Jurrjens will travel to Atlanta for MRI

Clubhouse Updates: 

When Jair Jurrjens reported to Citizens Bank Park this afternoon and was unable to complete his pitching delivery without feeling any discomfort in his right knee, the Braves took the precautionary route and opted to allow Brandon Beachy to start this series opener against the Phillies. 

Beachy will be making his Major League debut and starting for the first time since tossing six scoreless innings for Triple-A Gwinnett on Sept. 3.  The 24-year-old right-hander, who was signed out of the Virginia Valley Summer League in 2008, has spent the past couple of weeks on a throwing program devised by Minor League pitching coordinator Dave Wallace.

Jurrjens twice declined to talk to reporters today about this knee ailment he incurred while completing a bullpen session Friday.  He will fly back to Atlanta later tonight and undergo an MRI exam Tuesday.  The Braves are hoping he misses just this one start.

The Braves did get some good health-related news today, when an MRI revealed that the shoulder discomfort that Takashi Saito experienced Friday night was likely due to tendinitis.  Initially, there was reason to believe he would miss the remainder of the season. 

But Bobby Cox said Saito might be able to pitch again later this week. 



There goes rally killer Melky, rolling a pitch over. Typical.

If you see being up 1-0 on the Phillies a rally, we have bigger issues on our hands…

There were 2 runners on. Could have added more cushion to the lead we just lost because of Victorino scoring.

I like how you waited until the Phillies indeed scored again before saying that. It’s like you had your cursor ready over that “submit” button…

Got ’em right where we want ’em. Hamels is fading and they have no pen – go get ’em Braves!

I actually started typing it right as he reached 3rd, and by the time I finished, boom, he scored, so I had to change about to score to scored.

Guys, I agree Melky is horrible, but if you are looking for a scapegoat for tonight’s loss….(it pains me to say this but)….Martin grounded into two double plays and misplayed the throw down by McCann, thus, giving an extra base. It also seems he was running about 80 percent on those ground balls. Tonight was not his best night. But don’t get me wrong, Cabrera didn’t help us at all either. I think sometimes Bobby gets too caught up on righty-lefty matchups.
Great job by Beachy tonight, i’ve got to give the kid some credit. That’s a heck of a way to make a debut.

Perfect timing. Diaz did good, taking down muleman like that. Even Philly thinks it’s own fans are idiots. They gave an opposing player a standing O.

Brandon, I was thinking the same thing. But I wasn’t sure if it was muleman or pherrisphain.

We’re all on the same page here guys, I couldn’t get it typed fast enough. Looked more like pherris to me, the spiderman outfit and all.

Man typical Frillies game, another moron on the field. Man I want to crawl through and strangle Bobby for playing Cabrera. A 3-1 count when you need 2 runs he swings at ball 4 and golf a lazy fly.

I think it was Michael Vick…he was elusive!
Plus he wants to screw over both of these cities.

Man typical Frillies game, another moron on the field. Man I want to crawl through and strangle Bobby for playing Cabrera. A 3-1 count when you need 2 runs he swings at ball 4 and he golfs a lazy fly.

Defense the difference tonight boys. You can’t expect to win if you don’t catch the ball.

I think we can all agree the Phillies won because:

A) Rookie outfielder made a rookie mistake.

B) Melky Cabrera started. Twice he had a chance to contribute, and he couldn’t do anything. It’s sad when the Phillies catcher gets on base more than our CF.
If we want to win, get Melky out of the game. Plain and simple.

Well we’ve slept our way through our most important game of the year. We made Cole Hamels look like a Cy Young candidate.

Who said the Phillies doesn’t have a bullpen? You maybe right but not tonight. Lidge’s slider made Heyward and Lee look silly.

Eh, I’m not all that upset with tonights game. Our “fill in” kept the Phillies to basically 1 run (the rest were on the D), and Prado was a foot away from tying the game. A lot of balls were smoked to left field but right at people.

We had a shot at this one with men on base, esp the first inning, but that’s our team, and it’s not changing. We should just start bunting runners in from third regularly, because we clearly cant get the job done otherwise.

Hoped to pick up a W, but certainly didnt expect one. I’m done getting frustrated with the Braves doing exactly what I expect them to do, just gotta realize that’s how this team is put together.

And thank you Philly for once again proving you are the worst fans in sports… As a New Yorker, I’ve experienced it in person multiple times in multiple sports.. never fails! (I’m a New York Braves fan cause I watched them on TBS since I was like 2… blame Ted Turner I guess).

LOL!! I think Cole Hamels had more to do with it than the Braves. If he got any run support this year he WOULD be a Cy Young candidate. His ERA is about 1.25 in his last 14 starts.

Pitching and defense, boys. Live and learn. 3 double plays and now three starters with ERA’s under 3.00.
And what’s that about no bullpen? Lidge has saved 19 out of 20 and his slider is 2008 nasty.

Hey billreef, why won’t the Braves pitch to the big fat slob? What’s to fear?

Here come the roaches…

Better to have one moron on the field than 9 morons playing the field. Magic number now at 8. No bullpen? uh huh. worst fans in sports? Maybe you could show up for a game once in a while and actually be a fan. One jackass in a red suit doesn’t define a fan base. 20,000 empty seats does, however.

Here’s a claim from the Frillies web site. The best top 3 starters in baseball history. It’s kind of a funny thought but here is my analysis and you can see why it just ain’t so.

The answer to this question is kinda easy The combined totals of Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz in 1995 were an ERA of 2.61. Dead smack in the middle of Johnny Juice and the Bash Brothers era. Maddux’s ERA was ERA was 1.63 while the league average was 4.18. The Braves 3 had an ERA of 1.57 below the league average.

The 71 Orioles top 3 had an ERA of 2.72 while the league average was 3.46. These 3 Orioles were only .74 below the league average.

This year’s Phillies top 3. Current combined ERA is 2.78. League average is 4.06. The difference is 1.28. Ooops.

The Braves 1995 Top 3 win this in a walk, not to mention the fact that they won the WS, going 11-3 in the playoffs a feat neither the 1971 O’s or the 2010 Fills have accomplished. Not to mention the fact that ALL 3 will be 1st ballot HOFer’s.

billreef, the casual baseball fan, has to deflect from the present state of things to tout a ‘big 3’ pitching staff dead in the center of the steroid era, as if the hitters were the ony ones ‘roiding. Makes one wonder…

billybobreefer……Have a tough time with remedial reading and comprehension don’t you? The discussion on the Phillie blog is the best three starters in Phillies history not MLB history. You are such a putz.

Sorry pherris. The latter just really isn’t saying that much. Who bailed you out?

sorry, I meant the former – top three in Phillies history.

“Has there been a better trio of starting pitchers on any team since the Phillies joined the NL in 1883?” So who can’t read, morons? I am to assume “any team” only includes Frillies. The problem is the lack of the English language spoken in Friladelphia, I suppose.

billybobreefer…………you silly girlieman, whatever your southern a-n-a-l retention requires you to believe, dear. By the by, have Los Bravos found that wildcard yet?

I’ll say this for our billreef…. he’s historical. Pherris the time stamp on your post above is 5:35 am. Was that right after you got out of the pokey?

Just the thought of it makes me laugh, the idea that Greg Maddux might be taking steroids. You Frillies crack me up.

If Hamels was able to use the patented, trademarked Greg Maddux strike zone last night, he would have thrown a 95 pitch complete game. But nobody else in the history of baseball had access to that strike zone, and with his control, it was a ridiculous advantage. ‘Painting the black’ is a little different when the black is 3/4′ inch for everybody else, but at least twice that for Maddux. Don’t try and deny it; everybody in baseball knew it and just had to deal with it.

A tip of the hat to McCann and Infante for their roles in this years Allstar game which is going allow the Phillies to enjoy the home field advantage all the way through to their world championship this year.

LOL!! Maddux’s postseason record suffered when the umpires were more focused and provided an even playing field. I specifically remember 1993 and, the horror, Maddux walked four Phillies in 6 innngs. I wonder who was whining about the strike zone that night…

Wahhhhhhhh. Greg Maddux had a big strike zone, Sniffle, whimper moan………… He had a 1.63 ERA, the umpires made a special deal for him……..tremble, whine………The Frillies lost out to the Braves, again. Phillies attendance dropped 11,000 per year……. All because of that evil Greg Maddux and those nasty umpires. And now here to change the subject again…….Those Phabulous Phurry Phart Brothers……..

Ferris takes the day off; with all your asine comments does Frilly ever have anyone graduate from the 6th grade? Must save the taxpayers alot of money not having to fund any upper level schools because noone in Frilly gets that far. Its totally asine to compare halladay,Hamels and Oswalt to Glavine,Smoltz and Madduz. They are all Hall of Famers that proved themselves year after year. The only one that might have a sniff at the HOF is Halladay but he’ll have to pitch that well over alot more years. So go back to your comics and come back when you grow up.

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