Chipper not ready to publicly discuss his future

Chris Resop’s addition to the Braves roster will take a back seat to whatever we can gather about Chipper Jones’ future today.

Originally, it was thought that Jones would address the media this afternoon to discuss his future. 

But because he thinks it’s premature to definitively talk about potential retirement, he does not plan to publicly discuss the details of the meeting he still plans to have with Frank Wren and Bobby Cox this afternoon. 

Chipper has requested this meeting to inform the club about his current thoughts about his career beyond this season. 

While Jones may not be ready to definitively say he will retire at the end of this season, it appears he is more serious about the possibility than he was when he has discussed it in the past.

When addressing his absence from the lineup on Saturday and Sunday, Jones provided some indication that he has reached a point where he has accepted the fact that he is no longer a necessary component of the Braves lineup.

 “I don’t think anybody in here has any less confidence with those guys in the lineup than they do with me,” Jones said. “I think they’ve proven themselves worthy of stepping in and compensating for my absence.”    <p> 

Jones, 38, has batted .228 with three homers  and 22 RBIs in the 51 games he has played for the Braves this year.  This drop in production combined with his desire to spend more time with his family and get away from the daily responsibilities of the baseball season have moved him closer to making this decision to walk away from the final two years of his contract. 
The Braves gave Jones a three-year, $42 million contract extension last year.   But despite the fact that he would still be guaranteed $28 million during 2011 and 2012 seasons, he has said that finances won’t influence his decision.  

According to, Jones has made more than $140 million throughout a career that began in 1993.

As mentioned earlier, Resop will be added to the 25-man roster later today.  The Braves still haven’t announced which of their relievers they will be sending to Triple-A Gwinnett.  It will likely be Jesse Chavez.  But the could also demote Craig Kimbrel to give him a chance to pitch on a regular basis. 

To compensate for the lack of outfielders in Gwinnett, the Braves have signed Josh Anderson to a Minor League deal.  Anderson hit .294 with three homers in the 40 games he played for Atlanta in 2008.  The speedy outfielder has spent the past two years within the Tigers and Royals organizations.  


Good signing. I liked Anderson, and I always though he’d make a good leadoff hitter and center fielder.

Why is this coming up now for the end of the season? Or, could Chipper be retiring sooner than that? I hope that he sticks around and finishes this season. Just in a reduced role. Regardless, good luck #10 and thank you.

Ken Rosenthal at Fox Sports reports: Braves are looking for an outfield RH bat. Would probably trade for with pitching depth. Says a bunch of stuff about how deep the Braves are with pitching depth(both major and minors)

What in depth reporting that Rosenthal does. Nobody here could have got that kind of cutting edge stuff like he does. He is soooooooo connected, isn’t he?
Thanks billreef.
How does Chris Young or Justin Upton sound? NC will work up a deal for us. BJ Upton is probably available, and in town this week on display. Of course, Tampa Bay has more pitching than they know what to do with.

No Rother i wouldnt go after chris young or Upton bc of the fact that is the Braves cant afford either one of them but a RH bat would work maybe go after Delmon Young of the Twins or Corey Hart of the Brewers. Both are decent outfielders and both have decent homerun pop and Hart is leading the N.L in HomeRuns. so I would send Resop Saito and Melky to the Twin or Brewers for either player. but i would take off Satio and add Chavez to the Brewers deal bc the Twins are looking for Bullpen depth.

And if he does retire the braves should make a move for fielder put Glaus back at third and place Heyward Batting in the 3 hole then Glaus Fielder and Mccann. Now that would be a decent 3-6 part of the line up that can give the Phillies a run for the money. that of course Chipper retires.

^Lol. And I don’t think BJ is available. Nobody will be available from Tampa Bay. And I read it too billreef, but I don’t realistically see us getting anyone good, as long as we have McLouth and his immovable salary. I think personally we are fine, and when we get Jurrjens and Diaz healthy, will be unstoppable.

Hey, I know. We can send Diory Hernandez, Nate McLouth, a videotape of The Slide, and Tom Glavine’s soon-to-be retired number to the Rays for Upton. And then send Upton, Chavez, Resop, Kimbrel, and Freeman to the Brewers for Fielder, Hart, Braun, and McGehee.
Hey, making trades like we’re playing MLB: The Show is kinda fun. But it’s time for me to regain my sanity.

So we can afford Prince Fielder and the rest of his
$10.5 million and a year in arbitration where he would make $14 million plus, but not Upton or Young… I guess we’re living in a parallel dimension where economics are backwards.

Rain delays tonight’s start…
Tonight’s lineup:Prado 4Heyward 9Chipper 5Glaus 3McCann 2Escobar 6Cabrera 7Blanco 8Kawakami 1

Thank God they sent Chavez to AAA to make room for Resop. It is listed under the transactions section.

Now lets hope he gets a start soon and does well so the interest in him picks up before JJ or Saito needs to take that spot back.

Relative to trade proposals it would be nice if those that propose them do a little research prior presenting their ideas. Please look into the contract status of the players for $ and duration. Those are some of the key factors that MUST be considered. Thanks.

Fielder is only under contract through the end of this year and is expecting a huge payday, so having Chipper retire and trading away Freeman to get Fielder leaves us with Glaus at third next year (if he resigns) and a big hole at first again. Not really a good solution.

Corey Hart is making $4.8M this year but is free agent at the end of the year making him a short term solution which would not justify much in the way of high level prospects under team control for several years.

McLouth is owed ’10:$4.5M, 11:$6.5M, 12:$10.65M club option ($1.25M buyout). So any deal including him to a team that is rebuilding will have to include money or taking on another bad contract (see Chicago Cubs) from them.

The way Kawakami started tonight, we may see Resop REAL soon.

Time to see what Resop can do. Hope he does well here in the 6th inning.

Not off to a good start. A base hit and a walk.

I have been patiently waiting for Bobby Cox to wake up from his absolutely inexplicable love affair with Kenshin Kawakami, the losingest pitcher in baseball. He has gone 7-21 since he began his MLB career in 2009 with a 4.04 ERA. The guy is a LOSER!!!!!

When asked yesterday if he would keep Kawakami in the line-up after yesterday’s typical dismal performance, Bobby Cox replied, “Sure, absolutely.”

Cox’s wonderful stint as the Braves skipper has been fabulouls and his loyalty to his players commendable, but COME ON, GIVE US A BREAK! Let’s bring up someone from the minors or promote Johnny Venters (a former starter) to replace this guy. Surely he could not be any worse!!!!

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