McLouth expected to be activated Tuesday

Nate McLouth is expected to be activated from the disabled list and likely placed back in the starting lineup for Tuesday night’s series opener against the Padres. 

After going hitless in four at-bats Sunday afternoon, McLouth didn’t travel with the Triple-A Gwinnett club to Scranton, Pa.  Instead, he stayed in Buffalo to catch a flight back to Atlanta. 

When McLouth is activated, the Braves are expected to option Gregor Blanco back to the Gwinnett roster.  Given that Blanco has hit .310 and compiled a .394 on-base percentage in the 35 games he’s played for Atlanta, this won’t be a popular decision among fans. 

But with the July 31 trade deadline approaching, the Braves need to get McLouth back in their lineup.  The probability of GM Frank Wren making a move this month will be greatly affected by what McLouth shows over the course of the next week. 

McLouth hit .258 (8-for-31) with one homer in the seven rehab games he played for Gwinnett. Wren said Sunday morning that the 28-year-old centerfielder is healthy and showing signs that he has made some necessary adjustments at the plate.  He has been sidelined since June 9 while recovering from a concussion.

About a week ago, when I tweeted that a scout said McLouth “was swinging better than I’ve seen all year,”  a fan replied, “compared to what?”

Given that McLouth had hit .176 in the 57 games he played before suffering his concussion, my only suitable reply was, “good point.”  


I really don’t understand why the Braves want McLouth over Blanco. McLouth needs to rebound or this could be his last homestand in Atlanta. I would take McLouth over Melky, which Melky should be the one going to AAA or on the block

So you would rather have a guy who is hitting .150 over a guy hitting .260 that is a switch hitter. I don’t think that Melky is necessarily a great starting outfielder. But he is a good option to have as a 4th OF. The only thing that I think McLouth has over Melky is power POTENTIAL (not in the numbers this year) and maybe a little more range.

Nate McLouth is horrible.

I have a feeling that McLouth being back in the lineup is little more than an audition for scouts.

I’ve had a week to process the Escobar / Gonzalez trade. With Escobar going 6 for 13 with a grand slam, and Gonzalez immediately contributing to the offense in Atlanta with , I’ve determined that the true winner of this trade was Coolray Field in Gwinnett. More specifically, the outfield bleachers in Coolray Field.
When asked for his reaction to JoJo Reyes leaving Gwinnett, seat #8, row 4 in the left field bleachers had this to say. “We’re all relieved that JoJo is no longer pitching for Gwinnett. We [outfield bleachers] were growing weary of being pelted by line drive shots and towering home runs. We can all sleep a little better at night.”

Dear Mr Wren what ever trade u make over the next couple of days it better have Nates name in it and it better be for either Hart or Ross or someone that can produce for this team.

Well, to be honest, I don’t think we will see a trade for another week or two. They will look to see what they have in McLouth and go from there. As I mentioned a while ago, we needed to wait and see what we had in Diaz before we went and made moves. As of now, with Diaz in one of his hot streaks, I think it makes it a little bit more risky to go after a Cory Hart. We could definitely use him, but we don’t NEED him as much now that Diaz has shown he is 100%. I think if a move is made, it will be for Ross. While having Hart would probably make us a NL favorite for the world series, I don’t think managment wants to part with Teheran or Minor (which would probably be a deal breaker for Hart). If we do end up getting Hart, he will have to play RF and not center because he looked clueless out there this past weekend. J-Hey would be forced to play CF, which I’m not sure how that would go…He’s athletic enough, but there is something to be said for someone who takes great angles to balls, which I don’t know if Heyward can do at this point. Ross may be a better fit logistically in this situation,but Hart would make our offense VERY dangerous. It’s going to be an interesting week.

Bravo, haha. I’m glad to see Jo Jo gone as well. It’s looks like the Collins kid is a stud, you should see him in Gwinnett soon. The other kid doesn’t appear to swing the stick that great, but has nice speed. And our draft pick Lipka (keep in mind this is rookie ball) is hitting around .350 and he has some great speed as well. Now, if we could only find a power hitter in our system, because Cody Johnson appears to be Ryan Klesko version 2, and Freeman hasn’t exactly sent a lot of souvenirs into the outfield seats. But Mitch Jones has a lot of power numbers whenever he touches the ball, which isn’t very often…

Just wanted to put this out there for everyone who says …it’s screwed up that the Braves let go of Escobar, and now look at what he is doing for Toronto. Guess what, Escobar was NEVER going to perform for us and he just proved it with that slam. He has a chip on his shoulder against the Braves and Braves management and played like a slacker for us, and I GUARANTEE he will do the same for Toronto or any other club if he gets the notion he is being treated worse than he thinks he should be treated. Bobby benched him last year for not hustling and there is no doubt in my mind Yuni still holds a grudge for that. Toronto may have won out in the short run, but I feel sorry for them for picking up the prima-donna Esco-attitude which they will unfortunately pay for in the end.


Nate McLouth, I think, is going to surprise everyone. Yes, he was in a slump prior to the injury, but just give him a chance to shake it. I feel certain he will be better than he’s ever been.

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