Will June prove to be as memorable as May?

Broadcasters  John Smoltz and Tom Glavine have combined for as many wins as Kenshin Kawakami and Jair Jurrjens.  Projected leadoff hitter Nate McLouth’s batting average has rested above the Mendoza Line for a total of three days since April 10.   The ever-consistent Matt Diaz was healthy long enough to tally six more hits than Tim Hudson has recorded this season.

Still through the first two months of this season no other member of the National League East has proven to be as successful as the suddenly rejuvenated Braves. After vaulting into first place with yesterday’s 9-3 win, Chipper Jones, Troy Glaus spoke with the kind of tempered excitement you would expect from veterans who understand that they will experience a number of different plot twists over the course of the next four months.  

“There will be more low points during the season,” Jones said. “The key will be to limit the length of the downswings a lot better than we did in April.”

There wasn’t any reason for the Braves to be overly-excited about the fact that they moved into the top spot of their division with 111 games remaining.  The Rangers and Brewers led their respective divisions on June 1 last year and ended up at least 10 games back by the time the season concluded.  

But the Braves did have reason to feel good about the fact that they had tangible proof that they have managed to essentially negate what was a horrendous April.  While losing just eight of their 28 games in May, they notched their first 20-win month since August of 2004.  

When I asked Jones if this season reminds him of any of the previous ones he has experienced, he responded with, “dude, I’m old.  I can’t remember what happened yesterday.”

Like the Braves managed to brush off the frustration created during April’s nine-game losing streak, they must quickly move away from yesterday’s excitement and focus on attempting to take advantage of a slumbering Phillies offense over the course of the next two days.

Attempting to maintain their half-game lead, the Braves will send Tim Hudson to the mound tonight to oppose Cole Hamels, who went 3-1 with a 2.45 ERA in five May starts.   Hudson proved to be a little better, going 4-0 with a 1.59 ERA in the six starts he made during the season’s second month.   

When the Braves lost to Hamels on May 9, they fell to 3-7 in games which the opposing team started a left-handed pitchers.   Since then they have won six of the seven games played while opposing a left-handed starter.  

During this successful span that dates back to May 11, Jason Heyward has hit .385 (10-for-26) with a 1.121 OPS against left-handers.   Entering May 10, he had  just .222 (6-for-27) with an .808 OPS against southpaws.

This seems to be further evidence that Heyward has the unique ability to quickly make adjustments and adapt to this Major League level that was supposed to provide him a greater challenge.   
Heyward enters Tuesday ranked second in the National League with a .988 OPS and his 10 homers are just three off Corey Hart’s league-leading total.   

It will be interesting to see where Heyward ranks among NL outfielders when the latest All-Star balloting results are released tomorrow.  The 20-year-old phenom is certainly making a strong case to receive a starting assignment.    

A tale of two schedules:  When looking at the great turnaround the Braves made in May, you can’t overlook the fact that just four of the 23 games they played in April were contested against clubs that currently have a sub .500 record.  

In May, the Braves played 14 of 28 games against clubs that are currently below .500.   Another nine came against teams that currently own a .500 mark.    In other words, they played just five games this past month against clubs with a winning record.  

During their 28-game slate in June, the Braves are scheduled to play 13 games against clubs that currently possess a winning record and another three against a .500 club that is about to add Stephen Strasburg to its starting rotation.   

With Strasburg scheduled to make his Major League debut on June 8 for the Nationals, it appears that he could in line to start at Turner Field during a three-game series that runs from June 28-30.

Freeman update:   Freddie Freeman was scheduled to have his right knee examined via an MRI exam this afternoon in Atlanta.  The highly-regarded prospect tweaked his knee while stretching to grab a throw to first base during the second inning of the no-hitter that Todd Redmond completed for Triple-A Gwinnett on Friday night.  

Freeman has hit .261 with five homers and a .762 OPS in 43 games with Gwinnett this year.  


Realizing that there are certainly ebbs and flows, highs and lows, etc…. I can’t help but get excited when I look at Heyward’s numbers against lefties in May. The OPS is off the charts, way higher than would be expected. Keep in mind that his is coming with him primarily hitting in the 2 hole. That little experiment is working primarily because of Prado’s success. If you can remember, setting the table has been a HUGE problem for the Braves in years past. I tell you, Prado and Heyward are a double edged sword in that regard. They set the table alright, but they are also driving in the runs when the bottom of the order gets on base. We really need to take at least one more game in this series. I hope we will keep the pressure on the Phillies while we can. We were reeling when we played them in Philly and they swept us there. We need to return the favor.

Barry, the Braves haven’t been swept by the Phills this year, but we have lost 2 out of 3 both times we’ve played them. So I agree that it’s time for some payback! I’m trying to keep things in perspective. However, I must admit that I am a little giddy seeing the Braves in first in June. I just hope to see them there in October too.

Finally – Infante in, McClouth out against a lefty.


Right you are so_car. Our 9 game losing streak started in Philly but at the second game of the series. I stand corrected.

So Hudson pitched for an inning and then the rain came. So if they don’t start this thing up soon who’s going to pitch for the Bravos?

Hahaha Smoltz calls Glaus “Big Donkey.”

Another game up! Another win tomorrow would be huge going into this road trip.

I gotta find out the last time a player who weighed more than 240 lb got picked off of first but still stole second.

Haha good luck with that.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the way we’ve been playing. We need to get the sweep today to really stick it to the Phils and give ourselves some room to work with while on this ridiculously long road trip. We owe Minnesota as well for the sweep they gave us a few years ago that I well remember.
Anyway, with the way MEDLEN has been pitching as a starter, can we PLEASE send KANT WIN KAMI to the bullpen once we get Jurrjens back? Medlen is the real deal, and Kenshin is a has been/never was.

Imagine how incredible this team will be if Jair Jurrjens comes back healthy and be close to what he was last year. Move Kawakami to the pen (where he is best suited) and keep Medlen in the starting rotation.

Let’s sweep Philly today!

Getting Jurrjens back will be a boost. Hopefully, later this summer we get another boost when Schafer is called up. Hitting one handed last year, he still did better than what McClouth is doing this year. Diaz will be back by then too. We can platoon Diaz and Hinske in left, which will free up McClouth and Cabrera to be traded. Hopefully, Frank Wren will step aside and allow NCBravesfan to execute a trade that will send the two of them to St. Louis for Pujols. Then we can move Glaus over to third and allow Chipper to come off the bench whenever he feels froggy. World Series, here we come.

Seriously, glad to see the team is playing well. Not just playing well, but playing with swagger. That is something that has been absent for a long time. I’m also glad to see I was wrong about Glaus. I still wouldn’t use him as an example to tell anyone to “hit like this”, but it works for him. Keep it up guys. Just keep winning each series and anything else is gravy.

Katjam – I actually heard through Buster Olney that ncbravesfan is working on a deal that will send Matt Diaz, Melky Cabrerra, Derek Lowe, Kenshin Kawakami, Bobby Dews, and “Homer” to the Cleveland Cavaliers for LeBron James.

Are you serious? I was down with it until he threw in Homer. Although, that could pave the way for the return of Chief Knockahoma. Interesting….. lol

Has anyone noticed billreef hasn’t had anything smart to say lately? Guess my comment about him being a Phillies fan was accurate….

But anyway, it is amazing what this team is doing right now. Just look at the numbers of McLouth, Melky, and Escobar. Who thought we could have 3 players hitting under .250 and under .330 on base and still be winning 1/3 through the season? We couldn’t win with 1 Jeff Francoeur, now we have 3, and can’t help but win. And all without one of the top 10 pitchers in the majors last year in Jurrjens.

And by the way, I loled pretty hard at the LeBron comment.

Today’s lineup:
Prado, 2BHeyward, RFChipper, 3BMcCann, CGlaus, 1BHinske, LFEscobar, SSMcLouth, CFLowe, PAlso of note: Jayson Werth is batting leadoff for the Phils, something he has done only 21 times in his career.

Well, last year at this time RF, CF, 1B, and 2B were all black holes. And Anderson didn’t start playing decently until about the halfway point. I don’t think I need to go into detail how much of an improvement we have all around offensively over last year’s club.. and Yunel has been heating up like crazy lately.
The only good one out of that bunch who had a legit off year was Kelly (Anderson is past his prime). And once again to those Pendleton detractors.. look at Anderson, Frenchy, and Kotchman this year.. batting about a combined .220. Look at Prado (just got another leadoff single), Glaus, Hinske, Heyward..

Wow… right when Escobar came up after Hinske was caught looking, I said “at least he can’t hit into a DP.”
Sorry guys, I think I jinxed him.

Oh man that trade proposal…

So what did Chipper hurt now?

No katjam what i would do is trade McClouth Melky and Clint Sammons to KC for Scott Podsednik Willie Bloomquinst and Jarrod Dyson.

or I would make a go at Nyjer Morgan or sign Taveras or make a deal for Bourne from Houston

Time for Wagner to nail one down again.

Troy Glaus – NL Player of the Months. Way to rake, big man.
Nice work in the 8th inning so far by McLouth and Infante. And Heyward for expertly taking that IBB.

can we please find a place for infante to play everyday? he is too good to be sitting on the bench, with players like mclouth and chipper playing everyday.

This is probably gonna show up about 4 posts too early cause of the time.. but wow. 8 game streak. For the first time in a while the offense has been dormant, and good timing for Lowe to throw his best game of the season.

There is an amazing symmetry to all of this. Braves have horrendous losing streak, Phillies are clubbing the ball. Braves start hitting and the Phillies have an equally embarrassing slide. I am really excited about the team, but liuke my counterparts who warned me not to be so negative(a polite reference to comments thrown my way), please be careful. This season isn’t over by a wide margin. I do think we really sent notice these last 3 games. WE ARE NOT THE NUMBER 4 TEAM IN THE NL EAST!!!! This is fundamentally a different team than the one that played in APR. I mean we are winning games without real contributions from BMAC, CHIP, Nate and up until recently Escobar(who is really starting to rake). And the pitching staff which is playing their best baseball in 2 years right now. Our bullpen is sick with an exception for Chavez(why is he still out there). And you guys always say I’m a pessimist. I give credit where credit is due. Now we have to take this show on the road against some really good teams(AZ notwithstanding). The cauldron awaits. Can we win a road trip???

Open Jue with sweep of Phils, what a start!

Now let’s just get Heyward into that three hole and really take off!

Now the Lowe is coming around, we are going to be a very hard team to beat if Jurrjens comes back in his normal form….

Time for me to eat crow I guess. When the Braves signed Glaus in the off season I was pretty ticked that they didn’t try to go after another power bat. During the 9 game losing streak I came on here and talked about how displeased I was with the front office. So, to all the fans on here I want to apologize for being negative and admit that I was wrong. But I’ve never been happier to be wrong in my life! Troy is killing it and we’re winning, Go Braves!

You’re right, Bill… the upcoming road trip will be telling. Dodgers and Twins will be the next determiners as to how good the squad really is. D’backs, eh…

I didn’t know if Troy would ever catch up to a 90+ fastball again after watching him most of April. What a turnaround. It must have just been timing or not seeing the ball well, not the shoulder. It is amazing that we are doing so well with Chipper and Mac struggling and McClouth looking lost and getting so many at-bats. I like Melky out there though. He has come around too. May not be a world-beater but can definitely contribute.

I agree, get Chavez out. Aside from him and Saito, who sports and even 3.00 ERA, the entire bullpen has a sub 3.00 ERA. Can’t wait to get a healthy Jurrjens and Matty Diaz back.

I agree, get Chavez out. Aside from him and Saito, who sports and even 3.00 ERA, the entire bullpen has a sub 3.00 ERA. Can’t wait to get a healthy Jurrjens and Matty Diaz back.

Chavez is garbage, looks like garbage and dresses like gabarge, Gwinnett here he comes….. I’ve said it since May, get the guy out of here!!! WHERE IS LUIS VALDEZ? Is he deported for the season or something?

It appears Cox knows what he’s doing with Chavez… primarily bringing him in when we’re too far ahead or behind for it to matter. That was Manny Acosta’s role the past couple of seasons… and it serves a purpose. Let him eat up the innings and keep the better pitchers fresh.
In other MLB news, poor Armando Galarraga…

Time to “re-Joyce?”

Jim Joyce is a good umpire. Now we know that he is human, and that he is also a stand up guy. His quote that he was certain of his call until he saw the replay tells you all you need to know. Put yourself in his situation. A perfect game through 26 batters, and then a close play and it all hinges on your call. He called it (though wrongly) the way he saw it. He didn’t let the perfect game or any thing else bias his call. And then, when it was all said and done, he owned up to his bad call, and apologized personally to Gallaraga. I tip my cap to Jim Joyce.

I tip my cap to Gallaraga. After the call, and after the game, he didn’t bitch and complain. He took it like a man. Such character is rare in today’s game. Although it doesn’t show up in the record, he now has the most memorable perfect game in baseball history. It will always be remembered – thanks to Jim Joyce.

I tip my cap to Jim Leyland who came out and fought valiantly for his pitcher, and then, when it was all over had the grace to talk positively about Jim Joyce, his career and the bright future of his pitcher.

Lastly, it is ashamed that the official scorer was bound by baseball rules. Instead of all this talk about instant replay (in baseball the integrity of the umpire is never in question and bad calls are a part of the game) why not institute a new rule that allows for a change in scoring. Official scoring last night? E – 10. No player is charged with an error, and the batter is not charged with an AB (like a walk). The no hitter remains intact, and the perfect game is gone. After all, his call was errant, and the “game” was not perfect.

I was proud of the participants in last night’s fiasco. In my opinion, one of baseball’s potentially worst moments was transformed into one of it’s greatest moments.

Well bravo, where do you draw the line? In the big picture, this blown call had absolutely zero impact on the game. Detroit still won the game. This only affected a personal accomplishment of Galarraga. I am not trying to belittle that, but I would not place any individual before the game.

Let’s say Selig decides to use his power to overturn the call. What happens the next time there is a blown call that costs a team a run or even a base runner and that team loses by a run? Those kind of calls happen all the time and they impact the game. Not just an individuals stats. Will those calls be overturned as well? If you are willing to overturn a call to benefit an individual then you should be willing to overturn a call for the benefit of the game. That is what makes this a dangerous situation for the commish.

As I said before, what’s done is done. It would be best to just leave last night alone and put the efforts into putting something in place to make sure that never happens again.

Interesting take. I guarantee you that Jim Joyce, Gallaraga, Jim Leyland, or any Tiger fan would disagree that it was one of baseball’s “greatest moments”. However, everyone handled it professionally and with integrity. It had the potential to get out of hand real quick, and it did not, due to the respect that everyone has for the game and for the players/umpires involved.

I heard on SportsCenter this morning that the commissioner of baseball can indeed motion to reverse the call and reward the perfect game. There is a clause in MLB that gives the Office of the Commissioner the power to do that. It’s called “The Best Interest of Baseball Clause”. Lawmakers are already pushing for him to do so.

What say you? I say ABSOLUTELY! Who would argue against it? The Indians? Did you see the reaction from the Cleveland dugout last night? They were as gutted about it as everyone else. It doesn’t effect the outcome of the game. It only rewards Gallaraga for pitching a perfect game… which everyone knows that he did. It also redeems Jim Joyce for not having to carry this around for the rest of his life.

If anything was EVER in baseball’s “best interest”, this is. If this call is not overturned, nobody is a winner. If it is, then everyone is a winner.

Tim Kurkjian, a baseball purest, says it will be dangerous for the Commissioner to invoke the clause. How so?

What say you?

I agree with a lot of what you just said asphaltcowboy, but I believe there should be some use of instant replay.

I just saw on ESPN that MLB is reviewing the situation to possibly take some action. If that action is to overturn the call and give Galaraga the perfect game, I don’t agree with that at all. What’s done is done. The only action MLB needs to take is to put something in place to prevent this from ever happening again.

If they change this call, I think that it opens a door that the sport does not want to open. At what point do we start overturning calls that happen in the 2nd inning, etc. . . . . It really is unfortunate what happened in this case, but all individuals involved need to take it like a man and move on. That’s a big problem in our society, and this is a case where a guy came up short because of someone else’s fault, it won’t be the first or the last time.

As rother said.. it was the last play of the game. That’s the important part of the scenario.
ncbrave is getting closer though. At least he’s asking for another team’s crappy players for ours. Except for Schafer, who would be ridiculous to put in that trade. Bobby is gonna play Schafer as many CFs who can’t hit are played: for their defense.

The only reason they can even have this discussion is because it was the last out of the game. It would be easy to make a 3-1 putout for that hitter, and wipe the last AB from the guy who hit next. That is also what would keep this from opening a huge issue as described above. It is already done in the form of a formal protest, happens every year. Every once in a while they have to go back and replay a game from a certain point. NBA did it fairly recently as well. Regardless, it isn’t quite as slippery a slope as described above, but it should be used with great caution. Quoting the Spiderman movie, “With great power comes great responsibility.”
Of course, we are talking “Error” Bud hear, so heaven help us all.

Maybe should try Omar in Cf and tell McClouth to hit the bricks or trade him and Chavez along with Scafer and Blanco to the to Baltimore Adam Jones Joey Gathright Chris George and troy patton. That gives the Braves speed and bench depth and bullpen help and maybe a spot starter if need be.

So choke on that KATJAM Bravomania and everyone else

Do you just come up with random players for trade requests, or do you give it thought? I’m just curious

I completely disagree with the notion that reversing the call and awarding a perfect game would open Pandora’s Box. Nobody in their right mind would try to use this “best interest in baseball” clause in a future meaningless game because it was used to correct a true perfect game. These are extraordinary circumstances that call for extreme measures. What manager or GM in their right mind would demand a reversal of a call on the grounds that a call was reversed to correct a wrong call that stole a perfect game from not only a pitcher…but a team, a city, and a nation of baseball fans watching it unfold?
Reverse the call, award and recognize the perfect game, institute replay so this never happens again, and move on. It’s the right thing to do. Someone please explain to me what’s so dangerous about this?

Welp, it’s official. Selig will not reverse the call. I will say that this whole experience is incredibly uplifting and the perfect picture of grace. I just watched the video of Galaraga bringing the lineup card out and meeting Joyce at home plate. It was hard for me not to get emotional after watching Joyce breakdown in tears. Very classy. Very uplifting. Very moving.

There is really no danger because any change made in a game results in a replay from that point on. That is why protests are almost never upheld, not to mention the logistics and costs associated with a replay. The situation pretty much polices itself for that reason.

LOL – as a side note – the original post about last night is from barrysbraveboys, not asphaltcowboy816. Don’t know who that is or why it signed me in under this handle. Can’t seem to lose it.

I think the reason that you can’t award the perfect game is a scenario something like this. Let’s say something happens in the second inning and prevents a perfect game, so we go all the way back to a second inning to correct a situation? Or perhaps a 3-2 pitch that is a strike is called a ball on a couple of occassions. Yes, this situation is extraordinary, but in our society, situations will be argued until reversal of calls come in ordinary situations. Basically, if you give an inch, they will take a mile.

I agree that the call should be overturn and that Joyce a long with Bob Davis and Joe West should be sent back to Umpire School and write on the chalk board I will not mess up another call 100 times.

Jim Joyce is a pretty good ump. And to his credit he knows he missed it and recognized it. The truth is that this happens everyday. An umpire blew a call, big deal. Yes I understand the circumstances were different than most times. I didn’t watch the game last night, but how many blown calls went Gallaraga’s way? You mean to tell me that every strike call was indeed a dead on strike? Probably not. Blown calls are just a part of the game, and I hope they never institue replay for anything other than HRs.

Barry – It is the weirdest thing that your posts keep appearing under “asphaltcowboy816”. It’s definitely not the first time it’s happened. With that and the time stamp issue… this blog is crazy! If Mark wasn’t so good with his writing and personable with us, I would leave it in a flash.

Hey Bravo, I get where you are coming from – DO THE RIGHT THING and all. But I thought you were raised as a baseball purest. The judgment of the umpire and the human element is a HUGE part of the game. No one felt worse about the blown call last night than Jim Joyce. Well, except maybe for Galaraga.

As much as I love the NFL, and for that matter NCAA football, I can’t stand the overuse of replay. I don’t think I am in favor of replay in baseball. Bad calls are too much a part of the game, and just about every manager will tell you – they even out over the course of a season.

Like you, I was moved by the character of the participants, and the display at home plate today in Detroit. Class all ’round.

Man, Medlen is locked in and dealing. I don’t think I have ever seen him this sharp. I really think he deserves a spot in this rotation. It ain’t gonna happen, but he sure has earned it.

EVERY Braves starting pitcher has contributed at least 1 hit or 1 RBI at some point during this streak. I like when the #9 hole isn’t an automatic out.

Boy, that Kris Medlen he’s only got 2 pitches and he is so limited by that. Man, he can’t even hardly get anyone out (except for SHO The LAD thru 6). Boy this kid really isn’t a great starter cause he’s only got 2 pitches. Except they can’t hit either one of them. Now that Kenshin, I think he’s got 4 pitches, he must be a much better pitcher.

I love it Medlen is a switch hitter. Batting lefty against the Dodger RHer’s. I wonder how many switch hitting pitchers there are in baseball?

I got some time, Bill. I’ll search it out. Mind you, I’m looking for guys on MLB active rosters as of right now (easier to count)…….I count 11, going by ESPN’s rosters. The total number might be a little different. Still the best one in the league by far? Carlos Zambrano.

Medlen is the best hitting pitcher we have. Huddy has better numbers so far but you can see Medlen can really hit, and is a switch. Next topic- McCann. I have never seen McCann swing at so many nonstrike pitches as this year. Clearly his vision is an issue. (pun intended). Inside high, inside low, up in the zone, in the dirt, outside, he swings at almost everything with little strikezone recognition. I’m really concerned if he can turn this around. He took 2 walks but looked awful in my opinion.

And I’m really excited about where the Braves are now. But it is hard for me to imagine we can continue this and make the playoffs without much help from Chipper and McCann. I’m worried that is going to catch up with us eventually.

Ah the old Billreef returns after actually being civil and joining in the discussion.

Medlen looked good last night, When I pointed out that he has only two pitches I said he has talent, but the fact remains bill no matter how many times you insist otherwise when JJ returns Medlen goes back to the pen. Barring a trade of KK.

I suspect a trade of KK is next to impossible for Wren to pull off so that puts Medlen right back in the pen.

Hell he may inherit the righty setup role if Saito is DL’ed and Moylan continues to struggle.

In closing Medlen is talented versatile and an asset for the Braves. As long as we have Hudson,Hanson, JJ, Lowe and KK, Medlen’s role will be out of the pen.

Do I wish Medlen could supplant KK? Yes, but it’s highly unlikely as the Braves are presently constructed.

Bill, instead of worrying yourself into a tizzy whether Medlen is the 5th starter, long man or key set up man. I’m just glad he’s a Brave. How about coming up with an answer about our offense since you assured us all there was no way the Braves could score runs with the current personnel and TP as the hitting coach.

It would be a crying shame if Mac’s eye issues can’t be resolved. He is too good a guy for that kind of luck. That being said, please lock up Ross for another 2 years at least. There is nobody close to MLB ready at catcher in the Braves organization.
The rumor mill has us hunting a 3B already. What a scoop, must have been Buster again. A high ranking un-named Braves official, close to the situation, was quoted as saying “Well, duh…”

I’m surprised the commenting is picking back up in here since the complain train seems to have been temporarily derailed.
Mark has been noticeably absent as well. WHERE YOU AT??

David, You are just a complete *ss who certainly doesn’t deserve a response on any account from me. And you totally misquote and misstate what I say.

Be nice, gramps.

Oh, like I started up again with name calling like is all you little whiners can muster. Intelligent discussion is too difficult for simple minds.

I couldn’t have described you any better than you have described yourself.

There is nothing intelligent about 75 % of your posts though Bill.

Most are mind numbing rants that have no point other letting you blow off some steam and thump your own chest.

Complain endlessly, lashing out at posters, players and Braves management with the same rancor and overeager zeal. Most of your arguments are actually built on the silly premise that you know more than the Professionals that do this for a living. You don’t.

Hey we’re all Braves fans in here and the current play has been special to behold. It was even nice billreef having you for a few days this past week contributing with sensible posts. Hopefully it can continue even when this current streak ends.

As for the Medlen debate, there is no debate that will be settled in the present. All I’ve said is that Medlen is a talented 2 pitch pitcher that will return to the pen barring a trade or injury for this season.

I hope Medlen continues his fine work be it pen or as a Starter.

Let’s maintain some perspective though and not embarrass ourselves by pointing out that Maddux and Glavine were two pitch pitchers. For one Maddux had more pitches and while true Glavine predominantly used two for the majority of his career Medlen is not a reincarnation of either of these future HOF’s.

I’ve said my last bit on this, Billreef I hope you will still post and contribute in this forum with the rest of the regulars.

Agree bill,

Medlen was indeed on top of his game last night and Scully did indeed have nice things to say about him.

To papilgee

last time I looked for the 2010 season Medlen had thrown 70 pct fastballs and 25 pct Changeups. I guess it depends on your defenition of what is means?

Glavine by his own admission on the last telecast through predominantly Fastballs away and changeups.

Sliders against righties? late in his career with the Mets hardly ever during the bulk of his Brave career.

I tend to remember Glavine throwing a slider as his 3rd pitch, and seeing it frequently against righties… oh, and I’ve seen Maddux throw about three breaking balls in my whole life. lol
Oh, before I forget, Medlen throws three pitches. Fastball, change, curve. I’d like to see him throw the curve a bit more than he has been.

That game last night was the most dominating performance by a Braves pitcher that I have watched this year. Even the 8th would have been no problem if Infante hadn’t been kicking around the baseball at third. His change was devastating the Dodger hitters. The only Dodger batter who even got a decent swing at him was Ethier, who is like the hottest hitter in the NL? Vin Scully had nothing but nice things to say about him and I suppose he’s seen a great pitcher or two during his day. This kid is only gonna get better, he is just starting to get comfortable starting and once he settles in he is gonna be amazing.

I’m reminded of all of the Maddox comparisons Bobby was making in Spring Training 2009. Bobby doesn’t go those places without some thought.

Medlen is gonna be great. I don’t think he’s a Chuck James flash in the pan.. James, who I just looked up, is pitching pretty decently in the Nationals’ farm system. Good for him. Back to Medlen.. I also like that he helps Hanson out with his game, and vice versa, so he’s valuable in that aspect as well. LET’S GO FOR 10!!

James, who was compared to Glavine, as opposed to Medlen who was compared to Maddux.

The Braves are 32-22 1/3 of the way in. If everything stays as is, they are on pace to win 96 with Chipper hitting .240, 9 HRs ans 63 RBI.
How many of us would have taken that bet preseason?
It has been a great start to this point, with room to improve all over the place. This could really be an interesting season before it is all said and done.

There were many similarities between Chuckie James and Glavine, both are left handed, both used the change up as their out pitch (Glavine’s was clearly better), neither had a breaking ball, neither threw a strike when they didn’t have to. The differences involved the addition 8 inches of plate size Glavine got, the fact that Glavine’s delivery didn’t lead to major arm trouble, and that James didn’t throw a strike when he did have to.
Glavine was the best I’ve ever seen at flat out refusing to give in to a hitter. He would walk them until the bases were loaded if he had to, and eventually the hitters would go out around a pitch off the plate and hit it weakly to short. The runs he gave up almost always came on outs, limiting the big innings in the process. Of course, the Braves all knew this, and they beat Glavine like a rented mule in head to head games after he went to the Muts. Glavine’s change up had to be the best ever. Trevor Hoffman a distant second.

Nah, I distinctly remember seeing sliders when Glavine was a Brave. One of which struck out Mark McGwire looking, after which he was ejected for arguing.
As far as Medlen, that last 5 percent must have been curveballs. He never threw more than three per inning last game. But he does have it, at least according to Gameday.

Before I comment anymore, I need to apologize to Frank Wren. I let my emotions get the best of me during the losing streak. If it weren’t for the substandard play of Chipper, Mac, Esco, and McLouth (none of us would have predicted such a monumental decline), the Braves would probably be about 42-12 right now.
That being said, I’ll gladly take where we are right now.

Yeah. Chuckie James also had no knowledge of baseball when he was in the majors. It’s pretty amazing how far he got. I remember quotes from him after he faced one of the league’s big sluggers, and he had no clue who he was.

It is refreshing to hear people not bitching about the team for a while. All those people saying that Glaus sucked….ha!

Kawakami will hopefully be dealing tonight. Kershaw will be tough to beat but the way this team is playing, I think we can beat anybody.

The confidence of the team has drastically changed and they are crushing the ball and drawing walks. Now, Glaus is leading the league in RBIs and Prado’s leading the league in hitting. Chipper’s 3rd in the league in walks and once his hand heals, he will be making a hopefully upward assault on his average. With all this and with Heyward performing at such a high level, it really doesn’t matter if McClouth can’t hit his way out of a paper bag.

10 in a row. Keep it up Bravos.

Yes, Yes, Yes! We are finally making Jamie Moyer look like a 47 yr old, its about time!
Bill, IMO, Wren has made some good moves (obtaining Vasquez, Hinske, Glaus), and some bad ones (KK, lower return for Vasquez). But it certainly blows that two pitchers used to strengthen our starting rotation (Lowe, KK) are the worst ones we got (Lowe is not terrible but nowhere near our “ace”), and get they get the biggest paycheck. Oh, how I hope someone is dumb enough to eat KK’s salary and pick him up. Hopefully that game in Detroit is fresh on other teams’ minds so they will want to take a chance on him….We could trade him for a hot dog of the month club for joe simpson and I would be satisfied.

Just a note, every pitcher that pitched for the Braves in Gwinnett last night (Minor, Marek, Kimbrel) has an ERA under 2…. Nice

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