Freeman headlines list of September call-ups

When Nate McLouth arrived at Spring Training as the projected leadoff hitter, there was little reason to believe the Braves would head into September with reason to believe that Freddie Freeman could actually play a greater role in the midst of a pennant race.  

McLouth has completed his return journey to the Minor Leagues and will be in uniform for Tuesday night’s game against the Mets.  Freeman will make his much anticipated arrival to the Majors when the rosters expand Wednesday.  

Freeman, left-handed reliever Mike Dunn, right-handed reliever Scott Proctor, catcher J.C. Boscan and Kenshin Kawakami will all be added to expanded roster Wednesday. 

The Braves optioned Kawakami to Rookie Level Danville Tuesday, less than 24 hours after bringing him back to the Majors.  This move allowed them to activate McLouth, who hit just .205 in the 83 at-bats he compiled with Triple-A Gwinnett in August.

While McLouth’s bat is no longer viewed as a weapon, his speed could allow him to earn one of the final spots on the postseason roster.

Kawakami’s projected role is to serve as reliever in Atlanta for the remainder of this season.  But things could change if Derek Lowe feels some arm discomfort during today’s side session.

Freeman will spend the remainder of this season doing more than simply getting a taste of the lifestyle that awaits when he becomes Atlanta’s first baseman next year.  The highly-regarded prospect will enhance the bench’s depth and likely spell Derrek Lee for a few games.  He has hit .351 with 13 homers since June 1. 
Dunn and Proctor will enhance the bullpen’s depth.   Boscan will serve as the third catcher that Bobby Cox always likes to have on his roster during September.   It will be interesting to see if he’s willing to carry a third catcher if he’s given a chance to compose a postseason roster. 

Proctor has struggled in his attempt to return from Tommy John surgery.  But the veteran reliever has allowed just one earned run and five hits in his past nine innings for Gwinnett. 

Craig Kimbrel and Cristhian Martinez are expected to be added to the expanded roster once Gwinnett’s season concludes. 



What about Glaus?

I was hoping to see Matt Young…

Matt Young is going to play out the rest of the AAA season, and is not on the 40 man roster. Freeman is the only guy they brought up that will have to be replace this week for Gwinnett. Glaus is on the DL, so he is still technically on the Atlanta roster. He should be in Atlanta tonight with the Gwinnett buses already departing for Norfolk. The talk was Glaus would take BP with the Braves until he gets activated from the DL. I’m guessing there will be some sort of tryout during practice to see if he can move well enough at 3B as well. If he has his legs back under him, he will be a very good PH option.

Does it annoy anyone else as bad as it annoys me that Heyward bats 2nd?!? The 2 hole hitter is PERFECT for Prado. A good..great..hit and run guy who handles the bat. Unbeleiveable watching the way Bobby is handling this order. Infante, Prado, BMac, Lee, HEYWARD, Gonzo, DIAZ, McLousy. Thats the lineup im begging for.

Yo Bravomania what is ur love with Matt Young? He not on the 40 man roster what is u and him got a bromance going or something? I am pissed that Mclouth made the roster when is Wren gonna wake up and cut his losses and let him go.

Why not give the starting role to Minor?

@jtown19: Bobby likes to alternate lefty and righties in the lineup.

NcBrave, take a couple of Ritalin and start forming sentences and maybe even a complete thought occasionally. This ain’t fantasy baseball, it’s reality baseball.

Nc, I’m sorry you don’t want a guy with 35 SB, or a .380 OBP. I’m sorry you’re so infatuated with Prince Fielder and Matt Kemp that you don’t want a leadoff outfielder that can get on base and steal the next one too.

Barbaro should get a shot too, could really help us off the bench in September. He won the International league batting title for crying out loud. What does a guy have to do?

Bill, Joe Simpson said tonight that TP has been working with Derek Lee. Guess that explains A LOT!

ncbraves, September callups are basically when everyone on the 40-man roster comes up to the big club. Since McLouth is on the 40-man, he comes up. The only way that the Braves would be able to take him off the 40-man roster but kep him in the organization would be to DFA him and have him accept the assignment.

Boy, It’s great to see DLee starting to spank the ball. If he get’s into playoff mode, all those old aches and pains are gonna disappear. If he starts hitting this lineup is gonna score a bunch of runs. If he gets passionate about this stretch drive he is gonna be a huge force in that dugout. 2 weeks ago we were worried about scoring runs, and while that remains a problem on the road, I think we hope that our starters hold up now. JJ, Lowe and Hanson aren’t exactly shutting em down lately, but Minor has been a really nice replacement for the tough Medlen. If you need a 3 man rotation for a playoff schedule, who do you start?

I think the Braves have a new hitting coach, his name is Chipper Jones.

Wow, I never finished answering about a 3-man playoff rotation. I know most would nix the idea of having a rookie start, but if Minor’s hand stays hot like it has been, I’d give him the ball for game 2. I’ll go with Hudson, Minor, Jurrjens.

I am repeating this because of the incorrect time stamp. This is in reply to bill concerning Derek Lee.

Bill, Joe Simpson said tonight that TP has been working with Derek Lee. Guess that explains A LOT!

Besides getting shellacked in about 4 starts this year, Hanson has been fantastic. You’re crazy to have Minor start Game 2 if it meant leaving Tommy out. Minor seems like a pretty tough kid, but it might be too much to throw him into the postseason in what would be about his 9th major league start.

Hey brandon u cant steal first base we need hitter and if we got either fielder or kemp then we wouldnt have made a deal for Ainkel and Mclouth wouldnt be on the roster bc the braves should have dfa him and gave the lf job to Blanco and make him our leadoff hitter. but no that didnt happen so we got a shi**y CF that aint doing squat.

barrys, all I can say is, WTF does joe simpson know????

Viva, As far as Hanson. Here are my thoughts. He goes through period where he loses command of his pitches. It typically happens in 2 game stretches. It happens about 1 a month or so, and when it happens, he stinks. The only problem may be is that he will wind up due for one of the 2 game meltdowns right about the time we enter the playoffs. I have no problem with his overall performance as a SP, the thing that scares me is his inconsistency and whether that might bite us in a short or long playoff series. When Tommy is good, he is oh so good, and when he is bad he smells up the place.

NC, since you seem to be the ‘all knowing master’ in regards to trading and how to run a baseball team, and you seem to think of all these fantasy trades, why don’t you go play that game from 2k Sports called MLB Front Office Manager. Here’s a link to it.

Play this game and then talk your fantasy trade ideas. Better yet, please just play this game. Play it all the time. Get to be the best at it. PLay it all the time! Maybe you’ll get a better idea how many balls you have to keep in the air when running a Major League Baseball team. And I don’t mean play one season, play a 10 year stretch because thats how the higher ups who call the shots have to run the team. Maybe you’ll get a better perspective on all those high and mighty (and completely stupid) trade ideas you have.

Guys, look on the bright side, maybe he/she/it will get so enamored with this game he’ll stop posting these utterly useless suggestions on who we need to trade for NOW after the deadline has passed. Or finally get a CLUE at least how baseball works off the field.

NC, for the record, just how OLD are you anyway? If we have to judge from your ideas, grammer and punctuation, I’m guessing somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 years old. If you’re really that young, then I apologize for all the crap I’ve given you….but there are times I have to wonder if you really are a Braves fan or if your really a Phillies fan and are just coming in here to stir crap up since your team hasn’t exactly been the superstars they thought they were last offseason.

Hey NC, I was over at the Fillies web site and they were asking me if I knew how to get a hold of you. They said they needed some help with late season trades and September callups. I really think you should help em out, they are fading a little you know. Here is a link to their site:

You can tell them I said to get in touch.

3 man rotations in the playoffs are always fun to talk about. You have Hudson as your number 1 obviously. Your number 2-3 could depend a lot on the team you face. If you have a team (such as the phils) who have a great deal of left handed pop, it may not be a bad idea to insert a southpaw into one of the spots. That’s one of the reasons I have been so big on the Braves keeping Minor. Also, I think if it comes down to us and the Phils, Venters and Wags will pay great dividends….
But to answer your question, I would go with…
Hudson, Hanson, Jurrjens

Let’s not forget D Lowe is a former closer and has playoff experience out of the pen. I wouldn’t be objected to throwing him in there around the 6-8 innings. However, KK can stay on the bench for mop up work.

Jim, I saw your post after I wrote mine. Seems like we were on the same page:)

Let’s go Dodgers…..wait did i just say that….that felt weird

NC, I don’t mind you expressing your opinions on here. But could you please show a little more concept of the english language. Most of the time, I can’t even read what you write, so I skip over it. I realize its a blog, but if I have to struggle to read your sentences, then I’m not even going to read it. Just a thought…

I just hope he actually does it Bill. It will help him, help us, and maybe, just maybe, he will grow up to be what he really wants to be….a SMART baseball fan.

On another note, Kawakami got sent to A ball? Ok, im confused now. We had Martinez, used him, sent him down and called Kawakami up so we wouldn’t be short a man in the bullpen and now they option him to rookie ball? I know you guys aren’t thrilled at the idea of seeing Kawakami on the mound in ATL anytime soon, I’m just trying to understand the logic behind this. We couldn’t send him to AAA at first to get practice and work in for various reasons and now he’s sent to A ball? And who took his spot then? Or is this just a paper move to make room? I missed some of the game tonight and if they mentioned it, I missed it.

Jim, it’s a paper move until rosters expand tomorrow….
Guys, what have you heard/seen about the kid Scott Diamond in Gwinnett. I have seen the kid has great numbers but was wondering if you guys had any more insight.

Nc, just saying, they guy has a .289 career BA and a .305 mark this year. But that’s besides the point that Young has, like I mentioned above, a .380 OBP, which would require a lot of walks, which is almost like a steal of first, *******. It doesn’t matter, because he’s not getting the call, let alone starting, but no one wants to hear you criticize a good player we have, while you’re trying to trade worse players for any big name you can pull out of a hat.

Rooting for Arizona tonite, if they win we move into 1st for Home field advantage. Given how we play at home vs. the Road, this is huge.

Excellent point, bill. Especially throwing Hudson out there on the first day, we basically could go into every postseason series already up 1-0.

Wow, Frenchy was just traded to the Rangers. Guess he will get to work on his swing with Rudy now, anyway. I wonder how that’s gonna work out?

I’m sure Martin was pleased with the trade after tonite’s dance at Home

Brandon- “Excellent point Bill”? Are you still taking your medication?

Too bad Rudy left for the Cubs after last season.

I think Frenchy has finally become a “journeyman.”

Damn Viva, You are one sharp cookie. Nice Catch, I stand corrected.

On another more somber note: Hurricane Earl is already tearing up the coast of FL. I was at the beach today and the sand is gone, waves were piling up and the wind is howling tonite. We are still about 400 miles away from the storm center. If you know anyone who lives near the Eastern shoreline, let them know, this is one bad mother storm. Respect it, run from it, do not ignore it. It is really a powerful storm and needs to be treated as such.

Arizona scores 5 in the 5th. Yooo Hoo.

You guys ever check out the MLB “At Bat”? It’s the suped up version of Gameday. It’s so bad. Looks like you’re watching someone else play a baseball simulation video game circa 1993.

Viva, is that one of those applications for the Iphone or Ipad or is it available thru the MLB site like how Gameday is?

And I guess I should have realized that move with Kawakami would be just a paper move. I see Bowman posted an article about it now.

Thanks for the weather update, Bill. The storm is supposed to make landfall near southeastern VA later this week, and that’s where most of my family is from, so I’m watching it. My parents have always had an evacuation plan, though, so they know where to go in case they need to.

No worries, Papi, you and yours be safe.

Alright, dudes. I’m off to Iceland for a week, so let’s keep things civil in my absence.. Bill don’t fight too much with Brandon, and NC, keep working on that deal to get us Prince Fielder and Sandy Koufax for Barbaro Canizares. I’m sure the Braves aren’t too popular over there so I’ll probably miss out unless I get wifi on my phone. Hopefully I’ll come back to us on a 10 game win streak.

Yes, bill. I give credit where credit is due. You had a good point, we could potentially go further into the playoffs with home field advantage.

Bill, agree or disagree, Joe Simpson was a slap and go, hit down on the ball guy. He was a marginal major leaguer, and probably carries the grudge that he was always passed over by guys who “only hit more homers”. He is like minded with, and the Biggest fan of TP in the entire organization, because they both had the exact same approach. Simpson is the only guy ANYWHERE singing the praises of TP. Grab that grain of salt the size of a bowling ball anytime you listen to Joe’s evaluation. The Braves aren’t paying DLee to ground out to second. Heaven help Freddie Freeman when he gets in the cages today. Chipper should be glued to that kid for the entire month of September. TP should be interviewing…alot.

Is it true that Heyward has trouble going back for balls in the outfield?

Pherris Phain you Philly Phan, you. We aren’t really sure because our pitchers don’t give up those kind of hits. They only give up ground balls which mostly go to the infielders. What is obvious though is that Heyward is giving the rest of the league some very good training at going after line drives to the outfield walls. See you in Philly on the 20th.

Hopefully Freeman’s AAA hitting coach comes up with him. Then you would also have TP and Chipper and none of them would agree on how to hit. If Simpson were not an announcer then we would not remember him as a player. So much for his skills.

Of course, Dismuke has had Freddie all year, and he is absolutely killing the ball at this point, so I’d defer to Jaime for now. He should be in the dugout in ATL once the AAA season is over, I know Brundy was there last year. We can only hope.

Pherris, any team that starts Pat Burrell in the outfield for over 1,000 games doesn’t need to be talking about Heyward’s defense.

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