Jones says that he has a torn ligament

Chipper Jones has informed some close friends that he will likely miss the remainder of this season with a left knee injury. 

After undergoing an MRI exam in Atlanta this morning, Jones told a friend that he “tore” a ligament in his left knee.  When asked if it was a complete tear, the Braves third baseman revealed that it was “stretched” and that he would likely need surgery. 

Jones injured his knee while completing an acrobatic throw across the diamond during Tuesday night’s win in Houston.  After landing with all of his weight on his left leg, he remained on the ground before painfully limping toward the clubhouse. 

When Jones returned to Minute Maid Park Wednesday, he was optimistic that he hadn’t torn the left ACL like he had just before the start of the 1994 season. 

Jones’ agent B.B. Abbott will fly to Atlanta today to discuss the situation with the 38-year-old third baseman.

If Jones does need surgery, Abbott doesn’t believe he will simply retire without attempting to first rehab the injury. 

Jones indicated in June that he was leaning toward retiring at the end of this season.   But while hitting .307 with seven homers and a .907 OPS in the 44 games that have followed, he has gained reason to believe he could be productive beyond this season.


This is gonna be a tough one to swallow if its true. I’d hate to see Chipper out for the rest of the year, especially as good as he’s been swingin the bat lately. Definately don’t wanna see him end his career like this either. If one positive can come out of this, its that Clutch Conrad will get his chance to play every day….again, I really hate to hear this about Chipper, but I have faith in ya Brooks.

Ok i was wrong for saying that i wanted him to be done for the year but not that was said whats gonna happen now? I know people are wanting conrad to be his replacement but we need someone else that is an establish player and can we get someone off of waviers like Wiggington Ramirez Andy Laroche or bring up someone from Gwuinett whose name isnt Brandon Hicks.

Chipper’s exit will be tough considering how well he’s been hitting. So what will the Braves likely do, Mark? Can Troy still play third? If so, Freeman could play first (rather than Hinske, as not to deplete the strong bench). And then have a batting order something like
(Allowing for alterations for pitching matchups, and of course, Prado’s return)…But anyway, doesn’t look like such a bad line-up.


You could move Prado to third, keep Infante at second, and still bring up Freeman to platoon with Glaus at first.

I agree viva, Conrad may not be an everyday starter, but we really dont know for sure. Unless they bring up Freddie, then the job is probably his to lose for the moment, at least until Prado comes back. They seem so reluctant to bring up Freddie tho, even tho we really need him at this point. It seems that they are just intent on using him a little in September and then just saving him for next season…I hope that’s not the case. I really want to see what this kid can do.

How about we move Prado to 3rd when he comes back, and play Infante and/or Conrad at 2nd. That still leaves some clutch hitting on the bench, and Glaus at 1st. If Glaus doesn’t come around (again) pretty quickly, Hinske can play 1st, or they go ahead and bring up Freeman.

Say it ain’t so, Chipper..

They say Prado is better at 3rd than he is at 2nd, so when he comes back, if they are willing to bring up Freddie, we could have Prado, Gonzalez, Infante, and Freeman/Glaus around the horn. Wouldn’t mind having that infield at all. And if Freddie lives up to the hype, then we would have just gotten our midseason ‘trade’ that we all wanted. Tho you can’t really replace Chipper, we can come pretty darn close if the right decisions are made…

Man. Makes Chipper’s retirement look all but certain now… if it is, this is a terrible way to go.

Thoughts and prayers with you, Chipper. I’m not writing you off yet, but if it is indeed the end, you’ve provided me with some amazing memories. I named my first dog “Chipper” and would have named my first born son the same if my wife would let me. I hope that you stay around this season, because your value to the organization, the clubhouse, and the city is priceless. We still need you, and always will. Good luck through the surgery and we pray for a speedy recovery and to see #10 taking balls at third base in Lake Buena Vista in 2011!!!

I think Brooksy is great, but I still don’t think he is the best choice to start at 3B. He’s got the balls of an ox, and the heart of a lion, but he’s not an everyday guy?I know I’ll probably get a lot of flak for this one. If Glaus regains his swing, he should go to 3B and we call up FF. Or he stays put and Infante gets the nod at 3B. If Glaus keeps snoozin, he should split time at 1B w FF and put Infante at 3B?who would share time with Brooksy. But regardless, this is very bad news for the Bravos. Just having Chipper in there, numbers aside, gave the lineup a stronger legitimacy?pitchers still feared him and in the past few months he was reminding us why. Honestly, I think Freeman is our best bet at the moment, because the offense needs a shot in the arm to soften the blow of this loss. Of course, that shot could go either way.. it could be the adrenaline shot to get us firing at all cylinders in the home stretch, or FF could be more of the morphine drip that Glaus has been providing for most of the year.

Bravomania and everyone else Chipper is done ok he’ll be 39 with bad knees ok. If he does come back the Braves need to think bout trading him but i doubt that will happen and if it does trade him to an Al team so he can DH. The Braves need to look at thier option at third and if i am right it will come down to either Ifante Conrad or maybe Diory Hernadez or maybe make a trade for someone like Armis Ramirez TY Wiggington Brandon Inge or Casey Blake.

There’s no way Glaus could move back to third–have you seen him trying to run lately? He can’t even move his feet fast enough to catch some of those not-so-great throws that have been coming his way at first. He definitely couldn’t get around quickly enough to get to hard-hit balls at third.

And bringing up Freeman isn’t the answer to third base (although it might be the answer to FIRST base). The Braves want him to play first, and replacing Glaus with Freeman won’t impact the rest of the infield.

I’d like to see Wren bring in an impact bat to play third. With Chipper being seriously hurt, seems that insurance should pay at least some of the salary he has remaining which would give some payroll flexibility. And we don’t exactly have that star third baseman waiting in the wings at AA or AAA.

This really sucks for the Braves and Chipper, especially since he has been hitting well the past month and a half or so.

Prado, Medlen, and now Chipper. This injury bug is killing us. At least Prado should be back soon… As a few have stated already, it looks like its Freeman time. There comes a time when prospects need to become players, and if the Braves want to win a world series, they need another player. There was once this prospect named Jones that became a player after being called up during the later season and had quite the playoff run.
As for lineups, Infante should leadoff followed by Prado. If we get those two guys on, Heyward and McCann will do the damage.

Terrible news. Chipper was still very valuable, despite what many commenters here seem to think. Glaus does NOT move to 3rd, please God. I love Conrad, but he remains in the bench role, where he’s thrived and remains most valuable. I’d keep Prado at 2nd and start Infante at 3rd, but if you were to swap them around I wouldn’t complain. The real question remains to be 1st base. I’m sorry, a Freeman call-up might be necessary. Glaus’s few singles in recent days hasn’t exactly changed my opinion. And with Chipper gone, our offense just lost a lot of pop. Freeman will be at least as good as any person we could trade for, and he wouldn’t cost us a ton of prospects.

Tough loss. Even though his best playing days were clearly behind him, Chipper was still a strong clubhouse presence and on the field team leader. He will be missed. With the Chipper injury and Glaus’s continued struggles, the organization is forced to call up Freeman to start the Dodgers series this weekend. With Prado hopefully returning in a few games, I would hope to see the following lineup most days:
1. Prado -2B
2. Infante -3B
3. Heyward -RF
4. McCann -C
5. Hinske -LF
6. Gonzalez -SS
7. Freeman -1B
8. Ankiel -CF
9. Pitcher

Platooning Diaz most of the time with Hinske when he needs rest, or platooning Hinske at first with Freeman and playing Diaz in left would be the usual rotation. Throw in an occassional start for Glaus, but rest him for postseason and use him and Conrad as strong pitch hitters, designated hitters if Braves make the World Series.

Glaus has hard enought time trying to catch the throws from the pitcher but please don’t put Conrad in everyday at third. His throws to first are terrible but then NC can have another wish of seeing Glaus gone with an injury.

Chipper sorry to hear about your knee, see ya in 5 at Cooperstown.

All this talk about Conrad reminds me of the same thing that were said about Prado and Infante. They were both utility infielders, both were “good” bench players, neither could replace long gone KJ, Furcal or Yunel. It is time to realize that our minor league system and our Front office aren’t very clever when it comes to talent evaulation. What has Conrad done that leads anyone to believe he can’t handle an everyday role at 3rd? Nothing, he has just come in a performed great in an everyday role and in clutch situations. We can pull off a Frank blockbuster trade and get someone else’s trash or use what is right in front of them. The guy hit at a 650 AB pace of 31 HR, 50 Doubles, 130 RBI and .261 BA throughout his ENTIRE Minor league career. His .810 OPS in the minors is about the same as much heralded prospect Freeman. I still think we should bring Freddie up anyway, his defense would help at 1st. Glaus could rest his knees and come thundering off the bench. Against tough lefties Prado plays third and Omar second(although I like Brooks lefty for his power). Freeman is the call up, the time to strike is now.

Once Prado returns from the DL, he will be the everyday third baseman. Over the past couple of years he has been recognized as the best defensive option at third base.

Prado’s presence at third base opens the door for Omar Infante to play 2B. But this weakens the bench and the value provided by Infante’s ability to be available to play multiple positions.

With Infante as an everyday 2B, you don’t have a solid backup at either position on the left side of the infield. Plus as we saw when Escobar was out for two weeks, Infante’s defense is erratic when he’s asked to play every day.

I think the Braves will start making calls to see who is available. Dan Uggla would be great. But the Marlins seem to want to sign him to a multi-year deal. In other words, if they’re going to give him up, they’ll be asking for a significant return.

With Jordan Schafer’s trade value nearly non-existent, the Braves may need to dip into their pool of talented young pitching prospects.

This is something they didn’t want to do a couple weeks ago. But they may be forced to do so at this point while continuing their commitment to attempt to make a serious run toward the World Series this year.

Freddie Freeman will likely be in Atlanta before the end of the year. But Troy Glaus may have bought himself a couple of weeks with the small portion of production he’s provided over the past few days.

Unfortunately, Glaus is a day or two away from another $350,000 bonus. By the end of the month he could tally an additional 350 K and still be giving pitchers reason to wonder if they can confidently throw to first base with a pickoff move.

Bravobrewhaha, why on earth would you platoon Hinske and Freeman at 1B when they’re both lefthanded hitters? And erin, I was obv not saying FF should be playing 3B. Come on now.

Mark, do you really think the Filly’s would let Uggla clear waivers to get to us? Much less the rest of the NL who are behind us in the standings? BTW, nice to have you back.

Yeah I forgot that Prado is a pretty good third baseman. Bill, I know how gutsy and clutch Brooks can be, but has a lifetime .218 AVG, .315 OBP, .717 OPS, and is having a great year so far?off the bench. He’s just not an everyday guy. I would definitely give up a good pitching prospect for Dan Uggla. That would be a pretty great pickup and worth it down the road.

This is the type of situation where Cox’s loyalty to players over winning drives me crazy. At least platoon Glaus with Freeman. Platoon Hinske and Diaz in left. Prado to third and Infante to second. Live with Hernandez and Conrad as backups. There is no major player available to trade for that I can think of. Uggla won’t be doable.

Great bullpen, oustanding bench, Martin Prado and timely hiiting has been the key ingredients to maintaining the hold on 1st base. The Braves need to get on the phone and let’s see who can pass waivers. I prefer to see Conrad, Hinske and Infante work there magic off the bench. I am sure Ty Wiggington can be had and not sacrifice the future. Six million prorated comes to around 1 1/2 million and this something they can afford. The Braves have been in trouble lately for several reasons: 1. The Phillies have been hot. 2. No timely hitting. 3. Prado hurt. 4. Glaus washed up and the Braves have counted on him to be one of the main power supplies. 5. Farnsworth trade has not worked although, Ankiel has been fine. 6. Wagner has recent issues. This brings me to the shot in the arm needed. If you were going to make Freeman a September call up the why not bring him up two weeks earlier. The worst case would be a pinch hitter and late inning defensive replacement. He can do no worse than Glaus as far as hitting and is much improved from a defensive standpoint. STOP SCREWING AROUND AND BRING UP FREDDIE.

With the lack of offense since the break, it’s crazy that we lead the NL in homers since then.

NC – you have convinced me that you are a Phillies fan. Maybe more likely a Mets fan. You had us all going for a while, but nobody can be that stupid/disloyal/borderline insane and NOT be from either Philidelphia or New York. Thanks for coming out of the closet.

Wow this is bad bad news for the braves. Best wishes to Chipper get well soon. Hopefully Brooks Conrad can fill in for Chipper well the rest of the year

Well there is one positive thing I can say about this turn of events: If this injury does result in Chipper’s retirement, atleast the last fielding play we witnessed from him may have been one of the most if not the most incredible play of his long historic career. Certainly deserves credit for web gems of the year. We will really need some big contributions from the rest of the team to pick them up and carry them through the season and onward. I look toward Martin Prado’s performance upon return from the DL to determine how we will fare.

Viva, BR says we are tied with the Brewers at 31, still an amazing stat. All these teams who were killing in the first half can’t hit the ball out any longer? WTFU?

Oh and viva, You are basing you assessment that Brooks isn’t an everyday guy on 19 AB in 2008, 54 AB in 2009 and 101 AB in 2010. What about those numbers tell you that he played “everyday” in any of those scenarios? The only time he has ever played everyday is in the minors where he has produced the kind of numbers that assure me is is an “everyday player” His run production is phenomenal in an everyday setting I mean a 162 game avg of about 130 RBIs/yr???? This argument that he isn’t” an “everyday” player is the same one that I fought last year with Prado. Everyone was so sure he could never be an everyday player. Well we know how that turned out, this year we are talking about him as an MVP candidate. I guarantee Brooks is an EVERYDAY player.

That was an issue of if Prado was a better option than KJ at the time, and whether KJ should’ve been given more time to regain his swing, mainly just because of his power potential. You know all of this. Prado has had great numbers everywhere. Brooks got some extended time to regularly start last year and didn’t exactly set the world on fire. I just think he’s better to have come off the bench, have Prado at 3B, and Infante at 2B. That’s all. Heyward hitting third and the middle infield guys at the top of the order.

Brooks had 8 starts in 2009. I’m sure you would want your job performance evaluation to consist of the first 1/2 hour of the day, during the 1st week at your new job. Brooks has had great numbers everywhere except in very limited Major league starts. And he actually excels the more he plays. That is the hallmark of an “everyday player. I think the rational infield puts Martin at 1st Brooks at 3rd and Omar at 2nd. Brooks has never performed as poorly as Glaus is playing right now, both at the plate and in the field. Glaus needs the rest, Martin doesn’t have to make a lot of throws while his injury still heeling and we get all the hot bats in the lineup. The only thing keeping Glaus in the lineup is Bobby’s stubbornness and Franks unwillingness to activate Freddie’s contract.

It isn’t just that Chipper is batting well, or simply playing well on the field – it is his leadership that will be missed. Over the years he has been the one to settle down the younger players and keep the older ones believing and going. With a 2 1/2 game lead over the Phillies, now is the time we need that kind of leadership. Very, very, sad…

Someone on DOB’s blog commented that Chipper will probably become an “unofficial” coach for the rest of the year. I can see that, since I can’t really picture him watching the rest of this season’s games from the comfort of his couch.

Well, Bill, if we look at your lineup, it would be the discussion of would we rather have Brooks Conrad or Troy Glaus play on a regular basis. I understand your logic totally, but with his PAST power potential and resume, I feel the organization would give the bid to Glaus. Especially since there is always the potential of another “May” for him. But, as an all around ballplayer, I prefer Brooksy.

Wanderingbraves- I agree that the other day Chipper had one of his finest plays ever. Not a bad way to go out, but definitely not what everyone wanted. That was just a huge kick in the gut for this team to have him go down. This is McCann’s opportunity to take his team and lead them to the playoffs. We have got to get the kid back into the lineup, and have Infante and Prado lead off for us down the stretch. Those four would be just as good as any four in the NL. However, 5-8 is where our trouble lies. We must have Glaus or Freeman come in and hit 5th with power. If so, Gonzo is a good option at 6-7, along with Matty Diaz, and Hinske. Ankiel would be 8th even though he isn’t carrying a big stick at the time. But I like the kid’s defense and arm.

I am really sorry this happened to Chipper. I have a feeling we will see him in Spring Training trying to go out on his own terms and not have him on the ground the last image of him on the field.

He has never been just about the money so his decisions won’t be motivated entirely by that. But I bet he wont retire until 1) he doesn’t feel he can play and 2) why not keep the contract in place as long as possible and keep getting paid.

I also tend to agree with Billreef about Conrad. There are guys who develop late when something finally clicks for them, which I think happened with him. Generally players peak in their late twenties or early thirties, which is where Conrad is. He may only have 1 1/2 good years in him, who knows, but lets give him a shot. I think he earned it.

I would also like to see FF called up and pull back on Glaus’s playing time. I doubt FF would be able to get to
Super two status now anyway. Also those bonuses Glaus is getting have to somewhat offset the impact to Freddie’s long term cost too (I know not enough)

Looking on the bright side, at least now we can move J-Hey into the 3 spot like you’ve all been begging for. Hate to see Chipper go out this way though.

Speedy, I am not cranking on Glaus. He is hurt. It is obvious to everyone watching him. When we are on the road, I wind up listening to a lot of Non-homer broadcasts. And, to a man, those broadcasters have been commenting on how wounded Glaus looks. It has been obvious to me, every time I look at him I wince. His knees are killing him and if we are really playing to get into the postseason, he needs some serious rest, perhaps even DL and rehab time. Bobby’s loyalty is past ridiculous when it comes to something like this. I was just trying to put together a rational approach so that we get hot hitters in the lineup and give some latitude for injuries like Prado and Glaus. This spunk about “everyday” players , makes me nuts. These guys have earned their place here and just because some scout might think otherwise, we label a player. I guess our scouts who said Jordan, Jojo and Chavez were sure bets were right then too???

I think Infante is another one that had earned a shot as an everyday player. I think Gonzo would make an excellent addition to our BENCH, while Omar gets his chance.

Just out of curiousity I looked around a little today at third basemen on teams that are out of it. Yikes!! Pretty slim pickin’s out there unless you want a sub .250, even sub .200 in some cases, hitter. This time I do think we need to look internally if those are the options.


That wasn’t directed at you specifically–it’s just been a trend on all the blogs in the past few days. Oh, Chipper is hurt? We must bring up FF! Just making a point that they’re not logically connected.

Bill, i wasn’t busting on you, I actually agree with your rationale. But I was just commenting that despite those facts, Glaus will still get the nod. I think the guy looks like an old man playing a young man’s game. However, if we get that “May” Glaus back, we could definitely head into October as NL East Champs. Come on guys, let’s give our pitching a fighting chance.

I have never posted on here before but I have been a Braves fan for a long time. ncbravefan82 I don’t know where you come up with some of the ideas you have, they are just unrealistic. I also think it’s funny that so many people have bashed Chipper these past couple of years and now all of the sudden are sad that he is out. I have and always will believe that Chipper is the backbone of this team. When he is in the lineup it tends to scare opposing pitchers a lot more. It has been said by several people in the Braves organization that Prado is a better third baseman than he is at second and I believe third is where he will end up. Infante will play second and Brooksy can play a little bit of both positions. The Braves will be just fine but it is tough to see Chipper go down the way he did.

Bautista if placed on waivers would be claimed by an American league team long before any National league team would have a chance at claiming him.
Bautista had a lot of suitors before the trade dead line and Toronto’s asking price was too high so there was no one close too getting him, at least none reported.

Bautista if placed on waivers would be claimed by an American league team long before any National league team would have a chance at claiming him.
Bautista had a lot of suitors before the trade dead line and Toronto’s asking price was too high so there was no one close too getting him, at least none reported.

Retarded time stamp.

Tough Day for the Braves. Chipper is needed and will be missed. Everytime they go outside of the organization for a mediocre replacement, they regret it. Ankiel and Gonzo have been disappointing thus far. McCloud never did too much. Ryan Church – non tender. I would go with Prado and Infante the rest of the way. I would like to see McCann call a players meeting and rally around this misfortune. The offensive dropoff between Chipper and Infante is small at this point so I still think they can win the division.

Get Will soon Chipper.

There is a third baseman in Toronto, called Bautista, that is currently leading the major leagues with 36 home runs and has 88 RBIs. Wren could have had him before the trade deadline. Perhaps he can now work something out with Toronto, if they can convince them to place him on waivers.

OK, so the White Haired Weasel is interviewed and asked the question whether Freeman might get the call up. He says Chipper’s injury really doesn’t change that situation at all. Is he sniffing glue??? Not only does he make two non-deals at the trading deadline(typical) but now he doesn’t even recognize the needs in our lineup. I mean we have playing with Cabrera, Gonzalez and Hinske in prominent roles in our lineup. We had Diaz in the 4 hole the other night. We have had huge problems scoring runs lately and it taxes our starters and relievers. Do we have to run this great pitching staff into the ground before he gets it?? The personnel moves on this team are approaching the ridiculous. He says that most players have been placed on waivers and claimed so no help is likely available on the trade market. Well, no sh*t, Sherlock. Maybe we should have thought about that 12 days ago, BEFORE the trading deadline.

Of course we don’t need a first baseman. We have a guy who has hit at best .200 the past month and a half and has hands of steel. A guy who needs to fill our 5 hole in the order now that chipper is gone. Of course we don’t need another bat or first baseman. This guy will do just fine. There is absolutely no need to worry. Our pitchers will just have to have a combined 1.76 ERA from here on out and we will be good to go. No worries, hakuna matata

Anyone know if David Ross can play a little 1B?

Kawakami with Gwinnett tonight….5 hits, 2 runs, 2 walks and a HR in 3 innings. What a fantastic signing that was….
Also, our boy McLouth is headed down Schafer road at this point. He’s batting a blistering .247 for the G-Braves. Canizares is hitting .326….but he’s a terrible fielder so let’s not give him a shot, because we play dazzling defense in Atlanta.

And this just in, our injured all star lead off man, leads the team in slugging percentage. And the Fillies scored 8 in the 8th and 9th to overcome a 7 run deficit. No need to worry, I’m stand pat Frank. We will have to solve our problems “internally” and then we won’t solve them, we’ll just pretend like they are non-existent. These guys are playing their hearts out Frank, how bout a lil help.

Speedy, Ross has played a total of 5 games at 1B, all at the A level.
With regard to Canizares, no, we really don’t need to bring up a DH for the sake of change. Especially one with only 42 HR in 5 seasons… despite his .300+ AAA batting average, would he really be any kind of offensive upgrade for the team? (see: Hernandez, Diory)

Brooks Conrad’s average season (Minor Leagues; assuming 600 ABs):.261 AVG.344 OBP22 HRs98 RBIs39 doubles8 triples17 SBs142 Ks72 BBs
And that’s just his offense. We all know he has awesome glove skills and have heard how he’s one of the hardest working players you’ll ever encounter. I like Omar, too. I’m just throwing out some numbers…

Some thoughts on who to get and when to get them. Last season we picked up a veteran “presence” for a song, below his expected market price in GA. With Boras as his P*mp, he dogged it defensively, not wanting to get hurt before his “real money” deal. I am a little jaded about major league veterans in this spot. Experience I don’t mind. Guys like Brooks have been playing every day for years. They are so greatful for the opportunity they run through walls at the major league level just to say they left nothing behind when they got their shot. In many cases, they’ve already seen most of the major league pitchers they have to face at AA or AAA. Rookies like Freddie will also give it everything they’ve got. In September when the roster goes to 40, we have a nice mix of young and veteran minor leaguers that can help. Brundage will be in the dugout as the G-Braves aren’t going to the playoffs this year. Some of these kids run better than the guys in Atlanta. Some of them are more talented than the guys in Atlanta, like Freddie Freeman is, and Jason Heyward was last year. With a 40 man roster that possibly includes Freeman and Young and maybe Timmons (ask what the other players think about him before you laugh), we can get the speed, defense, and the fundamentals that are lacking in Atlanta right now.
The next three weeks are what we have to worry about. Ankiel needs to relax and come around, and Glaus needs to gut it out until help gets here. Don’t fall in love with name players. Most of the available guys are available for a reason. Lack of effort or attitude won’t help down the stretch. We can’t afford to take on a guy trying to keep himself healthy until his free agency starts. The agents can have a very negative affect on the month of September. Let’s try to keep them out of it. Winning to them involves the use of a pen, not a bat and glove. Rentals don’t dive for the plate to score like Prado did when he got hurt. The guys in Gwinnett and Atlanta do. We aren’t asking the September guys to carry the team, (if we are we aren’t making the playoffs anyway) we just need roles filled, and they can do that.

i am with Bravomania and that conrad should be a bench player and better off as a sub and a pinch hitter. The fix for third base isnt in Glaus bc FW said he was not bring up Freedman and place glaus at third I think he not looking interanlly he looking outside the Braves to fill the roster spot maybe going after Figgins Wiggington Pedro Feliz.

The Florida Times Union spoke with Chipper’s father from his Texas Ranch. He had some pretty interesting things to say. Chipper played high school ball here in Jacksonville and the Times Union still keeps in touch with the family. Check out the quotes from Larry Jones:
?Since all the retirement stuff came up, Chipper has had a renewed vigor for the game,? Larry Jones said. ?We noticed the difference in the way he?s talking about playing than he did in June. Those people that are talking about him being done, he ain?t done.
?He?s not going out like this. I think he?ll be back. Once the shock [of the injury] wears off, you?ll see him get back and get going again.?
?He?s just been a different kid the last two months,? Larry said. ?Before, he was kind of down in the dumps. Once he made those adjustments, it took off for him and you tell his enthusiasm for the game picked up.?

Again, why is that man not a part of the Braves organization? His insight is not limited to his son’s game.

We could tell the difference after Chipper and his dad got together. I’ve yet to see a visible, positive adjustment anyone can truthfully attribute to TP. Even Joe Simpson doesn’t go that far spinning TP for the team. His time needs to be coming to an end. Costas, all knowing baseball guy that he is, thinks TP should have the job not Freddie. My response to Bob is “Stick to the Yankees and Red Sox, and keep your botox out of Atlanta’s business.”

Papi, I wasn’t referring to making a change just to make it. Do you really think that Atl will hold onto glaus if he continues to hit .200 or below? Why pay him the incentives money if he is hitting worse than hudson. I was referring to different 1B options because we have to fill “internally” if Glaus is let go or becomes completely unproductive (which he is almost there). Plus, we obviously don’t value defense on this team so what’s the issue here? Might as well give the kid a chance if Glaus doesn’t come around.

lol, Rother I laughed out loud at the Costas “botox” comment!
I sincerely hope that one of the “Larry’s” from that family ends up on the Braves coaching staff. Hell, if this is it from Chipper, how sweet would it be if Freddie Gonzalez came calling in the next couple of years offering Chipper a full-time job? Seriously, how much would it benefit our younger hitters in the minors if Larry Sr. was working with some swings.
billreef – Conrad is hitting .238 with more strikeouts than hits. I think he is much better coming of the bench and winning games for us in the clutch than regularly starting for us. Plus, our bench depth is not as deep now that Infante will be starting every day. I love Brooksie – but I love him more off the bench. Just my opinion.

My point is, if we’re gonna stay atop the division, we better start valuing defense. If we’re gonna replace Glaus and upgrade on both sides of the ball (sorry for football imagery), I’d sooner see the new kid than the older, prospective career DH.

Yeah, Brooks on the bench and Glaus in the lineup. Yeah, that makes sense. Well Brooks is batting .100+ higher than Glaus over the same time period with 6 times as many HR’s all while not playing everyday. Yeah, that makes sense. Brooks play twice the defense as Glaus, perfectly logical. I see that NCBrave agrees with you Bravo. You are in good company.

Haha “the white haired weasel”? Bill, I just want to know what Frank Wren did to you personally. I mean, he seems to me like a basic GM, he isn’t horrible, he isn’t Einstein?he has made some bad moves and some good moves. At the same time, he isn’t Julius Caesar, making moves unchecked without getting the ok from any committee or even Scheurholtz. I like your image of him as a bumbling fool who is a complete moron who has no clue what he is doing, knows nothing about baseball, and cares nothing about the players.. his previous job was selling hot dogs at the stadium and has the baseball savvy of NC. I know you need a scapegoat and all, but if you think Wren is calling the shots and not just doing Scheurholtz’ leg work and that he actually has the final word, then i don’t know what to say.

Ok, White Haired Weasel might be a bit strong. It’s just I am ruuning out out of monikers for for his actions or lack thereof.
Look at it in this light. We haven’t had a centerfielder who can hit above mendoza for 2 years now. DURING TWO PENNANT RACES. 1st Base is like a Merry-Go-Round where you can’t ever grab the Brass ring. We trade our star young shortstop at the absolute bottom of his trading value. He plays for the team for 4 years and all of a sudden he is a cancer in the clubhouse??? The FA debacles are well chronicled- Furcal, Peavy, Burnett, Lowe and KK. Our idea of a good trade is we give you mediocre players and you give us yours. The Glaus deal looked good for a while, but he now is in the throes of what every other team in baseball expected and we are paying him monthly bonuses to support that. The reason we have a first place team now has little or nothing to do with Wren and his ability. Most of the starting lineup came from the Braves minor league system, drafted before Frankie was in charge. The one exception would be Minor who has been rushed to the majors and what consequence that will have remains to be see.

It’s all about the dynamic Vivabeta, Frank Wren has had to build this team back from the utter chaos and shambles that was the end of the September, 2008. We had Elmer in Depends, and Freddie Kruger on our pitching staff. He knew Smoltz was done, and he was pretty sure Glavine was. The AAA pitching, which wasn’t overly talented, had all been up to Atlanta that season, and all were on the 40 man roster. It was ugly. The dynamic had changed from teams begging for our guys and depth to Frank having to make the calls and ask about their guys. That’s like having the button in poker, a big, big thing. In January-February of 2009, the free agent pitchers weren’t buying into the Braves recovery. Javy Vasquez had always wanted to play for Bobby. The signing of Kawakami was a big factor in Derek Lowe saying yes. That wave got us back on the map, even if Kawakami didn’t turn out to be the pitcher we had hoped he would be. Lowe still has more wins than either Peavy or A.J Burnout since we got him, so I’m fine with that one. We are quickly getting back to a position of strength, but Wren did a pretty darn good job during the period when he basically had none. After a playoff run this year, see how the offseason goes this winter with the free agents. I’m betting it will be significantly more interesting.

Viva, How about this name instead “Frankly my Dear, I can’t make a Trade”.

The ones that I didn’t like at all were Kotsay for Sumoza, and Teixeira for Kotchman and Marek. Those were very week trades. Renteria for Jurrjens was outstanding. Getting Infante from the Cubs before the Cubs knew what the they had was also pretty good.

I’m with Rother on this one. Pretty much how I’ve always thought of Wren. You can’t look at the job that anyone has ever done with tunnel vision and selective memory. Before we agreed to those “horrible” contracts for Lowe and Kawakami, our rotation consisted of Jurjjens, Vazquez, Morton, JoJo, etc. He didn’t screw up any deal with Burnett, because he didn’t want to be in a rotation where he was the ace, and why was the Peavy situation a debacle? SD wanted Hanson AND Escobar in the deal and Peavy is a d*ck, so it didn’t happen. The Furcal incident was the agent’s fault. In May, Wren was a genius for signing Glaus, now he’s an idiot for signing Glaus. You can’t look at it like that. Schafer started out great, got hurt, lost confidence, and that’s how sports work sometimes. Obviously McClouth didn’t work out, but what else did we have? He was available and certainly couldn’t do worse than Schafer and we gave up nothing for him. Ankiel hasn’t been great, but was he better than McClouth and we only gave up Blanco, Chavez, Collins, AND we got money in the deal. Ankiel>Blanco. Farnsworth>Chavez. Should we have sold the farm for Hart or Ross? I mean, I’ve written this same argument OVER AND OVER again and obviously I’m not going to change the minds of anyone, since everyone seems to need someone to blame for all the problems on the team. Everyone needs a scapegoat and a bad guy. If it’s not TP when someone isn’t hitting well, then it’s Wren who picked us up a stinker who happened to replace an even worse stinker, or it’s Bobby when a reliever gives up a run, or McDowell when a pitcher doesn’t turn out well, ETCETERA ETCETERA ETCETERA

I’d give Wes Timmons a coup of coffee in Atlanta this September, just for drilling Peavy with that line drive last year. How poetic that was.

Well said Viva.

I know its Bobby’s last year like everybody else does, but I am glad Wren hasn’t sacrificed the future with a “win now at all costs” approach, which Bobby wouldn’t want anyway.

I think JS got caught up in that a little which is why we were so thin by 2008, and player like Wainwright, Andrus, and Feliz are elsewhere.

Our future looks so bright it is ridiculous. Yes, we still need some outfielders and left side infielders to develop, BUT, our starting pitching is in great shape for the next two to three years (at a minimum), and the relievers are very solid too. We are set at Catcher (a key spot), Second (Prado, or Infante), Right Field, and good bench strength. First base should be set if FF is what we expect, and Infante will fill an infield spot.

So we will still have outfield holes to fill and still need to add a power bat (Billreef is right though that filling this hole is way over due).

I can live with that.

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