Infante improving odds of winning a batting title

Here’s the shortened version of an earlier entry that disappeared like Luis Valdez.

Omar Infante learned this afternoon that his three-homer performance during this past weekend’s series in Chicago allowed him to earn National League Player of the Week honors for the first time in his career. 

Infante’s bid to win his first career batting title will be influenced by the fact that he didn’t become an everyday part of the Braves lineup until the early portion of July. 

With 333 plate appearances entering Monday, Infante would need to compile 169 plate appearances (4.4 per game) over the Braves final 38 games to raise his season total to  502, the mark that allows a player to qualify for the batting title without penalty. 

If a player falls short of this mark, his candidacy for the batting title would be based on where his batting average would stand after accounting for him going hitless over the number of at-bats that would raise his season plate appearance total to 502.

The .370 batting average Infante has compiled since June arrived has been bettered only by the .410 mark posted by top American League MVP candidate Josh Hamilton.  Buster Posey (.333) and Joey Votto (.331) are the only NL players to hit better than .330 during this span.

Entering Monday, Votto led the NL with a .323 batting average.   If Infante is able to keep his batting average above .340, this might be the year that he could win a batting title even if he comes up shy of the necessary plate appearances.  

Minor rest:  Bobby Cox confirmed that he will utilize the benefits of Thursday’s scheduled offday and give Mike Minor a few extra days of rest before his next start.  Minor, who matched a franchise rookie record with 12 strikeouts Sunday in Chicago, will make his next start next Tuesday against the Mets.

Instead of assigning him a certain number of innings, the Braves believe they can protect Minor’s workload by giving him extra days of rest when possible.   Basically Cox wants the rookie right-hander as a part of his rotation for the remainder of this season.

Sorry for keeping it brief.  Let’s just say that my computer had visa issues.  Oh wait, I forgot that was Valdez’s excuse.


Infante 4
Heyward 9
Prado 5
Lee 3
McCann 2
Hinske 7
Gonzalez 6
Ankiel 8
Hudson 1





Go Infante. That’s a lot to expect but who knows. As far as Minor, I think he has more long term potential for success than Hanson. His effortless mechanics, command, poise and understanding of how to pitch are exceptional for his age Hanson may be overrated IMO and his delivery may cause breakdowns and inconsistencies and arm problems over time.

Huddy’s beard still cracks me up. He looks like he could be Hanson’s uncle or something.

Sorry for the problems. That would be great for Infante and Prado to go one two in the avg race.

I know it took me seven years to finish college, but I thought Minor was a Lefty?

Boy, Hinske is smelling up the place lately. He is batting .086 in August. Boy I sure wish I could think of someone who could bat lefthanded and is hitting over .300 in August, who can play left field and hits for power to boot. Man I sure wish we had someone like that on our team.

Good catch, deerboss. I wonder how Mark missed that one.

My GOSH, Colorado has gotten a wide strike zone tonight…

Quite a few gifts, Shaun. Heyward never saw a strike in that last AB.

Kreag, If they taught reading at GWU, you might have noticed that this had been mentioned 5 posts earlier…

5 am is sounding worse and worse…..i hope they pull this one out to make it worth it.

I hate to be the one to comment on the pink elephant, but… Derrick Lee looks terrible. His only hit as a Brave was a gift double last yesterday afternoon. He cant hit a fastball to save his life.

Minor is a lefty, Mark. Kinda important considering he’s the first lefty starter the Braves have had in the rotation this year.

It looks like D. Lee is swinging way too hard.

You’re welcome, Phillies. The umpires have given you yet another gift. This seem like a conspiracy to anyone else?

What is the deal with the ungodly bad umpiring the last few years? How are these problems not being dealt with? Bud Selig’s tenure as commissioner has to be one really long bad joke.

Gosh, for baseball fans, some people are so worried about instant gratification. Give D Lee some time, he’s a pro, he will work it out. Just a week or two ago, he hit had multiple HR vs the Cards. Hey, its either him or Glaus. Glaus will take strike one down the middle, swing at a ball outside and then be overmatched by a 92 mph “heater”. I think I’d rather have an out of synch D Lee if you ask me. Even if the guy hits .200 for the rest of the season. His defense, presence, and relatively low price tag were well worth the trade.

As for the umpire conspiracy. I think its always been human nature to expand the strike zone when the game is on the line. At least we didn’t have a Eric Gregg strike zone (see Marlins, Livan Hernandez, late 90s).

We can complain about umpires, but the Phils lost because of a bad call as well….it happens

Please don’t remind us Braves fans of Eric Gregg, may he rest in peace…

I’m not sure “peace” is the word I would use…

Hey bilreef it could be worse we could have greg Norton instead of Hinske but atleast Norton can switch hit Gee i wonder if the braves can make a call to Bobby Kielty? theres a player the braves can sign and be a bust seeing how they get everyone else like ainkel glaus but tho hes not a bust kinda mclouth and Schafer.

Hey ncbravefan… you know what makes things worse? You getting in front of a keyboard.
That being said, I must say it makes me appreciate all of the other regulars here, whether we agree or disagree. In fact, I can pretty safely say thats something we all agree on.

# M. Young 2-3, 2B, BB, SB (32), .298 AVG
# F. Freeman 2-2, 2 2B, RBI, BB, SB (5), .313 AVG
# T. Glaus 0-2, 2 BB, 2 K, .000 AVG

Here are some stats from the game last night if any one is interested. Troy made no errors at third, not that it means anything just throwing that info. out there.

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