Minor will make Major League debut Monday

Mike Minor will make his Major League debut Monday night in Houston.  Braves general manager Frank Wren confirmed Thursday afternoon that Minor will fill rotation spot vacated by Kris Medlen. 

An MRI exam performed Thursday revealed that Medlen has a partially torn ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow.  Following standard protocol, the Braves will monitor him for a few weeks before determining whether he will need to undergo the Tommy John ligament transplant surgical process that would sideline him for close to a calendar year.

Wren also revealed that Kenshin Kawakami has agreed to spend the next few weeks with Triple-A Gwinnett.  Kawakami will be attempting to rebuild the endurance he’s lost while pitching just one inning since losing his rotation spot after his June 26 win over the Tigers. 

Minor will pitch two innings for Gwinnett during tonight’s game at Lehigh Valley.  The 21-year-old, who was the seventh overall selection in the 2009 First-Year Player Draft, has gone 4-1 with a 1.99 ERA in the five starts he’s made since being promoted to Gwinnett.


I live in Nashville and a long time Vandy fan, Mike can do this!!

Hopefully the roster spot goes to Freeman

I am glad to see the Braves give this guy a shot and glad to KK take a Minor league job so i hope Freeman comes up or someone to give us a boost in the hitting dept

805, the move to send KK to the minors has nothing to do with replacing Jair or Lowe. That would be foolish. The idea is two fold: first, by adding minor to the rotation they have effectively lost a “sixth starter” should someone else go down with an injury. As we saw last night, it only takes on pitch. They want KK stretched out should that happen. The second piece of it is an “insurance policy” in the even Minor doesn’t pitch well or reaches a max on innings for the season. He is already at 118 innings which is quite a bit for a guy one year removed from college. Have no fear, Jair or Lowe are not going anywhere.

Winboj, as for your question, they called up Cristhian Martinez to fill the vacant roster spot.

So we get to see Mike Minor very soon… I have no problems with this. Hope Medlen can heal with rest and rehab, but I’m not optimistic… TJ surgery seems almost automatic with elbow problems these days.

Minor can do this. He has a big arm and a very good idea of how to attack hitters. His history with USA baseball also indicates he plays up to his competition. I look forward to the beginning on an era, we can forever refer to 2010 as the “Minor miracle” when the Braves win the World Series.

Great to see a young kid come up and get a chance; just hope he can hit the ground running..We need him to have success at this level now. As for KK glad hes being sent down; work on whatever issues he had this season get that arm in shape again and come back with a chance to help in the post season. but IM not ok with keeping him and moving either JJ or Lowe…this can not happen…WHY NOT make KK the long relief guy and keep the rotation as is?????? If Minor can prove himself as Medlen did then why move anyone out???? Keep the rotation as is and Minor will take Medlen’s spot if he proves capable. Getting rid of JJ or Lowe, just to keep KK, would be a big mistake, but then again if KK comes back on top then we would have a solid middle man in the pen…..or Minor in the pen and KK back in the 5th spot…Why is that so hard to comprehend???

There might be a God after all…

I agree 805. If we get rid of JJ that would be the biggest mistake of Frank Wrens career.

Mark, Who fills the other roster spot?

Hey Winboj, what about that Freeman kid? We all Braves fan are thrilling to see hot prospect coming to the Majors. For those, Bobby and Wren haters this is the prove that both have the biggest cojones in ML. Having Hanson last year, Heyward at the beginning of this season and now Minor is awesome. And remember the same opportunity they gave to Schaffer. Not many clubs are doing the same with their minor players. Now, if they bring up Freeman…
Also I’d to wish Medlen well and get recover soon. Let’s hope he is not getting TJ, but lets put all on the hands of God and wish him to continue his career on Braves uniform.
Great blog, Mark!

Hey Winboj; Christian Martinez is taking the other spot on the roster..according to what I read earlier, thats if it goes as planned to send KK down

Surgery is not automatic in this case. If they read the MRI and they didn’t already recommend surgery, this means that the ligament is probably still structurally sound, there is just some defect in the ligament. The two big questions are: 1. How big is the tear, 2. How stable is his elbow. If its a small tear, it should scar over in 6 weeks. If it’s not stable, you have to do UCL reconstruction.

Does Ankiel look like he uses self tanner, or am I just seeing things? He looks a little orange.

Keep it shaven Hinske! Maybe it will have a reverse Sampson effect…He needs a nickname now looking that crazy, perhaps Bam Bam.

Viva, if he does, maybe he should loan some to Hinske. His dome is a little pale.

We had 4 HR’s vs the Mets and now 2 tonight, maybe that power situation will work itself out? Hopefully…

Haha I was just about to say that Hinske looks like a total psycho with his head shaved. Definitely needs to play a couple games without a hat on.

Nah, because then RH batters would complain about the glare off his head. 😛
I’m not liking this passive Heyward. I wonder if it’s a function of him batting 2nd.

Freddie Freeman with another HR already tonight for Gwinnett. Hitting .294 with 15 HRs and 65 RBIs. Glaus’ days may be numbered.

We might want to keep Freddie away from Pendleton for the last couple of months. Would be really great to start him next season without that nightmare. Maybe we can get Roachy off the waiver wire again? I hear is really fond of Franks and Beans.

Speedy, It’s nice having a Doctor on the Blog here to clear up these medical issues. Maybe you can help, I have this pain in my lower back……….

Venters is filthy tonite.

They coulda left Venters in to bunt Cabrera over instead of bringing in Diory. Then if he didn’t do the job, he at least would have the excuse of being a relief pitcher.

I’m not worried about 22’s power. But he’ll get good pitches to hit and not pull the trigger on them… and take a lot of called third strikes.

haha, bill, now you sound like a coworker…
As for Diory, he’s there for limited duty. If he can’t get a bunt down, then he needs to go back down to Gwinnett.
What is it about Cabrera and Diory that makes bunting look so freakin hard. I mean, you just let the ball hit the bat. What a lost art.

5 HR in two games and 6 in last 4. Maybe we are starting to dust off the power swings?? And for those who are concerned about Jason’s power. From what I have noticed the kid gets pitched down and away, along with up and in, with a little in the dirt mixed in. I don’t know many guys that can put good wood on those pitches. If we get someone behind him like McCann, you may see them guide a few more balls across the plate that he can give a new area code. Other than that, who cares as long as he is hitting the ball hard. The HR will come.

Great win against the best pitcher in the NL, kudos to JJ and the BP. It’s nice to hear that Minor is gonna fill in, I am really excited to see what he looks like. I am still really disappointed at the way that Medlen was managed. All that monkey business around the AS break was just total BS. Now we know that Minor can’t possibly pitch deep into the postseason. What are we gonna do, fall back on KK halfway through SEPT? This is like a Chinese Fire drill. Is there actually anyone in the front office that can think anymore??? God FL just got robbed against the Fillies.

Yeah, Bill. That stolen victory for the Phils hurts. The umpiring the last few years has been deplorable. MLB pampers and sticks up for these umpires when they should be canning the Bob Davidsons, Angel Hernandez, and Bill Hohns of the world.

On ESPN’s site, there are still people who are defending Davidson’s call. I’m guessing they’re either Philly fans, MLB umpires (you know they never side against each other), or people who have never laced up a pair of cleats before.

This wasn’t the Kennedy assassination, if it was fare before the bag, and fare after the bag, IT WAS FARE OVER THE BAG!!! Instead we have “The Matrix 4” and Balk-a-Day Bob is seen hands in the air before the ball hit fare AGAIN. No conspiracy, just a lousy umpire/wannabe pitching coach.

Minor is right at 120 innings now, what is the target number for him this year? There are slots for 10 more starts in Atlanta before October. That should put him at 170-180 for the season, unless he is just a temporary starter until KK is ready. If he is dealing for the start though, the Braves are going to have an issue right when they need him the most. And, if he continues to perform, does he make the playoff bullpen roster? This is going to be interesting to watch play out. The Execs are going to earn their money this month as the stretch run gets into full swing. KK as a September call up makes sense.

You’re right Bill, there are nights Venters doesn’t even let them think they can put a ball in play. His sinker must be like hitting a bowling ball sometimes.

Rother, the braves were concerned about the number of innings Medlin would pitch if he stayed in the rotation this year thus the long layoff at the AS break and look what happened. Will they risk the same thing with Minor? Guess that is why they have KK getting ready.

Rother, If you are going to use “fare” 4 times in a post you might want to spell it “fair”.

I think the whole reason that Medlen got hurt was because they monkeyed with his schedule around the AS break, I really don’t think it had anything to do with innings pitched. He was usually pretty economical in pitches/inning as well, he never walked anybody 1.8/9. So the actual number of pitches is quite low. 1500+ for 2010, as compared to Derek Lowe’s avg of about 3300 per year. Minor has pretty good control but walks about 3.5 per nine. He is probably gonna be pitching 5 inning games, get ready bullpen.

My assumption, when the Braves sent KK to AAA, was to get him ready to be the 5th starter. I feel that Minor/Kawakami will probably share the role for the remainder of the season. Perhaps the Braves want to see what they have in Minor since there is a chance they will not have Medlen next year (at least for the vast majority). If Minor does well, we can try to unload KK or Lowe during the offseason. If he is suspect we will probably try to hold onto both, or get rid of one and pick up another SP option.

Hopefully he is not another JoJo, Morton and Davies with great minor league #’s and a flop with the big club. Seems like we trade away the good position players and keep our so so pitchers

Has anybody else noticed that Chipper has been driving the ball bell better lately? He has 2 Hrs in 4 games and almost had another last night to center. It was knocked down by the wind. I really like what I see i Ankiel. He hits the ball hard and displays the same effort as McClouth with much better results and a much stronger arm. I think he is going to be a great pick-up. Don’t know what happenned to McClouth, but he had been struggling since spring training – something had to be done. I hope Minor pitches well. KK was kind of hit or miss and never provided much consistency. Glad to see they won 3 of 4 and hopefully they can take at least 3 of 4 from the talented Giants.

Nice to be on top at this point. Last year, they made a great run, but had too many games to make up partially because they stuck with Frenchy and KJ too long.

Hopefully Glauss can break out of his slump tonight. Freeman looks good, but it would be a shame to bring him up at this point. Glaus carried the team in May and Freeman is still very young. Maybe the rest for Glaus will help him tonight.

How come i didnt see KK on the G-braves Roster? The braves want a rh bat and everyone is on the Freeman train but I may be the only one that is not bc hes left handed and the Braves are too Left handed of a lineup why not ship him out and try get a Rh bat that can play first some one like Derek Lee Billy Butler Justin Smoak Kevin Youklis.

KK does not go down until tomorrow. Youklis is out for the season with an injury, Justin Smoak is back in the minors and Derek Lee just vetoed a trade. And the ground crew is back out on the field

You know, there is just something about rooting for the Mets that makes me wanna puke out the back door, but I will be gladly cheering their sorry *sses on tonight. Yech.

I meant for those trades to be done maybe in the offseason but yea ur right Youklis is gone tile spring training so he cant be gotten but Smoak Lee and Butler could be traded for.

Tarp off the field and a large rolling platform has been set up in front of the pitchers mound

Man, I wish I could be there for this ceremony…

Man, I’m really surprised that Frank Wren wasn’t asked to do a presentation for Tom tonite. Maybe they were afraid that he would kick Tom off the podium right before the ceremony started.

Has Chipper been hitting the weightroom?? It’s about time, maybe those old bones are just getting warmed up…

D*mn Mutts, they couldn’t find water standing on a diving board at the public pool.

Chipper giveth, and then he taketh away. I was really hoping to see Tommy get a “W” for this one….Stinks that Wags gets a blown save for a hit batter and two errors. Get it together boys!

God, what an ugly ninth. Gonzalez and Chipper boot easy plays. Man, this team even if it wins tonite, isn’t hitting and has gone back to the defense they were playing in April. I wonder how long our pitching staff can keep us in this. The margin for error is too slim and it has to be creating ulcers in our throwers. And now we are trying to get through injuries and adjustments on the pitching staff. Let’s hope we can score more than 2 runs for Minor on Monday.

If our pitchers give up 4 runs or more, we’re screwed. Our offense blows and Wren did absolutely NOTHING to improve it. The writing was on the wall and Wren sat on his a** and did nothing while teams all around us got better. Looking for answers “internally”??? What a joke. We are worst in the majors in RISP and wasted opportunity. Mix that with poor defense and you have a recipe for disaster. Thank God our starting pitchers keep us in most games. Not to sound to pessimistic, but I’m preparing myself for a chance at a wild card and a play off appearance and that’s it.

Peter Moylan, the most overused reliever in baseball, obviously didn’t have it tonight. He has NEVER walked 4 batters in a game until tonight. What do you do if your Bobby Cox? Leave him out there for a 2nd inning until he gives up the go ahead run, and THEN you replace him. And so now the lead is 1 game barring some overtime heroics.
Bravo, I am so glad to have you on my Frank Wren bandwagon. I’ve been waiting for you.

I’ve been a supporter of Wren until this trade deadline fiasco. There is such a glaring need on our team, really for 2 seasons now, for a number 4 type run producer in our lineup. We had a 7 game lead and everyone thought that we were good enough. That big of a lead was the worst thing that could have happened because it blinded everyone to the truth of the makeup of our team. Shame on management for not utilizing our depth in pitching prospects to bring some offense to this team.
Base runners are WORTHLESS unless you bring them home!
The other beef I’ve had with Wren is the Kawakami signing. Now we have $8 million worth of payroll in AAA.
This team is below average offensively. The Phillies will win this division by 5 games and we will battle for a wild card. Then we will get beat in a best out of 5 divisional series.

(A) Starting pitching + (A) bullpen + (C) defense + (C-) offense = (B-) baseball team. (B) teams don’t win it all…

Well, that was just pathetic….two good swings all night long…I am a huge Glavine fan and hoped we would pull it out on his night, Hanson tried his best but its hard to win a game when you can’t score 3 runs. I don’t blame Moylan, he should have never been out there. The left side of our infield must have thought that if you hit a home run, its ok to make a vital error in the 9th.

I experienced karma unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before watching this game tonight. I watched Chipper and Gonzo be the hitting heros, then turn around and give it away by both booting rather routine plays. At the same time, my sister (who recently divorced one of my longtime best friends whom she was married to) brought her new, arrogant, Phillie fan boyfriend to this family gathering, and he proceeded to taunt me during the game.
Karma really, really sucks.

Sorry if that was too personal. I couldn’t help but mention how much that game sucked.

This was probably the toughest loss in a while because it comes on the heels of some almost identical fiascoes. We have blown late and close a LOT lately and it boils down to unispired hitting in the clutch and not enough offense period. Glaus looked ridiculous in his return. Chipper had a good game at the bat but then had one of those mental lapses that he is so prone to lately. We wasted brilliant outings by Hanson and Venters, AGAIN!!!!! Wags, didn’t deserve his fate, but he blew it as well. He looked nothing like dominant Billy.

We now look exactly like the April debacle. No offense. Can’t win on the road. Mediocre at home. Little or no power from the middle of the lineup. And our defense is falling apart again. I’m not saying we are gonna lose 9 in a row, but we look like that same team. I’m so glad this is a kumbaya clubhouse, but somebody needs to walk in there and smack some butt. If this team doesn’t wake up we are cooked for the season. If we can’t keep our lead there will be no consolation prize. We ain’t getting the Wild Card if we don’t win this division, that prize is headed west young man.

Had to know the Braves weren’t going to score any runs tonight with Hanson on the mound. Offense struggling period, but especially bad for whatever reason whenever he pitches. Have to hope that Hudson can out duel Cain tomorrow and the bullpen can do its job this time.

Shaunson, I’m not sure if you can do this but you might want to see if your sister will grant YOU a divorce. I mean anyone who would go out with a Filly fan, do you want to be related to her anyway???

Don’t worry Filly, I’ll be back.

Leaving for the game at 2, so excited to see Hudson pitch. I hope we can at least blemish Cain, we did Lincecum and we NEVER hit him.

AT times errors go unnoticed. Not with Gonzo. The drop off between Gonzo and Esky has been huge. Gonzo has cost them two games already. I heard he was a great fileder as well, but the two errors he made were ridiculus (routine plays). Chipper’s error was on a much tougher play at least since he was rushing to get the ball home to cut off the run and got an in between hop. This is the third game they have lost lately (2 at home), that they should have won. I don’t think Moylan is overused now that They have Venters who seems to pitch every night. He just struggles with control at times and it cost them. Too Bad Melky was not in LF for the SF. He has a much better arm than Diaz.

The Phillies are only one game back – very scary.

It may be time to bring up Freeman. Glaus had another poor game and Hinske has hardly been a word beater.

shaunson, the Karma’s not yours. This turnaround started when your buddy on here, billreef, came over to a Phillies blog to taunt the phans. I guess he felt safe with a seven game lead, but he obviously knows nothing about baseball and the 162 game schedule. The very next day the Phillies got on a roll and Wagner started blowing saves.
…Karma, indeed….

You know, I go on the Filly’s official blog and there are only 8 comments in 2 days. Heck, Viva puts more into than that in a half an hour sometimes. I think the reason the Filly’s get a lot of fans at the ball park is because it may be the only place in Philadelphia where you can see grass. I mean, pay 8 bucks for a ticket and get out of the slum for a few hours. I don’t know though I prefer not to get puked on when I go to the ballpark, just a preference. Maybe the reason those Filly Fans don’t post on their blog is because they can’t write?

Already looking into the family member divorce process, Bill. I’d rather disown my sister than be related to a Phillies fan. Seriously.
Would someone PLEASE tell Heyward to swing the ******* bat!?
Freeman is getting better and better every week. 4 for 4 with 3 RBIs tonight for Gwinnett. Hitting .305 with 69 RBIs.

Frenchy just homered to put the Mutts up 1-0 over the Filly’s

Hudson + Wagner = complete ownage tonight. Chip and Joe said Wags was pitching angry tonight. Good to see Glaus provide most of the offense tonight, even though he didn’t do much in his other ABs.

billreef, stop making a fool of yourself with the ‘fan’ thing. A first place team, with Lincecum and Jerrjens on the mound, and you get 24,000 people? That’s a disgrace. They should probably move the team where they are appreciated.
While Philly now has 93 straight sellouts. You’re out of your element, my friend. The Braves don’t even sellout playoff games.

Ok, quick question. Who are the best two hitters on the braves roster? Answer – Martin Prado and Omar Infante. What do you guys think about playing Prado at first and Infante at second the rest of the way. Right now, they have a 200 singles hitter with no speed and no defensive range playing first. I know that everyone wants to see Freeman now, but he is VERY young and probably does not have Heyward’s maturity. Most young players don’t. I can’t believe Omar is still raking. He deserves a chance to play when Prado comes back.

Pretty good series for our Bravos. Each teams four best were matched up and ours outpitched theirs in each game. Definitely a potential playoff matchup there.
It’s not every day you look back at a 4 game series in which you only scored 14 runs and you’re disappointed that you didnt sweep.

Wow phan, billreef must have really gotten to you for you to be spending so much time on Braves boards… most of us just ignore him when he flies off the handle. I don’t care what billreef said, you sound like a ********* yankee fan falling back on crowd numbers instead of baseball. It’s pretty lame if you ask me.

On another note… how many goddamn times are we going to leave runners stranded at third with less than 2 outs this year (or this game, with NO OUTS). It’s infuriating.

Ziffer, They were talking about that on the broadcast the other night. I think it is receiving some serious thought. It probably depends on how Glaus does until Martin get’s back. I am sure with our lack of power in the lineup they would still like to give Glaus as much of a chance as possible.

You know Weaks I am a little shocked at having a filly fan in here as well, I wasn’t sure any of them could read. I have my doubts about you sometimes as well.

Cox goes with an all scrub line-up resting Heyward, Chipper, and McCann the same day, but Braves still double up the Giants 6-3 and take 3 of 4 at home. Should have had a sweep if not for the errors and blown save on Friday.

A little discouraging though that Philly is still nipping on our heels. Would have been nice to pick up another game on them but they keep pulling out victories.

Would like to see them 5 or 6 back by the time they get healthy so we have a cushion. May have to just handle them ourselves since seemingly no one else can.

crweaks23, maybe you should tell your boy to refrain from trolling until he realizes the reality of a MLB season. He sounds very naive and maybe not the face you want to project of Braves fans on a Phillies blog.
…lame, indeed…

I was wondering when Ross was going to touch one off. That’s a lot of power to only have one HR. Let’s hope they come in bunches. He doesn’t work much with TP, does he?

I guess I am a bit of an enigma, I can piss off Braves and Filly fans simultaneously. I am pretty sure i could also do a number on the Mets right now, but it would be a little like shooting fish(not marlins) in a barrel. Besides they seem to be doing enough damage to themselves without my help. Was glad to hear that Martin’s finger is progressing, but still sounds like he has some healing to do. We miss you Martin.

Speaking of the Marlins, WOW @ Chris Coghlan.
Ross’s HR are down, but he’s hitting way above his career average. Matter of fact, last year and (so far) this year he’s posted his highest BA ever.

Great to see us take 3 of 4 from the Giants (could have easily been 4 but oh well). I’m anxious to see what Minor/Kawakami do during the last couple months of the season. If Kawakami comes back with a strong finish he may provide us with great tradebait. If Minor is impressive, This gives us every reason to send KK packing (if KK hasn’t given us enough reason already). If we can get McLouth’s, Kawakami’s, Wagner’s (assumption – retirement), Chipper (assumption – retirement), and Saito’s (assumption – FA) contracts we should be able to have enough money to land a power hitter for next year. Although, as time has shown us, Frank will probably pick up an over the hill guy that would have provided power in 2003.

As long as this is old saw day. I’ll “beat a dead horse” and say that Heyward’s power was fine until he started working with Terry and Bobby on his swing. I don’t think his lack of production can be blamed on lineup slot. That’s not to say, I wouldn’t reshuffle the lineup when Martin comes back, I think you really want omar, martin 1,2 in any order. Glaus should be picking up pine splinters or looking for a car dealership to buy.

Speedy all the contract money saved should add up to the ability to sign a power hitter, but as we have seen, Liberty doesn’t necessarily mean the pursuit of happiness. They will probably stuff all that money in their own little money grubbing paws and we will be stuck with the aging, nothing left in the tank, big guy who can’t play defense.

Anybody remember the promise Cody Johnson showed last season at Myrtle beach? He now has 114Ks in 233 ABs in AA Mississippi. There is a broken clock analogy that might fit here, I’m just not sure if it is worth going there. Suffice it to say he is now the Wikipedia picture under “slump”.

If scoring runs is a priority, I offer this:
Heyward has knocked in 10 runs in his last 159 plate appearances. He knock in 38 runs in April and May before he was sentenced to the role of a slap hitter. His last 8 hits are all doubles. How is there not room in the 4 or 5 hole for this guy given the struggles of many of the other run producers on this team? Heyward’s last two months have amounted to the old “If a tree falls in the woods….” adage. The two hole is a lot easier to fill on this team than the power slots are. Make a move, and get him back in the game for the stretch run. The Braves are going to need his production.

Ankiel been struggling a bit lately. Once thing that they don’t need is another struggling CF. Hopefully it is only temporary.

When Prado comes back, Infante needs to stay in the line-up everyday. If they don’t want to sit Glaus, then sit Gonzo. To me, Gonzo has been less than impressive so far.

I would like to see Prado back in the 2 hole (with Infante leading off). Prado is a 20 hr guy now and on a team with limited power, he should NOT be leading off.

Finally, let’s all cross our fingers on Minor. Unfortunately, even the best pitchers take a few starts to perform well. Bit league hitters typically do NOT miss mistakes and young pitchers typically make them. Remenber Hanson’s debut last year. HE was cruising along and then he gave up 3 or 4 Hrs to the Brewers.

Here’s my lineup once Prado gets back.

1-Infante (2B)
2-Prado (1B)
3-Jones (he’s not moving unless he’s not in the lineup)

I like Diaz playing everyday….use Melky for late defense. Our bats will be the deciding factor down the stretch.

Agreed, rother. Heyward’s not the “pesky”-hitter type. A re-shuffling is in order.

I got one Question who was the secert team that claimed dunn off of waivers bc who ever they are please claim him and send him to the braves for cheap if the Braves can and sit dl glaus for the a while and use him just as an back up and possible DH if the braves make it that far or send him to Boston they could use his help.

No one knows. And they don’t have to tell.

When I read NCs posts, I read the first couple words then it just fades away, like when your wife is on the phone yapping and you set the receiver down and walk away from it. Does anybody else get that same sensation?

Diaz looked really good at the plate yesterday, he is getting ready to go on one of his tears if he can just get the playing time. Come on Bobby, use him.

Bill, we got two LHers in this Houston series (Happ and Rodriguez), so Diaz will DEFINITELY be getting his cuts. Don’t know about tonight, however.

Ok thanks for that I didnt know how the waiver claims work if the team is named or what and Rother if u dont like my post then guess what u dont have to freaking read them scroll on down bc that what i do to urs.

Sorry NC, but I have to agree with Rother. Your posts are commonly incoherent. I either skip them or read them three or four times to try to figure out what your point is (and then wish I had skipped them).

You might want to try posting using the English language. Just a thought.

Anyone else actually feeling pretty good about the next three weeks or so? Looking at how many games the Braves gave away recently and how hot the Phils were, I think it is a good sign that we were able to hold onto first place.

Looking at the schedules it seems the Braves have a little easier road ahead than the Phillies. Would be nice to make a little hay and build that lead back up to about 5 or better.

Winboj, I wouldn’t even want to see many of his trade proposals happen. He thinks a 8 for 3 trade is a good idea. We would have to shut down AA and AAA since there wouldn’t be any players left there.

Don’t worry, NC. I’ll still read all your posts and keep expressing my confusion and befuddlement into how your mind operates.

NcBrave- Let me just say this. You seem to have a very good grasp on personnel across the Major leagues, Unfortunately, I think you struggle to express coherent ideas about what our team needs and how those players might contribute or whether they are actually available to the Braves in ANY trade scenario. You will get a lot less grief here if you prepare coherent ideas and arguments to support your proposals. Most of the time it seems like you you just throw out ideas which are either unreasonable or have no particular goal. Try not to go with the first thought that comes to mind, but perhaps spend some time trying to sort out ideas which actually make sense. Come on buddy, put some effort into it.

NC, I read rother, bill, viva and some others as they have been here a while. They have looked at the numbers and at least have some truth to what they say. You problem is as you stated about the wavier claim. You don’t know how it works. Your trades are something that everyone would like to see happen but they are all fantasy.

Nc, I like where your head is at and all, and I’ma let you finish, but billreef has the best trade proposals of ALL TIME!

And as I’ve said before… video game-style trades do not work in real life. These are real players and real teams… and real money.

Too bad Minor has to pitch in the bandbox that is Houston. But it will prepare him for the bandbox that is Philadelphia.

Your heart is in the right place, but not even in a parallel, bizarro universe would anyone trade Prince Fielder for Barbaro Canizares and 4 other scrubs. You couldn’t even get present day Cecil Fielder for those guys.

Well Minor didn’t exactly fool them, but a great inning to get some of the butterflies put to bed.

Brandon- I feel a little strange when YOU start saying good things about me. Sarcasm is difficult to gauge online, but I’m feeling queasy.

Troy Glaus got a hit. Stop the presses.

Is anybody else liking this infield for next year:

3- Freeman
4- Infante
5- Prado
6- Gonzo

I’ll be liking Mike Minor so far. He has some kinda stuff and it appears some ice water in his veins. I had some reservations about this kid, but I am prepared to be impressed. I want to see him in trouble but, I like the game he is pitching so far.

Too bad Minor has to debut in the bandbox that is Houston. But it will prepare him for the bandbox that is Philadelphia.

If I have to have a flashback one more time of how Gonzo is the non-flashy, but makes all the consistent routine plays….I am going to scream.

As I said above, I have not been impressed with Gonzo. Yet another BIG error. He has made at least 4 or 5 errors and they have al been huge. I think he is supposed to be a better defensive player

okay….that was weird.

Ook the Brewers are looking at who to keep and let go and they think that they can make a deal for Fielder and move Hart to Firstbase bc that what he came up as is a firstbase man. Now the Braves need a power bat and could use him in the line when chipper goes. I know he left handed but the Braves need him in that line up. OK so this is not a video game trade. The Brewers are going to need pitching and the Braves have alot of it. Now this trade may piss off alot of pple but If Frank Wren was smart he would pull the trigger on a trade like this or something like this ok. The Braves send Diory hernadez Mike Dunn Melky or Diaz and Matt young for Carlos Gomez Manny Parra and Fielder. Ok they get a Young firstbaseman in freeman they get outfield help in either Diaz or Melky and matt young and they get Pitching tho i could sub in Arodys Vizcaino or Zeke Spruill for melky or diaz.

Boy, this game is starting to look eerily similar to ALL of our road games. Slipshod defense, No real offense, decent SP but a late BP blown game. Please don’t let it be true.

Well I didn’t have to be Nostradamus to see this coming. Farnsworth can’t get anyone out.


We are getting blooped to death!

Good things about tonight so far? We’ve shown some pop in the bats, and Mike Minor can’t take the loss tonight.
You can keep everything else.

I’m sorry, this will probably piss some people off, but this team doesn’t deserve to win the division, if they can’t play any better than this on the road. They look like a bad Little League team out there tonite. Really sloppy. Missed cutoffs bad throws, booted balls, minimal offense, Bullpen implosions and really bad managing. We really don’t look like a contender tonite. I don’t know what happens when we leave ATL, but it is scary.

I think somebody on this team needs to walk in that visiting clubhouse and kick some tail. I know Bobby and chipper won’t do it. I think the man is Brain McCann, I think he needs to step up and kick some butt. Even though he was one of the guilty parties tonight, I almost think that gives him the right to “take some and dish some out”. We need some leaders on this club. For all the talk about clubhouse chemistry, I haven’t seen anyone who could stop a 9 game slide or get some focus on every stinking road trip. They don’t need chemistry right now, they need a good butt kicking.

No doubt that was as ugly a game as I have seen in awhile. It started with bad luck and spiraled into sh!tty play. We might not have won due to all the bloop hits, but man that 7th inning was atrocious.

The real pain was actually the error by gonzo in the 6th. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if he had made that play??? I am normally a “take the long term view” guy and don’t need a “sell the farm” approach to win now, but I was actually happy when they traded Yunel, selling low on him. Boy am I regretting that one now. Gonzo looks TERRIBLE out there. I sure hope that kid Salcedo (I think thats his name) develops fast.

Glad I missed last night’s game. Sounds like I would have kicked my dog. Two left handed pitchers coming up for the ‘Stros. Hopefully Diaz will hit 3 home runs per game and shoulder our offense….

I agree with Billreef someone either Mccann or bring in one of the older Braves like Smoltz and light a fire under their ***** and spark up some offense. Gee maybe they should have gone after a bigger bat then Ainkel.

Are you saying Smoltz should play 1B?

Cause I think that’s a brilliant plan.

Viva, I’ll take a few more consistent fundamental plays — in big moments — with the game on the line, then the occasional glove flip that looks cool… Just sayin’

Also, to those of you who are saying that Gonzalez is “awful” in the field?because of a few errors that you saw in the boxscore or mlb recap, you should probably watch a game now and then. I’ve seen that guy make some of the craziest plays I’ve ever seen, especially when turning a double play, with that glove flip he likes to do.

I think that specific play is just one of those that just happens. Think he was trying to throw the runner out before he had the ball. Farnsworth’s inning is another issue altogether.

As is always the case, Gonzo will be defined by the plays he doesn’t make, no matter the rest. It does bear watching though. If the guys are getting tight in mid-August, what happens in late September?
Somebody is going to have to make that play late.

Where is Heyward? Did anybody hear?

Oh, Radio just said Jason has a sore right knee.

Oh, crap…

I don’t understand how anyone can defend Gonzo’s shortstop play. Again, in the second, he failed to turn on DP on a catcher. Esky would have turned it no problem. I know he does a great glove flip double play, buy he does not always need to. Maybe he is just nervous or had a bad run, but I see a significant difference between he and Esky. Meanwhile, I am watching Ankiel hit right now. He walked. I was guessing strike out. He needs to get going now…

Mark, where are the entries lately? Compared to DOB, you’re slippin big time.

Well, this looks like a repeat of last night. Gonzo(wish he was) muffs a throw, JJ hasn’t been taught to bunt(strikes out), Ankiel runs while pitcher is standing looking at him and the CNN announcers say Prado just caught the ball in foul territory. I think it is time to take the mini-bars out of every room on the road, including the coaches and announcers, Geez.


He must be on vacation, some yeh-who named Steve Gartner is writing articles right now. Hope it is a pleasure trip Mark. You know college practice started this week, he’s probably up in the hills somewhere, you know Yee-who Mountain Dew.

Holy Cow, is it really that hard to bunt!!! Honestly….It should be one of the easiest things to do in the game other than catch a can of corn.

The one thing I do like about our team is how we can absolutely work a pitch count. However, this means nothing if you can’t do anything with the pitch you fight for in the at bat. It will take a fantastic pitching performance to get a complete game vs the Bravos. I just wish we could get some hits as well….

Ugh. Oh great.

And I was just about to comment that “at least Chipper is getting hot”. Karma is starting to invade my mind. Goddamn it.

Gametracker notes an “injury delay”, any insight on this one?

Well as Yogi would say. “It’s deja vu all over again”. Jurrjens is pitching a masterpiece. The left side of the infield can’t play defense. We have one hit off a guy that gave up 7 runs in the first inning last time out. Filladelphia is getting clobbered by the Dodgers and we really don’t look like we are poised to take advantage of that. Man we suck on the road(8 games under .500)

Oh Yeah, and we have a center fielder batting .160 as a Brave.
And now Chipper’s down, That may be all she wrote for him. He was just starting to hit too.

For those who can’t see the telecast, the SportSouth announcers noted that Chipper injured the knee that he had surgically repaired back in ’93.
None of the cameras got a shot of his injury (it was out of the frame), but he had made a Jeter-like play on a grounder. Then he landed weird.

Chipper, aw man, he was finally hitting for the first time in about 2 years….
At least the big donkey has an RBI hit. . . .
I’m starting to believe that there may be some validity to the curse of the Andruw in CF. However, a scientific man would state that we have below average hitters in CF because we run out below average hitters in CF. At least this one can play a little D. I’d rather have him out there than Melky (defensively)…who actually is a pretty nice 4th outfielder….just not a starter.
Another huge concern we have to have at this point is Moylan, he has not been anywhere close to his past self.

Speedy you really need to spring for the MLB package, $20 a month(about 75 cents a game), can cancel at any time. Anyway chipper made a nice throw and jumped at the end of it, came down bad on his left knee and began writhing in pain. Had to be helped off the field. Didn’t look good.

Clutch Conrad comes through again. And Choke Cabrera grounds into DP again. He is one of the biggest rally killers on the team.

Bill, no comment on Glaus being the only clutch hitter tonight?

I would think that if Chipper is going to be out for a significant amount of time we would have to try to find something on the waiver wire…but its going to be slim pickings. Plus we are wasting about $10mil in Gwinnett right now. This KK signing irritates me more and more each month….

Papi, the Houston broadcast had a shot of the landing, looks like his knee hyper-extended. I would expect we are gonna see ligament damage on this one

Thanks for the update.

They did catch it? SportSouth is messin up… but thanks for the info.

If something serious happened to Chipper, I think the best internal option would be to move Glaus to 3rd and bring up Freddie. I don’t know, man.. i don’t like it either..

Are they going to say Gonzalez never makes errors again in the paper tomorrow?

Viva, Glaus can barely walk out to first, how is he gonna play third? I think he is about to be released. I say play Brooks at 3rd he is nothing but clutch.
I want Esky back. Gonzo can’t find his *ss with both hands. I think he is going through roid withdrawal.

Chip Caray: “Are you kidding me?”

Agreed, Bill. I don’t see Glaus as the answer at 3B. I’d hate to say it, but it looks like the wheels are completely falling off this team.

As I was logging on to complain about gonzo, he made another error. I have never seen one player cost a team 4 games in two weeks with defense. I guess Esky was a cancer, but I do miss his defense. If this keeps happening, I would rather see Hicks.

Before I could finish my entry, Glaus just muffed again.

I am sooooo frustrated.

Geez, we couldn’t beat a little league team tonite. Tonight is making last night look like a defensive gem.
another fine play by Glaus

So…we can’t bunt, we can’t field, we can’t throw, with can’t hit with RISP, our veteran leader is hurt, our MVP is hurt, and one of our biggest strengths this season (bullpen) is imploding….It’s going to take quite the testicular fortitude to turn this ship around because we are headed full speed ahead into a Philly iceberg.

I was sitting here getting ready to say I hoped JJ didn’t come back out for the 8th. I was hoping to see Venters, and before I could post it they get a triple. Grrrrr.

Again Gonzo is making errors (even if they initially are giving one of them to Infante it isn’t his). If we blow the first two to the Astros I am going to scream.


Damn I LOVE Conrad. That is a huge home run. Let’s not blow this lead boys!

Ladies and Gentleman meet the new 3rd baseman of the ATL Braves. Brooks Conrad

Brooksy Conrad you sweet bald headed, no batting glove wearing fool…..I might name my first born after you.

I was thinking he was gonna hit that one out, but then again I think that every time he’s up in the 9th and we’re down.

That may be the hit that turns this season back around again for the Braves. Sweet Jesus he is dramatic.

Gonzo make up SLIGHTLY by fighting to get on after going down early…..He needs to tap into LaRoche’s stash of ritalin or something so he doesn’t try and screw us up another game…..

And finally Glaus breaks the horrible streak.

Holy Cow, even Glaus hit’s one out. !st HR since June 19th.

I think finally Glaus found his “marbles”….

Maybe Glaus is going to start heating up. That is 3 or rbi in the last two games. If he will start being May Glaus for awhile that would go a long way to holding off Philly.

Alright, Wags.. this is big.

Glad they got three hits in the 9th. It is always good to have more hits than errors, which was not the case when that inning started.

If our defense doesn’t tighten up I think we are all going to start kicking the dog (as one of our frequent bloggers threatens).

99 MPH, Wagner? Show ’em how Virginia does it!

Wags is hitting 99 tonight…..The guy has grapefruits of steel, if only he would entertain his option for next year

Wags is throwing 99.

There we go, boys. Now let’s hope that the old man’s knee isn’t too bad.

Make that 100….how old is this guy?

And he did… last pitch of the game clocked 100 MPH. That’s that VA speed I was talkin about!
GREAT comeback… makes the sloppiness of earlier a little easier to stomach.
Still, we all wait to hear the results of Chipper’s MRI.

Even with as much as Chipper has struggled until lately, I can’t even stomach if his ligament is torn. The guy has been with us forever, I don’t even want to think about tonight being the last rodeo for the old cowboy.

Is this the radar gun Blog?????? I wouldn’t get 2 excited about Glaus yet, He is still hurting, he still can’t play defense and he still only has 4 RBI in the last 2 months. One game isn’t gonna convince me he is off the snide.

Meant to say 9 RBI for troy in the last 2 months

I hate to think chipper is done too. He has been a great player for a lot of years, but I saw the shot of him coming down on that and it wasn’t quite a Joe Theisman shot, but it was ugly. That and the fact that they had to massage the ligament back over the joint before he could extend the leg again doesn’t give me a lot of hope.

Apparently Glaus had been 125% more productive than you thought he had. 😛 But the fact that the pitch he hit was 98-mph heat is an encouraging sign.

I’m going to name my firstborn Brooks (or Brook if female). It’s only right at this point.

It was a typo Papi, and the issue still remains 9RBI/2Mo= 27 RBI for season. Not exactly what you want from your power hitting, 4 hole, no defense 1st baseman. I think the only reason he is still going out there is because he realizes that this is his last payday in MLB and those 500k bonuses will come in handy later on. I would love for him to go on a tear but I don’t think that his 2nd 2 hit game in 2 months(last 1 was July 15) is a real trend. Chipper had 12 Multi hit games during that same period, Esky had 13, Heyward had 9, McCann had 12 and Martin had 16. He has to do a lot more than he did tonight to demonstrate he has turned a corner.

I agree. For the sake of the team, I hope it indeed is a trend.

Wow – for 17 of 18 innings, this team was taking a nose dive into choke city. Just when you think in couldn’t get any worse, we see the face of baseball in Atlanta for the last two decades rolling around on the ground grabbing his left knee, our shortstop who we traded to improve our team continue to make questionable plays, and our offense completely insulting our awesome pitching staff by laying eggs against one of the worst teams in baseball. Then, just like all year, something incredible happens, the team digs deep and refuses to go down in flames.
If someone would have told me last night at the beginning for the evening that not only would we win, but we would gain ground on the charging Phillies on top of all that, I would have asked you to share whatever you were smoking with me because I needed it.
Say what you will about this team, but they dig deep and find a way to win. There’s something special about that, and if it’s enough to get us to the play offs for a shot to send Bobby off in style… what a special season this would be, indeed. Godspeed, Chipper. I’m saying a prayer for you today buddy. We’re not ready to let you go.

I hope chipper is ok but in away i kinda wanna see him done for the year and maybe go after a big bat to play third or maybe bring up someone but i dont know who is producing in Gwuinnett or maybe someone can be pick up off waivers like Armis Ramirez Mike Fontenot Bradon Inge Andy LaRoche Mark Reynolds or Instead of bring up Hicks whos only hitting .210 why not purchase the contract of Timmons and use him as the third baseman.

Also any words on Heywards knee and if Ainkel is gonna be ok after landing wierd on his hand bc i would hate to see him done and have to bring up Mclouth or how bout that kid we got off waiver from Det. Wilkin Ramirez. Or if he is hurt and gotta spend some time on the DL for the love of god bring up Matt Young.

You kinda want to see Chipper done for the year so we can “go for a big bat”??? I think you would be happy to see the whole team go down in a plane crash just so you would be busier than ever coming up with ludicrous, unrealistic, uninformed, idiotic trade proposals and roster moves that would never happen even if chimpanzees took over as GM for each club. I’m starting to think you’re not actually a Braves fan but a computer program gone wrong, which sole purpose is to infuriate everyone on here with your inane drivel.
You hope Chipper is out for the year??.. You have to be kidding me. You should really be blocked from this site.

NC, you have lost all credibility as a Braves fan. Hoping he was done for the year? A member of your own professed team, much less the face of the franchise for the past 16 years? You are a disgrace to any fan of any team.

It’s pretty hard to think of many players who were more important to this franchise than he has been, especially ones who have stayed with the organization their entire career. He has been my favorite baseball player since that **** Justice took off for Rhoidville in 97, and last night might have?but hopefully will not have been, the last time I saw him on the field.
I know that your reasoning is that we automatically lose Chipper’s contract so we can upgrade for next season, but even if Chipper was hitting .220 still, his value to this team is much more valuable than his numbers. And I believe most of the guys on here agree with that.

NC, I have chosen in the past to ignore some things that you have said simply because it wasn’t worth the argument and it was your opinion. However, wanting Chipper to be injured is about the sickest thing you could have possibly said. In case you haven’t noticed, those are real people out there and not video game pixels. That man on the field has been the face of our franchise while others have come and gone. He is the only active member remaining of our World Series team and you want him to be injured. Do us all a favor, and please go and follow the Mets or something. Then you might be able to see all of your far fetching trade proposals come to life.

NC,you should go slam your head in a car door or something. Obviously you are a few fries short of a happy meal.

Chipper is one of those rare players that you should hope that their career never comes to an end. Such as Ripken Jr., Griffey Jr., and Gwynn to name a few. These are players that should end their storied careers on their own terms. O.K. Griffey Jr. dragged it out a bit but that’s alright.

NC, you have a knack for annoying everyone on this blog and now you have pissed everyone off. I know it’s been mentioned to you before, put some thaught into what you say before you type it.

There was a time when Bobby’s teams had good fundamentals, true? It has been a LONG TIME since that was the case. Defense, defense, defense. Good grief.

We are third in errors behind like the nationals and someone else horrible.

Rick Ankiel was batting .147 as a brave at the the beg. of play.Frank Wren can sure pick em. I think when they told him he had to hire scouts, he thought they meant Boy Scouts.

Good stick, Big Red.

Brooks has scored half of the Braves runs in the last two games and he hasn’t even played 2 whole games.

Glaus may be getting his legs back a little, that was quite a poke. Just in time if he is.

Here we go again on Hanson day.

Jesus wags. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Nice pick brooks. I can’t believe we let a half cripple(Carlos Lee) steal a base to get into scoring position in the bottom of the 9th. Does this team have ANY fundamental skills?????

Who is pitching the 10th?

Gonzo was playing away the bag to prevent another hit.

How sweet it would be if we put up 6 this inning.

Though I’m glad to see that the Asstros bullpen is leakier than ours. Anddddd…. way to go Canns! HURT EM

I should sell lottery numbers…!

Now I don’t mind seeing Farnsworth.

Good call, Rother. I was thinking “good time for Chavez or Kawakami… oh wait….”

Well, we sneak out of town with a series win against the 2nd worst team in the National league. God it would be nice if we could score during the 1st 8 innings.I’m not sure that my poor old heart is gonna make it through the rest of THIS season. I’m just waiting to see how we are gonna blow a lead next time and whether we engineer another miracle comeback. I’ll settle for a good old blow out any day now.

Since we all know how August and September can be, I’ll order a defibrillator for you, Bill. j/k

Just thought some might want to know…. Chavez is pitching better in KC. He only gave up one run to lose the game he pitched in today. Boy I sure do miss him.🙂

Look Papi, a normal insane mad dash for the pennant would be a welcome relief over this psychotic screaming car ride off the cliff every night. I feel like I am strapped into some strange theme park ride where the ride never stops and all you do is Go UP and Go DOWN and Up and Down and…….

What in the heck happened to our defense over the past month…I mean we haven’t been great this year, but come on.. This is not going to win us a pennant if we give the team 2-3 runs a game. Anyone heard any updates on Prado??? Would be nice to see him atop the order with Infante….

Speedy, Prado is hitting a bit off a tee, fielding
with his injured finger behind his back and claims that he is a week ahead of schedule. Says he will likely do a rehab stint but this guy is aching to get back in the lineup. God, I love this kid. If everyone on the team had his attitude we would be winning for years. I just hope he doesn’t push it too fast and reinjure it.

Freddie Freeman’s totals at AAA projected to 650 AB are 50 doubles, 25 HR’s and 122 RBI’s and a .305 avg. And he plays + defense at first. I think he’s ready boys. You might want this kid on your postseason roster. I’m sure Ball Park Frank is saving him for another time, but I assure you that time is now.

Great series against a hot team Wagner has shown over the past few weeks that he is not perfect. The first hit he gave up was flukey, but the second by Lee was a rope. They have been foortunate in that they have won a few of his blown saves.

Let’s all prey that Chippers ok. He has been fanastic lately and I knew something would go wrong. Thank god for Infante There is a drop off between Chipper and Infante, but it is small. They sacrifice some power and OBP. However, Infante adds better defense and more speed. Any true Braves fan wants Chipper to be a part of the post season run. He has earned it and they need him.

This is how I feel about Brooks Conrad…

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