Prado activated from the disabled list

Martin Prado has been activated from the disabled list and placed in the Braves starting lineup for Tuesday night’s game against the Nationals. 

Prado will bat third and play third base during this series opener against the Nationals.  The All-Star second baseman had been sidelined since July 30 with a fractured right pinky finger. 

With Chipper Jones out with a season-ending knee injury, Prado could serve as the Braves primary third baseman for the remainder of the season.  Over the past two seasons, many within the organization have said this is the position that best satisfies his defensive skills. 

Prado went 1-for-4 while playing a rehab game for Triple-A Gwinnett Monday night.


Infante 4
Heyward 9
Prado 5
Diaz 7
Glaus 3
Gonzalez 6
Cabrera 8
Ross 2
Minor 1 


Good to see Melky getting some playin time, he’s been doin pretty well with what he’s been given

Man – I would do the batting order COMPLETELY different. Guess that’s why I’m sitting in a cubicle now.

Proper lineup for tonight.

I’m sure that whne Bmac comes back tomorrow against a righty

The lineup will be the one we see quite regularly.


This undying devotion to Glaus is ridiculous. They are blowing this. For chrissakes at least move him down in the order and put in someone who can catch the ball late. He is worse than bad at 1st right now. His batting avg. over his career(even when he could run) was .235 for August and .221 for Sept/Oct with a severe drop off in HR numbers. Mr. September he ain’t. The guy should be on the DL not on a contender in the middle of the order. To everyone who thinks he is “turning it around” did you watch the game last night??? This is past Bobby stubborn, this is just stupid.

Brian McCann needs a day off with no off day this week. Plus, it makes a lot of sense to do it against a lefty, as well as playing Hinske instead of Diaz. As for Troy Glaus, you can’t throw Freddie Freeman into the mix and release Troy Glaus. It’s just a dumb move. Especially, considering the team needs his veteran leadership without Chipper.

Bill, what is your infatuation with the 2009 team?

BTW – the Brave’s Line up against the Cubbies that night?

K. Johnson 2b
Y. Escobar ss
N. McLouth cf
C. Jones 3b
B. McCann c
G. Anderson lf
J. Francoeur rf
M. Prado 1b
J. Jurrjens p

“Clueless” Pretty much nailed it that day, except that I had Prado batting 7 and Fancoeur hitting 8th. HA! And I was even right about that when you think about it.

Barry, you really need to quit smoking in the middle of the day. It really messes up your posts. Well Stevie, talking about coming late to the party. Who said anything about Freddie Freeman?? And Little Stevie, a veteran leader doesn’t camp out in the lineup so that he can make his bonuses, when it’s killing the team. Glaus is a one year rental trying to stuff some more money in the bank, before no one will hire him again, the majors are full of guys like that.

You know, watching tonite I am reminded of the offseason year before last when I lobbied hard for the addition of a power hitter and my primary target was Dunn. Instead Frankie signed Kenshin and Garret Anderson. At the time I was criticized for promoting Dunn because his BA was too low, he struck out a lot and he played less than stellar defense. You could say he really wasn’t an everyday player.

Since then we have endured the nightmare of Anderson(Mr. Personality), Kenshin hasn’t panned out. Kotchman is long gone and now we have a big 1st baseman, who strikes out a lot, can’t play a lick of defense, hits for a very low avg(.154 for the last month) and has hit 3 Hr’s in the last month and a half. Mean while Mr. Dunn has gone on to hit for career highs in avg., play a serviceable 1st base, hit at a 40+ HR rate, a 105 RBI rate and a .929 OPS. It turns out he was one of the most coveted trade target at the recent trading deadline. Maybe signing him would have been a good idea. He wanted to play for Atlanta, but frank couldn’t sign him.

Now we have a similar player. Agewise about a year apart, has hit for a slightly better average, Hit Doubles and HRs at a similar rate, strikes out at a lower rate, walks a bit, much better defensively, runs the bases much better. So what does our front office do. they park him on the bench. Not only has this player provided some of the greatest heroics in major league history(2 GW, GS in 1 season or career). But he has done all the things you ask of a player. His critics want to point to a defensive lapse on wet grass as proof positive that he isn’t ready. Even though the HOFer he replaced muffed a grounder to lose a game several nights earlier and the “sure” handed “everyday” shortstop hasn’t been able to find the ball in his hand in numerous late inning pressure situations to date. Oh well He’s not an everyday player, even though his stats are almost identical when he plays the whole game and when he pinch hits. What a waste.

Brandon, you are uninformed once again. Conrads stats when PHing and starting are almost identical.

Another quality strike out by Glaus. True to form

I should badmouth Diory Hernandez to my wife more often.

Bill, I really do not get why you are on this crusade against Glaus. Sure, he’s been sucking lately, but you posting every hour about him isn’t going to remove him from the lineup. Who else can play first? Hinske? He’s been sucking. Put Prado at 1st? Who would play 3rd, Conrad? I think if we shipped a snowman from Canada and gave him a twig, that it would hit better early in the game. Conrad has found his knack, as a pinch hitter. Go ahead, bring up Freeman. But you’re using a roster spot on the notion that this guy will come up and be Mark Teixeira, when he could just as well come up and be Scott Thorman.

That’s your argument? You want to replace a .240 hitter with a .246 hitter? Glaus hardly ever has to make a play, your 1B isn’t that important. Glaus isn’t doing well, but there is no other logical option. Prado isn’t the best fielding 1B either, and we saw Conrad’s defense last night.

At least Troy didn’t strike out for the fourth time.

“Now we have a similar player. Agewise about a year apart, has hit for a slightly better average, Hit Doubles and HRs at a similar rate…”

Bill you were comparing Brooksy to Chipper last night, and to Adam Dunn tonight, and I am the one smoking something?

For the last time we are not criticizing Brooks. We are criticizing you.

Way to go Diory, He hit a HR in the 6th inning, does that mean, he’s an “everyday” player because it wasn’t in the 7th or later?, Brandon your showing your ignorance again, Prado would be a HUGE defensive improvement at 1B. What do you base your feeble argument on? Yes, and I would replace that .240 hitter, who has hit like .142 for the last 2 months and strikes out or hits into a double play with RISP, with a guy who is hitting for power , driving in runs, starting rallies, stealing bases and hitting in clutch situations. Your analysis doesn’t hold water. A 1B isn’t that important, you really are a soccer player aren’t you.

Welcome back Martin!

Hey Bill, I have seen Diory a couple of times this season at Gwinnett. He is a GREATLY improved hitter.

I wasn’t knocking Diory, just making a point to some moron who was compring Conrads stats before and after the 6-7th break.

I am ready (and actually if you read back I have been for a while) to concede that Glaus needs to sit. My only hesitation before was that there were no options.

We seem to have some now. We can call up Freddie. We can also do as Bill has suggested and play Prado at first. Hey, let’s give Hernandez a shot a 3b. (Bill has already conceded that he is an everyday player.)

Barry, if you come up with something to back up your argument, rather than just chastising me, maybe I will listen to what little logic that you might be able to impart. Other than that can you tell me how different Conrad’s stats are from Dunn’s? Or are you just gonna sit there and snivel?

Oh, please can we get farnsworth out of there?

Bill, come back after Brooks has a 30 + home run season. Do you honestly think that if he had those skills, he would be sitting on the Brave’s bench. Don’t you think some team would have recognized that ability and traded for him? What is wrong with these MLB scouts?

Also, when Brooks hits a home run that travels more than 410 feet, come talk to me.

Also, after Brooks has won a gold glove, a batting title, an MVP, come talk to me.

News flash – McClouth was just pulled from the Gwinnett lineup. He has either been traded, or called up.

Some really nice defense from your man Dunn there, Bill.

Wet ball, I’m sure.

Well Barry, since he ain’t an “everyday” player in Atlanta he’ll probably have to wait for that trade. Then he can get away from you and find some fans who appreciate his talent. you know, I took this same ration of sh*t when I suggested that Martin should take Kelly’s spot at second. It usually means I’m right when the chattering class doesn’t get it.

McClouth rumor tracked down – Injured shin. Not traded. Rats!

Hey Barry, I’m pretty sure that foul ball was about 450 feet, does that count?

Barry, if you were RIGHT about anything, I would be shocked.

Barry are you really suggesting that no one would trade for Conrad??? Boy you are really are 1 egg short of a dozen aren’t you?

Bill, did I suggest that? No, what I said was that if MLB scouts thought that Brooks had the skills to hit 30 home runs, he would not be sitting on the Brave’s bench. There are 30 teams. If one of them thought he had those skills, they would certainly trade for him. Don’t you think?

BTW that foul ball went about 385.

Bill, all Prado (and Infante) for that matter did last year and this was to hit over 300 consistently and sparkle in the field. When they got the opportunity they have both proven their worth. Brooks is hitting .246. Thank God he is clutch. At the plate he reminds me of Lempke in that regard. He has come up huge for our team. When he was sent down last season, I thought it was a travesty. He is a part of the heart and soul of this team.

If Brooks were to play everyday, he would probably hit 260 and maybe hit 20 homeruns. Maybe. But he is not Adam Dunn at the plate, nor is he Chipper Jones.

I hope one day he gets a chance to prove me wrong. I am pulling for him to do it.

It is great to have Martin back, having him and Infante in our lineup along with McCann gives us a formidable top of the lineup. But again, IMO, I think we need to have either Gonzo or Glaus starting to supply some consistent power. If not, I still think we are in trouble. Also, maybe having Martin hitting 3rd will get Jason some better pitches?
Once callups occur, I wonder if we will get Canizares some work at 1B. I know, the kid has stone hands, but he can’t be much worse than what we have now. Plus the kid (not so young anymore) hits lefties, which we could definately use. He deserves at least a look at this point. Otherwise, we need to ship him off and make way for someone else.

Come on, man. Please stop bringing up your prediction of Prado doing well after replacing KJ. He hit everywhere he has ever played and is a workhorse. You weren’t the lone voice in the crowd, so it’s getting pretty tiring having to hear it almost every thread.

Also, I did say that I didn’t think Conrad was an everyday player on this team. I don’t think that he is a better option than Infante, and only said that because I believe Glaus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. If Glaus keeps suckin, then yeah.. it’ll be either Freeman or Conrad. There’s no doubt about that.

Seriously, Bill – being right about Prado over Kelly was like predicting that Ricky Martin really meant “He Bangs, He Bangs!”. It’s not that impressive… everyone knew it.

Oh come on Barry, his name is Lemke….don’t disrespect the Lemer!!!!

How long does Glaus have to S*ck. We are at 2 months and counting now. When does Bobby quit being loyal and start being silly. Glaus just drove in a run. Way to go clutch.

I don’t know, scoring 13 runs on 16 hits, then 10 runs tonight on 12 hits, and only one home run in all of that is kind of fun. Nothing wrong with bleeding a team to death. I know, it isn’t typical Bobby ball, but so what?

Well Bravo, I sure took a lot of sh*t for it. And I am sure you and your clan were the guilty parties, shall I retrieve another quote? It’s funny how that selective memory works.

Sorry speedy, fat fingers.

Nice one! Good for the Kid winning his first home start.

I think the difference with the KJ situation and people’s opinions was that KJ had a lot of fans. I was one of them. Not to say I didn’t want Prado to play, I just wanted to see KJ get out of his slump. I’d rather see someone else playing 1B at the moment, I just don’t see it happening any time soon?that is within the next few weeks. Maybe Glaus will turn it around. The numbers say he won’t. But that’s the overwhelming confidence Bobby has had with players for his entire tenure.

Man the Braves scored all 10 of their runs in the last 3 innings, does that mean they should all be pinch hitters?? They’ve won more games in their last AB than any team in the NL. Maybe none of them are everyday players? They are very good in the clutch and I love what they have done, but I really don’t think any of them should start, do you?

Well, in his defense J Anderson hit pretty decently in the bigs and then lost the starting job to Schafer in spring training. After that it was all downhill for that guy who is another CF in our collection who can’t hit above .200.

Well, in his defense J Anderson hit pretty decently in the bigs and then lost the starting job to Schafer in spring training. After that it was all downhill for that guy who is another CF in our collection who can’t hit above .200.

Bill, you can search this blog high and low… you will NEVER find any support for Kelly Johnson last year coming from me… or midway through 2008 for that matter. But feel free to do your “digging”. You were so good at finding something today to hold against me with your crack detective work… Oh wait, it was a prediction that I made that came true. What was the point of bringing that up again?
I don’t know how many times we have to go over this, but we ALL love Brooks Conrad. But we ALL see his value coming from late inning clutch hitting. He dials it in another notch with the game on the line. There is no real great answer at first base right now unless Freeman is called up or Wren makes a move.

Do you still believe I’m a PWHort alter ego? I was arguing with that guy from day 1 of this blog.

In reference to speed, I couldn’t help but notice Josh Anderson on Sunday. He beat out a routine double play at first base and eventually scored. His stand up triple was impressive too. He was halfway between second and third before the cut off man got the throw from right center. He looked like he was gliding effortlessly. He knew “triple” as soon as he made contact. He’s my vote for lead-off. When he gets on base, he will get into scoring position. There’s no doubt in my mind. He will set the table for the middle of the order.
By bravomania on March 2, 2009 3:25 PM

Another poetic oldy but goody, demonstrating your prowess as a scout. Josh Anderson was released by three teams this year and is out of baseball currently. Imagine if we had been saving a spot for josh and somehow missed out on Brooks who has won 4 or 5 games for us singlehandedly? Are you sure there “is no doubt in your mind”? Oh and i am still working on the KJ quotes. Coming soon to a Blog near you🙂

Actually Bravo, I will confirm that you were on the correct side of the Prado vs. Kelly argument. kudos to you. I am always one to give credit when due. The hard time I got was certainly from Peter Hjort and his alter egos, but you were on the right side of that one. Doesn’t change the fact that you are dead wrong on Conrad , though.🙂 Loved or unloved he should be in that lineup. he has earned it, not just since he busted out of ST, but for a career dedicated to the game and doing everything one man can do to make it at the major league level. If he gets the starting position , we will never look back.

Viva, you thought I was talking about you? Your not a little paranoid are you?

Garret Anderson will most likely hit cleanup vs RHP and Frenchy will be in that spot against LHP.
I didn’t even think about the fact that nearly the entire team bats left handed. Is that a good thing because the majority of pitchers are righties?
By vivabeta on February 24, 2009 4:38 PM

Thats another classic- Yes Viva, we have a lot of lefties but balance is better because it makes bullpen matchups more difficult. That’s why you stagger a lineup L/R/L/R/L that and you can muster better matchups if someone throws a Lefty starter against you. Frank Wren made that same comment you did, but it is ridiculous,look at our record against LH pitching and you will see why.

The big problem is in a playoff series if you are right or left handed heavy, a team can stack their rotation to neutralize your hitters.

That last line was written a little lightheartedly, Bill. Also, the memory of possibly having G Anderson and Frenchy platooning in the cleanup spot made me puke in my mouth a little bit.

The one thing I find refreshing is that Bill is finally starting to read the blog. Now if we can just get him to focus as he reads.

It is more than a little hysterical that he posts historical posts in attempt to belittle people, only to discover that those posts were accurate.

Bill, you ignorant ****. You belittle Bravo for his “prowess as a major league scout” when all the while you proclaim yourself smarter than the scouts for all 30 of the Major League teams by deeming that Brooks Conrad is another Chipper Jones and Adam Dunn.

You continually pat yourself on the back because somehow you think that you discovered Martin Prado. I don’t suppose the Braves’ scouts or Frank, or John had anything to do with him at all.

You continually belittle and attack other bloggers here, yet become extremely defensive if someone with tongue in cheek belittles you.

Major league players are human beings. Major league scouts are human beings. Bloggers on this blog are human beings. You (I think) are a human being. My point? Everyone is erroneous. That includes you (and me).

Bill. as I see it, you are the Troy Glaus of this blog. Every once in a while you hit a long ball. But mostly you just strike out, or hit into double plays.

Bill – the Josh Anderson comment was made after I attended a spring training game. At the time there was a battle for the lead off/ CF position. I hated Kelly Johnson… especially leading off. And, if you notice my post from that same game about my feelings on Jordan Schafer’s inability to hit a major league fastball, you’d see that Josh Anderson was the best option we had at the time to play lead off. As sad as that sounds… unfortunately it was true. Based on how Kelly Johnson and Jordan Schafer turned out… I think I was on to something. I completely stand by that observation from that game.

Man – I’d feel a lot better about these games if we could do something in the first 6 innings. I really can’t believe we are holding our ground right now, but it really seems like on any given night someone different is going to step up and make a big play or get a big hit.

Bravo, we were talking up Prado before Billreef was even on this blog, late Feb 2009, before there was even a KJ controversy. It was obvious he was going to hit based on the way he drove the ball in late 2008, and he had as good a slugging pct as anybody even then. Back then it was can Frenchy find himself (obviously not) and can Saltlake find Edmonds a job. Those were the days.

Haha – Those were indeed the days. I think you, me, and Viva are the longest tenured bloggers on here. It was definitely a much more peaceful time. Too bad our team sucked. I wonder what our good friend SaltLake is up to these days. He did get his wish though, as Jim Edmonds finally found a team to bring him on this year. And PWJort is plugging away on his calculator in front of his Billy Beane shrine.
Let’s all quit the name calling, agree to disagree, and cheer on the Braves down the stretch. We’re in a dog fight. I don’t think billreef will ever be completely happy until Wren/Pendleton are gone… but maybe we can get a pennant out of this team… who knows?

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