Cox at least thinking about using Huddy and Lowe on short rest

Braves manager Bobby confirmed that he is at least thinking about the possibility of using some of his veteran starters on short rest during the season’s final week. 

This could certainly have an adverse effect on how Tim Hudson and Derek Lowe would fare in the postseason. But as his club entered Saturday staring at a half-game deficit in the Wild Card standings and facing the reality that Jair Jurrjens likely won’t be available for more than a week, Cox simply has to find a way to get to the playoffs. 

“You’ve got to start thinking that way,” Cox said.  
The Braves could send Tommy Hanson to the mound with regular rest during Monday’s series opener against the Marlins.   Tim Hudson and Derek Lowe could then be asked to pitch the final two games on short rest.   <p>

Lowe has gone 2-1 with a 5.09 ERA in the four regular season starts he has made with three days of rest.  He pitched effectively in three of his four outings.  But while making his most recent attempt on May 18, 2008, he allowed the Angels 10 hits and seven earned runs in five innings.   <p>

Hudson has proven more successful, going 2-0 with a 2.61 ERA in the three regular season starts he has made with one fewer than the normal four days of rest.   He tossed eight scoreless innings while making his May 24, 2005 start against the Mets on short rest and found similar success while limiting the Marlins to one run in seven innings on Sept. 17, 2006.   <p> 

Hudson’s only other start on short rest occurred July 18, 2006, when he limited the Cardinals to one run through the first five innings and then allowed them to tally four runs in the sixth inning.  <p>


If this is not a sure sign Cox needs to retire, what is? He now wants to close the barn doors after the horses have already gotten out. He would have done great on the Titanic rearranging the deck chairs. Great effort by Lowe so far only 28 pitches in the first inning. At this rate he may be able to pitch 5 innings.

Boy, I have been watching Troy Tulowitski’s and Carlos Gonzalez’s run in September and I kept thinking that something was really screwed up. I wondered whether the humidor thing could be involved. Bang, the Giants have come out and said the same thing. I mean the numbers don’t add up. TT hits 12 HR’s in the 1st 5 months and he hit’s 14 in September. Cargo is a career .260 hitter and all of a sudden he’s batting .340 with a .427 average during that same September span. Something is rotten in Denmark, I smelled it a while ago and apparently ML teams are getting a whiff too. These numbers are just messed up. They have learned how to juice, or unjuice the ball and they are using it to their advantage. More will be revealed. Maybe those late season comebacks weren’t so improbable.

billybobreefer………..How is the hunt for the wildcard going? Oh, that’s right, someone is cheating in a bid to deny the Braves. So many conspiracies to uncover, so little time.

I just noticed that San Fran plays San Diego the last weekend of the season, while the Braves will be playing the Phillies at home with nothing to play for. They are still alive despite the pathetic play lately. If they can find a way to go 5-2 the rest of the way, I like there changes. 6-1 may guarantee the wild card berth. I really hope when I review the line-up today, I see Conrad at 3rd base. Prado is not healthy and it has showed with his significant decline lately. Hit Gonzo/McClouth second, heyward third and let’s see what happens. They have not choice, but to pitch Lowe and Hudson on three days rest. I would rather take my chances with them then Martinez, KK or Minor. Please Mark, talk to bobby and make it happen..

Freddie gets the nod at 1st, but will still have 3 holes in the lineup, Ankiel, Melky and Beachy(unless Beachy can hit). Bobby just doesn’t get it.

3 holes in the lineup or none, its difficult to win when the big bats arent getting extra base hits. And even more difficult when the rotation is in shambles. The team is still really good but there have been too many leaks in the ship this year and we’ve finally taken on too much water. It’s tough when you’ve lost your star 3B, saw no production at 1B in the second half, lost 2 starters, and seen your CFs produce almost nothing. The Phils have about their exact lineup from day 1. Speaking of them, you Phillies trolls should really find something substantial in your life, cause spending your days in the braves blog is a little sad. Was funny for the first couple weeks but cmon guys.

Braves got one inning left to mount comeback. We all know, they are no longer capable. This game is on the offense. How bad was infante, heyward, freeman gonzo with runners on base – stop blaming venters. They were facing a pitcher who gave up 8 in his last start. Not Roy Oswalt/Holladay . They still have one inning left, but I have lost confidence completely. Hopefully I am going to eat crow in the ninth….

I have to be honest. Playoff teams don’t strike out back to back at bats in a tied game with nobody and one out. Also, I know Freddie is going to be very good, but there is no such thing as a “hard” 2 for 20 in September. Tommy Hanson can go 2 for 20.

Florida has been a problem all season. and the Filthies aren’t going to lay down just to get us in the playoffs. We have to have this game Today.

This team just looks and plays like they are exhausted. I think the Atlanta summer has taken everything out of them that they had to give. That and Bobby’s habit of being patient with veterans who obviously needed or now need a rest. Martin got rushed back, Glaus was played for a month past when he should have sat, McCann is dragging himself gamely out there and even Omar is beginning to look shot. The added strain of Chipper going down and Bobby’s unwillingness to give Conrad a start, means that the infield has basically no replacement except Fresh Faced Freeman. Ross has been sitting forever, and Bobby has a silly notion that Ankiel and Melky are the left handed half of a double platoon. Hinske can’t hit diddly and Diaz never got going because he sat so much against righties. We have a starting pitcher who doesn’t start but remains taking up roster space for no apparent reason. We have a starting center fielder who goes to AAA, get’s straightened out and comes back on fire and since is riding the pine. this team has so many gaps, but I don’t think you can point to pitching. We are in every game, Hanson hold em to a run and loses. Even Beachy gives the team a nice start today. This team is so confused at the plate right now, we can’t score. We don’t deserve a playoff spot.

For once Bill – i agree with everything you said. I can”t understand how half a Prado is better than a whole Conrad.

Speedy, I wish I was wrong too. I have a lot of pain and anguish invested in the last two months. I am like Shaunson, this tears at me. I love this team and I loved what we had done through early summer but I really think we missed our opportunity. When we could have beefed up, we stood pat. When we could have been smart, we made really silly decisions(leaving Glaus in, continuing to send McLouth out, screwing with Medlen’s schedule, continuing to let TP do what everyone on god’s green earth now knows he does to power bats, bringing Martin back way to soon half crippled with a broken finger, trading for retirees- Farnsworth, Ankiel, Gonzalez and DLee, and continuing to play Melky and Hinske.

When it came to the dog days, we had nothing left. We had made all the improbable comebacks a team could be expected to make. We had played through a killer slump in April. We had built a 7 game lead on the Fluffy Fills and we had survived a ton of adversity. Then our ownership can’t find enough money to sponsor a half season of a power bat, a luxury we haven’t been afforded for 2 years now. We are treated to the platitude “we like our team now”. While every other playoff contender in MLB is strengthening their hand, we are playing with our weinus. It makes me ill.

This hurts my soul. Up 7 games in the NL East at the end of July and the best record in the NL. Now? The playoffs are a bit of a longshot. I think they should have left the team alone.
Melky Cabrera should not be a starter on any team.Johnny Venters has been outstanding, but Bobby has probably ruined his arm. Kenshin Kawakami needs to be released outright (the hell with how it looks).Martin looks terrible. The guy is beat to hell and Bobby wont give him a break.Brooksy could easily give Prado some time off and be more effective.Lowe has finally righted himself (or so it seems), but everyone else has fallen apart.McLouth needs to be playing every day (did I just say that?).

Well said bill, although I really wish that you were wrong…

There were, however, just two main injuries that doomed this team. Kris Medlen’s blown out elbow (Braves were 13-1 in games he started), which we can thank Bobby for since he decided to screw with Medlen’s routine and have him pitch out of the bullpen again around the All-Star Break, and Chipper Jones blown out knee, which was just a product of him being old.

Shaunson, you can’t blame Bobby for Medlen’s injury, considering SP tear thier UCL constantly on a regular rotation. So what is your proof that Bobby injured him? I don’t mind people bashing Bobby’s treatment of pitchers, but at least give some validity.
Also, Chipper blew out the same knee in his 20’s, that’s the reason it gave out again, not just because he’s old (although that is a factor).

well billreef, I see your tone has changed. Maybe you wouldn’t be so anguished if you actually had a clue about how a MLB season works.
Now you finally realize that the MLB season is a marathon and not a sprint. You chose to start your trolling when you thought that you had a comfort zone, but there is no such thing in a 162 game season. The better team almost always ends up on top, as you are finding out, and everybody else finds their level. You should have seen this coming, but casual baseball fans rarely do because they get caught up in the moment and think a little winning or losing streak is indicative of their team.

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