuesday night in Milwaukee.  He has been limited to pinch-hit duties since his right groin forced him to exit Wednesday’s game against the Nationals in the first inning.

Jones felt some lingering discomfort while taking some swings in the batting cage this morning.  But he said he’s hoping to be back in the lineup for Monday night’s series opener in Milwaukee.

Many of the Braves will be wearing pink wrist bands and using pink bats this afternoon to recognize Major League Baseball’s “Going to Bat Against Breast Cancer” initiative.  

BRAVES LINEUP 5/9 vs. Phils:

Infante, 6;
Prado, 4
Cabrera, 9
Glaus, 3
McCann, 2
Diaz, 7
Conrad, 5
McLouth 8
Kawakami, 1


I know Hamels is a lefty, but it would be nice to see Hinske get more playing time. With no Heyward or Chipper today and Glaus continuing to struggle with RISP, there’s very little pop in the lineup. Melky batting 3rd? This could be another long day.

kk pitching and no big bats in the lineup…you are right jrock – this is going to be a very long day…

I missed the Cabrera play, but from what I hear of it, it makes you wonder why Cox didn’t start Hinske again.

Can we please give Melky Cabrera an unceremonious kick to the curb this week? PLEASE!

Frank Wren needs to swallow his pride and admit he screwed up royaly by trading our best pitcher a year ago for this bum!

Can’t throw a tagging runner out at home from deep second with his momentum coming towards the plate?

What is Cox doing let him play after that? Better still, why is a guy batting well below .200 hitting third in the lineup?

Braves are regressing even further this year, not improving.

Forget a long day, it is going to be a very long year. The lone bright spot will likely be Jason Heyward and a NL Rookie of the Year campaign.

This is the game I get to see this week of the braves? Come on. Really?

This is an ugly lineup right now….averages wise…

Oh and to add another bright note. Troy Glaus’ best months of the year are April and May. After that his avg drops 20-30 points and his power numbers go down. oh and if we are gonna dump somebody, please let it be McLouth. He has another 0 fer day, the only positive he did was get hit by a pitch. Wonder how many times a game he could stand that? Maybe we should just stand on the plate. At least something would be making contact that way.

Atlanta has as .419 winning percentage. The only teams that we are better than are as follows.

Cleveland – .379
Seattle – .367
Kansas City – .355
Houston – .300
Baltimore – .281

This is going to be a long year. I feel that I am back in the mid 80’s watching the Braves.

Right now with Escobar and Heyward on the DL the Braves have the worst Hitting Outfield and bench ever in MAJOR LEAGUE baseball. I can not believe we keep Conrad and Hicks on the roster we must have some better sticks in the minors.

chip caray has to be the worste announcer ever. if i have to watch another game with him praising the opposition’s pitching, hitting or defense – i am going to break something….he is just awful. anyone else notice that?

braves_2012, Chip Caray has to be impartial on TBS broadcasts since they’re nationwide. On SportSouth or Peachtree, he’s usually more of a homer.

I am so tired of watching KK pitch. Everyone keeps saying all he needs is run support but never mentions his horrible ERA. And I hope when Heyward comes back that he will be placed where he belongs in the lineup. He definitely needs to be 3 or 4.

Mark, Do you think the Braves could take a chance on McDonald from the Sox. I know he is probably just a AAAA guy but with our outfield right now I think he is worth taking a chance. He can play center too. Of course we should only try to get him if the asking price isn’t too high?

Tonight’s line-up


Total HRs of above starting line-up – 10
Total HRs of Kelly Johnson – 10

I think it is time to start driving the ball since the situational hitting is not working.


Nice poke by Glaus in the 6th.

This coaching staff is pathetic. Brian Snitker sends MCCANN???? As few runs as this team is scoring, this idiot play is unforgivable. You start to think maybe maybe this is where Escobar get’s his stupid mistakes. Bobby waited a few too many to retire and surrounded himself with an incompetent coaching staff. Pendleton who is the worst batting coach in baseball, Snitker who is the worst base coach and McDowell who doesn’t seem to do much of anything.

Well, I’d like to think that sending McCann home has proved to be inconsequential tonight. 😛

Wait.. I thought we were all praising McDowell all last year… Now he sucks too?

And I think I remember getting so much crap last year (especially from a certain poster) for having Kelly’s back. I believe my suggestion was: why don’t we put Prado at 2nd and Kelly back in LF to platoon w Diaz and bench lame *ss Loaf (as a certain poster called him).
You know.. just sayin..

McCann at home was a bang bang play. You can’t assume a perfect throw on a relay. A step to the right or left he scores.
But, I agree with the hitting coach. There is no way a whole team can slump with the bats at one time. The blame must go on Pendleton. As for McDowell, I have no complaints about our pitching staff as a whole. I’m not a fan of Chavez at all and Kawakami is not progressing.
There are still two people that I want to hear some news about instead of us just complaining about how bad we are playing right now. Where is Luis Valdez and how is Jordan Schafer doing?

btw, anyone would have been low on KJ for the way he had swung the bat last year, and part of the year previously. Perhaps it was change of scenery, or change of coaching, or perhaps he went to a different shampoo….who cares. He didn’t hit for us and we were right in not offering him.

Viva, I am sure that poster would say that Kelly like Andruw and Frenchy couldn’t have gotten better here( in fact I think even you argued that Frenchy couldn’t get better here), It seems they all have undergone a remarkable metamorphosis after leaving Atlanta. I am sure that that poster would have said and did say that the problem wasn’t the players but their inability to flourish in the coaching starved system currently so obvious in ATL.

You may be right, Bill. But Kelly’s plate discipline was always so much better than Frenchy’s.. and speaking of him.. he is back to where he will most likely be for the rest of his career: hitting .240, middling HR and RBI numbers, striking out twice a game. And I wouldn’t include Andruw in that list. The coaching staff didn’t encourage him to show up overweight and out of shape, and didn’t force him to refuse to try and hit the ball the other way. Kelly also had 2 good years going into 09, where he got into a slump and then injured his wrist. You don’t hit .280 with power potential and then all of a sudden become a .200 hitter for the rest of your career.. unless you’re a fat*ss egotist named Andruw who nearly threw his career away.
I would also like to say that Glaus is not a bust… yet. He’s one of the only guys hitting the ball hard right now.

Oh and Speedy.. i just looked it up and Schafer is hitting .273 with 2 2Bs, 4 BB and 5 SO in 6 games for Rome.

Thanks viva, I hope the kid can get going in the right direction, if so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in Atlanta in the late summer (especially with the way our OF is hitting). It’s good to see Hanson and Huddy dealing so early in the season. I hope Jurrjens can get turned around after coming off the DL. As for Lowe and Kawakami, its disheartening to see our efforts to “rebuild our rotation” as our 4-5 starters. I’m all for dropping one of those guys and inserting Medlen into the rotation for good. Maybe we can get some organizational depth at SP with a trade of one of those guys. I saw Mike Minor pitch in Jacksonville and he had a ton of strikeouts but left the ball over the plate a bit too much. But he appears to be a promising prospect, and I would definitely like to have a southpaw in the rotation to force the hand of the Phillies with their LH power (Utley, Howard).

Their struggles are disheartening, but it doesn’t matter if you have 2.00 ERA or a 6.00 ERA if the offense can’t score runs and don’t even get their first hit until the 5th inning.

Interesting lineup for tonight:
Prado, 2B
Heyward RF
Chipper 3B
McCann C
Glaus 1B
Hinske LF
Infante SS
McLouth CF
Hudson RH

Interesting lineup; but I like it… Diaz and Cabrerra havent hit worth a darn, so I like getting Hinske in the starting lineup. The only downside is there is no hitting to come off the bench…

As much as I liked him as a player, its time to replace Pendleton as hitting coach… When the Mariners fired thier hitting coach just a few days ago, they were only hitting about .006 points less than the Braves as a team…

As per gameday, Chipper was a scratch. Lineup is as follows:
McLouth – 8, Prado – 4, Heyward – 9, McCann – 2, Glaus – 3, Hinske – 7, Infante – 6, Conrad – 5, Hudson – 1.

Glaus is PLAYING some 1B tonight, boy…

Well this may not be a popular subject, but everyone knows that I’m not gonna win any Miss Congeniality awards anyway. Chipper made us a promise. He said, If I can’t stay healthy and play any better than I did last year, I will retire. Well it’s starting to look pretty grim, Chip. You can only play 3 days a week, you can’t hit for average, your defense is degrading rapidly, you can’t run the bases and you aren’t hitting for power. Not to mention that you really aren’t that great of a dugout guy. If Chipper wants to preserve some legacy and bow out gracefully he needs to start thinking that that time may be near. Although the Braves haven’t had the foresight to trade for a 3B prospect, it might be best to consider that when we start dumping players. Although we really don’t have many desirable trade bait kind of guys and God knows Wren would mess up his diapers trading for one, I think we need to start thinking about those kind of prospects. I mean we have won 1 series since the miracle on April 16th(another heyward moment) and that was against mighty Houston. Who is trade bait??? Who would someone want in a stretch drive???

Every Braves starter has a hit tonight. Nice.

Oh and Viva, Kelly’s hitting .160 over the last 10 days and EVERYONE knows those power numbers are a fluke. His avg. is riding around .265 and he probably hasn’t yet corrected all the bad info that he got from Pendleton. With the exception of Frenchy, it takes most hitters a while to get over Terry’s superb instruction.

Frenchy has cooled off quite a bit himself.. as i wrote earlier: Frenchy is back to where he will most likely be for the rest of his career: hitting .240, middling HR and RBI numbers, striking out twice a game.

can hinske play third? i would think that it would be hard for booby to leave him out of the lineup – they way he is swinging the bat.

I’ve been saying it for a long time on my blog, and Cox finally made it a reality yesterday. Heyward is hitting in the top of the Atlanta lineup. How did it go? Atlanta scores the most runs it has in a single game since Opening Day. Whenever Chipper returns, Heyward deserves to stay in the three hole, or hit cleanup. He is our best hitter right now and it isn’t even close. Plus, he needs to bat towards the top to take full advantage of what he can do on the basepaths. Thank you Bobby!

Braves quest for a sweep in Milwaukee encounters a serious road block today in Gallardo. Hope they can pull it out.

according to gameday, same lineup as last night. Glad to see Bobby has Hinske playing again today. Chipper’s still out, but that’s not exactly shocking news, is it?Hopefully Lowe can mange to keep it close through 6 and the bats stay hot. I like our bullpen alot better than the Brewers’ pen.

It’s pretty easy to say that I like the lineup from last night due to the offensive production, but I’ve got to be honest that I’d rather have Infante at the top of the order, he will get on base more than McLouth and give Prado and the rest of the lineup a chance to knock him in….

It’s pretty easy to say that I like the lineup from last night due to the offensive production, but I’ve got to be honest that I’d rather have Infante at the top of the order, he will get on base more than McLouth and give Prado and the rest of the lineup a chance to knock him in….

I agree with speedy. Infante’s average has dipped a little recently, but he still gives you a better chance in front of the big boys. Lowe’s actually looking decent today, hopefully the offense can come around.

back to where we started the season. if two of glass, mccann and chipper hit and heyward continues being so amazing then we will be a postseason team. Then hopefully mclouth and escober would come round and we could start to dominate

good game by lowe today. hated to lose the lead but 2 runs in 6 innings is pretty solid. hope the pen can hold and the offense get do some late inning work. Thank goodness for Heyward picking up Prado with the rbi to give us the lead back.

Chip Caray, on Heyward’s double past through Fielder: “Get the married men off the infield!”
LOL, I agree wholeheartedly.

Damn Braves, this team is so schizophrenic. I guess I’ll have to order another month of MLB.TV

always the optimist Billreef. Missed your pithy comments today. Any thoughts on Conrad-2 hr in 2 games for a guy I always thought was black hole at the plate (except for one week last year)?

REALLY like the kid in the 3 hole! REALLY like the way Bobby has been using the whole team. EVERYONE is contributing something. Even the guys hitting below Mendoza.

Do we HAVE to take the off day?

it’s a shame that melky and nate have not figured it out, at the plate, yet. this team would dominate – if they did.

I have ALWAYS liked Conrad, I was really happy that he made this team out of ST and I think today is an example of what this kid does. He always had pop in the minors and just got labeled minor leaguer by our astute coaching staff. Kind of like Martin Prado. I was real proud that our bench players did what they did. They have kept this team from being eliminated. It does make you wonder about some of our regulars though. Why is chipper in to pinch hit in a 4-run game when he can’t make it to the gate against their starter? Miracle tonic? Better avg against opposing pitcher? I’m still waiting for McLouth to get two hits in a game again, it’s only happened once this year and that .168 avg is just peachy.

Nate? Two hits in a game? How about one hit in two consecutive games to start with?

You’ve never seen someone who is day-to-day come in to pinch hit? Aren’t you 70 years old?

I like this lineup but Chipper is actually hitting pretty decently.
He’s just hitting them at people. He’s leading the NL in walks and has a good average with RISP (.285 or something). If he’s hitting .230 in June then I think you’ll see Heyward or Escobar in the 3 hole. I kinda liked Bobby’s original lineup yesterday, amended to include Escobar.. I’d like Diaz to get time to get out of his funk, but I think Bobby needs to start Hinske. He’s hitting so much better than anyone else in LF.

yes yes yes, heyward has to be moved to 2 or 3 spot. I would move him to 2 like vivabeta says, and have chipper behind him. when mccann or chipper isnt playing then heyward can hit 2

ok i am glad the braves are finally hitting bout what bout making conrad an outfielder and place him in lf and and tell diaz to hit the road

IN RESPONSE TO NCBRAVE (my time signature is off)

Diaz is a much better ballplayer. Two good games does not a major leaguer make.

If I’m not mistaken, we picked up Conrad as a minor league pickup in 2009, and he had a cup of tea with the team in ’09. Now in ’10 he has made the team outright. So how is that labeling him as a minor leaguer?

Speedy it has more to do with how the player is utilized, Bobby has his favorites and he hangs on to them into the gates of H*ll(see Nate Mclouth here). Thats how you treat a back up(minor leaguer). Bobby has a fatal flaw in that he hangs on to a guy who used to have some licks and it blocks the hot kid from getting in the game. Combine that with Frank’s propensity of signing past their prime players and you have a formula for a 16-18 start.

, And viva, Chipper has been dogging it for the last 2 years, he picks pitchers and feigns nagging injuries. His 2010 numbers projected right now are like 8 HRs, 28 RBI and a .230 BA. Geez we can get that out of putting Hudson in as a position player in his off days. And why would he suddenly surface when we have a 4-run lead and he has been claiming hurt. Smells like a duck, and quacks like one, too.

I don’t think that there’s any question Chipper is past his prime. Just to piggyback off your point bill…Will Bobby insert Chipper into the third spot in this hot braves lineup??

Baseball is a game of adjustments. It is time for Chipper to adjust to batting somewhere other than third. For a couple of years I have been suggesting that Chipper should bat clean-up. The reason, when he was young, he was in the 3 slot protected by the likes of Andres Galarraga. With that protection, Chipper feasted. I have been saying that it is time for Chipper to protect someone. HOWEVER, I think the time for that has now maybe past. Chipper’s adjustment is now as a spray doubles hitter. I do not believe he belongs in the power slot. And now, with his speed dwindling, I don’t believe he is effective in the 2 slot either. I believe he would be formidable in the 6 slot or maybe (if his ego would let him) in the 7 slot.
Vs. Righties:
1 Escobar 6
2 Prado 4
3 Heyward 9
4 McCann 2
5 Glaus 3
6 Jones 5
7 Hinske 7
8 McClouth 8

Vs Lefties:
Escobar 6
Prado 4
Heyward 9
Glaus 3
McCann 2
Diaz 7
Jones 5
Cabrera 8

What think ye, Bravomania?

yea but putting conrad in the lineup maybe the spark the kid needs to be a better hitter hell his hitting better then mleky or diaz so why not put him in left why not make a deal for for starting pitching help due that jair is hurt and kk aint doing squat i mean he hasnt won a game since Aug of 09 and needs to either go into the minor and taught how american pitchers pitch or sent back to japan and maybe go after a pitcher thats on the market i bet the braves could make a deal for cliff lee bc the Mariners arent winning or maybe after Ted Lilly or someone. maybe when yunel comes back making conrad and ofante everyday players and sending escobar melky and a couple of minor leauge pitchers for Cliff Lee Sean white and Michael Saunders.

Speedy, the answer to your question is “In a heartbeat.” It will be up to Chipper to move Chipper from the 3 hole. To his credit, he may actually ask Bobby to do that. He is a team guy as his many contract concessions over the years have demonstrated.

I agree that Chipper has always been a key guy, but my question wasn’t “should he” be moved from the 3 hole, but “will he” be moved from the 3 hole. As from past experiences, I’m assuming Chipper will be in the third slot, but I feel that spot is reserved for Jason Heyward sooner or later (and by that I mean sooner).

I’ll take Venters over Lilly now that his arm trouble has taken 5 mph off his fastball, and Cliff Lee is unsignable, so any trade to Seattle for him is a pure give away at this point. Getting a lefty, a legit lefty, to replace KK in the rotation is probably a good idea if it is possible to do so. Venters will likely be in the rotation next season, making it Hanson, Hudson, JJ, Venters, Lowe. Then in 2012 Medlen will probably get in if they can move Lowe by then. It is easier to eat one year of a contract than 3 years. KK won’t be resigned, but he can be effective in the bullpen slot that Medlen is currently in. That swap will make more sense if Medlen continues to mow them down in his next couple starts replacing JJ.

Good point rother, the future is with medlen more than Kawakami. I agree we need a lefty starter. And it appears Minor is at least a year away.

I am not trying to be a Gm but why cant the braves make these kind of deals i bet they go money when they dump KK and JV salaries i bet they can make a deal for someone like Lilly or Lee and sign them to a long term deal. I mean if u add someone like Lee to this pitcher staff with Hanson Hudson Jurjens and maybe Chavez or Mike Dunn as possible canidates. The only why I see yunel being traded bc of the folks upstairs are tired of his lackadasical play and baserunning.

Chipper’s hitting the ball okay now but not getting good results. Let’s leave him there a littl longer because his reputation and OBP are very valuable in the 3 spot. I like this lineup for awhile when Escobar comes back:


This lineup is full of hitters, assuming Esky hits again right away. Let’s leave McLouth on the bench and bat McCann lower until he figures things out. He is not hitting well at all. But I’m also concerned about Prado now. He’s hitting 300 but looks bad. He never swings at a first pitch strike and now he often does not swing at second pitch strikes. He just battles and finds a way to get a hit here and there. Hinske and Infante have to stay in the lineup. Escobar hopefully will come back and hit normally soon. After awhile we can make some other adjustments.

Barry – I agree that Chipper would be better suited in another lineup spot. 6 or 7 would fit him well. However, I agree with Rother that it will be Chipper’s decision on no one else. Bobby is loyal to a fault. He will not make that call… Chipper has earned the right to make that decision. I just hope he makes it, because he would be better utilized down in the order. Especially as a “spray doubles” hitter.
I understand all the talk about wanting to replace KK. But can we please not discuss ANY deals or moves for ANY pitching until we add a bat in the lineup? The series in Milwaukee was a FLUKE. We are not the team to put up 6-7-8 runs a game. It’s just not going to happen until we get a legitimate cleanup hitter to protect our lineup and drive guys in. Pitching is not our problem right now (with the exception of KK, who I believe will be moved to the bullpen and replaced by Medlan).
It’s nice that our bats have awaken… but Melky and Nate did not get the memo. They are showing NO signs of waking up. Therefore Hinske and Infante should play in their places. McClouth can be utilized off the bench, as well as Melky. I’d put Infante in Center and Hinske in Left.

Since you guys post regularly on the blog I assume you read up and are informed about the Braves at least more than the casual fan….
tommy.. Prado looks alright to me. He’s had 7 hits in the past 4 games with a grand slam. McCann’s vision was messed up again but now he has the glasses so he should start hitting again. He has 3 hits w 2 RBIs in the past 2 games.
ncbrave.. WHA???? Chavez and Dunn as possible starting candidates??? Over Medlen and Venters? WHA??? I would honestly rather have Parr in there or even rush Minor than have those guys. Lee just got off of the DL and will cost too much / wants a huge contract. Lilly also just got off of the DL and has an ERA of almost 5.00. These are your solutions??? And Conrad is on the team to be a backup infielder not an outfielder. You would honestly rather him than Hinske, who is hitting .333 w 6 2Bs and 13 RBIs?? That’s insane.
I think it’s ridiculous to think that chipper is sitting out games on purpose and isn’t a team player. the guy is the greatest switch hitter in history only behind mickey mantle. and you guys can speculate all you want, but he’s gonna be back in the 3 spot tomorrow. he’s hitting .285 w RISP and his average will be back to .275 by mid june. if not, then Heyward or Escobar will take that spot. If he keeps struggling, I’m not against it. I just think Bobby will be.

I wouldn’t want to put that added pressure on Heyward in the third spot isnt a good a idea but maybe putting mccann or prado there and putting chipper in the 5th or 6th hole is an excellent idea. but the one thing we are missing is a decent leadoff hitter and i bet they are some out there willing to be picked up via trades or free agency. like juan pierre scott podsednik or micheal bourne

I just heard that Yunel will be rehabbing in Gwinnett this weekend, and Jordan Schafer will also be arriving in Gwinnett. Should be an exciting weekend for the G Braves!

Another great suggestion! Let’s get Juan Pierre! Oh wait.. let’s see.. his OBP is only .006 points higher than McClouth’s.. that’s not good.. Michael Bourn strikes out A LOT.. Podsednik would be ok, but I can see Schafer doing as good or better than any of these options, and he seems to be progressing nicely in his rehab, and he’s now in Mississippi with a .375 BA albeit after only 2 games.

Yes…..Heyward sure has struggled with all of that added pressure……

i mean ofante is a better short stop then anything ok so why not put him at shortstop trade escobar melky and mcclouth for someone that can play the game and that can hit like maybe hamilton in texas or hart in milwaukee or willy taveras in washington i mean someone to be a leadoff hitter bc noone is doing that good of a job.

I hope anyone who was so quick to proclaim Francoeur’s career resurrection has now noticed his return to planet earth–yes, I’m looking at you Billreef. Gotta love that sub .7 OPS.

Oh BobbyCox, the exuberance of youth, the guy has his 1st slump out of a Braves Uni and he is once again the scourge of all things once dreamed about. Even with the slump he has 19 RBI’s and 4 HR which would rank him somewhere between 2nd and 3rd in Braves run production. He has twice as many HR’s and more than twice as many RBI’s as our team leader, the esteemed Mr. Jones. He also has more RBI’s than Chipper since the beginning of 2009, even after having to endure the pathetic coaching staff in ATL, who were doing wonders to help him get his swing corrected. I wish Francouer all the best, but he isn’t really the issue here. The only reason I bring him up from time to time is to point out the ineffectiveness that TP and the rest of our coaches have with helping young players on this team. The tragedy is that we have lost some really nice ballplayers because of it. Even Kelly Johnson has been able to succeed out of the environment here. The problem now is that we may be seeing the effects of that destructive coaching here and now. And for all of you who don’t think coaching can help or hinder young players, you just haven’t ever been around young ballplayers. The effect is huge. I’m not saying a player without talent can succeed long term because of coaching, but what I am saying is that a player can form a relationship with his coaching staff that allows him to succeed at the very highest level. Sometimes that is meeting his true potential and sometimes it allows him to succeed where it was improbable without a great coach behind him. Every great player will tell you this is true, every great coach knows it as well.

Well, this is my first post ever, but I have read this blog for a couple of years just to see what people say about the beloved Braves. I figure I better quit sitting without speaking.
As far as this team goes, I think its a slump combined with some weak spots that are about to become addressed. In terms of our outfield, I love Diaz, but he needs to show that he still deserves the time. Melky needs to go. I haven’t seen a quote from him, haven’t really seen anything that makes him better than Chipper hitting recently, at all. Conrad is good, he might have been riding a high these last couple of games, but definitely has the talent. I think for him, the utility player that Infante has become. Glaus truly has been hitting the ball well all year. I think the biggest thing that this team has turned around is strike outs. We had so many double digit strike out games at the beginning of the season. When we put the ball in play we do things, its that simple. Giving your team a chance will get wins. I have a great feeling about the up-coming weeks here, especially with how well we are playing. People say we beat the bad pitching Brewcrew, well that doesn’t matter. They are major leaguers, and sometimes all it takes is that one series to really put the team over the hump. Why do we send players to the minor leagues – to find their swings.

You call it a slump. I call it regression to the mean.

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