Braves and Cubs still discussing Lee


The Braves appear to be in the final stages of the process to land veteran first baseman Derrek Lee from the Cubs. Multiple sources seem quite confident that the trade will completed within the next hour or two.  

Lee’s recent back problems are certainly concerning.  But at the same time, it has simply been uncomfortable to watch Troy Glaus play through the leg discomfort that has him to be a liability in the lineup the past couple of months. 

The Braves have seen enough to know that Glaus’ legs aren’t going to get any better this year.  They can only hope that Lee’s back discomfort proves to be temporary. 

With Adam LaRoche reportedly clearing waivers, the Braves would have an option to bring him back to play first base for the rest of this season.  But they would rather get a right-handed bat with the power potential that Lee finally showed again this weekend.

Lee has batted .282 with six homers and a .454 slugging percentage over his past 43 games.  Four of those homers were compiled this weekend against the Cardinals.  Braves top scout Jim Fregosi was present during that three-game series in St. Louis.   <p>

Given that most of his recent power came during this recent three-day stretch, Lee isn’t a definite solution to the Braves offensive problems.  Entering this past weekend, he had homered just twice in his previous 41 games.

But while hitting .265 with a .682 OPS  during this 41-game stretch, he at least proved more productive than Glaus, who has hit .175 with a .551 OPS in his past 45 games.

Throw in the fact that Lee is clearly a superior defender and it’s obvious that this trade would at least improve the Braves.   But at the same time, it’s not exactly comforting to know that he would be coming to Atlanta with one of these back problems that seemingly never disappear overnight. 

If this deal falls through, the Braves might at least want to look at the risk of adding LaRoche to their already left-handed heavy lineup.  He has batted .382 (21-for-55) with two homers against left-handed pitchers since the All-Star break. 


Regardless of the Lee trade outcome, Glaus cannot continue to play everyday. I was at the game last night and he was simply pitiful. Although he has hit a couple of homers lately, he is no match for any decent fastball right now. I would rather see Hinske in there because at least has a chance to do something other than strike out or roll into a painful 6-4-3 DP.

Lee would be the best right handed 1ST baseman but if he has back issues then we are right back where we are now. With Chipper and BMac talking to LaRoache about the possiblilty of a post season I would hope he forgets about Wren and approves a trade.

Done deal! I like it! Wat abt yal?

And DLee will join us in Chicago wearin #27

We should trade for both and stick adam in left field.

3 prospects?! I was expecting 2. And they’re ALL pitchers. Better not be one of Teharen, Delgado or Vizcaino. I could cope with maybe one, but not 2.

Cubs Press conference- Derek lee a Brave.


Return a double A prospect

Now they say 3 pitching prospects

Cubs Press conference- Derek lee a Brave for Jeffrey Luric, Robinson Lopez, missed the other one.

Tyrelle Harris, Robinson Lopez and Jeffrey Lorick.

Tyrelle Harris.

Nah man, I never read the url. Ever.

Braves got cash as well

Lee joins the team in Chicago.

ESPN confirms. But they also speculate about moving Glaus back to 3B…

Papi, I think the chance that Glaus moves to 3rd is about as great as me having all you guys as attendants at my next wedding.

Come on, Brandon. You REALLY REALLY thought FOR ONE SECOND that we would give up Teheran, Delgado, OR Vizacanio (who is hurt and can’t be traded anyway)?? This is a last ditch cash DUMP for the Cubbies. I’m glad we got Lee, but he’s in his last contract year, is owed 3.5mil and they weren’t gonna resign him next season. Remember when we got Krotchman and Marek for Tex? Nothing against Lee, but Tex was about 10x more valuable at the time. It’s a fire sale.

Hey Bill, put on your internet dating shoes and start looking for those invites, cause they’re sending Glaus to Gwinnett after a week of rest to work out at 1B AND 3B.
You gonna have this wedding at the Margaritaville in Key West like you had the last 6?

I never REALLY REALLY though, but I was sure the Cubs would be after triple A talent and then I heard 3 low level pitchers, so I had a hunch one of them would be included. And I loled everywhere at your second comment.

Glaus is heading to the DL per the Braves 15 minutes ago. Will rejoin Braves in Sept. They really couldn’t be stupid enough to put Glaus in at 3B and bench Omar? Could they?

Chipper just said on the broadcast that he and TP don’t necessarily see eye to eye on how to help Heyward get back in the grove. He did it very professionally and said either appoach could work, but I doubt he meant it. He sounds so much more like a hitting coach than TP (who you never hear talking about it) isn’t funny. One of these years maybe after a couple years away from the game. I sure hope so.

What they’re looking for, bill, is versatility. Just giving the Braves more options of the bench, and maybe could make a spot start at 1B or 3B. Variety is the spice of life.

Brandon, are you gay? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

yea but i love Lee but i rather have gone after someone to play third mov infante to second and place Prado at first but thats just me. But Lee does have a bad back but i also heard they were going after Ramirez just yesterday so how come the change from him to Lee?

But bill, you don’t resort to name calling! That’s juvenile! Do you just crack under the pressure of someone making sense of your whining? And no. I live in South Georgia. If I was homosexual, I would have surely been burned at the cross.

Man, Hudson is gearing up for the playoffs, look at that beard.

We gave up just about nothing for a veteran right handed bat. Not a bad move. I just hope he can play with that back. If nothing else, we have better defense and a better bat (than Glaus). He seems to be the silent leader type. Hopefully he makes a positive influence. Also, it will be good to get O’Flaherty back in the bullpen to help take some work from Venters.

Speedy, DOB says “D-Lee’s a top-shelf person, 1 of best in clubhouse of teams I’ve covered. Had him w/ Marlins, and Cubs teammates say same.”

It’s just some of your affectation Brandon, I haven’t heard anyone say “I loled” except in some of those teenage girl movies. You also said Variety was the spice of life, I just thought maybe you were playing for the pink team. I’m not calling you a name. I think most gay guys refer to themselves as gay. I’m sure you South Georgia boys are as gay as anywhere else, in the closet perhaps, but just as gay.

Sorry Brandon, If your really not gay, I’m sorry if I offended you.

If you’ve never heard “I loled everywhere”, you obviously haven’t heard of the Chan. I literally can’t explain, but search for it and you’ll meet a world of trolls just like you. And no one is offended by you bill. Also, if you haven’t heard of an IDIOM, you must be an IDIOT.

Here’s some more wanking: On the Sports South telecast they just said that Glaus feels he can play 3rd and is aiming to start there. So please bill, LET THE B*TCHING COMMENCE.

The Melk Man has been killing it lately. Also: The Melk Man is one of the dumbest nicknames of all time.

It very much is. But, it’s New York. What do you expect.

I like the Flying Burrito…..

Have to admit, I chuckled.

And I hope Glaus can pick it up at 3B and play there on occasion, though i’m not saying I think he can. But in a fantasy world where we have May 2010 Glaus at third, and 2009 Lee at first, we win the WS.

“Flying Burrito?” But Melky’s Venezuelan. 😛
And if Pendleton is really trying to tinker with Heyward’s swing, which was PERFECT as he came up (as much as a 20-year-old swing can be), I’m leading a crusade to the offices in Atlanta. I can fit four in my car, and my wife can fit four in hers if she agrees to come. Who’s with me?

Chipper would make a great hitting coach in my opinion. He was a better 3B than TP for the Braves, might as well be a better hitting coach as well . I would not be surprised AT ALL if TP is sent packing after this season. Just look at the numbers. Our best two hitters, Chipper and BMac have their dads essentially as their hitting coach.

**Don’t get me wrong, TP was a great player for the Braves, but I don’t think many would argue Chipper is better**

Also, it will be interesting to see how a pennant race effects Lee. Getting out of a wasteland like Chicago might put some sping into the veteran’s step. Sounds like he hit the ball pretty well lately (against StL). Let’s hope he can help roll us into the playoffs, because a bulging disc does not sound promising. Also, if we can rest Glaus, I think he would make an interesting bat off the bench. Some of that late inning power that could be useful. That is IF the rest brings him somewhere close to “May” Glaus.

Also, Joe’s joke about “2 Chips, 1 Joe” in the booth sounds a little too similar to a certain gross internet video. Then him saying “call me salsa” really made me almost gag.

viva, that’s the way to look at it.

Chipper was just talking on the broadcast about what Jason needs to do to fix his swing. He made a lot of sense. It was funny though that he said TP was directing Heyward in a different direction, and that they didn’t really see eye to eye on what Jason should be doing. He was professional about it, and tryed not to show up TP. He sure sounds more like a Hitting Coach than TP does. Maybe after a couple years away from the game, he will come back and be our hitting coach.

Go Braves. Get well soon Chipper.

Yeah, TP had that “wave” swing of his….like a slap but a little more violent. He wasn’t exactly Juan Pierre or anything. He had some great hand-eye. So must of his success probably came from his athletic ability, not his psychological approach….
Bill, I agree with you, Chipper is very media savvy, he wouldn’t point out the TP reference without wanting to put his opinion out there. I would love to see Chipper coach some of the guys this season now that he has time to sit and watch…

So Terry is now ruining Heywards swing. That kind of explains alot. TP never met a swing he couldn’t ruin.

Yep. Chipper for hitting coach.

I was gonna post the same thing, but the site kept timing out.

I’m not sure if the AJC has any negative nancy beat writers or if there is any tak radio blow hards, but Chippers comments may be getting more play.

Dude that flying burrito thing was mine!

Chipper has watched TP screw up all those swings, I gotta believe his comment was intentional tonite. I mean he was on a TV broadcast for christsakes. Nobody can claim he was misquoted. Boy it will be nice to have a real 1st baseman for a change starting Friday.

I mean, TP was a slap hitter, he doesn’t know how to coach a full swing to save his life. He ruined Frenchy, Andruw, Kelly and more than a few others. When does he get canned?

Thank you, Bill. I was saying to myself a while ago, “Pendleton was never a power hitter, so why would he coach a power hitter not to be a power hitter?” I’m glad I wasn’t the only person thinking that.

I still say that TP didn’t ruin Andruw’s swing. Wasn’t it well documented that Andruw never listened to TP?

Read my thoughts on the Lee trade here:

Seems as if Ankiel is quietly swinging a good bat over the past couple of games. Hopefully, it continues a trend of a decent bat in CF…knock on wood.

Atta boy Jason! Way to stay back on that pitch…

I think this team is making us all age faster than we should, but man is it fun to see these last at bat wins almost every single night.

It’s also nice to see the pitchers line for the game, where the ERAs in order go: 2.15, 1.17, 1.71. Pretty impressive.

Wait a second….We get Lee, a first baseman, who is going to wear number 27 for 3 prospects. Hmm, it might not be that sweet, but it might not hurt to check the fire alarms in the pressboxes….I am assuming he would bat 5th behind McCann? It will be nice to have him in there vs. Lefties as well…

God, did Martin come back like he never left or what? He is just amazing, what discipline, what a work effort. My Braves MVP for sure. The guy hits better with a broken finger than most of the rest of the league, when healthy.

It was obvious that Bobby was gonna block Conrad. I guess 9 years in the minors isn’t paying enough dues for Bobby. I wouldn’t stand in the way of improving the team though. Lee is a class act, a great defender, one of the best guys in the clubhouse ever, A long time fav of mine and he is starting to hit his late season stride. What’s not to like? Besides he get’s Glaus the rest he needs, I didn’t have anything personal against Troy. He was trying his best. It was just stupid to keep sending him out there when he was so obviously hurting. Bobby follows loyalty off the cliff on occasion. It seems like it has gotten worse as he has gotten older.

The issue that had me screaming about Brooks, is this. This organization has a real tendency to label a guy, one thing or another and it can’t seem to change that idea as a player proves himself and either becomes more or less valuable. It obviously didn’t evolve quickly with Troy. It didn’t evolve with Prado until he forced his way into the lineup. And now, we seem destined to sit Omar, if Troy can play a serviceable 3B in Gwinnett. What a crime that would be. If anyone has earned his way into this lineup this year, it’s Omar. If anyone should be a valuable addition coming off the bench, it would be Troy. God, lets hope they figure that out.

Oh and Barry, who would you rather have in the batters box in the 8th inning against the Phillies to decide the pennant?? Brooks, Hinske or Troy? I’ll take everyday Brooks every time, RH or LH I want him in the game. If you don’t agree, I really can’t help you. Bobby is gone after October, Brooks will get his chance to shine.

Billglaus, I am surprised that you are in favor of this trade. The odd man out is your 30/30 guy Brooks Conrad.

Speedy, that was a great catch. This time we are gonna burn up Wrigley’s press box though. I guess that’s why we gave him the extra day. Fire Prevention.

Our old buddy PWHjort is getting some love on ESPN. Crazy!

Ah the old “cut and paste” job. Lazy journalism at it’s best.

Speaking of old buddies…

Well look what we have here..

Good timing?

Wow – Jurrjens/Rother/Viva on the same thread? Is this 2008?

Ahaha. I miss those days. Tell me, are people still complaining that the Red Soxs signed Smoltz?

Oh, No. IT’s BACK!!!!!!!!!!

Bill. *Headnod*

Hey, don’t you think you should have returned as “Hudson4NLCY’?

Derek Lowe = still terrible. Just throwing that out there.

I don’t know if I can change it. But yea, that makes sense. Would you have known it was me though?

I really don’t think Glaus will replace Infante in the lineup, once he’s off the DL. Come October, the Braves will want to stick with what got them there down the stretch and that will include Infante. I think all the talk is to lighten the blow on Troy. Glaus in Gwinnett allows him to stay “fresh” and become reacquainted with 3B, which can only be an addition to our bench.

I was kinda hoping it wasn’t you anyway 🙂

I see you still have not stopped pursuing your quest to rot in hell forever.

No actually I feel like I’m at the top of my game. I am an everyday player on the Going to Hell Devils, my starting position, Center Tormentor.

Speedy bream ainkel isnt a better option at cf then Mclouth was the guy they gave up to get him was a better option in Cf then him. but no Frank Wren all of these guys are our radar and he gets a Cf who cant hold a Blanco jock strap. I mean come on guys Frank Wren is f*cking the Braves with these stupid deals. I am telling u that bc i bet Bobby is going to him and saying trade this guy bc hes not a veteran like they did with Escobar. I rather have a cancer in the clubhouse then a non hittins short stop that is causing us games. I bet u if we hadnt traded Esky he be playing third base and Infante be playing SS but no we ship him off to the great white north for a hitter who isnt producing like he was in the first half i mean come on we give up a damn good young SS and we couldnt get Value for him like Bausita or someone else i mean come on he could have been package to get Matt kemp bc of Furcal going down. I am saying this as of right now that Bobby Cox screwed up Esky and Francouer. I mean dont u guys see it 15 NL titles and 1 World Series Win come on man he should have had atleast like 4 or 5 of them but no bc he doesnt change a thing when it comes to the playoff he doesnt hit and run he doesnt change line ups around to get things going.

The Phils have the Nats and Astros coming up…. with Howard and Utley returning. I’m not feeling great.

And today is our final installment in “Adventures at First Base” brought to You by the Atlanta Braves starring Troy Glaus and Eric Hinske.

Opening Friday ” Someone with a Glove” which has received rave reviews. This thriller promises to bring late season heroics and playoff excitement to a ball park near you.

So, with the lefty Lannan on the mound… I was curious as to why Bobby wouldnt utilize Prado at 1B and Conrad at 3B. Hinske can’t hit lefties when he’s NOT in a 3-for-August slump…

Yeah, Derek Lowe is TERRIBLE. HE’S KILLING SHELLACKED OUT THERE! Only feels like it’s 95 degrees in Atlanta and he’s given up 2 runs, 0 walk, 4 Ks through 5. He has been pretty solid lately.

Probably to keep Prado used to the left side of the diamond.

Thanks for backing up my defense of you, Derek.

Way to show your Braves ignorance, viva. With Derek Lowe, its never if, its always when. His pitch counts are terrible. You’re “lucky” if he pitches 6 innings. His command is spotty at best. He’s had a lot more games where he has given up 4 runs in 5 or 6 innings than games where he gives up 0-2 runs over 7-8 innings.

Yeah I don’t know anything about the Braves at all. Haven’t been paying attention all year.

Maybe “Braves ignorance” was a little harsh, but at the same time, you kinda deserved it with how you mocked me as if I know nothing. I’m not some bandwagon Braves fan who makes blind statements about what I’ve observed once or twice.

Damn, other guys fighting, I feel kind of left out.

That hurt.

I really hate that Bobby always tries to get 100 pitches out of the starters.

Man, I’ll be glad when Snitker is gone. He put’s up a “Stop” sign for Diaz on the popup. Hello coach, you don’t want him to stop. And Gonzo chasing a bad pitch to boot.

Bobby baffles me again. If that was chipper in the three hole no way in the world is he bunting. But with the leadoff double a few innings back….where was the bunt then?

Deerboss, Uhhhh, I hate to break this to you, but Chipper’s out for the year with a torn acl. That was the leading hitter in the NL bunting to try to move em over. His name is Martin Prado.

You’re dead on target deerboss. But the players still need to execute the plan. Is it just me or does Farnsworth suck?

Well, at least the Giants are finally going to give us a little help tonight. September is going to be CRAZY. But with out bullpen and with a little offense from D Lee, I feel good about our chances. That is assuming that Infante will stay in and Glaus will be a bat off the bench. I think the only reason he is going down to Gwinnett to play 3B is to add to his versatility off the bench.

NC, now that the dust has settled from the great weekend he had, Escobar is hitting .297 with 3 HR, 10 RBI since the trade. Gonzo is .259/3/15.

Escobar actually has 35% of his RBI for the season in 2 games.

Also, the only place personalities and Clubhouse cancers don’t matter is in Fantasy baseball, which I’m guessing is your area of “expertise”.

I’ll skip the tirade on Blanco as it is just too easy.

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