Braves attempting to land Derrek Lee

The Braves are aggressively attempting to acquire Cubs veteran first baseman Derrek Lee.  

According to a source familiar with the situation, the Braves are currently evaluating Lee’s health.  The 34-year-old first baseman has recently been bothered by lower back discomfort.   

Lee has a full no-trade clause that he exercised last month when the Cubs attempted to trade him to the Angels.   It is still unknown whether he has said he would accept a trade to the Braves. 

Reached by, Lee had no comment. 
With Troy Glaus struggling at the plate and experiencing more leg discomfort recently, the Braves have been looking for a veteran first baseman who can hit in the middle of their lineup.  
Lee has  hit .251 with 16 homers and a .751 OPS this year.   The two-time All-Star is in the final year of his contract.  He is still owed  a little more than $3 million for the remainder of this season.  


NC and Bill are going to have a field day with this.
Regardless, Lee has been playing really well in the past few months after a slow start.

Yes! Even though he’s having a down year,I think he will rake in September.I like the deal,salary relief for the Cubs and we won’t be giving up much to get him.

Apparently “the Braves and Cubs are ‘way along in the process’ of working out a deal.” So what happens to Glaus? Does he just get the boot or does he go to the bench to rest the legs?

Always liked Lee. Great Glove and he has had 18 multihit games over the last 2 months compared to 3 for Glaus. Good veteran player, great guy in the clubhouse. Hope it happens, sounds like he is up for it.

Jerry Crasnick of writes “I was told Cubs are likely to receive lower-level prospects. Braves aren’t going to deal Beachy, Teheran or other higher-level prospects.” Braves aren’t gonna give up one of the top pitching prospects in baseball for 2 months of Derrek Lee? REALLY? YOU THINK?

Mark, Do they DL Glaus for 15 days to get to the Sept. roster expansion and see if it helps or just release him?

Bill, I’ve read you comments so much that I found myself last night hoping that Glaus strike out with the bases loaded and not hit into a double play. At least it was only a force at home

On second thought Bobby is loyal to the veteran players and kept Bill’s favorite player last year (Greg Norton) so I guess they will also keep Glaus.

The DL is how I would do it with Glaus. He won’t be happy, but this is serious business now.

I can’t see a DFA for Glaus happening. Maybe if Glaus stays active it’ll have to be Diory, with the back up SS roll going to Infante, and Brooks rolling into 2B when that is needed.

Yeah I don’t see a DFA in this case. Even though he isn’t producing much, it’s a total d*ck move to release the guy who basically brought the team back from the dead in May. DL him until the call ups and hopefully his knees will be nice and rested.

Yeah, No- Hit Norton my fav, like Garrett the Slug and McHoleinHisSwing- CF. Lou Pinnella isn’t putting any stock in the rumors about Lee. from 11:45

You and Lou friends on twitter, Bill?

I’ll never tell

Can’t wait to see how long it will be before bill turns on this acquisition and explains to us how all along he was right and says to bring up Freeman.

According to Bruce Levine, the Cubs and Braves are working on a deal that would send Derrek Lee to Atlanta.

The Chicago Cubs and Atlanta Braves are working on a deal to send first baseman Derrek Lee to Atlanta for prospects, according to a league source.

Lee, who is presently dealing with a bulging disc on his lower left side, received an epidural on Monday to relieve the pain and will not be ready to play again until Thursday.

According to a Cubs official, Lee refused to speak to the media before Wednesday’s afternoon game against the Padres.

Braves top scout Jim Fregosi watched Lee hit four home runs during a series in St. Louis over the weekend. Fregosi reported back to general manager Frank Wren that Lee was swinging the bat as well as he has all season, according to a source.

Atlanta lost All-Star third baseman Chipper Jones for the season with a knee injury on Aug. 10. First baseman Troy Glaus, a former third baseman, could be moved back to third if Lee is acquired.

It’s just comforting to know that management doesn’t want to move forward with Glaus darkening our lineup anymore than we do. Lee’s not the same as he used to be, and his back problems worry me, but it can’t be any worse than what we’re currently dealing with. Worth a shot.

No way Glaus goes back to third. You need to be much more agile at 3B and his dam* knees will not allow it. I see DL and him coming back when rosters expand. Everyone here realizes that Lee won’t be available for the post-season, right?

Lee’s persistent back injury does concern me a bit… as well as the fact that his numbers are WAY down this season (actually, he and Glaus have similar numbers over the course of the year). Definite defensive upgrade though.
Also, add me to the list of people that believe that Glaus does not need to play 3B. If his lower body has rendered him to “immobile” status as a 1B, that becomes even more of a liability across the diamond.

Brandon, as long as Lee is on the 25-man by August 31, he is eligible to play in the postseason.
Just in case no one has seen, Lee’s not in the Cubs’ starting lineup today.

Speculating here. I think Nate McClouth is involved in this deal. His sudden departure from the Gwinnett game last night was strange.

They said Lee won’t play until Thursday because of the back issue. funny how the national know it alls think Glaus can still play 3B. We surely aren’t buying that as regular Atlanta watchers.

nice billglaus!

Brandon, You might want to learn the rules before you spout them incorrectly. Lee WILL be available for postseason.

Yeah, rother, I read that 3rd base crap a couple of places even after the very public pronouncement by everyone that Martin was moving to 3rd.

Cubbies think this is their “pick from” list:

Think one or two guys off of this list:

Thomas Berryhill, RHP;
Caleb Brewer, RHP;
Erik Cordier, RHP;
David Francis, RHP;
Cory Harrilchak, OF;
Ty’Relle Harris, RHP;
Brandon Hicks, SS;
Jeff Lyman, RHP;
Chris Masters, LHP,
Brett Oberholtzer, LHP;
Angelo Paulino, RHP;
Cory Rasmus, RHP;
Gerardo Rodriguez, 1B;
Cole Rohrbaugh, LHP;
Riann Spanjer-Furstenberg, 1B;
Tyler Stovall, LHP;
Richard Sullivan, LHP;
Jacob Thompson, RHP;
Matt Young, OF

This one’s classic, I just had to share it:

“Braves | Mike Minor, Julio Teheran won’t be traded
Comment (0) Tweet! Share on Facebook
Wed, 18 Aug 2010 11:18:11 -0400

The Atlanta Braves will not be trading either SPs Mike Minor or Julio Teheran to obtain Chicago Cubs 1B Derrek Lee, according to’s Carrie Muskat and Mark Bowman.

Read more:

Well no sh*t sherlock.

That is a beat reporter living on the cutting edge there, that Carrie Muskat. She must really have the inside line with Lou and the good ol’ boys in Chicago.

She must be dating Buster Olney…

It’s a done deal. Pending Lee passes his physical. If not, the Braves will look to get Roachy again. He’s hitting .381 since the break. Roach has another year left on his contract and if going into ST next year, Freddie looks like he’s ready, will try and trade Roachy. Big Loss Glaus is going on the DL to rest his knees if this happens and will be called back once the rosters expand in Sept.

papi, thank you for telling me politely. I must have misinterpreted what I read a while back.
As for bill, another fine example of why no one here likes you. Your inevitable ability to prove people wrong and make fun of them for it to impress your internet friends(if you have them?), and further the size of your own virtual co*k, apparently so now you have a little more of it to wank every time Glaus rolls into a double play and you troll around saying “I told you so!”, has once again left me speechless and made me feel bad about myself. I’m going to start cutting vertically now.

Meanwhile, back in adult land, I can see a lineup of maybe this:


Glaus can’t bat with power because of his knee and can’t move to catch a pickoff throw so how does anyone think he has the range to play third right now? I will say that when he does get on base and the ball is hit to the gap the “big donkey” will suck it up and run hard.

Let’s remember in all of this Glaus bashing that lack of effort isn’t the issue. He has given all he has, you can tell watching him, but he looks to be shot physically for this year. You can tell he goes as hard as he can. I’d hate to try to paint him as a bad guy because he is certainly not.

That said, when Lee steps in at 1B, the pitchers will be smiling every time a popup is hit to the 1B side. Glaus was an absolute adventure on those. With Lee they go back to being free outs. This is bigger than you might think. Let’s hope the deal is official for Lee and his back is good enough for the stretch run.

Dawg, I think the chances of Roachy instructing his agent to talk with Frank Wren, Are None, No Way and H*ll NO.

Wow, Brandon sorry, there’s no need to cry, It’ll be ok in a while and you can return being a soccer player, who doesn’t know who Pele is and has his number retired on a mythical field somewhere.

I think Mark may have talked to Frank Wren. He probably told him to trade for a 1B so bill would quit whining about Troy Glaus. But nothing shot of cutting of his tongue would stop that, eh? Amputation at the wrists maybe?

And number 14. Don’t ever forget. Me and the boys may have to run some corner headers on you if you don’t.

Another note on Roachy, we can buy him out after the year for 1.5 mill~

Wow, that post was full of typos. I feel embarrassed that I even wrote that. Then again, I was cooking.
And unrelated to anything, but ESPN has debated on whether Jim Thome is a HOFer. This is a joke, right?

“Me and the boys may have to run some corner headers on you”? Sounds like you’re playing with prison rules. And I hope that’s not a euphemism for something.

Yeah, Brandon – Billglaus will be re-posting that one on you sometime in the future.

Now that the time stamp has me in order, I am going to repost this:

Speculating here. I think Nate McClouth is involved in this deal. His sudden departure from the Gwinnett game last night was strange.

the whole “epidural in the back for a bulging disk” thing scares me. At least we aren’t losing anything here by giving up too much. We are actually saving money by not paying Glaus his bonus money for the AB incentives. Their offensive numbers are identical, but Lee is on the up and up. I like the move, but I’m not ready to say it will propel us to the World Series.

If he knows so much about everything, he would know I’m talking about scoring from the head on a corner kick. Basically, in soccer practice, this is how you piss of the defense and goalie.
Plus, it’s the internet. I think I’ll be ok. See, I have something to live for other that posting on a blog. Great way to kill time while cooking.

If Thome isn’t a HOFer, shut the doors and close the place. That little nobody Yankees shortstop Rizzuto got in for being an above average defensive shortstop on a really good team.

Well maybe he got in for “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”, I’d be ok with that.

As I always say, there are two ways to make the HOF, one is to be really really good for a long time, the other is to be a Yankee.

Bravo.. we would be saving about 350k by Glaus not getting to his last plateau of ABs. Lee is owed about $3.5mil for the rest of the year.

Wow, rother. That is some bs. I wish the Yankee’s would disband and that somewhere like Indiana or the Carolinas get a team. I hate the whole 5 team California thing too. But at least they don’t make more than the Indians and Rays combined.

Mark has a new post

Viva Troy get’s .350MM @ 500PA, .400MM @ 550 PA and .500MM @ 600 PA. Al of which he would attain by season end if he continued, so the savings would be 1.25 MM for the rest of year, probably even if he PH’s. He is currently at 466 PA.

Bravo – Glaus is 34 ABs away from that last 350k. FYI

Rethinking McClouth. He is under contract through 2011 for another 5.5 Million remaining. Unlikely the Cubs would trade Lee’s 3.5 for McClouth’s 5.5 (unless the Braves are eating some of that and I don’t see that happening.)

My last post should have read .550 MM @ 600 PA, which would bring the savings up to 1.3 MM for the duration.

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