Some early Braves reaction about Fredi

Fredi Gonzalez called Bobby Cox around 8 a.m. CT today to inform him that he had been dismissed as the Marlins manager.  It’s safe to say Cox doesn’t think too highly of Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria. 

“I was shocked,” Cox said. “I know that (owner) is unpredictable.  But everything that he has done for that guy, are (you) kidding me?   Every year, they’ve played their (butts) off.   That guy didn’t appreciate anything.   He’s one of those guys that thinks  you change (just to change).  He’s always wanting to fire the coaches.  Always.  That’s his history.  He lost a good one there.”

While the Braves aren’t commenting on the possibility that Gonzalez would serve as Cox’s successor after this season, Chipper Jones is one of the many who thinks it would be good to get him back in the organization.

“I think everybody here would love to have Fredi back,” Jones said. ” He coached third base here for a few years and learned a lot from Bobby.  He knows how things work around here.   All the guys love him.  I think he’d be a great fit.  In what capacity? That remains to be seen.” 

Earlier today, I said there might be a chance Gonzalez would join the coaching staff at some point this year.  But I think there’s a much better chance that he is given a role that would allow him to serve as an advisor, who would spend some time at Turner Field and also get a better feel for the Minor League system.       


I wanna congrat Mike Minor and Juilo Teheran for making the All stars Futures games rosters for the US and World Team. Now if he is hired does that mean guys like hubbard and Snitker and Mcdowell are gonna be looking for work else where?

ncbravesfan: Mark has already answered that question in the comment section of his last post.

I love how Bobby Cox is taking up for Fred like he is. Cox just seems like such a likeable guy. He makes some head scratching moves sometimes, but I really am going to miss that guy next year.

NC I don’t understand why in the name of the holy baseball gods you would want Willie Randolph in a Braves uniform. That is just beyond stupid and insane. Thats tantamount to wanting to put on a NY Mets Jersey in the Braves stands and then light yourself on fire. Thats about as much good having Randolph managing here. He didn’t do a good job in NY and thats why he got canned. He was no where near the caliber of Fredi. Someone please get a doctor in here to take a look at NC. I don’t mind the implausible and completely ridiculous trades that he proposes but considering that failure of a manager as the successor to Bobby Cox’s legacy…..we need the men with the white coats ASAP.

Then again when I think about it, about 95% of what NC does I really don’t understand. Thank god he’s not involved in the Braves front office. Then again the NC part of his name might be why I don’t understand half of what he thinks would be good for my Atlanta Braves.

Then again when I think about it, about 95% of what NC does I really don’t understand. Thank god he’s not involved in the Braves front office. Then again the NC part of his name might be why I don’t understand half of what he thinks would be good for my Atlanta Braves.

Anybody know if and when this game might start?

I am thrilled that Fredi is available now to take over for Bobby Cox as Manager. He has always been my first choice to fill those shoes and will do a remarkable job. The only situation that I know of in recent times involving Fredi was with Hanley Ramirez demonstrating his bad attitude and having poor onfield presence that hurt all of his team. Fredi effectively handled the situation in a mature way. When Hanley was in Augusta, GA on the GreenJacket Minor League Team; he was benched almost as much as he got to play because he was so awful to the Coaches and Mgmt. the entire time that he was there. Hanley has a lot of issues and they adversely affect the Team.
I am sad that Cox is retiring; but elated that Fredi is no longer in a contract that would prevent him from having the top job in Atlanta. His taking over the reigns would be a huge boost and awesome asset for the entire Braves Organization and the City of Atlanta and the State of GA and the Southeast………….etc………..!!!!!!

Mark, is there any word on Nate McLouth? Any idea how long his rehab will be? (I know billreef will have my head for asking this)

Wow. I’m glad I missed the game last night. I get angry just reading the post game analysis. All those runners stranded. All those missed opportunities with the bases loaded and less than two outs. I’d rather lose 10-0 than lose a close game like that where we out hit a team and can’t score runs. Usually Infante and Prado are the ones you want up in those situations. And McCann getting picked off? Very uncharacteristic. I can’t wait for them to leave Chicago!

why are u guys hating on Willie i think he would make a decent manager for this younger Braves team and maybe a mentor to Heyward and any up and coming Braves. I mean damn I thought he did a good job in NY but it was his Owner that was f*cking up the team.

And the Braves are going to be looking for a Rh bat for the line up for the outfield anyone got any ideas who they may go after bc i aint saying anything or anyone but I am gonna hint that it will be a bat from the NL or AL central?

Tough to see Hanson and Hudson get roughed up to help realize the first Braves series loss since losing a rubber game against the Phillies on May 9th. But that’s six consecutive weeks of solid baseball ATL! Let’s avoid the sweep today and start another streak!

Hey Mark, has a specific start date been set for Jurrjens yet to come off the DL? I think it would be safe to say that Kawakami will be the odd man out once it happens.

I hate to sound negative but it looks like the Braves are going into a slump. They look a lot like April. Too many LOB, too many strikeouts, spotty pitching, no real cluch plays, and the little things are going against us instead of for us. Also, we typically have a poor record in June. Hopefully it will turn around soon. Heyward needs some rest or something.

Just swept. Sorry but I’ll never understand Cox’s logic with his BP. 2 of 3 lefties coming up in the 8th, why not use Venters or at least O’Flaherty? Saito just off the DL pitching back to back immediately makes no sense. He did okay last night but it definitely looked like he tweaked his leg a little. Just no reason to risk it.

Glad to be leaving Chicago!!! What a terrible series.

@tommygriff – I understand this thought, but I respectfully disagree. Saito looked more than capable of pitching yesterday – and for the most part it was a good outing. He left a ball over the middle of the plate and it got crushed… I don’t think it’s fair to blame that on anyone but Saito.. he wasn’t tired at all IMO, he just left a pitch out over the plate. I have defended Cox’s use of Saito in the past, so maybe I hold him in a higher regard than I should… it would be valid to point that out against me.

I also disagree with the slump analysis. The White Sox came in hot, their pitching was great as expected, and we didn’t take advantage of opportunities. I’m going to applaud Chicago as opposed to talking down Atalanta. Maybe I’m too optimistic, but I’m ok with that criticism😉

Regardless, I think we had more logical options than Saito back to back. Why not Venters? He was rested and 2 of the first 3 batters were lefties and already had hits against righties? I don’t see the logic. Also, regardless of the pitching, Heyward is in a prolonged slump, Glaus has cooled off some, we are spotty in hitting with runners on again, and our pitching is inconsistent and not great. Keep in mind we have 3 starters with era’s around 4.5 now, not counting JJ. He doesn’t look ready to come back in top form yet from what I can see. I don’t want a slump but some of those signs are serious enough to pay attention to.

bowman, any word on mclouth

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