Wren had to trade Escobar

If their current offensive numbers remain the same, I would still enter
this offseason with the belief that instead of Alex Gonzalez, I’d still
rather have Yunel Escobar as my shortstop during the 2011 season.

if placed in Braves general manager Frank Wren’s shoes, I would have
also pulled the trigger on Wednesday’s five-player trade with the Blue
Jays.  There’s a difference between making projections in the offseason
and taking care of immediate needs during the season. 

certainly a chance that Escobar will turn things around and Gonzalez
will spend the second half of the season looking more like a .402
slugger (his career slugging percentage) than the guy who is currently
on pace to hit 31 homers this year, seven fewer than he hit over the
course of the past five seasons combined.

But there’s also a
chance that Escobar’s personality would have continued to prove to be a
negative presence within an otherwise harmonious clubhouse.

the end, Escobar gave Wren little reason to continue weighing the pros
and cons.  Once the Cuban shortstop made his lazy throw to first base
and nearly caused Troy Glaus great harm on Friday night at Citi Field,
the Braves GM began accelerating the efforts that enabled him to land
Gonzalez from the Blue Jays on Wednesday.

“It’s easier to put up with that kind of stuff when the guy is hitting
.300,” one veteran Braves player said in reference to the fact that he
and his teammates have been less forgiving of Escobar’s mental mistakes
while watching him hit just .239 with ZERO homers and 19 RBIs this

When you look at Gonzalez’ career statistics you see
jumps that appear to be as dramatic as the ones Escobar has staged while
drawing attention to himself in the on-deck circle.

When you
look at Escobar, you see a 27-year-old shortstop with a world of
potential and a personality that could have proven to be detrimental to
the Braves as they attempt to make a strong postseason push this year. 

saw this potential and also recognized the fact that many members of
his team wanted him to get rid of Escobar. Thus when the Blue Jays were
willing to offer Gonzalez and two respected  20-year-old prospects
(shortstop Tyler Pastornicky and left-handed pitcher Tim Collins), he
jumped at the opportunity.

The Braves needed a Major League-ready
shortstop who would be as affordable as Escobar.  Gonzalez will receive
$2.5 million via an option for the 2011 season and Escobar will make
around $3 million when he becomes an arbitration-eligible player at the
end of this season.  

“How can (the Braves) want to get rid of a
guy so bad and then end up getting a shortstop and two good prospects
like that in return,” one American League scout questioned Wednesday

As the Blue Jays look toward the future, they
have reason to be happy with Escobar’s capabilities.  As I’ve said many
times, he was the most valuable Braves player in 2009 and remains one of
the game’s best defensive shortstops.

Wren said Gonzalez is
comparable to Escobar defensively, but “not as flashy.”  That will be
just fine with the members of the Braves coaching staff who grew tired
of watching the Cuban shortstop attempt to make the routine double play
turn into one that appear on all the highlight shows. 

Over the
course of the next couple months, the Braves will likely be happy with
the fact that they’ve replaced Gonzalez with Escobar.  It appears he’ll
have little trouble fitting into this clubhouse. 

“I can’ say
enough about Alex Gonzalez the person more than the player,” Blue Jays
GM Alex Anthopoulos said.  “The production and the results speak for
themselves. As I told Alex, the two most professional position players
that I’ve probably been around in my time in the game has been Scott
Rolen and Alex Gonzalez. Just the way he carries himself, the way he
conducts himself, he’s a tremendous teammate and a quiet leader — not
an easy guy to part with.” 

Based purely on talent and
potential, it wasn’t easy for the Braves to part ways with Escobar.  But
as he continued to prove stubborn and unwilling to learn from his
mistakes, he left Wren with no choice.


I think Gonzalez will do well in Atlanta. I know the guy hasn’t consistently hit with power, but if you look at his numbers the guy has hit high teens and 20+ HR before. He just seems to be a Javy Lopez type of streaky hitter, no more, no less. We hopefully have him for the rest of a hot season and his bat helps take us to the playoffs.
As for further moves, I wouldn’t be surprised to see us make a move on Cody Ross…I know trading within the division is normally frowned upon, but we have more mediocre AAAA prospects to make a move such as this with the Fish. This is all going to depend on what the fish want in return. I would assume Minor, Teheran, and Freeman are untouchable, with every other outfielder now named Heyward up for grabs. I completely understand that Hart is the better player, but I don’t think that we would be willing to give up what the Brewers would want (Minor, Teheran)…

I think this is a blessing and a shame at the same time. I thought Escobar was really trying to change things this off season, but apparently, his personal frustrations have proved too much for him. I hope he turns things around in Toronto.

Here’s to hoping Gonzalez keeps up his current pace and helps propel this team to the offseason.

Any clue’s that Wren is continuing to pursue a big outfield bat?

I think they’ll give McLouth and Heyward a good week and a half before looking for another outfielder. Or at least they should.

Mark, you really think Escobar will demand $3 million in his FIRST year of arbitration? Better yet, you think he will get it? $1.5-$1.75 million, I’d say.

Ding Dong the cancer is gone. I am glad to see Yuni go but i am wondering who will be the SS of the future will it be Hicks Diory Infante or will it be they give Lipka a chance in 2011 or 2012? And someone tell me who is Mycal Jones is bc i am confused why he was mentioned on replacing Agon when hes gone.

All of this trade chatter reminds me of why this is even an issue. Frankly When? couldn’t get the Furcal deal done. I mean he put on a big show about how the agent was to blame and all that nonsense, but the bottom line was. We could have had Furcal, with his leadoff prowess, great glove, clutch hitting and rocket arm here all season. Can you imagine Prado hitting doubles to score Raffy to begin every game. Our offensive struggles would have been moot. Wren has no one but himself to blame for selling Esky at the bottom of his value. I mean did they not know what he was like 3 months ago?? Has he somehow become the “demon shortstop” since then?? Were they waiting for him to slump so that they could dump him??
As for Gonzalez, something funky is happening in Toronto, beginning in 2009. Aaron Hill, a 2nd baseman, hits 36 HRs. More than his total for the previous 4 years. The Blue jays climb from 12th in the league in HR’s to 4th. This year they lead the AL(ahead of Fenway and that bandbox in NY???). This years team has 8 players with 10 or more HR’s. Jose Bautista has 24 Hrs at the break, he has never had more than 13, IN A SEASON!!!!!!Adam Lind goes from a season best 11 HRs to 35 in 2009. And then you look at Gonzalez’s stats. He had 8 HRs last year, this year in Tor, he has 17 at the break.Something is rotten in Denmark. How can all 8 position players be having not only career years but sick numbers, 2 or 3 times better than they normally do.
I think that Colorado is putting the balls in the humidor and Toronto is putting them in the microwave. My prediction is that AGON hits 5-7 dingers the rest of the season. that combined with his abysmal plate discipline will win him no quarter at the end ond the year.

Anyone know what level those prospects will be sent to?? I’m assuming AAA or AA… Sounds like the SS has some speed and the pitcher has good numbers, but that can obviously be deceiving…

Well….. wasn’t that deal to sign Furcal and have him play 2B, which would’ve moved Kelly Johnson to LF and blocked Prado in the process? And wasn’t that one of the reasons Furcal didn’t want to come back to Atlanta?

And to call the guy a “cancer” is a little much. It’s not like he’s Zambrano or anything.

billreef…your argument about the increased power in Toronto is almost convincing, until you look at the splits. This year, Alex Gonzalez has hit 9 home run at home and 8 home runs away. What else needs to be said?

In my opinion, this trade is excellent. We will have Gonzalez for next year for less than what Escobar will make. Plus, Gonzalez is having a career year and what better than to add a guy like this to our lineup in the middle of a season as we push to take Bobby to the Series in his final year.

In addition, when you look at the side dishes in this trade, Jo Jo had been demoted to AA. 2 years ago he was spot starting in the Majors, and this year he is in AA with an ERA above 5. In return we picked up two rising minor leaguers. All in all, I can’t see how Wren pulled this off, but hats off to Wren on this one. I will continue to sing his praises into the beginning of November as we finish the season on top.

A veteran Braves player…..It’s such an obvious Chipper quote.

This trade is typical Wren- Scheurholz stupidity. They make great moves in the offseason, but are terrible in season traders. At least now Yuni can get away from Senile old Bobby Cox and the worst hitting coach in baseball fat Terry. At least Wren was smart enough to not trade him in division. I wonder if Toronto has been using Dr Galea as their head trainer. I really hope we have another SS in the pipeline. Hopefully Fat Terry will not ruin AG like he has every other FA we sign mid season.

Well kpbooking, welcome to the club. I didn’t base my argument solely on agon, It’s everyone batting for for TOR. My juiced “baseball” metaphor was not intended to be literal, merely a nudge in the right direction. Aaron Hill in his best season hit 17 HR and then last year he hits 36???? Maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with the ballpark in TOR, maybe it’s the healthcare system(hint, hint..)

Why do people on this Blog continuously insult Frank Wren? They are in 1st place and Wren has made several good moves – Glaus, Hinske, Wagner, Venters, clearing the way for Prado, keeping conrad, allowing Heyward to start the season at the major league level, not trading medlin, drafting Minor, trading hometown hero who is heading for the NY bench when Beltran returns.

Yes, he has made mistakes, but overall I am very pleased with the job he has done. I can’t wait for the second half to begin. I guess Hicks and Blanco are headed for Gwinette. Too bad for Blanco, who I prefer over McClouth.

Viva, how long do you think Esky would have lasted if we had Furcal and Prado waiting to become the dynamic duo. Bobby would have done what he did do with KJ, hang on to him until Terry ruined him and when Esky screwed up he would have moved Raffy to short and Prado to 2nd, thus producing the desired outcome. The whole schtick about Rafael not wanting to play 2nd was just BS cover for Wren. Raffy really wanted to come back and play for Bobby whom he considered a father figure.

Well, if Escobar hit last year LIKE he hit last year, Prado wouldn’t have had that opportunity, now would he..

acziffer.. my favorite part is how people think Wren is some maverick making moves all by himself without long, detailed meetings with staff members, Bobby, and Schuerholz?so all roster moves are all on him. When a player is in a long slump and stays in the lineup, everyone is screaming for Bobby’s head; but when they get released/traded and does well on another team, it’s off with Wren’s head (ahem, KJ). When a player doesn’t want to sign w the team it is probably because they don’t like our general manager, even though his boss is the guy who has been running the team for 20 years.

Bill – my entry does not deserve any attentions. cumon, be fair..

I think this was a good trade for the Braves for the now and if Esky can turn it around a good trade for the Jays. A lot of people also underestimate the value of clubhouse comradere (spelling). Plus we get another leader who will fit right in with the team, and he has a decent amount of playoff experience. That’s priceless, with a team that has probably below 10 players of the 25 man roster who have ever even been in the playoffs. I’d about had it with Escobar he has no baseball smarts. Gonzo is a solid defensive shortstop who will give us a .250 avg with abt 15 hrs and 65-70 rbis next year for the same price as the much flashier and more frustrating Escobar, and if you think abt it, thts all wer gona need with our (possible) rotation of Hanson Hudson Jurrjens Teheran Minor I don’t know exactly how close Minor and Teheran are but I’ve seen they are both possibly MLB ready for next year. I don’t know if he is available, but I’d like to see Chris Young donning a Braves jersey soon. Perhaps a package of Vizcaino Cody Johnson Schafer Mclouth could get it done? I don’t know I know McLouth won’t matter but just to get rid of the logjam in the outfield. Then we could lock Young up for the future. He’d be a great guy to patrol center at Turner and he’d be the perfect #2 hitter to hit behind prado, with some pop and some speed, plus allow Jayhey to move down to a more rbi prominant position, #5/6? Let Gonzo hit 7 or 8 depending on what moves we make before the deadline. What do you think of that deal? Give us lineup of:
1. Prado 2B
2. Young CF
3. Jones 3B
4. McCann C
5. Glaus 1B
6. Heyward RF
7. Gonzalez SS
8. Cabrera/Blanco LF
What do you think?

Gotta tip my cap to bills healthcare joke.

bravesman seems to have found what nc has been smoking.

Viscaino is on the DL, we can’t trade him guys (bill has noted this several times). Plus, its not correct to say Escobar has no baseball smarts, he is just lazy. The guy can actually be pretty inventive with his play at times when he is focusing. Instead of worrying about if Gonzo can replace Escobar, our main concern should be our lack of hitting vs LHP. Gonzo won’t give us a boost in this dept at all. Also, I wonder what the lineup will look like with Heyward returning. I can’t help but mention I would absolutely love to see Chipper in the two hole. I think he would be great in that situation. He gets on base, he is selective, he’s a switch hitter, and he puts the ball in play. Prado would be at 2nd or 3rd every time on base with Chipper behind him. If it were up to me, my lineup would look a little something like….
1. Prado
2. Chipper
3. McCann
4. Glaus
5. Heyward
6. Diaz/Hinske
7. Gonzalez
8. CF, doesn’t matter at this point

Kudos to Bravomania for making the call. You got it right.

All i can say is if he was that much of an issue in the club house then it was probally time for him to go. I mean chemistry is just as important as production to an extent. I look at it this way. I mean as far as comparing the first half to the second of of the two players, i would rather have Gonzo. Here is a few pros to cons
1)Veteran player 2)going from a team who isnt in first to a team who leads the NL in record, should be a sense of exctiment from that standpoint. 3) Knows the AL pitching if we do make it to the World Series 4) from what i read is a very good quite guy who should fit in well 5) good defensive SS
1)older player 2) inconstaint at times

I think its going to be interesting. But its obvious were trying to win now and it was a move that was needed to be able to win now. And i totally agree that i think there will be another move on the horizan.


Haha Brandon no, I was just testin the waters puttin out a possible proposal. That is more of a possible trade, seeing as young is hitting just .266 with 15 bombs its not lik he’d need jason heyward type prospects in return, so thts not a completely way way blown out of proportion trade, you have to admit. Will it happen? Probably not. But I can dream
And speedy, i don’t check here every day and read ever comment so I didn’t know that vizcaino was on the DL, so you can obviously scratch him from the trade. and although tht could probably work but you gota admit/know that for as long as Chipper is a Braves (which is probably the rest of this year, mayb next), he will hit 3rd. I will be shocked to see him anywher except 3rd even more shocked if he moved up.

Bill, Wren could trade McLouth and Greg Norton for Prince Fielder, Carl Crawford, Miguel Cabrera, and Bryce Harper, and sign them all to long term contracts at league minimum, and you’d still ***** about it. At what point do you consider that the Braves are in 1st place for a reason? Just enjoy the ride for once, man.

okay speedy, he has some baseball smarts, but you gota admit, not knowin how many outs ther wer, therfore not tagging up on a fly ball from 3rd and not scoring shows a little more than just being lazy

Viva, I’m just saying you can’t have it both ways. If Yunel was a nightmare off the field(which I don’t buy) and you had Furcal back you would have traded Escobar after last season at the peak of his value, probably for a real power OF bat. If you were dumping him because of his production, you would have traded him now and Furcal would have moved to SS and Prado would have come out of a platoon role with Chipper at 3rd. Either way, you’re covered, you wind up with a great IF, and your shed of Escobar the “nightmare”. What I think is the more likely scenario is that Bobby threw a hissy fit and wanted Escobar gone. He get’s like that. Remember Bob Wickman?He blows a save and gets released like the next day? So we traded at the bottom. Escobar and Bobby’s language barrier proved insurmountable. Escobars mistakes were nothing compared to his talent and promise and he was a great contractual deal. FW put up a billboard that said come get me and then told the media that he would have to have an incredible offer to trade Esky. What a load of cr*p. This ain’t exactly the pile of gold at the end of the rainbow. More like a bag of sand in the ***-de-sac in my opinion. And trust me that is a restrained opinion.

Wow Bill.. it’s one in those golden times where we see completely eye to eye. I really have a hard time believing that Yunel was a “nightmare” in the clubhouse. And you know what, he didn’t speak hardly any any English, so that’s only about 2/5 of the team that he could’ve actually ticked off in the clubhouse. I see this as the same situation as Soriano. They probably just didn’t like him and his first half numbers gave an excuse to dump the guy. Gonzalez is not that great and if he performs well, then all you guys can say ‘i told you so.’ But when your team can’t hit lefties, and you trade a player who can for a guy who can’t hit them to save his life, and whose numbers are undoubtedly going to come back to Earth… oh well.. we just traded the best defensive SS rin the league and .300 lifetime hitter (who apparently showed too much FLASH) for another McLouth and a couple of middling prospects. But I guess I kinda like players who show some flair and personality from time to time, and maybe there’s something that irks me about say, Heyward’s over the top almost sounding pre-recorded modesty that drives me a little crazy. If Escobar was such a **** off the field then my whole argument is moot.. Onwards and upwards i guess.

Very good bill, the only thing is that Wickman complained to Bobby about pitching in a non-save situation because he blew a big lead for them, and apparently blew up at him. Got released like 3 days later.

And I’m not convinced Chris Young is our solution either. I think we’ll just have to bite the McLouth bullet and hope it works out. We already have a crowded, untradeable OF.

Before everyone jumps the gun and complains over this move, I’m looking at you billreef, try reading expert/scout opinions on the trade. You might be surprised to find that most people like this deal for the Braves. I find it hilarious that people who have no clue what’s going on in the clubhouse or behind the scenes, as well as have no professional talent evaluating experience, can assess this deal within minutes of hearing about it. We’re not going to miss Yunel. Worst case scenario, Gonzalez gives us the same thing Yunel did, offensively, for the rest of the year while not providing the nuisances on the field or in the dugout. People are saying good things about the prospects we picked up. Star potential? No, but still promising nonetheless.

Bill and Viva – Both of you have your heads so far up your *** that you would argue with a stop sign. Bill – you’ve been arguing for weeks now that Wren needed to make a move NOW to, help us win NOW. So he goes out and upgrades our offense and all you can do is argue against it. We now have a new home rune leader with more rbi’s and a better batting average on our team who is not going to play lazy, forget to tag up on third base on a deep fly to the outfield, and break our first baseman’s arm by lolli-gagging a throw. Oh yeah – All of that happened in the first half of the season, not to mention his base running gaffs. Or all the boneheaded stuff he did last year. Nowhere in Mark’s story is there the mention of Escobar being a “nightmare” off the field. But in my opinion, at times he’s been a “nightmare” ON the field. However, this “nightmare” is a made up quote from you, not Mark.
If none of that convinces you, you only need to read this part of Mark’s story to convince you. …”(Wren) also recognized the fact that many members of his team wanted him to get rid of Escobar.” Or how about this quote from an actual player on the team – “It’s easier to put up with that kind of stuff when the guy is hitting .300.”
A player who is not popular in a harmonious clubhouse, and who makes INCREDIBLE little-league type lapses in judgment on the field, BETTER hit .300 and drive in 80 runs at the very LEAST. If you have that kind of attitude, and hit .230 with 19 rbi’s – Even if you play defense like Ozzie Smith, you should be gone! Plus, there’s nothing Escobar can do defensively that Alex can’t.
This move put us in position to bolster our right-handed run production for immediate result and to set us up for post season play. Escobar will break out of his funk, but he was expendable and replaceable… especially because his baseball IQ rivals my baseball IQ at 10 years old.

Esco’s last game was the straw… Cox kicking chairs is not normal even for him. He was protecting Glaus and the harmony in the clubhouse needed to have a great second half and run in the playoffs. Gonzo is comparable defensively, is having a good offensive season, and doesn’t make the stupid mistakes and boot the routine plays Esco does. And we got rid of Jo-Jo and received two AA prospects. This trade looks good to me and more importantly, I bet the Braves players like it. That means a lot.

Has everyone forgot why we traded Furcal to begin with? DUI anyone? Personally, I’m glad to see Escobar go. If you’ve ever played a team sport you can testify that there is nothing worse than having bad attitudes on a team. Lastly, don’t hate on Terry. How can we say he’s the worst hitting coach ever? Have any of y’all taken hitting lessons from him?? These are professional players and if a hitting coach can ruin them, then they weren’t worthy of MLB to begin with.

And, if the “doubters” weren’t paying attention… WE GOT RID OF JO-JO! Plus, have you looked at the numbers of the two minor leaguers we picked up? Pastornicky stole 57 bases as **** last year and he’s only 20. Tim Collins is a lefty that has a career ERA of 2.40 and has struck out nearly 300 batters in under 200 innings.
Yunel had unwarranted delusions of grandeur. There was no place for that in the Braves clubhouse.

billreef hates on bobby and wren consistently for every little thing he considers a mistake and completely ignores everything they do for this club to help them win. Unless something is suggested by billreef, it’s a bad move for the braves, apparently

billreef is the escobar of this message board.

sidenote… why don’t my carriage returns ever show up here?

That said he stole 57 bases as a shortstop*

I love the trade. I seriously, all joking aside, think Yunel, (AKA Sloth from the Goonies), might be a little mentally challenged.

God, what is all the sniffling and whining about. It’s funny, I talk about Baseball and you guys talk about me. And Bravo- if you were paying attention you would note that Gonzo hits righties slightly better than lefties. And he has never hit either of them very well, except for this year. Yeah, I get down on Wren when he pulls a boneheaded move like this. I did it when he went and got McLouth, when he signed KK, when he screwed up the Furcal deal, when he screwed up the Soriano deal, when he went and got Ryan Church, overpaid for Lowe…… and on and on and on.

…and when he went and got Glaus, Hinske, Viscaino, Jurjjens…and put us in first place…and on and on and on…

Hey billreef, I went back and looked. There were over 100 comments made when McLouth was traded, none by you! How did you “warn” us about him again?

….and got rid of Failcoeur…divorced ourselves from KJ….and on and on and on…

did i mention his putting us in first place?….and on and on and on…

Billreef never mentioned a negative thing about Mclouth until Mclouth started struggling. Then, in typical Monday morning quarterback fashion, reminded us all how he was right all along. Not to beat a dead horse, but no one complained about the Mclouth trade right away. For good reason. The Mclouth trade made since in every imaginable way. He was a year removed from a .276 average with 24 home runs and he never got thrown out stealing a base. We gave up Charlie Morton for him… It looked good on paper and nobody saw it coming, all though some people (billreef) like to take credit for forecasting it.

Bravo, You really are kidding. Talk about having a head up an ***. I’ve been complaining about McLouth, since before he even showed in ATL. Witness my post:
Can we have Wren’s resignation now or do we have to wait until he signs another .250 hitter who is lefthanded. He actually had the temerity to say in an interview that it really wasn’t that big of a deal that the Braves were so Lefthanded since a lot of pitchers are right handed. What a *******.
By billreef on June 6, 2009 8:46 PM
Is that quick enough for you genius???

Anyone in here with a memory will confirm that I have been complaining about McLouth ever since.

Bill has been complaining about McLouth for as long as I have been showering him with blind optimism.

Fair enough – I’ll concede that you’ve been against it from the start. I’ll retract.
Doesn’t change the fact that your wrong about the Escobar move – and you just got lucky with the Mclouth move.

Bravo – it’s no big deal that billreef complained about the McClouth deal. He complains about EVERYTHING.

And just because you complained about the McClouth deal dosn’t mean you were right about it, either billreef. Even in hindsight, McClouth for Morton is a good deal. Can’t deny it. Still looks good on paper.

Maybe it wasn’t the best deal in the history of baseball, but it was a better option than the .200 hitting, no RBI getting, strikeout machine that was the injured Schafer. I’m still pretty surprised that Nate decided to follow in his footsteps this year.

We could only wish that McLouth could get avg up to the Mendoza line. Barry- so glad to see that I am in your thoughts. I don’t complain about Everything, I just complain about bad things a lot. Hence why McLouth has gotten so much attention. Yeah, and that deal may look great on paper, but it looks like sh*t on the field. We have a CF who we can’t trade. We have 2 SP that we couldn’t dump in the offseason. Wonder why no one else in baseball wants those guys??? We also had to give away an All Star reliever. We had to salary dump our best pitcher from last year. Hmmmm. If we don’t go get a real RH’d OF and we miss the playoffs by 2 games, I know I won’t be hearing much from you guys then. Oh no right, you will come on here and say oh, I knew all along we needed a right handed bat. When I went back to last summer to get a quote where I complained about McLouth right after the trade I was amazed at how many hysterical statements there were. I began to compile a Greatest Hits file from which I will draw occasionally. It’s gonna be a gas.

Why take in Gonzales – They should have just sold “Mr. Camera” and let Infante play ss. He did a spectacular job while Yuni was out resting. Then they could knock all the TIX prices down by $5 and we could all go see a game.
We’d still go to the world series.

Pedersen, you are complaining because we gained a guy who has 17 HR because you’d rather spend $25 dollars instead of $30 for a ticket (there are actually really cheap tix if that is what’s holding you back). Weak argument….even though I disagree with billreef on occassion, at least he gives a point of view that makes sense.

Great bill. You put the CROTCH in crotchety. GO BRAVES!

Pedersen – are you seriously complaining about ticket prices? As a native NYC resident, you have no idea what expensive tickets are. And there’s no “weekend special” or $1 seat promos here either. I drop $300 when the Braves come to town so I can watch them at Citi Field getting **** from every fan there… show some support and pay for a damn ticket if you’re a fan down in Atlanta.

Why do people keep saying the Braves “traded Furcal”? He left as a free agent shortly after the season. The part of this trade that really irks me is that the Braves have traded two all-star caliber shortstops in what 4 years (Andrus and Escobar)? If Escobar was such a “clubhouse cancer” which I think is a little harsh for a guy who can’t even speak to 70% of the players. It’s not like Escobar didn’t have his problems to begin with, in fact he had tons of problems with Jeff Blauser when he managed him in the minors. Getting back to my statement, the Braves knew Escobar had maturity problems, yet they gave away Elvis Andrus for a rental player and keep the guy that is now dubbed a “clubhouse cancer”. Shortstop is a tough position to fill, the Braves could turn into the Red Sox and have a revolving door at short.

crweaks.. $300? I hope that is for the entire series. I spent $60 on amazing seats on the left field line, right next to this guy who was heckling Diaz all game. Diaz responded with 3 hits, one being a homer. Off Santana I believe.

When will the Braves realize that Mclouth is not a good ball player. He hurts the team by his ineptitude. He is pathetic at the plate. His getting a starting job is a travesty, Blanko is better in every way, yet he gets sent down. The braves gave up three prospects for Mclouth. It`s time for the braves to admit their mistake and send him down or release him.

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