Clevlen gets his first start as a Brave

Welcome back to PNC Park where Bobby Cox is utilizing one of those “Sunday afternoon” lineups that were commonplace back when his clubs were notching five-game winning streaks with some regularity.

With the Braves preparing to play on 20 consecutive days after Monday’s offday, Cox has chosen to rest Chipper Jones, Brian McCann and Eric Hinske for this series finale.

Jason Heyward was scratched about an hour before the first pitch was thrown.  The Braves initially said he was also just getting a chance to rest.  But they later revealed that he is dealing with a sore left thumb.


Heyward says that he jammed the thumb while sliding into third base during a May 14 game against the D-backs.  He hadn’t previously complained of the ailment and while playing the entirety of each of the nine games that followed he hit .265, drilled a walk-off double and constructed a three-hit performance that was just a few feet shy of being his first career multi-homer game.

The Braves don’t seem too concerned with the ailment.  They are hopeful that he could return to the lineup as early as Tuesday.

(Now back to the original blog entry:)

Going for their sixth straight win today, the Braves will be utilizing Brent Clevlen as their left fielder.  Clevlen, who was called up last week when Matt Diaz was placed on the disabled list, will be making his first start since going 2-for-4 for the Tigers in a 5-4 win over the Dodgers on June 15, 2008.

With the Pirates sending left-hander Zach Duke to the mound, Cox has construcgted a right-handed-heavy lineup.  Duke had some success limiting the Phillies to one run over six innings on Tuesday night.  But in his four previous starts he had posted a 7.86 ERA.

Left-handed hitters are batting .341 (15-for-44) against Duke and right-handers are hitting .307 (51-for-166).

Here is the lineup that will be looking to support Kris Medlen this afternoon. 

Braves @ Pirates  5/23/2010
McLouth 8



I like seeing Clevlen get a shot. He’s probably a better option than some of our others… Maybe he can keep us rolling.

I really think Medlen needs to stay in the rotation, too, but for money reasons(stupid reasons) I doubt he will.

If we can get a sweep here, this will be our second road sweep in a row… and it will be awesome.

Also, I actually liked how Bobby used the bullpen last night. Not afraid to put on more than an inning to his relievers, he played the matchups, etc. It was good to see.

We have a strong 1-4 lineup today. Looks like pretty slim pickins’ after that, though… Oh well, its hard to be too negative on a 5 game roll with Meds on the mound.

I hate it when Cox does this. Day off tomorrow and we are not going for the kill. Mac has great stats against this pitcher, and lefties are killing this pitcher…Hard to win a division if you don’t go for it everytime. I understand Chipper sitting, but we need to support Medlen with the best lineup—the lineup that has been getting it done.

Go Braves!

Come on why does bobby do this. We have an off day tomorrow. Hinske has been hot and what about mccann and chipper. At least heyward always plays.

After BP, the Braves decided that Heyward also needs a chance to rest. Hang with ’em Medlen. This blog entry has been updated above.

I’m not in love with this line up either, but resting those guys today, and having an off day tomorrow will actually give their muscles time to recover.

Most folks that work out know the second day after a work out is when muscles hurt the most, and the day after that is when you actually feel better. So while this line up may or may not get it done today, the guys getting to rest should be in pretty good condition come Tuesday.

Go Braves!

Now the Braves are saying Heyward was scratched with a sore left thumb.

I’d rather put our second string lineup up against the Bucs and have the big guys all ready to go for the trip to Miami. Of course if we win, everyone will say it was a great idea. If we lose, then Bobby is an idiot.
Regardless, we’re playing great baseball. If the bench guys pull this off and if Wakefield can somehow outduel the Doc, then we’re within spitting distance of the Phils. Who would’ve thought that 3 weeks ago?

On of the strengths of this club is its bench. This is called MANAGING. The guys in the lineup today need to stay sharp, and they are being rewarded for their fine play. I appreciate that Bobby is able to accomplish two tasks today.

1. giving some starters and extra day off, and

2. giving some guys an opportunity to play.

Go Braves!

My issue is leaving all four guys out of the lineup on the same day. Sometimes it seems like Cox just doesn’t worry about any individual game at all, like it is no big deal. Maybe resting Heyward and McCann are okay, but then Chipper and Hinske need to be in there. It’s like Cox through us to the wolves today. And no way is McLouth on fire enough to go back to leadoff again. I would have been okay with Infante, Prado, Chipper, Glaus, Hinske, etc. but 4 key guys is too much. We could have been 3.5 back of Philly. We really need to take advantage of these times now when Philly is hurting because once they get strong again they will be few and far between.

I meant 2.5 back.

Well, ok, we lost. Let’s see how the series against the fish will go now. Go Braves!

Say all you want about Bobby’s decision to sit all those starters, but the guys who lost this game were the everyday players: Prado, Escobar, Glaus who went a combined 0-13.
Does anyone have any clue what is wrong with Escobar? He doesn’t look good at all and the results so far are well documented. I hope it doesn’t extend to the point that he would have to spend a few days in the minors to figure things out. I don’t think Yunel would take that very well.

Dumbest lineup I have seen since I began watching the Braves in 1969, It’s almost like Bobby was trying to lose the game, or else he is so senile that he doesn’t understand what sitting half your starting lineup might do to run production. Duh.

can’t play your b-team and expect a-team results. way to throw a game bobby! if anyone needed a rest it was prado… anyone could see he was running on fumes.

Any idea that the Braves will make a go at Oswalt and if they do whats the Astros asking price?

braves cannot afford him…he is owed around $29 million over the coarse of the next two years. would be nice though.

If the Braves could afford Oswalt, they’d still have Vazquez.

Now, how did i know that Oswalt would be mentioned on this bored by a certain blogger. Oh well, I have to admit, I can’t help but notice the progression on Minor in the Minors…(that sounded weird). Hopefully next year we can see the lefty make it up to the big league club so that we can show teams a little more from that side of the mound. As far as playing the backups…. We are about to go into a stretch of 20 straight games. The regulars will have plenty of time to play, and if you are going to put a weak lineup out there, why not against the Pirates (and it darn near worked). On to fight the fish, they always seem to beat us at the worst possible times. Also I live in Florida and cannot stand the Marlins’ announce team. Looks like it will be on mute for FSFL and Sunsports.

I bet the Braves can afford if they package Kawakami Minor and Melky or Diaz and see if the Astros honor pay a percentage of his contract like the Marlins did when they traded Hampton to the Braves or was it the Rockies. See if they can throw in Berkman Bourne or Lee.

Hey SpeedyBream i know how u feel not to knock the Late Harry Carey but i couldnt stand him in the later years of announcing but I also muted the tv when he was on and i feel the same way bout Hawk Harrelson of the Whitesoxs i cant stand him saying He Gon when a pitcher for the Sox strike some one out but he wont do it when a Sox batter does the same thing. I been and always be a fan of the Braves announce team bc they are funny witty and arent homers like The Hawk is also i like The Nats team of Dibble and whoever else it is.

Soooo… the Astros are gonna take a pitcher who is 0-6, an above average minor league starter, and one of two guys who are hitting below the mendoza.. for one of the best starters in the game? Oh! And get them to pay part of his contract! Let’s also see if we can trade McClouth and Lowe to the Justice League for Superman (to play CF), Batman (LH starter), and the $30 million to afford Oswalt.

Ok, I think this has gone on long enough I can ask this:

NCbravesfan, do you post here on your blackberry? If thats the case, spend a little more time putting in some punctuation already will ya? Or if your not on a blackberry, in that case, will you at least spell the players names right? You constantly refer to people like ofante and mcclouth…when it is Infante and McLouth, etc. (keep a open window showing you the Braves roster if you really can’t spell their names right. They have roster lists on the main Braves website.) I can see you play a lot of baseball on PS3, or 2 or Xbox360, but you just have to understand. The computer in those games make dumb trade decisions. Nobody in their right mind would give up any star player for any package of 3-5 players who rank about 5 or less on the scale of 1-10. I want you to think about this the next time you “think” up a trade scenerio. Imagine this hypothetical scenerio: you are the GM of a major league ballclub trying to be competivive with a very limited budget. You have Greg Maddux on your club. He’s the top pitcher available right now. You have a lot of holes in your club, so you need to trade to make those. Would you seriously trade your star attraction, high priced very capable player for any of the folks in your wildly outlandish and complicated trade scenerios? If you would, then you need to turn off the video game for a little bit and just watch the game for a while. Those players you mention wouldn’t draw spit on the open market. A lot of people have explained this numerous times, several lower tier players do not equal the high priced all star caliber player. About the only person I can think of who would seriously deal with you as a GM would probably be Frank Wren considering all of the good deals he has accomplished with large (and potential) stars going out the door and very little coming back. Wait a minute….you aren’t Frank Wren posting your potential trade ideas on here to get a little feedback on how the public would handle them are you? No no, even Wren couldn’t be that silly…..could he?

Ok, maybe that might have been a little harsh, so here’s a different way to think about it. In order to get quailty players, you have to give up quailty players. I’m really not trying to sound mean, its just I can’t believe a Braves fan could seriously considering that these trades are feasible or possible in the real world. Hypothetically, sure they could be a fun in a dream world possibility. Having someone with Oswalts numbers would be an incredible add to our rotation and would allow us to move a high priced but so far underperformed starter. Would that make the Braves future bright? Oh you betcha. But looking at the contract, our payroll, other teams with much better flexibilty in terms of payroll and players, no way Atlanta will be in the running. So again, dream up these trade ideas, but you must realize that so far, these dream situtations will NEVER happen.

hey maybe we could trade hudson and hanson for elvis andrus and then trade him to the phillies for ryan howard and then trade him to philadelphia for jimmy rollins and then trade him to the mets for jeff francouer and then……………

A more realistic package for Oswalt would include Julio Teheran, Freddie Freeman, and Kris Medlen. We can’t afford Oswalt anyway. And if we could’ve, as Rother previously noted, we would’ve kept Vazquez.

Hey why cant I just have fun on and let me make my trades. ok yes they may be out there but so what I am the one that called the Jordan-Sheffield trade.

Ok here we go the Braves can offer Houston Chris Resop Jesse Chavez and Brooks Conrad for oswalt and Feliz

haha come on, man!!!

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