Lowe set to start against Pirates Wednesday

We’ll keep this short on this short morning…

Derek Lowe played catch this morning and returned to the clubhouse to confirm that he will make Wednesday’s scheduled start in Pittsburgh.  While there might be some lingering discomfort behind his right elbow, he isn’t dealing with the pain that was present when he allowed the Marlins five earned runs in just three innings last Sunday. 

Lowe says he has spent most of the past decade pitching with a bone chip in his elbow. The Braves just need him to make at least five more starts this year while battling whatever discomfort it causes.  

If he needs to rest when October arrives, the Braves could easily keep him off the Division Series roster and throw him on the National League Championship Series roster if necessary.

  • Troy Glaus will bat fifth and start at first base today.  He says he hasn’t forgotten how to play first base over the course of the past three weeks.  The Braves are simply hoping that he remembers how to hit like he did three months ago.
  • “It is what it is” is one of the most worthless phrases in the English language.  But I really don’t know if there is any other way to react to the fact that the Marlins have chosen to become the only Major League club that won’t honor Bobby Cox in some way during his final trip to their city.  

In case you forgot, this was Cox’s response to the Marlins decision to fire his good friend and likely successor Fredi Gonzalez in June.

“I know (Marlins owner Jeffery Loria) is unpredictable. But everything that [Gonzalez]
has done for that guy, are [you] kidding me? Every year, they’ve played
their [butts] off. That guy didn’t appreciate anything. He’s one of
those guys that thinks you change [just to change]. He’s always wanting
to fire the coaches. Always. That’s his history. He lost a good one


ok, minor is pitching like a rookie. not good news. nice to see McClouth and Lee get a chance to play. I am going to venture a guess that Glaus and McClouth won’t leave 10 runners on base this game like the regular players do. I would not be surprised though to see 5 or 6 Ks from the positions, which has been the norm as well. I know D Lee had a double last night, but it was with no one on base. Bring on Freeman, Diaz and Melky..

About time some little dinkers went our way… let’s cash ’em in!

A 2-run sac fly… there’s something you don’t see every day. But good hitting by Glaus and McLouth in the 6th.

Well fans,it’s 4 pm and the Braves lost so have the Phillies. I have watched this team {Braves} for 40 years and I have never seen this kind of play. There were times when you knew they were going to lose and times you knew when they were going to win. Now it’s flip a coin. Still in all this time this Braves team have been very intertaining. As they say on radio do you remember when a braves games was on in the background ? YES, I truthfully can say I do. And if it be God’s will I hope to see and hear many more. Here’s to all the luck in the world to OUR BRAVES.

“Your Braves” are going to need all the luck in the world, because they don’t have Halladay, Oswalt and Hamels at the top of their rotation. Their puny East division lead isn’t enough, and the 6 head-to-head games coming up will be more than enough for the Phillies to send the Braves on an autumn tee-time break.

No one asked for your comment muleman. I think I’ll report ya. You don’t deserve to be on this site.

Yeah, I guess that anyone who has not had the pain and suffering experienced by Braves fans for the last 5 or 6 years does not “deserve” to be on this site. Be that as it may, what is up with Braves defense? Ranked 13th in the league year to date and continuing to sink as evident by ranking at 15th in the last 30 days with 27 errors in 28 games. Is this part of the “well balanced team” that Brave fans profess to have?

Hey pherris, can’t wait to play your amazing pitching staff. It’s going to be real nice blowing up Blanton and Kendrick, and I’m pretty sure the Braves have shown they can handle Hamels, AND your crappy bullpen. The only real stopper you guys have is Halladay, and we counter with Hudson. All in all, quit fail-trolling until after the next head to head series, then you MAYBE have a little premise to talk trash on the internet.

Do you find it cute to say Los Bravos? And isn’t it sad when a guy like Glaus, a first year 1B, is making less errors than steroid brain Ryan Howard? And also when Prado, who has played 3 different positions, makes less errors than Mr. Golden Glove Utley? Have you seen the amazing double plays Gonzalez/Prado/Infante have turned? What about all the runners McCann/Ross/Heward/Ankiel/even the God forsaken crap player Melky have thrown out? I don’t see your argument. We will show you soon enough how “Los Bravos” are going to win the division, just like we did for, um, 11 YEARS, when the Phillies were in the same division.

Brandon Woodworth, you just don’t get it, do you? After those thundering Los Bravos bats eke out that one or two runs they are capable of producing now and again, the rules of the game require Los Bravos to send 8 men and a pitcher to play defense. All indications are Los Bravos have difficullty with this concept as evident by the failure of Los Bravos defense to show up on many, many, many occasions.

Brandon, Brandon, you still do not get it do you? So each of the Los Bravos plays stellar defense but when you put them together as a team, Los Bravos defense ranks 13th in the league year to date and is 15th in the last 30 days. Help me out here, will you? I don’t speak Southern. But I am starting to get it: less is more, more is less, up is down and down is up, error is good and good is error.

PherrisPhace is just phrustrated that the fillies are getting 1 hit by the fish.

You know, as much as you and I fight Bill, at least you actually make sense, and actually watch the team. Phillies fan’s who talk trash on an opponents blog because of their own insecurity about their team’s place in the division is just plain dumb. Please stay off our blog. I may be southern, but this southern boy is also a certified network technician. I’d hate to have to block your IP. Or brick your PC, either one works.

It looks like the Marlins are giving Bobby their farewell gift a little late.

I think making racist comments is funny to Phillies’ fans. It also makes me want to re-post something, sorry for the repetition.

All I know is, I really hope the Phellating Phil’s phans keep posting here and bashing the Braves. Because you know what? It is going to make it that much sweeter when the Braves destroy the Phillies right when they get an inkling of hope to get the division back. 2 series coming up – head to head, and I can’t wait!! Oh and I will be laughing all the harder when the Philthies’ Phaithful’s eyes widen in horror at the realization that it wasn’t going to happen after all.

Brandon Woodworth….You’d hate to have to block my IP or brick my PC? I bet, without even doing any research, that both of these are illegal. Didn’t they tell you that in certified network technichan school? Now you are on record as threatening me? You are ODF, Boy.

bravestrong1234 …….Southern is a race? Have you any idea what projection is in psychological terms?

How did it feel to be shut down by a rookie, Pherris? And psh. I laugh at the law. If you had access to my server or 3 PC’s you’d know that. Let it be illegal. And I’m pretty sure that no one would give two s*its about 1 guys PC getting hacked. And, yes, I am threatening you, genius. Send in the cyber police.

See guys, I can troll too.

Man, it looks like the lead will be down to 1/2 a game at the end of the night. WHY CAN”T WE HIT ON THE ROAD?????? The only thing I can figure is that we are stealing signs at home. And before you all start crying that we would never cheat, i say BS. Stealing signs isn’t even considered “cheating” in baseball. I mean you might get one in your ear for doing it, but it’s part of the game. Right Phillies??? I mean they had a sophisticated system and when it was uncovered the Comish’s office didn’t even squawk. Now, the stunts that little pipsqueak Morgan pulled over the last couple weeks, that will get you drilled everytime you go to the plate.

Anyway, we better learn how to score on the road or we are toast. Not only for the div but for the wild card as well. Too many road games coming up to fall apart.

daaman777: Report me? To whom? The Internet police? It’s a fake jail, just like you phony Braves fans. How does a half game look?
Brandon: The only real stopper is Halladay? Hamels, you clown. and Oswalt is better than any of your starters.
Poor billreef is beside himself. Hey, take a pill and lie down. It’ll all be over soon. Losing to the Pirates is humiliating, isn’t it?

Really muleman? Is that why the Pherris’ Phils have lost um, 4 TIMES against them this year? Exactly 2x the times the Braves have lost to them. Hope that math didn’t blow you away. Know what you’re talking shittt about before you do.

I’ve never done it with a Mule. Or any any other beast. How is it Muleman? I’ve heard some strange thing about you PA boys, but a mule? You know 1/2 a game is 1st place. If your ahead by ANY margin after 162 YOU WIN!!!!!! Suck on that Filly’s. Hmm, fillies, mules, maybe that’s how they make em.

Happy September, Road Warriors. Brandon, the only stopper the Phillies have is Halladay? You obviously haven’t been paying attention. But I don’t expect casual baseball fans in the grit-eating world to pay much attention, especially since high school football season has started.
And you aren’t going to see Blanton and/or Kendrick anymore. The Phillies are going to be able to set up their rotation so that the Braves will see Halladay, Hamels and Oswalt in both series this month. With days off, they will all be on their normal rest and all three are better than anything the Braves have to offer.
BTW, if any Braves fans are wondering why this blog is inundated with Phillies phans, they can thank their homegrown troll billreef.

billybobreefer fancies himself as suave, urbane and debonair when in actuality it should be discribed as urban, swabbie and deboner. As soon as he gets his knickers in a knot he reverts to the barnyard experiences of his youth down there on Tobaccy Road. Whenever he exhibits these characteristics, I just assume that the teeth he received from the recent air-drop are too loose and the shoes are too tight.

Welcome philly trolls. You won’t be here too long. What is that shaking? Oh that’s just my knees knocking together in mortal fear of facing Halladay, Hamels and Oswalt.

Didn’t Kenshin Kawakami beat Halladay last year? Oh that’s right, that was when he was a blue jay. We’ll go Hudson, Jurrjens and Hanson and take our chances. Oh, and check out Oswalt’s ERA against the NL East this year.

What you guys need to be asking is where are you going to go in the 7th, 8th and 9th. Bring it on Phil’s. Both teams have strengths and weaknesses. That’s why the games have to be played. Should be more fun than we deserve.

barrysbraveboys yeah it is a real beach figuring out who to go with in the 7th, 8th and 9th innings. But at least it not as bad as Los Bravos having to decide who to go with in the 5th and 6th innings compounded by wondering if Senor Cox is going to wake up from his mid-game siesta in time.

Cant argue with us wondering if Bobby is asleep half the time, pherris.
However, your logic ends there, as most of our starters (sans Derek Lowe) pitch into the 6th and 7th innings on a nightly basis. If we’re winning when the starters come out (and often even if we arent), you can forget it.

Yeah, pherrass that’s rich, making fun of Bobby’s age. Charlie Manuel is a ******** 3 years younger. Nothing but respect to your manager. He has taken one of the best lineups in either league, taken full advantage of his front office’s prowess in landing two premier starting pitchers, and has managed to get this team right there in the hunt for another division title.

That really took all the skill he could muster.

Wow, that censored word is “whole”. crazy.

I gotta ask, how is it even possible that the Phillies can play half their games in a Kiddie Pool, and still have less runs scored than the Braves? The Braves even have a higher slugging percentage than the Phillies. I thought we had a really weak hitting team and the Phillies were bombers. Surely it must just be a typo..or maybe, the Phillies are living in the past, and starting to feel the pressure of expectations from the lovable home fans there.

shaunson …..You are entitled to your opinion but not the facts. No Braves starter averages 7 innings. Only Hudson averages more than 6 complete innings. I believe a pitcher needs to go at least 6 innings for a quality start. Therefore, only Hudson can be counted on to make a quality start. The Phillies pitchers 1 through 4 average over 6 innings per start. The Phillies can count on a quality start 4 out of five games while the Brave can count on a quality start once every 5 games. It is bunk to try to claim how good the bullpen is since baseball teams are built on quality starts, followed by middle relief, followed by closer, it necessary.

Why don’t you use your own logic Pherris and see how many times out starters have gone 6+ in the last month. I mean, that’s what you base our defense on.

rother…..What is your point? Or do you even have one? The Phillies do what has to be done. They have the power to hit in any park and they have the pitching to pitch in any park. And, they have stellar defense. It is called balance. The Braves have good pitching and good hitting even if the hitting is over achieving. What about the Braves achilles heel? Defense. The Braves have committed as least one error in 29 of the last 30 games. How many wins has this cost them? I believe it is at least 2 in the last week. So two per week for the four weeks to go means 8 games lost to poor defense. And it is a double whammy if it happens against the Phillies. Good luck with that.

It also is not a quality start unless the average is 3 runs or less in those 6 innings, an ERA of 4.50. Kendrick, Blanton, and Moyer fail that test, so there are really only 3 quality Philly pitchers. That means 69 starts (Kendrick-27, Blanton-23, Moyer- 19) that are less than quality, and 65 (Halladay-29, Hamels-28, Oswalt-8) that are quality. That’s not 4 out of 5.

Brandon Woodworth….What difference does it make how many times a starter has gone 6+ innings if the defense blows a game in the 7th, 8th or 9th inning? But, you know what, I’ll get back to you concerning how many 6+ inning games the Brave starters have pitched in the last month. Stay tuned.

The point is, statistically this season, the Braves hit better than the Phillies, with more power than the Phillies, and score more runs than the Phillies. The Braves also have a better ERA than the Phillies, give up fewer runs than the Phillies, and have been in front of the Phillies for over 3 months now. It was also the head to head games with the Phillies that put the Braves in 1st.

The next four weeks are going to be fun…

Rother wins. /wrists bitchyy Phille trolls.

Sure would be nice to score a few runs for once…

Ok, time to send Derrek Lee to the glue factory. Bring Troid back or play Freddie Freeman.
Speaking of FF, I was relieved to see him standing next to Jaime Dismuke in the dugout and nowhere near Pendleton.

Interesting. Only negative is that Jason strikes out much more.

Hank Aaron, rookie, age 20:

122 G, 509 PA, 468 AB, 58 R, 13 HR, 69 RBIs, 28 BB, 39 K,
.280/.322/.447, 104 OPS+

Jason Heyward, rookie, age 20:

118 G, 516 PA, 435 AB, 75 R, 16 HR, 65 RBIs, 71 BB, 112 K,
.283/.391/.474, 133 OPS+

When is Cox going to put Lee on the bench???? He could not get a hit in a sand lot game!!1

But also walks a lot more too.

Line up for tomorrow PLEASE!!!!!


No more Lee, no more Glaus, no more McClouth, no more Ankiel. Play your best players Bobby.

Well it looks like the braves are not interested in the post season this year. They are losing 5 to 0 to a last place team. That shows me that they don’t have what it takes to make it into the playoffs this year. Hope for better luck next year.Have been a Braves fan since 66 when they moved to Atlanta but it is getting harder to stay a fan with the way things have been going. GO BRAVES

I can’t handle watching Ankiel and D Lee anymore. They kill every rally with strikeouts and DPs. What have they added – defense? Defense does nothing when you can’t score. Freeman may only have one hit, but he looks good at the plate and D Lee does not. Is D Lee hurt? I don’t know what is going on with Ankiel. He simply can’t make contact. For the first time in several months, the Braves will wake up tomorrow in second place… It did not have to be that way……

Losing two games in a pennant race in September to a team on pace to lose 110 games if flat out inexcusable. 1 run in 18 innings? 20+ runners stranded? Against a pitcher with a lifetime AND season ERA of over 6?
Philly fans have every reason to talk trash. If we can’t hit the Pittsburgh staff, what makes anyone believe we’ll be able to hit Halladay/Oswalt/and Hamels?
The only silver lining I can find right now is that there’s still a month left to right the ship. At least it’s not the last week of the season. They better figure it out soon because I am a second away from kicking my dog….

Wow, it’s like we’re playing without passion. Light a fire under their ***, Bobby! Also, I’d like to point out the Braves have 0 errors tonight and the Phils have 2.

Well, I was always under the impression that our head to head matchups in Sept against the Phils would be the deciding factor in the division. However, if we don’t get our act together, we won’t have the opportunity to make those matchups significant.

sniff*sniff … What’s that smell? That’s right, a half game is second place too, billreef. How does second place feel? Shut out by the Pirates. nice.

I have never been one to suggest a lineup, but this my suggestion (and I couldn’t care less if any of you agree):
1. Infante 82. Prado 43. Heyward 94. Glaus/Freeman 35. McCann 26. Diaz 77. Conrad 58. Gonzalez 6
Honestly, I don’t care very much about the lefty-righty striation crap that Bobby follows so religiously. If you just suck at hitting (McLouth, Melky, D Lee as a Brave, Ankiel as a Brave, etc), I’d say its an unfavorable matchup no matter which arm its thrown from.

I should have said I couldn’t care less if any of you DISAGREE.
P.S. Fuuuuuuccccck the Phillies.

Call it wishful thinking if you like, but I like to think that the entire season captures the personality of a team.

It has been the Braves’ personality to perhaps grab an early lead, squander it in the middle innings, get behind late, and then come from behind in the 8th an 9th to win it.

Maybe, just maybe that is what we will see from this bunch. Having squandered their lead now, late in the season, they need to see if they can right the ship and win it all late.

I agree with Bravo – NO EXCUSE for going into Pittsburgh with such a blah zae fare attitude. These teams have young players who are trying to make names for themselves. They’re not going to just roll over and hand you a game. The Braves’ attitudes on the field (the way they are playing the game) almost makes you think that they think they are entitled.

Boys, now you are going to have to do it the Old Fashioned Way. You are going to have to EARN IT.

I am afraid that the Ankiel, Lee experiments have clogged the gears. There is no AAA to send them to to get them squared away, and there is no more time left to push the experiment. They have had their shot. It was worth the try, but now it is time to move on.

Freddy is ready. He looks comfortable at the plate, and he can help this team offensively and defensively. Matt Diaz has proven he can hit righties and lefties. At least Melky is hitting .260.

Bobby, the pieces are there. It is time for you to MANAGE. As Skip used to always say, “We’re with you win or lose.”

Well, the Indians are off the reservation now. I was just reading DOB’s blog and everyone is calling for Bobby’s head. While I agree that Bobby is still managing in the last century, some of this blame needs to be spread around. I mean Frank Wrens stunt of laying the DLee trade off on Jim Fregosi is really pathetic. I wonder if Jim scouted McSlouch, Ankiel, Kantwin, Lowe, Glaus, Gonzo(can’t hit in the clutch) and Hinske(can’t hit at all)? The only thing we have going for us is player development Prado, Heyward, Freeman(maybe), Minor(still can be good), Medlen(was playing great till Bobby screwed up his schedule) and Jurrjens. This team couldn’t evaluate talent and sign it if their life depended on it. We have a manager accepting accolades in the midst of a disastrous pennant race. How many ways can you spell, CHOKE!!!!!!!! Oh, “the team has great chemistry” well I’m sorry boys, but your beaker is half empty. Debacles in SD, CO and now PITTSBURGH????? This team couldn’t beat my church softball team right now. They are lucky if they score one run. Someone get me a nitro before I have an aneurysm.

Gonzo with one of his patented no plays, too cute by half.

You know we have scored 9 runs and the only extra base hit we have is by Derek Lowe. I mean thank god for winning , but I want to see someone strikeout and go back to the dugout and take a bat to a stack of helmets. Enough of sweetness and light and “really good chemistry”. I’ll take an *ss hole who wants to win every game in this dugout right now. I want someone who is ********** about losing. I want someone who is ********** about other players sitting on their keister, not taking extra swings, not running out ground balls, muffing plays because they were “styling” and for chissakes leaving the bases loaded with 0,1 or 2 outs. I am sick to my stomach of a team that isn’t ********** when they don’t drive in base runners. Come on people WTFU!!!!!!!!!

So, you want a Carlos Zambrano in the clubhouse.
(I’m just messing, Bill. I agree with your sentiment, if not your solution.)

The reactions aren’t the solution, they are just an indicator of how much this team might want to win. I want someone who doesn’t care about how he is regarded but that WANTS to win. Sometimes that looks like ripping a teammate in the press, sometime it looks like destroying a clubhouse, sometimes it looks like running into a wall and sometimes it looks like running out a grounder that “looks” like a sure out. We’ve had more than few plays in the last week where runners weren’t legging it out to first. A couple of them might have been hits or close to it. These of course were some of Bobby’s pets. If they hadn’t been they would have been traded to Canada. CZ got nothing to do with caring. He rips up a dugout for his own self interest. I want someone who does it for TEAM!!!

BTW, I’ve ripped up a dugout or two and I can tell you from personal experience that it not only got me re focused but it woke up a few slumbering souls who needed waking up. IMHO Sometimes you just need to take a helmet to a water cooler.

Here’s a puzzler for ye rules mavens.

The braves have the 2nd best record in the NL. If everyone finished as is, the Braves would win the WC and play either the central or West champs. Since the braves have a better record, would they have Home Field advantage? If they won the NLDS and faced another foe with a worse W-L would they then have Home Field Advantage. It could definitely happen folks and we know how much the Braves like “home cooking”

I agree 100% Bill. This team has no fire. I want to see some of these players get **********. I’m tired of the Bobby Cox “professionalism” bullsh!t that makes these guys look like drones on the field.
Someone needs to get in these players faces when they make stupid and/or lackluster plays. Melky Cabrera is easily the worst in this regard.
I’ve seen this team make a lot of mistakes this year that have me questioning both their intelligence and common sense. This, paired with Bobby’s inability to manage a bullpen and CORRECTLY “play the numbers” (if you can’t hit, it doesn’t matter which arm the pitcher is throwing with), makes me question this team’s desire and ability to win.

It is intriguing to me how this team can lead the league in come from behind wins, and be questioned by its fans about their “fire”. Professionalism in baseball simply means doing your job.

It is my belief that the problems of the past few weeks are the result of the tinkering with the lineup and the addition of unfamiliar players.

While I understand the moves, those players particularly have underachieved – even at their own low standards.
(D Lee is hitting no where near the 250 average he arrived with. Ankiel was hitting over 300 in the two weeks preceding his trade. Where did that go? Is National league pitching that much better?)

I can’t see blaming Bobby. Shoot, I don’t even blame the front office. They gave it a valiant effort. But D Lee, and Rick Ankiel are NOT contributing at the plate and are in fact killing rallies. I would say to Bobby that the calendar is expiring, and that we no longer have time for experimentation, or getting people “off the snide”. He can see who has it, and who doesn’t just like we can. It is time for him to MANAGE the team that he has and put his best players on the field.

The really good news is that we don’t have to fear the Phils. I believe we can stay with them and beat them heads up. My evaluation may seem to be simply that of a “homer”, but I believe our bullpen and our bench strength will help us win those games with Philly.

Focus Braves. Every man do his job, and let’s bring this thing home! Go Braves!

Hey, I agree with everyone, and it got me thinking back… remember a few years ago when Adam LaRoche struck out with runners in scoring position and, when he got back to the dugout, Chipper ripped him a new one three ways from Friday? Next time up, he parked one deep into the seats of Coors Field.
The problem is, who’s the senior-most leader of the team? The field general? Chipper’s on “coach” status as he can’t be out there with them. That pretty much leaves McCann since he has the longest tenure on the team now (of position players, probably even overall). But someone’s gonna have to grow into the role of field general… and do it quickly.
Sidenote: Bill, what position did you play?

If you’re looking for a leader, Heyward has stepped it up down the stretch, but you cannot put a team on your back from the 2 hole. September OBP is .474, 3 runs, 1 RBI. This isn’t even a hard call anymore, bat him 3rd.

Infante and Prado then Heyward just equals more runs scored.

Welcome back to Jeopardy and, Billreef, please pick a category.
Alex, I?d like ?The National League? for $200.00.
The Philadelphia Phillies.
Who has the best record in the National League?
Correct, and you still control the board?..

Alex: Welcome back to Jeopardy, and Phan52 (note the grammatical correction) please pick a category.

Phan52: I’ll take the rapists for $500 please Alex.

Alex: That’s Therapists, Phan52; which by the way is someone you need to see immediately.

…yawn…old SNL joke. If you can’t come up with anything original, don’t bother.

Yeah man, it takes a comedic wizard to parody Jeopardy. Are you Dane Cook?

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