Resop is ready to pitch for some Major League club

Chris Resop has plenty of reason to believe he’ll join a Major League roster within the next week.  The Braves now have to decide whether it will be theirs or one of the many Major League clubs that need to improve their pitching staff.

The one-hit shutout that Resop completed for Triple-A Gwinnett in Norfolk last night will likely spark enhance his position on the trade market.  But despite the fact that he has spent the past three months dominating the International League, other clubs have shown just mild interest in trading for this 28-year-old right-hander, who has been rejuvenated since becoming a starter. 

Sources have indicated that there wasn’t a single scout from a Major League organization in Norfolk last night to watch Resop complete this masterpiece.  In fact the one scout that was present was representing a club from the Korean Baseball League.   

With this in mind, there’s further reason to believe Resop could be in uniform at Turner Field on Tuesday when the Braves begin a three-game series against the Rays. 

If the Braves don’t add Resop to their Major League roster by Tuesday, then he is contractually obligated to demand a trade or request to be a free agent.   The latter option certainly won’t come into play. 

Without gaining some return, the Braves certainly aren’t going to simply waive goodbye to a guy who has posted a 1.84 ERA and compiled an IL-best 81 strikeouts in the 73 1/3 innings he has completed for Triple-A Gwinnett this year.

It’s understanding that clubs are skeptical about a 28-year-old pitcher who has posted a 5.61 ERA in 57 career Major League appearances (all as a reliever).  But at the same time, they have to recognize that his move into the rotation this year has led him to become more of a pitcher than a thrower. 

No longer trying to blow his four-seamer past opponents, Resop has baffled opponents with a heavy dose of two-seam sinkers and a curveball that is certainly much better than it was when he last appeared in the Majors with the Braves during the 2008 season.

If the Braves are unable to trade Resop, they will likely add him to their bullpen on Tuesday.  This would seemingly provide them a chance to send Jesse Chavez to Gwinnett to work on his secondary pitches, namely the curveball that he’s trying to develop.

Or the Braves could opt to send Craig Kimbrel back to Gwinnett to get the regular work he needs to aid his development. 

Whatever the case, Resop will likely be in a Major League uniform at some point next week.

McLouth update:  Still haven’t received any updates about Nate McLouth’s condition.  If the Braves are forced to place him on the disabled list, it would make sense for them to promote Brandon Hicks to serve as a backup infielder while Omar Infante would spend the next couple weeks seeing more time in the outfield. 

Brett Clevlen, who has been on the disabled list since May 24, still hasn’t resumed playing and Jordan Schafer isn’t even an option.  Even if Schafer had not had some setbacks that prevented him from beginning to play in May, he needed to spend at least half this season and maybe longer in the Minors to make up for the time he lost over the course of the past two seasons.

Look ahead:  The Braves will spend the next six games playing against the leaders in the AL Central (Twins) and AL East (Rays).   They enter this stretch with a 2 1/2-game lead over the Phillies, the same exact advantage they held when they began this 11-game road trip. 

Tim Hudson will take the mound looking to continue his success against the Twins.  In 13 career starts against them, he has gone 6-2 with a 2.12 ERA.  Justin Morneau (1-for-6) and Joe Mauer (0-for-3)  have had limited opportunities to face the Braves right-hander. 

But this would certainly be a good night for the Twins to put Jim Thome in their lineup.  He is 9-for-16 with four homers in his career against Hudson. 

Bobby Cox has opted to use Brian McCann as his designated hitter tonight.   This gives Hudson a chance to throw to his good friend David Ross. 

When McCann has been behind the plate this year, Hudson has posted a 2.62 ERA and seen opponents hit .246 with a .344 OBP.  When Ross has served as his catcher, the veteran right-hander has posted a 2.20 ERA and limited opponents to a .189 BA and .237 OBP.   




I think that 2.5 game lead will be secure even though we are facing two 1st place teams in the coming six games. I noticed that the phillies have an equally challenging schedule at fenway against the red sox which is never an easy place to play and against a strong yankee team. Just glad that they will have just as strong of opposition.

Also noticed that the Mets are tied for second in the division with phillies. Mets do have a cupcake interleague schedule at Baltimore and Cleveland. Mets might possibly make up some ground on Philly and Atlanta.

Mark, I was at the GBraves/Tides game Tuesday night. Jones had a monster of a night, 3 for 4, a double, 2 singles, 2 runs and 2 RBI’s. Granted you’re not going to get that every night, but he certainly looks the part from what I saw. Thurston had a good night that night as well with a 3 run shot in the first. Schafer even dropped a blooper into left to tie it back up in the 7th. They’re definitely hitting down there in Gwinnett, but the defense was lacking. I’m sure Resop’s gem last night was much needed after losing two in a row to such a poor team. Sadly, going into that game, they were in second in their division and after the following night, were in the cellar.

It was kinda cool getting to hang out by the visitor’s locker after the game and get to chat with some of the guys and get some autographs though.

why dont we bring up mitch jones? or at least give blanco some playing time. he’s always been productive and hes a plus OF

We definitely need to send Chavez down and bring Resop up. I don’t understand why they haven’t yet, unless they’re trying to get more trade value with him being a starter.

McLouth will be placed on the DL. Braves will bring somebody up to fill his roster spot on Saturday. In this entry, I said it absolutely won’t be Schafer. Still don’t think it will be. But given the limited amount of options, I probably should have written that a little softer. Still thinking it will be Hicks.

My guess would be that Hicks gets recalled then we don’t have to worry about where Infante plays.

After that I would think the next two options would be either Sammons so bMac Can Dh the entire series or possibly Matt Young. Keep in mind that Young can play Outfield along with some infield.

Obviously if it’s Sammons that would only be for the 3 games in Minny.

Then a couple of moves Tues a position player to replace Sammons and Resop being called up.

Looks like it may be Sammons he was scratcehd in the AAA Game tonight.

When it came down to it the Braves felt they had no choice but to go w/ Schafer. He will serve as a 5th OF and then go back to Gwinnnett as soon as McLouth or another OF is available.

Diory is coming off the 60-day DL this week and you all know about the Resop situation. These two moves will account for a pair of spots on the 40-man. This limited the options to only players currently on the 40-man and obviously they didn’t agree w/ my assessment that they’d be find calling Hicks up and stick with the plan to keep Schafer in the Minors for however long it takes for him to regain his promise.

Rother, this means Greg White will be seeing a lot more playing time over the next couple of weeks.

Wren just announced it will be Jordan!

They just announced on the radio that Schafer is the player being called up to replace McLouth. Wow. Did not expect that.

I hope they let him play enough that his development doesn’t take another detour.

Mark, guess you can never say never. I am glad that Schafer is coming up. He has hit safely in 7 of the last eight and has several multihit games in the last couple of weeks. He is a definite defensive improvement over both Melky and McLouth and when he hits his stride he is a very big offensive step up. Granted he has been hurt for a while, but look at how that worked out for Glaus. I think this is a kid who thrives on a challenge I don’t think he will be going back down.

D*mn David, you missed it by that much…………

Wow. Schafer being called up. Did not see that coming. Also don’t really agree with it, seeing as how he’s struggling. Ah well, I’m sure the Braves brass know more than me. Good luck, Jordan. I’m pulling for you to be what they expect you to be.

OK, if nobody else is going to ask, I will. Why haven’t we seen Resop heretofore? Why wait until we have no choice to bring him up. We could have been showcasing him at the MLB level and increasing his value. Just saying…..

Wow, defense failed Huddy in the 7th. Prado tries to be flashy, Chipper can’t see, and Glaus wasn’t even on the bag. WTF.

Tough loss. Heward really did not look good. At times, you just really need to tip your cap to a good pitcher. I do agree that the defense was not good in that inning. Cumon Chipper, pay attention. He did not even move. Either way, I hope Huddy still makes the al star team, he deserves it. Question for all – what happens when a player is removed from the 40 man roster to allow another to be added? Does he become exposed to other teams? I would much rather see Young or Jones come up then allow Shaefer to serve as a fifth outfielder. I guess it is actually going to be Hicks for a few days anyhow? It would be great to win the next two and have a winning road tip – won’t be easy.


Tough loss. Heward really did not look good. At times, you just really need to tip your cap to a good pitcher. I do agree that the defense was not good in that inning. Cumon Chipper, pay attention. He did not even move. Either way, I hope Huddy still makes the al star team, he deserves it. Question for all – what happens when a player is removed from the 40 man roster to allow another to be added? Does he become exposed to other teams? I would much rather see Young or Jones come up then allow Shaefer to serve as a fifth outfielder. I guess it is actually going to be Hicks for a few days anyhow? It would be great to win the next two and have a winning road tip – won’t be easy.


Bill, I see the point that you are trying to make with Schafer, but I don’t think that you can compare it to Glaus’ layoff. I see you are trying to be optomistic because you are big Schafer fan (even though you have the stigma of a pessimist), but I don’t think you can compare Glaus’ layoff to Schafer’s… Glaus was a proven hitter at the MLB level before his injury, and Schafer has not. I too hope Schafer does well because he is very good in the field. Maybe this kid just needs a shot in the arm and the big league callup could do the trick???

All I know is that Schafer has been hitting Minors pitching 58 points better than our recently disabled CF. Even Mclouths ST avg against mostly minor leaguers was 40 points less than what Schafer was hitting in the minors. So what’s to lose?

That is a good point. Offensively, McLouth leaves much to be desired. I don’t think that anyone can argue Schafer has the most big league potential of anyone else in the minors (OF) at this point. I wonder how much actually playing time he will get with the big club.

Ah Billreef strikes again. Yes when I heard Sammons had been scratched I thought it was him coming up.

I originally said Hicks so looks like that’s how it worked out.

My only regret is that Schafer isn’t here riding the bench behind Greg White.

Just to watch the nightly rant from you about how stupid BC FW and TP are and how you know so much more about the game than they do. LOL!

Probably won’t have to wait long though some other something will get the bile flowing in short order.

It’s comical to watch on a semi regular basis.

David, when you turn 15 you will probably understand the game a little more, until then you might want to restrict your rants to things you know something about. Thinking….. Power Rangers or Teletubbies……….

I think a major part of Heyward’s recent troubles are attributed to his messed up finger. I once had a similar injury and it takes a batter completely out of the game. Anyone hear anything about the progress of his recovery?

Well, just to keep the youngster happy, here we go. Frank Wren has done everything shy of putting up a billboard and a CL ad for Chris Resop. Result: absolutely no interest. Then he pulls the Schafer, nevermind stunt. That decision lasted all of what 3 innings? I mean I am not sure he plays with a full deck and I’m pretty sure the players and the rest of league management think the same way. The only time Frank gets a call is when someone needs to dump a Ryan Church or a McLouth. Or maybe when an agent has an overpriced FA who is nearing the end of his effective career. While I have to give him credit for rescuing Troy Glaus from the scrap heap I think that is a case of even a blind GM finds a nut every once in a while. And don’t even get me started about that draft of his……

Blanco is awful. How do you take that bad of an angle getting to a ball. He is 100% pretender.

Brooks has already made a couple plays that Chipper would not have. Way to go Brooksie!!

Brooksie is shocking the ball too. Of his 12 hits 5 are doubles and 3 HR’s.

I was going to post that I didn’t like send Lowe back out for the 8th, and before I could even get it posted there was a runner on base.

I think Wren has done a fairly good job. Think of what he inherited (a team that was not in the playoffs and sub .500). He cleared a path for Prado and Heyward, ditched some bad bull pen pitchers, restructered the starting pitching (yes Lowe and KK are overpaid, but Hudson certainly isn’t). Has resisted trading away the top prospects, and signed some real solid “bench” players that are now starting due to injuries. And if you look at what McLouth cost us (a mid season band aid for CF due to Schafer not working out, regardless of the reason), it really wasn’t anybody we miss.

Nobody is perfect, but this team is clearly better than they were and the future is brighter than the present. Not sure why he gets some much grief?!?

You got to be kidding me. FW “cleared a path” for Martin Prado????? The guy was dubbed a utility infielder who would never get a start unless someone really stunk up the place(KJ). He is now clearly the Braves MVP. Their would have been a lynch mob waiting at the stadium for Wren if he hadn’t finally given Prado a shot. Kelly wasn’t gonna get better here and no one wanted to trade for him so Wren had to release him with no return. I don’t know in what universe that is a “fairly good job” but you need better examples than that. And the problem with McLouth is that you are paying a healthy salary to someone who has clearly lost it at the plate and is a sub par centerfielder. You can’t dump him. The Pirates unloaded his salary on us.
The team is better now because of the rise of prospects who preceded Wren. McCann, Diaz, Hanson,Escobar, Infante, Conrad(finally), Jurrjens, Prado and Moylan. It is also still in it because of free agent signings that happened despite Wren. Hudson,Wagner, Jones. Wren gets credit for Saito,. Chavez, Lowe, Glaus, Kawakami and Hinske. You really don’t think that those guys are why we are in a better position this year than the last couple do you?

Wow! What a couple of great ball games. Brings back thoughts of ’91.

Bobby, if you had managed like that in ’91 we would have won it in 5! Congrats skipper, that was wonderful tonight.

Not so sure you can blame Wren for McClouth not performing. Everyone loved that deal when it was made. Nate is an enigma. What if he was what he was at Pitt? You would be calling Wren a genius.

Prado allowed the Braves to give up on KJ. His development is not an accident. The Braves do a great job of developing young players. I love watching him play. He EXPECTS to get a hit in every AB, and is sorely disappointed and angry if he does not. He is also smart and plays smart baseball.

Omar Infante is another example. I firmly believe he is an everyday quality player who would be a 300 hitter. Our third string third baseman went 2 for 4 and had the game winning squeeze bunt. AWESOME.

I find it funny that people were blaming Wren for the Tex deal, when that was a JS deal. But the players that make the bigs with Wren at the helm were there in spite of him. Can’t have it both ways. Just gonna have to agree to having different point of view on it. Here are some questions though… If the braves make the playoffs does Wren still suck to the folks that don’t like him?? How about if they win the World Series?? Did it in spite of him? What does success look like if what we have now is the result of utter incompetence??

Also, NOT moving players is a GM decision. So keeping Escobar was one of his decisions. He had to believe in Prado or they would have traded for someone there.

To me Wren gets credit for resigning Hudson, signing Wagner, Glaus, Saito, Hinske, and Ross. Trades involving McLouth (last year;s need, reasonable salary if he played up to old form, oh well on that one), Melky (who is getting better and was a Vazquez salary dump anyway), Church (to clear out JF who will be a journeyman player before long) which is off the books now and Heyward is out there, and yes Chavez (Soriano caused this one, everyone expected him to deny arbitration)

KJ – his play created that reality. Had to release him or he would have made three times what Arizona signed him for.

I just don’t agree that he isn’t doing his job.

I’ll have to take Frank Wren’s side with the way he put together this team this year. As many have noted Mclouth is an utter disappointment that is certainly not Wren’s fault, and plus I like the decision of bringing up schafer even though it might be a little premature. The only beef I have with Wren’s tenure was letting go of what was a solid pitcher is Javy Vasquez. However Lowe has pitched very well of late especially tonight. KK has certainly pitched better than the 0-8 record would indicate, but as they say thats baseball. I like Frank Wren. I say lets judge him on the decision he makes at skipper next year and see where that goes.

As much as I hate Frank Wren, I actually looked at the trades he has made in an Excel spreadsheet, and in trades we are about 4-3 in deals that were significant.

Edgar Renterria for Gorkys Hernandez and Jair Jurrjens
Jose Ascanio for Omar Infante and Will Ohman
Brent Lillibridge, Tyler Flowers, Jon Gilmore, and Santos Rodriguez for Javier Vazquez and Boone Logan
Casey Kotchman for Adam LaRoche

Mark Texiera for Casey Kotchman and Steve Marek
Jeff Francoeur for Ryan Church
Rafel Soriano for Jesse Chavez.

The Willy Aybar and Nate McLouth deals are on the borderline of being bad for us.

Free agency is a different story with Wren…

As much as I hate Frank Wren, I actually looked at the trades he has made in an Excel spreadsheet, and in trades we are about 4-3 in deals that were significant.

Edgar Renterria for Gorkys Hernandez and Jair Jurrjens
Jose Ascanio for Omar Infante and Will Ohman
Brent Lillibridge, Tyler Flowers, Jon Gilmore, and Santos Rodriguez for Javier Vazquez and Boone Logan
Casey Kotchman for Adam LaRoche

Mark Texiera for Casey Kotchman and Steve Marek
Jeff Francoeur for Ryan Church
Rafel Soriano for Jesse Chavez.

The Willy Aybar and Nate McLouth deals are on the borderline of being bad for us.

Free agency is a different story with Wren…

how bout trade Clint Sammons James Parr Resop KK and Melky to the White Soxs and get Alex Rios and Mark Buehrle.

At the end of today, Atlanta will be in first place while having played 14 more road games than home games. That is really impressive. From here on out they have 56 more home games and only 43 more road games. That is worth 2 to 3 games in the standings right there, probably more. Think about the day game in SF after a night game in ATL to start off a west coast trip. Think about a star player, 20 years old, that is traveling to each of these cities and stadiums for the first time in his life. The Braves have run the gauntlet so far this season and yet here they are on top.

Or trade Melky luis Bolivar Resop and Kk to the The Indians for Austin Kearns Jake westbrook and jeremy Sowers

How come Infante went on the Dl?

Fouled a ball off his foot.

Hot off the wire. ncbravefan82 spun his magic and traded Cabrera, McClouth and Resop to the Nationals for Strasburg and a new foot guard for Omar.

Good win last night. Let’s get another one today and end this road trip on a winning note. I agree with what was said before. The Braves have played a lot of games on the road to start this season, yet they still find themselves in first. Despite having a losing record on the road. Should only keep getting better from here.

Looks like today’s line up is available:

Prado – 2B
Conrad – 3B
Heyward – RF
McCann – C
Glaus – 1B
Hinske – DH
Esocobar – SS
Cabrera – LF
Blanco – CF

Considering who the team actually has healthy, this looks like a pretty good line up.

Adding to katjam’s thoughts about doing it despite our road schedule, let’s not forget we’ve achieved this first-place status with Chipper being awful both offensively and defensively, Escobar homerless and 50+ points under his career average, Mac well below par offensively and McClouth in the tank all season. Not to mention 0-11 from JJ and KK and a 9-game losing streak. If the above-listed items correct themselves, and history says they will, this Braves team could be so good it’s scary.

A thought on Resop…why not start him Tuesday night and find out what he’s made of? Give everyone in the rotation an extra day’s rest (actually it’ll be two days with Monday’s off day but none of our guys seem to react adversely to extra rest). If he stumbles early, bring in KK from the ‘pen and move on. It’s the perfect opportunity because if he shuts down the Rays we’ll have plenty of suitors.

The Mets are in need of Pitching why not send Resop to the Mets for cash or a Player to be named later or send Kenshi to the minors and see if he cant work out his kinks and learn how to pitch to American hitters and bring up Resop and let him take KK spot in the rotation and send Chavez down and bring up Jo Jo and let me take Medlen spot and put Medlen back in the bullpen bc the bullpen misses him and let him be the setup guy while Saito is on the DL.

i am calling it b4 it happens that LaRoche will be an Angel b4 or during the Trade deadline after hearing that Morales wont be back after breaking his leg. maybe if the Angels are smart they will make him a permant fixture in the Angels line up maybe as a DH or a First baseman. Or any team that picks him up.

Katjam bite me if u dont like that i am on the blog then i will stop blogging on this blog….. eat sh*t bc i am not.

Mclouth Resop Chavez and Venters to the Brewers for Hart and Randy Wolf

I guess Medlen’s shoulder is fine. That is a very good thing. He is really pitching well today.

NC why would we send a divion rival something of current value and only get cash or a player to be named later in return? That would only make it harder for the Braves to win the division.

Man Medlen can pitch! He may have just paved Kawakami’s way to the bullpen with the performance he gave today.

Medlen keeps getting better and better. Money may be a big deal in MLB, but we will see what is more important….a big contract or ridiculous numbers.

Love the little guy. He is tough as nails and his control and his ability to change speeds is amazing. At one point in the game he was like 47 S’s and 12 B’s. He get’s a first pitch strike over on everyone and even after getting to 3-0 he battles back to get the out. He has that back up fastball to the lefties and really reminds me of a young Greg Maddux. We need to find a way for him to pitch every 5th day. PERIOD.

I agree, keep Medlen in the d*** rotation. We all know Kawakami’s had some bad luck, but if you compare the numbers(Wins and losses aside), he’s pitching worse than last year, which is extremely hard to believe. At least Lowe will give us a dominant outing mixed in here or there.

Kawakami to the ‘pen petition starts here: Who’s going to sign?

Take it easy on KK guys. I know he is overpaid, but that is not his fault. Over the past 5 weeks, I would bet he has a better ERA than every braves starter except Hudson and maybe Medlen. I would definitely like to see Medlen back in the bullpen to give Bobby a right handed option he can trust. As you can see, they place way too much reliance on Venters now. He may get burned out.

KK has given pitched pretty well lately. Did you notice his match-up for Tuesday – Price. What else is new? Take a look guys and let me know the last time a team scored 4 runs in the first inning for KK.

I am fine whatever they decide as long as they keep hitting. Does anybody else really like seeing Conrad at 3rd? Get healthy Chipper, but until you are keep the kid in there (actually, he may be 30, but he plays like a kid).

Also, I would keep Blanco in there for a few games. He really looks good at the plate.

Let’s trade ncbraves fan for no return or just release him.

One thing I think we forget about is what a great problem to have with our pitching. All of KK’s numbers (except wins) are fine for a number 5. Medlen pitches more like a number 3. And we have a starter in AAA with an ERA around 2 we are talking about trading because there isn’t room for him. And we have a number 2 coming back in the next 30 days.

A whole lot of other teams wish they had the Braves problem with too many back of the rotation starters.

Great analysis Wazz. When it rains it pours. Boy, it’s so nice to see peace and harmony and total agreement on Bowman’s Blog. And it’s even better to see the Bravos come off an extended road trip with a winning percentage, the last time wasn’t pretty. Let’s hope we can continue our at home dominance and begin by beating up on TB who has the best record in baseball. If we wallop them it will be a message sent to the NL East and the rest of baseball. I am sick of listening to this AL East cr*p. Just because you have the most sportswriters doesn’t mean you have the best division. Record today NL East 5-0, AL East 1-4, mostly head-to-head. S*ck on that NY. Here little Ray, here boy.

Here, here to that comment Billreef. I hate how all the sportswriters seem to think that the AL East is the best divsion, etc. Load of horsesh*t to me.

Wow ncbravefan, I guess you can’t understand humor. Apparently, you only understand straight up bashing like everyone else gives you. How could you possibly have taken what I said to be serious? Nobody believes you are capable of going to the store and buying Infante a foot guard, let alone making a trade for one. That should have been your first clue that it was a JOKE. I laugh at most of your trade proposals, so I try to come up with equally funny ones to play along. Oh wait, you’re actually serious with those???

Now on to more important things. I do understand the value Medlen gives to the bullpen, but that kid deserves to be a starter. Let’s not forget that there was a lot of promise in him when he was brought up last year. His nerves got the best of him though and he struggled. Now that he has his head right I believe he is starting to deliver on that promise. I am not the least bit surprised that we are seeing these results from him. KK needs to move to the pen. I agree that the offense has not helped KK out any, but at the same time he hasn’t helped himself either. The question was asked, when was the last time the offense put up four runs in the first inning for KK? Well, that hasn’t happened, but KK has put the team in early holes on a regular basis. I’m not saying he is worthless, but it just seems like every year one pitcher gets the short end of the stick when it comes to matchups, run support, bad luck etc…. KK just happens to be that guy. Move him to the pen and let’s rock on with Medlen.

wow…conrad is looking good at third. has anyone noticed that chipper is not playing?!? the team has proven that they can win without chipper. now lets hope chipper can realize this and retire…..

My guess is Cox sends Medlen back to he pen. He likes guys he can overuse. Hard to picture KK being effective for one or two innings here and there. But I like Medlen as a starter myself. It’s hard to picture going the whole year with no real production from Chipper, McCann and Escobar but with our bench and pitching and OBP maybe it is possible. Mac is contributing more lately anyway.

Yeah who would have thought Conrad for Chipper wouldn’t mean disaster. I like Conrad, but to be honest, making up for the production we have gotten from Chipper since last year’s second half, is not very difficult to do. Chipper has had a great career. However, I think he would best serve this team by being a bench player. I don’t believe Conrad is the answer for 3rd base, but maybe we make a trade at the deadline and let Chipper ride the season out next to Bobby. Hopefully, the season ends in late October, then they can ride off into the sunset together. I just don’t believe Chipper can be a productive everyday player at this point in his life.

This just in from the “I’d like to be proven wrong” Department, I can’t see any real scenarios where Chipper gets to 10 HRs this season given the way he is just feeling for the ball and not driving it. He is at the point now where he is overmatched by legit fastballs. If that remains the case, his production will not be very hard to replace. However, he is Chipper, and he is a Hall of Famer, and he is a very good leader. If he is not playing, he may not be as positive a contributor in the other areas as he has been. That would be a problem down the stretch. It will be interesting to watch this play out this season if it continues as it is going for Chipper.
Freddie Freeman isn’t really that close to stepping in at first yet. Wren may need to find a thumper to play one of the corner infield positions. Glaus will get whichever is left. I don’t think They will leave that production void to Infante and Conrad long term. It is a lot to ask, and people put in that position have a tendency to press and try to do more than they are capable of. Of course, I am not going to underestimate Brooks Conrad. He seems to just rise to whatever occasion he is thrown into. It would be a real special story to see him get 300 ABs and produce 15 or so HRs. Every team needs a storyline. That would be a really nice one for a guy who has worked real hard for a real long time.

U know if Medlen can be a starter why not package a deal with him and Resop for a vivable starter like Cliff Lee Oswalt or anyone out there. As it is for Conrad why not make him the everyday LF and platoon Hinske and Schafer if he is called up. Melky in Cf Conrad in LF and Heyward in RF.

NC, crack is for plumbers, not consumption. There is NO WAY, EVER, that the Braves are STUPID enough to send away Medlen and Resop for a guy that will be in Atlanta 2 months before he wants $15 million a year. If he was even a little signable the Phillies would be throwing Haladay between Hamels and Lee.
How bad do you hate the Braves that you constantly think they should be dismantled on a weekly basis. I can only assume every time you play draw poker that you take 4 cards, even when you are holding 3 of a kind already. Get a grip big boy, you are off the reservation again.

The only way a Mets fan can tell if a guy is really a star is by waiting for him to be great, then past his prime. At this point the Mets will sign said has been to a multi year deal, the Mets fans can say they have the best players, and the Braves can continue to pummel the Mets year after year.

Ike Davis can’t even caddie for Jason Heyward, now or in the future. Good yes. great no, generational like Heyward? He plays 1B. Nuff said….Maybe after Mr. Davis watches Heyward and the Braves in the postseason he can learn something.

Ike Davis is a good young player with no pressure on him raising some eyebrows.
Jason Heyward has had the entire media world trained on his every movement from before day 1, and has delivered above any expectations as “The Man” immediately, in his hometown no less.
There is no comparison at this point.

Ok I understand the deal was stupid but what bout making Conrad an everyday player like in LF is that a stupid idea?

Just a few comments here…
There is no need to trade anyone right now. Why bother what is not broken. I think as a fan it is always nice to talk about things like that. But our two biggest underachievers are McLouth and KK at this point. I think Melky is a suitable replacement at CF. He has drastically increased his BA over the past month or two and has can hit from both sides of the plate. He also has a better arm than McLouth. As for Kawakami, the knock has always been trying to adapt to a 5-man rotation. Well to me, common sense long relief would seem like the answer. However, if you say he gets paid alot to long relieve (which is true) has would always be there to step in for injury.
As for Chipper, let’s show the guy a little respect. We have got to be one of the worst fan bases in America, all we do is bash our two biggest active icons (Chipper and Bobby). Does Chipper need to hit 3rd in the order, no. But do we need him, absolutely. The guy is a veteran, and one of the few guys on our team with WS experience. He is probably one of the top 5 switch hitters of all time. He is definitely not in his prime but as far as I’m concerned let’s have him contribute as much as he can for the rest of the season and then he will probably call it quits after this year.
Oh and one more thing, why in the world would we trade SP to the Mets, they are 1.5 games behind us, let’s not help them out.

yea but Oswalt has 3 years left on his deal so why not make a deal for him using either Resop and Medlen or one of the two. In that time then we can trade Lowe to a team needing pitching and dump his salary and get rid of KK and his salary and maybe make a go at Fielder in case of the possibilities that Freeman doesnt pan out like Thorman or Schafer. And was it me or was Andruw Jones Batting leadoff last nite in the Chicago series?

Question for anyone who wants to field it – (btw, what happened to the mailbag articles?)

I had a lengthy discussion over some beers this weekend with a Mets fan who is wholeheartedly convinced that Ike Davis is better than Heyward, both in terms of current play and future potential. I strongly disagree, but I won’t color the discussion with my opinions, and only really know about Davis through articles and stats, and the few times I’ve seen him play. Thoughts on this?

What is it that Oswalt could have given us yesterday that Medlen didn’t? Why the sudden desire to trade Medlen? The kid has done everything we could have hoped for and more, after stepping in for Jurrjens. He is young and his entire career is in front of him. Why would the Braves want to rid themselves of that?

Speedy, I don’t think anyone intends any disrespect towards Chipper, but the fact is, his body and reflexes have failed him to the point that he is no longer viable as an everyday player. As Rother pointed out he can no longer catch up to a fastball. His defense is suspect at best (What would have happened had Maurer’s hit been a line drive at his face, instead of on the ground to his side?) Bottom line, he is no longer making the Braves better. It seems like when a player of Chipper’s calibre plays at the level that he currrently is, it seems to weigh a team down. Yet, a player like Brooks Conrad can come in and play just a tad better and it is like a spark for the whole team. I guess it is just one of those weird things about baseball.

Hard to compare two players who play two different positions. Both are very capable offensively, but I give the nod to Heyward because, due to being a better athlete, he appears to be more versatile than Davis. Heyward can pretty much bat anywhere, but I wouldn’t dare bat Davis 2nd or even 3rd.

ncbravefan82, what part of Fielder and Oswalt are too expensive do you not get? We do not need another pitcher, we had to trade away a Cy Young candidate because of too much pitching. And if we feel Freeman isn’t ready, we’ll sign another stopgap like Glaus.

And crweaks23, I see it like an analogy:

Heyward = Andre Ethier as Ike Davis = Adam LaRoche.

And everyone forgets…we sent Kantwinagami to the ‘pen last year for Hudson, who given has a better track record than Medlen, who was coming off of a major surgery. I don’t think a little bad luck will get in the way of Bobby saying “Young kid with a 3.20 era, middle aged guy with a 4+ era…who do I send out every 5 days?”

I’ll also take this opportunity to say that I truly respect Chipper and how he has carried and led the Braves over the years. He made the transformation to leader and has been instrumental in making the younger players as good as they are. He will be rewarded for that and more with a plague in Cooperstown. However, the reality is there will be no highlights from 2010 on the reel they play at the induction ceremony. Except possibly for the one where he is seen jumping up and down in a celebration of a division or National League title. I will root for Chipper in every game that he is in. The Braves need him.
I have no burning desire to be right, this is only an observation of what I see watching Chipper now, and how that may affect the Braves as the season wears on. If what I see is correct, Chipper’s walks will slow down dramatically and the pitchers will be busting him hard and in at all times. We can all watch together to see how the adjustments are made by both sides as it plays out.

Well crweaks, I think that is a result of favorite team bias. Based on current play I think your Met’s buddy is smoking crack. I’m not a big stats guy, but since Heyward is leading all rookies in just about every offensive statistic, I would say that clearly shows he is “currently” the better player. As for the future…. I don’t think either guy has been around long enough for anyone to know. I might agree that Ike Davis stands to have a longer career, but that doesn’t mean better. I hate to even mention it, but Heyward’s greatest asset (his size) could also be his downfall. If his knees fail him (i.e. Cliff Floyd) he’s done.

Stats aside though, I just don’t see Ike Davis doing the things J Hey does. How many players in baseball can get away with stealing a base on a left handed pitcher’s pickoff move??

That being said if we had Ike Davis and Heyward was on the Mets, I would go down defending Ike Davis as the better of the two, but I would be wrong🙂

All you need to know about New York and talent evaluation is one word……Jaba.

Davis is around 3 years older than Heyward. When he was the age Heyward is now, he was hitting ZERO home runs in 215 ABs in the NY-Penn league. A prestigious league that none other than Luis Sumosa led in HRs the year before. Three years from now where do you think Heyward’s game will have evolved to, seeing as he is already more productive and clutch than Davis? 35 and 100, with a .300/.400/.600? Heck, he may already be there at season’s end….

Good stuff rother. Agree across the board with your various takes.

Only thing missing is some Love For Greg White.

Wouldn’t surprise me if Chipper does have to go on the DL tomorrow that a minor move may be forthcoming. Nothing big or long term just possibly getting a body for the bench with some versatility so they don’t have to call Schafer up to fill the role of #5 Outfielder.

Schafer and the Braves will be better off IMO if he can remain in AAA and play daily for the time being.

Goes without saying that Resop will join the club tomorrow. Be interesting to see whom departs.

I know most will clamor for Chavez but I would prefer that Kimbrel go back down to get regular work.

Kimbrel will fall behind Wags,Moylan,Venters and O’Flaherty as of now. If Resop throws strikes as he has in AAA Kimbrel will be behind him also.

When Saito returns Kimbrel drops down another notch.

I like Kimbrel I just thing he needs to pitch more than 2-3 innings every two weeks.

If Cox will use him, Kimbrel can get regular work now. His command is no worse than Moylan’s and his strikouts make up for it. And as far as holding runners, I can’t see that he is any worse than Lowe and Hanson, so why not? Chavez is a time bomb waiting to go off every time he goes in.

Moylan is not exactly quick to the plate either with runners on.

Thanks for the kind words Billreef. I couldn’t agree more about the AL East, but I do love seeing someone other than the Red Sox or Yankees win that division so I will definately be pulling for Tampa Bay after we finish our series with them. I used to live down there and went to the inaugural game at what is now Tropicana Field so I have a soft spot for them anyway.

That team is really starting to be well run, much like Minnesota. They do more with the available resources that most any other clubs, including the Braves. We complain about a $95 Million payroll. That is about two years worth of salary for Tampa.

I’d like to see Resop on the Braves, but honestly, I don’t think they really need him. I’d like to see them deal him for a cheap right-handed bat. You gotta think some team is willing to pay for a 28 year old with a 2.77 ERA in the minors right now.

Ok who would u rather have palying first base next year for the braves a Babe Ruthian Power hitter like Fielder who is proven to drive in runs or a straight out of AAA unproven rookie who only has doubles power ala Kotchman. I am telling u if the Braves make a go after Fielder they are a guarntee winner of the nl east.

In response to ncbraves… I do not like Fielder at all. All he brings to the team is hitting, and this season has been everything short of a great season for him. He’s another left handed bat taht we dont need. He is cocky and needs to mature. He is going for a 200 million dollar contract!!! There are 3-4 players MAYBE in MLB that deserve that. Even look at Tex in NY – he isn’t having a great season. Those contracts are so stupid to do, they are human beings. We don’t have the salary, we don’t have the patience or room for him. There is no clear answer at first for next season IMO. I think it depends on how much Glaus is asking for, how Freeman does, and what the market is looking. We need to keep focusing on this season at the same time, there truly is something special going on. The only trades I could see this team making is for prospects or a center fielder, but even Melky is hitting better. This team has a great set up, and sometimes a trade can ruin that. Keep as is until something happens.

ncbravefan82, please just shut up. We ARE winning, and barring any major injuries, we WILL win, as soon as we get rid of or change the 3 pieces hurting us., Kawakami, McLouth and Chavez. McLouth is who I have the most faith in coming around. Chavez, I have NO faith in. He will be demoted within the next 24 hours, and Kawakami I believe will be more effective in long relief. He always seems fine the first time through the order; it’s the second that kills him. I can see our pitching being this in a while:

Hudson, Hanson, Medlen, Jurrjens, Lowe.

Wagner, Saito, Moylan, O’Flaherty, Venters, Kawakami, Proctor.
Very versatile. You have a lefty and righty capable of closing, setting up, AND long relief., along wiht Proctor who can give you a couple of innings, set up, and close if needed, IF he’s healthy.

This team is in really good shape. Great bull pen, solid starting pitching (with minor league depth if needed), enough power and batting average, good defense, and character. Just look at all the late inning heroics. That didn’t happen the last couple years.

The only needs I see are an everyday outfielder for left or center, upper minor league position players, and (here comes the hate mail) short stop. Yunel is completely off his offensive game this year, and I don’t know why. So I am clear, I am not saying to get rid of him. I don’t even know how to address his problems but he is really as much of an anchor in the line up as anyone else this year.

He’s starting to pick it up though. His power may have dissapeared, but he is still getting on base and hitting singles and doubles….so why not bump him up to 2nd and pull Heyward down? Less pressure, and more rbi chances…

Since when do you get to tell anyone on this blog to “shut up”? I mean I don’t agree with a lot of what NcBrave says, and I think a lot of his trade ideas are off point and not realistic but I will defend his right to post here as I am sure Mark would do. This is still a country with a modicum of free speech, last I checked. I don’t know what your gig is but your constant attacks on posters are really juvenile. Shoot down the post with a reasoned argument, ignore it or have a civil response to everyone here who loves the Braves, but “shut up” sounds way too much like a schoolyard taunt.

Some saying about a pot and a kettle does come to mind here…
Anyway, I keep forgetting about Proctor. Has he started back pitching yet?
Also, while poking around in the farm system, I ran across a pitcher named Thomas Berryhill. Is he any relation to Damon? Both are from South Carolina.

Ah, scratch that South Carolina business. It’s 2:41 AM (never mind the timestamp), and I apparently can’t read anymore. Disregard my question above about Damon and Thomas Berryhill…

Well, so much for peace and harmony…..NCbravesfan, there’s an old, Russian or Scottish saying depending on who ya ask, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We finally have just about all the legs on this giant centipede that is the Braves organization, (offense, defense, pitching) going in the same direction and pulling together as a team, and you want to pull legs out and replace them? Let me put it another way…the car thats winning the race doesn’t pull over to get the transmission retooled in the middle of the race.

You aren’t really that yankee sumb*tch we had to chase outta here posting under a different name, are you? The Atlanta Braves first place train is trying to pick up steam and momentum to get to the World Series and its like you want to put pennies on the tracks hoping to derail it.

Great analogy jimphelps. I like it!

Going to be a tough one tonight fellas. Let’s hope we get big game Kawakami, like we did last year, whenever he was going against a good opposing pitcher. At least we are playing at home.

I am with chipperfan10 bc the braves are gonna need a bigger bat come playoff time so why not go out and get one with all this pitching they got stacked in the Minors and get a bat like Fielder, Hart, Berkman Lee as in Carlos not Derek Conor Jackson, The Twins are looking for bullpen help why not make a deal and trade for Delmon Young Denard Span or Micheal Cuddyer. If the Twins are looking for bullpen help send them Resop Venters and Chavez along with Melky for Delmon Young Brendan Harris and Matt Guerrier. Then send DY to the Brewers for Hart and David Riske then the twins send Venters to the Brewers and the Braves send Riske to the Twins.

OHH yea Heyward is and will be a ten times better player then Ike F*cking Davis.

viva, I disagree that it was awesome. I thought it was a lot of showboating and nonsense. Not saying you are wrong for liking it, just that I didn’t like it and I believe most baseball purist didn’t like it either. I have a suspicion Bobby would have blown a gasket. I can’t argue the production you get from Fielder, but it doesn’t sound like he is a good teammate and his actions on the field show me that he is only about himself. This team doesn’t need that. There has been a lot made about the chemistry on this team since day one of spring training. That chemistry is what has helped weather the storm in April and has the Braves sitting in first place in June. Bringing someone in just based on numbers could throw the whole deal in the crapper.

Rare agreement with billreef, we don’t need to be telling people to shut up on the blog.

I think all of ncbraves trade ideas are absurd, but I welcome him posting here in this forum.

Someone above asked about Proctor, doubtful you will see him before September if at all.

He was sent back to Extended ST for further rehab with his arm. He has since been sent to a CLass A team where his struggles persisit.

When are we gonna hear about Resop?

We would get more mileage out of a true leadoff hitter than we would another power hitter. We have big bats. They just need to start producing the way they have in the past (i.e. BMac). Prado has done a great job in the lead off position, but that is not where he really needs to be.

Fortunately, for you, ncbravefan82, you don’t have to worry about things like chemistry when you put together your fantasy roster or make your grandiose trades on PS3, Xbox, WII or whatever console you spin your GM majic on. However, in real life you do. If by some bizarre turn of events Fielder actually ended up in a Braves uniform, it would be a disaster. If he ever pulled a stunt like the team choreographed home run celebration, I think all you would see is Bobby Cox stroll out of the dug out with a shot gun across his shoulder and give Fielder one blast to the face. That wouldn’t be good for anybody. Bobby would go down as the most ejected manager in history and the first to commit murder on the field. Instead of riding off into the sunset to enjoy his retirement, he would be carried off to prison. Women and children would be scarred for life. It just wouldn’t be good for the game.

So, come on, man. If you are going to keep making these ridiculus trade proposals, at least get us somebody good and that could actually fit into the team. Don’t hold back. Get Pujols. Don’t worry about the budget either. That’s just for suckers like Wren. Ownership doesn’t like him, so they limit his spending. I’m sure, for you, they will throw the coffers wide open.

I’m not saying at all that I am an advocate of getting Fielder.. for one, why would we look to get a 1B when we have the hottest hitting 1B in baseball right now?.. BUT, if for some inexplicable reason he did end up on the team in fantasy land, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a “disaster.” He does hit 40+ HRs and 120+ RBIs..
And wass his choreographed home run celebration The Bomb? ?the one where he jumped at home plate and when he came down, everyone dropped to the ground? If so, i thought that was pretty awesome.

Resop has been promoted. Not sure who was demoted. I’d say Chavez, but Kimbrel or Martinez could be possibilities. And yes, very good analogy. Sorry, just redundant retarded statements make me very angry. This team has only a couple of minor holes, one that could be fixed today, so ncbravefan82, please just think about what you are saying. Why would the Twins want to get rid of 2 years of control for Cuddyer who has the possibility to hit 30 homers and 100 rbi? Do you just pick from a list of really good players at random and throw Resop and Chavez into the equation thinking somehow it will conterbalace the fact that whoever we would “recieve” is a lot more expensive and um, BETTER than what you are “offering?”

I wish we can get Fielder but can’t ok it would nice if we did and could benfit the braves bc i dont see Freeman being a viable firstbaseman bc he lacks power the braves need so why not dump if off to some team that could use a backup or maybe turn him into an outfielder. The only firstbase man i see the braves going after is Derek Lee and i said that we can get Hart from the Brewers because he can play the outfield and firstbase.

Chipper could retire…do I smell extension for Glaus to man 3rd while Freeman plays first? And, not there is a whole new world of possibilities…Chipper in the running for manager? Maybe even hitting coach, we all know TP isn’t very good.


.262 avg/12 hr/24 rbi/ .842 ops


.290 avg/13 hr/49 rbi/ .886 ops

Forget Fielder. Get Glaus signed to an extension if you don’t think Freeman is the answer for next year. I wouldn’t have thought I would be saying that back in April……

I was thinking the same thing Brandon. Except about Chipper. I could see him being a hitting coach some day, but not anytime soon. Personally, I have my fingers crossed that Eddie Perez will replace BC. He has the smarts and the personality to get the most out of his players.

^Me too. My mom is a huge Terry Pendelton fan and insists daily that he will replace Bobby Cox, but I’m not sold. I agree with Eddie Perez. Plenty of smarts and personality. And we could do a lot with $13 million coming off the books…

All you Resop fans look a little silly after last nights brilliant performance!

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