Glaus developing into a strong MVP candidate

Remember that Troy Glaus fellow who went through Spring Training and the first 31 games of this season with just two homers.  Well, he’s on pace to total 31 homers and compile 128 RBIs this season.  

Instead of projecting him as an early favorite to be named Comeback Player of the Year, it might be time to establish his candidacy for the National League’s MVP Award.   If nothing else, the veteran first baseman’s $2 million base salary certainly has to be considered this year’s best bargain.

Given that the Braves took off once Martin Prado moved into the leadoff role, it’s easy to immediately say that that Prado has been the club’s most valuable player.   But we can’t ignore the value of his production has been maximized due to the fact that Glaus has spent the past seven weeks serving as the game’s top run producer.   

While going a Major League-best 26-10 since May 9, the Braves have seen Prado collect 57 of his National League-best 97 hits.  During this same span, Glaus has compiled 35 of his NL-high 53 RBIs.  In the meantime, Jason Heyward, the club’s early-season MVP has hit just .252 with three homers and 18 RBIs (a total that has been affected by the fact that he’s spent a significant portion of this span batting second).  

When the club has needed a clutch hit, Glaus has proven to be that middle-of-the-lineup threat who has maximized the value of the on-base percentages produced by Prado,

Heyward, Chipper Jones and Brian McCann.   His game-winning, two-run double in last night’s sixth inning improved his batting average with two outs and runners in scoring position to .444 (14-for-33).   He’s actually recorded 12 hits in the past 25 at-bats he’s had in these situations.    

McCann (10th), Heyward (13), Glaus (16th), Jones (17th) and Prado (18th) all rank among the top 20 NL players in terms of on-base percentage.    With this in mind, it’s pretty easy to figure out why hitting coach Terry Pendleton is no longer feeling the heat that showered down upon him during the season’s first month.

This same Braves team that couldn’t  score during the season’s first five weeks, now ranks second in the NL in runs scored, trailing the Reds by one run. They averaged 4.0 runs per game in the 32 games they played through May 10. They have averaged 5.6 runs per games in the 35 games that have played since May 11, when Heyward was moved toward the top of the lineup to join forces with the other OBP machines.   

When asked to vote for May’s Player of the Month, I went with Heyward because he had proven to be every bit as effective as Glaus in most offensive categories except for RBIs.   But because the young phenom had given Glaus the chance to drive in these runs, I gave him the nod.  

Obviously my reasoning wasn’t shared by other writers throughout the country.  

If asked to name the club’s MVP through June 17, I probably would have to give the nod to Prado because of the fact that he has proven to be the productive leadoff hitter this club desperately needed.
But if Glaus continues to take advantage of the run-producing opportunities that he’s gaining,  it will be hard to look at his numbers and not view him as a legit MVP candidate.

Look ahead:  Next weekend the Braves will celebrate Alumni Weekend at Turner Field by bringing back a number of their former players.  To get a jump on the festivities, they will welcome Dayton Moore’s Kansas City Royals to Atlanta this weekend.  

It’s no secret that Moore, the former Braves assistant GM, has spent the past few years filling his new organization with familiar faces that he was introduced to during his days in Atlanta.   

The 25-man roster that Royals manager Ned Yost (a former Braves coach) will field for tonight’s series opener includes six former Braves —  Bruce Chen, Kyle Davies, Kyle Farnsworth, Brayan Pena, Anthony Lerew and Wilson Betemit.   

Oh yeah, that Zach Greinke dude who was included in 999,999 trade rumors involving Jeff Francoeur will be on the mound to face the Braves on Saturday night.  The reigning AL Cy Young Award winner will match up against Kris Medlen.   


About Francoeur, it’s cool, we all loved Ryan Church…

And we certainly loved Francoeur during his last days in Atlanta…

Mark if you have a chance, see if Diory Hernandez possibly injured himself yesterday. I know he’s started a rehab assignment, he played yesterday for Gwinnett had a XBH and a stolen bag. Left the game in the 5th inning. Isn’t in the lineup tonight.

Only reason I ask is because upon his return to health I would suspect that he might get the call to be the backup Middle Infielder. As I think the brass would prefer that Hicks play daily in AAA.

Thanks In Advance.

I say, let’s not even debate this now. Martin has been the hottest hitter in the NL since the beginning of the year and Troy has been on fire since May began. They both possess different skill sets that are perfect for the roles they fill on this team. Martin gets on base starts the magic and Glaus comes thundering in. I would hate to think where this team might be without either one of them. Given the struggles at a lot of our other positions, it’s clear that these guys have provided the spark when we needed it. I said at the beginning of the season that I believed that Troy’s success would be the key to the Braves winning ball games this year. That doesn’t diminish Prado in any way because I believed he was a proven commodity at that point. Everyone here knows how much I think of him, to me, the unknown was Glaus’ health and transition to first. His shoulder problems appear to be behind him (knock wood) and he has become a passable 1B. It’s great that we are having this debate though. Let’s get them some more all star votes. If you haven’t voted 25 yet you can’t comment.

Martin the Machine just hits again

Here’s a question, vivabeta, who would you rather have: Zack Grenkie or Ryan Church?

Not even would i have asked for that trade Francouer for Grenkie. I would have trade Francouer for Adam Dunn or maybe Elsbury or Nyjer Morgan.

Like any of those would have gone through…

Maybe if his neighbor traded baseball cards with him..

Has anybody notced the NL east is a combined 19 games over 500? Hard to believe, but the Braves better keep playing well. What is the story with those Mets? They are playing great and are only .5 games back? The Braves better take advantage of playing the Royals and pick-up some games. Anyhow, the season is very exciting and I can’t waiit until JJ comes back. As Bobby said, it is like picking up a #1 starter at the trade deadline. If Medlen beats Grienke tonight, I may need to change my views and ask KK to go to the Bullpen. Still, he is not bad for a 5th starter even though he can’t get a W.

He is bad as a 5th starter, because he doesn’t give us a chance to win. I don’t care what his numbers say and how he compares to Lowe. Bottom line is, when KK pitches, the Braves do not have a chance. I guess we will really see tomorrow. If somehow he does manage to beat the Royals (whooptie-doo) I’ll chalk it up to the blind squirrel deal…..

David- Nothing wrong with Diory. He was just taken out for strategic reasons.

No bc the royals were not gonna give up on Grienke for Francouer the royals wanted to dump Jose Guillen for Francouer. or the braves were asking for Guillen i cant remeber. instead of sending Francouer to the Mets Wren could have package the Pirates deal better and ask for Nyjer Morgan and or a three way deal that sent McClouth to the Mets and Francouer to the Pirates and the Braves Could have gotten Morgan and the mets could have sent Church to the Pirates aslong with Gorkys Hernadez.

The Pirates were looking for good prospects and salary relief. No way they would have dumped McLouth and Morgan for Ryan Church and Gorkys, even though he was a good rated prospect. The Mets would have had to give up the farm they don’t have, or we would have had to shell out a couple more prospects.

But anyway, very good katjam, nice to see someone else who has common sense. Kawakami’s numbers may not “be that bad”, but the fact is, we’re winning with Medlen and not with Kawakami, give the ball to the guy who gives you the best chance to win.

Tonight should be the final test for Medlen. If he can take Grenkie, he’s a no brainer for the rotation spot.

anyone else concerned about the ROY being taken by Strasbourg over Heyward? heyward is placing good baseball but, what strasburg is doing at washington is just amazing. i still hope jason can win the ROY though.


I wonder how many times the Braves will face Strasburg this year. Heyward-Strasburg will be a battle that many will turn in to see…
As far as ROY, Heyward would have to get hot and Strasburg would have to turn human.

NC, you make my head spin. Are you now arguing against yourself?

I have been concerned before Strausburg even came up. I didn’t think Strausburg would be this good, but with Heyward on pace to hit .270/30/100, I don’t think it would be fair to give it to a guy who is going to end up about 9-3 with a 3.00 era. We haven’t seen a rookie that offensive since Pujols.

^And I am sorry that I spelled STRASBURG wrong.

Why couldnt the Pirates give up both Mclouth and Morgan bc they did. Morgan was traded to the Nats For Milledge. I mean Francouer to the Pirates and they could have sent Mclouth to NY and Church to Pitt and all we get is a future leadoff hitter in Morgan and the Mets get a better OF in Mclouth and the Pirates get Gorkys and Francouer with their young talent i bet they couldve made a go at the playoff this year if the trade went like the way i made it.

I guess ATL is in the central time zone tonite

Is there really a need to say that KK has “decent stats” when he is in competition with Kris Medlen for the 5th starter role?? Well, if we are looking for stats, KK numbers cannot compare to Medlen in any way, shape, or form. KK is not bad, but he’s not as good as Medlen….period

Listening to Chip and Joe on the broadcast discussing the future of Ned Yost in Kansas City leads me to believe that he will definitely be a candidate for the Brave’s managerial position. Kansas City has not tied him up for next year. However according to Chip and Joe he is not being called an interim manager.

God I love Kris Medlen. IMHO he has won a starting job in the Braves lineup. He probably enters the lineup as the 2nd most effective starter in the rotation. If Wren and Bobby send him back to the bullpen they are crocked. He is tough as nails, great control and rises to the occasion when challenged. Beside he’s batting .286 to start the night. We only wish we had a CFer that could bat that well. He’s up against a former Cy Young and he is out pitching him. It’s time to let go of the too small to succeed stereotype and remember that things like Maddux and Lincecum come in small packages

Maybe…I’d really like Freddie Gonzalez or Eddie Perez as the manager. And I agree bill. He’s apparently doesn’t realize that for Morgan and McLouth the Pirates got:

Charlie Morton, Jeff Locke, Gorkys Hernandez, Joel Hanrahan, and Lastings Milledge. A good pitching and outfield prospect, a good reliever, and pitcher that hasn’t really worked out but has a good upside, and an outfielder who can be a role player. Better than two underachieving outfielders.

And yes again, bill. Glad to see we can agree on something.

“The Hey-Train.” I like it.
Also, Troy Glaus has had two runs score on balls he put in play… but no RBI on either.

YEAHHH!!! I KNEW IT! I called that Glaus shot (to myself).

Mark, an appropriately timed post, eh?

After the 9 game trail of tears, who thought we would eventually have the best record in the NL?

A few notes from tonight’s game:
1) Mark is a freakin fortune teller! Seriously, how many times has he wrote a blog about someone this year and that guy come up big that very night?
2) Kris Medlen is our 5th starter when JJ comes back. Yeah I know he was charged with 4 runs, but Kawakami couldn’t get out of the 1st inning without giving up 4 runs in his last start. I think KK seems like a really nice guy, but this is a business and the Braves are in the business of winning ballgames. Kris is the better guy suited for that job.
3) As much as Troy did tonight I gotta give tonight’s MVP nod to Peter Moylan. Keeping the Royals from scoring was huge. He really came through tonight.

Viva, You know what’s really amazing to me is that all of the things that plagued the Braves during that 9-game stretch are now some of their greatest strengths. It almost seems like they had to go back to baseball camp to relearn those things.
Defense- during the 9-game anti-streak they were kicking the ball around like pony league. Now they are playing defense with great fundamentals even with some revolving players.
Baserunning- witness Heywards great heads up play to score tonite. Before they were killing rallies with nutso baserunning blunders. Even last night when Esky showed shades of his former trickery, he should have been awarded 2B.
Understanding of the rules- While I don’t have any recent great examples to cite what I do know is that the team now seems to have a grasp on the infield fly rule.
I think this team might have needed that abysmal stretch to gain an appreciation for the finer points of the game. They needed to have their ***** chewed behind closed doors before they were ready to start playing a better brand of baseball. It appears to have had a really dramatic effect on this team. Let’s hope they don’t forget the lesson of that miserable stretch. and I would like to give special thanks to whoever gave this team the tongue lashing they deserved.

Nice poke by Glaus. I knew he’d come through once he got back into the groove of playing again. Good to see Chipper and Mac still swinging the bats well too.
Also, I’m gonna go ahead and put this out there, even though I know it’s not up to the fan vote: Jonny Venters for the All-Star Game.

I think that before you can vote Venters for the All-Star game, even though he’s done fantastic, let’s get Billy Wagner in one more All-Star game before he calls it quits. . . IMO, the following Braves should receive AS nods (even though I know this isn’t happening).
-Prado (leading the league in hits, duh)
-Heyward (leading all rookies in hitting numbers)
-Glaus (near the top of the NL in RBIs most of the season)
-Wagner (when is the last time the guys given up a run?)

I take nothing away from Wagner at all; if fans could vote for pitchers, he’d have my vote. But since that’s not the case, I bet other dedicated closers would go before him.
Now, I can think of very few NL middle relievers have been as dominant as Venters (only Tyler Clippard of the Nats comes to mind). Dude is scared of NOBODY. And his performances bear that out.

Bill, I totally agree. We can say things like “imagine where we would be if we didn’t have the 9 game slide.” But you know what? This team wouldn’t be where it is without it. Sometimes you have to hit bottom before you can reach the top. Hopefully McLouth will get that memo and start producing, but all in all.. these guys are the best in the NL for a reason.

You wanna know something kinda cool? If you watch the ’92 series recap Braves Lightning Strikes Twice, narrated by Ernie Johnson, Skip Carey and Pete van wieren (and if you don’t have it, ya need to get it) that season seems remarkably similiar. Even the timeline on it is almost in sync. Was rewatching it today before I had to work and it just wowed me.

Yeahcdrizzle, After i posted that question about Hernandez I found out he was fine. Thanks for the response though.

All KK bashing aside, here’s to hoping he gets his first win of 2010. It would be nice to head to Chicago 2 1/2 up (assuming the Yankees do their part).

I think it is officially safe to say that the Kawakami experiment in Atlanta was a bust. Don’t send him to the bullpen, send him to Japan. Wren just needs to release this guy and eat some of that salary. I’m not trying to be mean or overly dramatic, but when you give a guy 4 runs in the 1st and he blows that then he has no business being on the mound!

The Braves need to send KK out to the bullpen when JJ returns.

I really don’t see the Braves making a mid-season trade but with JJ almost ready to come back, this will be equivelant to one.

If JJ can return to form, this could be your starting rotation.

Jurgens, Lowe, Hudson, Medlen and Hanson.

Awesome rotation.

They also need to move Chipper down in the lineup. Right now Melkey is hot so try him in the spot

I just want to know how many times do we have to endure Kawakami before the Braves realize that he isnt capable of pitching on a major league roster. I have gotten completely disgusted by watching the games that he is in. He should be sent back to the minors and give the players a chance to have a sweep that they so rightly deserve. I don’t think he will ever be a big league caliper player. Also want to know what he has on Bobby Cox that he will leave him in games that the braves are leading until he has lost the lead. My only hope is that he gets traded to a team that doesn’t stand a chance of winning a penant. He doesn’t deserve to be on a winning team. Kawakami, do us all a favor and retire early. Like as in today.

Welp… I think that the switch is only a matter of time now….

For those that claim the starting pitcher can’t control wins and losses and that numbers say KK is not a bad 5th starter, do you guys actually watch him pitch. Ridiculus. All but one ball was hit hard. That is within the pitchers control. At least Cox just got him out before he could completely give this game away.

Yeah, I think Bobby is finally done with KK. That wasn’t exactly a courteous visit to the mound. I think Kenshin get’s demoted on Monday.

Uh oh, what happened to Glaus?

he looked like he slid awkwardly. I sure hope he didn’t sprain, rupture, tear something????

OK – Can we put the whole “KK is a good 5th starter” conversation to rest? Mainly tommygriff. The Braves spotted him enough runs to get the job done and he couldn’t win against one of the worst teams. Win you’re on a first place team that scores the amount of runs the Braves do, and you face the Pirates and the Royals and still can’t get one win, you aren’t a good starting pitcher period. It’s Medlen’s job.
I am a Wren supporter, but his signing of Kawakami has been his biggest gaff. Way to much money being handed over to this guy.

Yeah, I think that there is no chance of KK staying in the rotation. The question is will he be sent down to Gwinnett to get some work when JJ returns or will he go to the pen for long relief…

Yeah, if I hear one more person stick up for Kantwinagami, I might hurl. It’s as simple as this: Medlen is fearless winner, and Kawakami is an inconfident, overpaid, and unproven waste of a roster spot.

I don’t dislike Kawakami, he just leaves too much over the plate. That may have worked in Japan but its not going to work here. Why should we put more of an investment in a mid 30’s “youngster” instead of a kid in his early 20’s who is producing already??

yeah, ncbravesfan. Maybe we can trade them both to Washington for Stan Casten.

how bout we get rid of wren and shurlholtz all together and start a new in 2011. new manager new Gm and new President. both him and wren has screwed up more deals and signings it not funny.

You’re totally right, NC. Get rid of them all. They totally botched their way into having the best record in the NL. And “Shurlholtz” definitely had no idea what he was doing for those 14 straight years.

Hey nc, if you can list 5 things each that Wren and “Shurlholz” did, I’ll back you up 100% on that thought.

Ok Srry bout the mispelling ok but Schuerholz has traded away better players for sh*tty players. Trading Jason Schimdtt for Denny Neagle Ryan Klesko and Brett Boone to the Padres for Reggie Sanders Wally Joyner and Quilino Veras. Kevin MIllwood for Johnny Estrada Adam Wainright ryan king and jason marquis for Jd Drew and Eli Marrero
Eli Marrero for Jorge Vasquez trading for Ryan Kolb. The Teixeira trade the Mclouth deal Francouer deal.

Now do u see the players the braves have dealt away and should have kept. Jason Schimdt Kevin Millwood Jason Marquis Jd Drew Eli Marrero all could have stayed braves and could have maybe gotten the Braves another World Series Drew got 2 with the Red sox Marquis got one with the Cards Schimdt was a dominate pitcher for like 5 years b4 going kaput and instead of having to go thru firstbase mans they could have kept Eli and used him as a firstbase man or jonny estrada as a firstbase man instead of using julio franco as a vaiable firstbaseman then the teixeira deal then sending him to the angels for kotchman who was a punch and judy hitter with no pop tho they could have kept him and used him as a backup outfielder letting go laroche and kelly johnson. so there now i hope maybe someone will buy the braves from next media and put some money into the team and fire wren and schuerholz and bring in someone that will go after the bigger names like the braves should be doing.

Yikes……he has a “should have kept” list now….Is it too early for a drink? Where’s Alan Jackson when you need him… but 8:20 on a Monday would be a first….
That last post makes me think alphabet soup goes through your digestive system in a similar fashion to corn.

Wow, I just came to after staring at the screen, in utter disbelief, for the past 30 minutes.

So, anyways. I decided to go cheap, this year, and got the package, instead of extra innings. Because of that, I usually miss out on the between innings stuff. Why did Bobby come out on the field to take out Glaus yesterday? All I heard from the announcers was that Bobby came out on the field to remove Troy from the game. There wasn’t any mention of injury or anything. Just curious.

Obviously, KK is not going anywhere, because he is owed too much money. There is not another team out there, that would trade for him and they won’t just release him. So, I have a suggestion. Let’s all pool a few bucks together and buy lottery tickets. If a winning ticket comes from that pool, then we will donate it to the Braves, so they can then get rid of this burden. Look at it this way. We probably have just as good of a chance to win the lottery as KK does at winning a ballgame.

Any chances the braves are gonna make a deal for someone anyone Oswalt Lees both Cliff or Derek Nady Fukdome Fielder Hart hell anyone who is on the braves Radar?

Why should we have anyone on the radar? We have the best team in the NL? So you are saying that you want us to replace Glaus, who has been atop the list of RBI’s in the NL for most of the season for a guy hitting in the low 200’s?? We have enough of those guys. Also, with KK and Lowe on the books there is no way the Braves will have a guy on the radar that commands a big contract, and, no, we can’t package KK and Lowe for one of those guys.

Hey ncbrave, I don’t know about you but Jason Schimdtt trade wasn’t a bad one. I don’t know about but I’d rather not have pitcher who gets injured about every 3-5 months. And Ryan Klesko and Brett Boone, the person behind that trade is called Andres Galarraga. You know 30hr 100Rbis? Yeah compared to 25hr 85ribis? I cannot even believe you put up Kevin Millwood up there…. He was never going to be better than a 3rd starter in the MLB and its been proven right for the past 5 seasons. Estrada kept the base warm while Javy left, and Bmac was getting ready in the Minors. Estrada was playing really well till a concussion during the angels game but it eventually brought a great kid named Brian McCann. Hey bud, I don’t know who RYAN king is, but I think you’re perferring to RAY King, and are you really going to say that was a bad trade? Ray King disappeared after leaving STL, Wainwright still has shoulder problems from his mechanics, and don’t even get me started about Jason… I sitll have no idea how he is still in the majors. I don’t know why you’re complaining about that trade cause J.D. Drew was amazing here but was a bit to expensive for us to keep, and Eli was a fan favorite being able to play any Pos. Tex trade pretty much bummed everyone out, but it was either trade him or let him WALK. The way you posts trades up here I’m sure you play MLB 10. Would you let players walk? Or get some warm bodies from em? We HAD to get a 1st baseman cause we didn’t have any coming up in the system and needed one ASAP.
And about the W.S. rings. Let me give you the factors. Albert Pujols, The bankroll of the Red Sox, and about Eli playing as a starter, do you know what happened to him when he went to the Royals? He became starting corner OF and was eventually released.
Why are you even complaining about KJ leaving and us not resigning LaRoache? EVERYONE wanted KJ to leave and the change of scenery has been great for him. LaRoache, after he left we got a certain someone named umm who is he again? TROY GLAUS. Whos having a better season right now? The one on our team. Who’s the more valuable 2B right now? The one on our team.
And I really don’t know what your problem is with the Braves Organization, but we have one of the best prospect groups WHILE being #1 in the NL. That doesn’t happen by luck bud, just go ask the Royals or Pirates. But we’re in the middle of the pack in Payroll, and that’s good enough.

speedy, he just wants the real world Braves to match his 2K10 team, that he has compiled through his ruthless GM skills. The “game” will feel more realistic to him that way.

Why would we make a trade for a 1B? ???? And with JJ coming back, why would we want to trade away a bunch of prospects for Cliff Lee or Roy Oswalt, or as i think you suggested: both??

I read this blog everyday; however, this is my first comment.

Because in his mind, if they make a trade for a first baseman, then they can move Glaus over to third and bench Chipper. As for Lee and Oswalt, I think he just wants to have every big name player on his team. Regardless, if it makes sense to have them or not.

In April, off days were a welcome break from another losing day. In June, they just plan suck. Let’s go Tuesday, hurry up and get here.

Well, then, welchlivestock, I take it you are a man of few words🙂

Whoops, hit the wrong button.

Ncbravesfan82, since you know so much about this team, why not send in your resume as the replacement for Bobby Cox? How many times have you dismantled this team this your alone? Considering the hand of cards Frank Wren was dealt concerning payroll, we got a good group of guys and chemistry is great. That’s why we’re leading the division, we have a good team, pure and simple.

Now, if you do get inside the inner circle of management, the players will rack up lots of bonus miles as you’ll have them traveling from team to team. Just don’t allow them to upon their bags upon arrival in Atlanta.

So, I’m not one to tread on NCBraves sacred trade grounds but this is just too juicy. KC’s David DeJesus is for sale. He is having a breakout year .328/.400/.492 and is only 30 years old. He makes 4.6 M this year and has a 6 million dollar club option for 2011. He can play all three outfield positions and is a really solid hitter who plays all season long. Normally I wouldn’t advocate another outfielder with Diaz coming back soon, but this guy is awfully hard to overlook. Given the Braves Front Office relationship with Dayton Moore this may really be a doable deal. Dayton knows the Braves farm system like the back of his hand and it is certain he has so fav’s in there that he would like to get from us. With the failed McLouth experiment, FW could use some of that Javy Vazquez money to bring this guy in. I think he is a great fit for the organization.

Who knows maybe Dayton would take on the McLouth project if we ate half of the salary. That would fill part of an immediate hole that the Royals would wind up with in the OF.

NC is gonna get you for not adding Greinke to that deal, Bill.

no i would send them schafer for dejesus bc jordan younger and has a better future then mclouth but i doubt they are going to be willing to part with him but i wouldnt mind seeing either him or pods being dealt to the braves.

All I’m saying is that when really good players become available you jump. McLouth has to go away even if we have to designate him. Melky is backup at best and Omar’s versatility makes him great as utility. I’d put Hinske in LF, DeJesus in CF and the kid in right and we win the WS. Our pitching is deep, our bullpen is strong and deep, our infield is solid with great backups and our backstops are incredible. This is the last link in the chain. It’s why you wait till June-July to make your last move. Pull the trigger Frank. Be a hero.

Bill, this isn’t meant to step on your shoes or anything, but do we need another OF? Melky is pretty versatile and starting to come around as a hitter, and Omar can play CF and hit .300+. Also, we’re kinda hamstrung with McLouth’s $5+ salary (paid the most=played the most).
And besides, NC is surely working on a KK, McLouth, and Chavez for Strasburg, Fielder, and Josh Hamilton deal as we blog!

I’m going to side with billreef on this one. The Braves do need another outfielder. I do think a deal will be made. I hope it’s another lead off type hitter that can get on base with some speed. I know Prado has done a fantastic job at lead off… but I still want to see him at number 2 in the order. He will hit wherever he’s placed in the lineup. He’s that good. Either way, McClouth is done. Diaz and Infante are coming back from injury and will add depth to our bench (if one of them isn’t traded). Hinske has earned the starting job. We are one solid hitting outfielder away from being very dangerous…

I don’t know enough about DeJesus to say one way or the other. Where would he hit in the lineup?

Where he would and should hit are probably 2 different things. He is really a 2 or 3 hole hitter. Steals some and has some pop. He is kinda like a another Prado except he is a slick outfielder. He is gonna hit 35 doubles 10 triples 15 HRS, steal 15 and score a 100 runs. You like that in your lineup anywhere.

Maybe we should move glaus and chipper ok, Chipper goes to first and Glaus goes to third. and we make a deal for dejesus and place him batting leadoff heyward second prado third glaus 4th mccann 5th chipper 6th escobar 7th melky 8th

In a MLBTR poll of where DeJesus would wind up, the Braves lead against all other teams with over 30% of the vote.

There is always a danger in projecting numbers on a guy. We assumed Kotchman was going to blossom into the 15 HR, doubles hitting machine as well, even though there was no history of it. He set career highs in many categories and was ran out of town for being a lightweight with a good glove, which he basically is. DeJesus falls into a similar category. He should hit 15 HRs, but never has. He could hit 10 triples, but he never has. 100 runs, 35 doubles, only once each, and he has already been playing on an every day basis in KC. He runs well, but hovers at or around 10 steals.
There is no way he is a 3 hole hitter, not on the Braves anyway. Prado has a more demonstrable power history than DeJesus, and Heyward is the clear long term answer to that question.
That being said, he would be an upgrade from Melky in straight up ability, but Melky seems to be an intangibles guy, that knows about winning and clutch hitting. KC is not a factory for demonstrating or producing those intangible skills, so DeJesus could very well be that or more.
DeJesus for McLouth straight up would be a good move, but it will have very little positive impact on the Braves unless DeJesus becomes a producer he has not yet been at the major league level. It would also likely require DeJesus to move to a part time role, and that would not help to make him a “happy” guy at this juncture in his career. Looking at the braves outfield, I’m not ready to pencil in 600 plate appearances for DeJesus next season, and he is going to expect that to be “happy” as he is probably convinced he has earned it.
Why is he the odd man out in KC? His numbers are average and fairly easy to replace with a AAA guy, whether KC does it or we do it. Moving McLouth makes this trade palatable, but DeJesus is not a long term fit in Atlanta. His numbers will continue to have him looking over his shoulder every spring for the “Next guy”. Jose Guillen is their biggest legit run producer, but he is an albatross to any winning team, with a track record to prove it. I could see KC picking up McLouth though. I’m luke warm to it, but not opposed.

I think that trading McLouth is something that needs to be considered, but we might want to wait until Matty Diaz comes back before we look to get another OF or take on more salary. We all have seen what Diaz can do when he gets hot. I think we at least need to give him some time to see if he can come back to his old form. If so, we will have a great bat in our OF arsenal of Heyward, Hinske, Cabrera, and Diaz. Also, if nothing else, Gregor Blanco has at least increased his trade value if not earned himself a bench role for late season call ups. He has hit better than McLouth, but that doesn’t take much. Also, he is good speed to use as a PR late in the game.
On a completely different note, I can’t help but notice that Mike Minor is a strikeout machine in the minors. From the game I saw him pitch he has great stuff, but sometimes can get plagued by the longball. I hope we can see a future rotation of JJ, Hanson, Medlen, and Minor.

Speaking of McLouth, do you have any update on his condition? Has he been hitting since going on the DL or has he been shut down entirely? Will he be able to return from the DL when eligible?

I haven’t head anything but it is standard practice to be shut down completely until headaches subside. At that point you need a doctor clearance to work your way back into activity.

Rother your analysis doesn’t take into account the year that DeJesus is having RIGHT NOW!!!!!! He is hitting .328. You can postulate all you want about the fact that he hasn’t done this or that, but he is doing it RIGHT NOW!!!. If he came on board he would be competing with Prado for the team batting title. No Projection, No conjecture just fact.. You were ecstatic when McLouth came on board with a .255 avg. and questionable defensive skills. No such problem here. The Braves will never get DeJesus staight up for McLouth even if we ate McLouth’s entire salary. The reason DeJesus is the “odd man out” is because of his salary, not his skills. 10 teams are after Dejesus, only one was after McLouth. Better baseball minds than ours think this guy is the real deal. DeJesus would like move into full time CF. To compare him to Melky is laughable. Melky is a solid backup with little upside potential, DeJesus is exactly the opposite. And your “intangible” theory based on what team a guy plays for is kind of silly don’t you think? I am sure I remember you excoriating me when I made a case for Martin Prado. Well i think we know how that turned out. You said McLouth for DeJesus would have little impact. HOW ABOUT DOUBLING THE BATTING AVERAGE OF ANY SPOT THEY WOULD BE IN??????

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