Prado will miss the remainder of the season

Martin Prado will miss the remainder of the season.  Results from an MRI exam performed Tuesday afternoon revealed that he has a torn left oblique muscle.

This was damaging news for the Braves who already were prepared to be without him for a week or two while he recovered from a left hip pointer suffered during Monday night’s win over the Marlins.  The oblique strain will require at least two months of rehab. 

With Prado sidelined, the Braves will use Brooks Conrad as their primary third baseman. Diory Hernandez would serve as the next best defensive option at third.  Troy Glaus and Eric Hinske could play the hot corner in an emergency situation. 

Prado seemingly suffered the hip pointer and oblique strain while going across his body and leaping to grab Dan Uggla’s fourth-inning line drive in the fifth inning of Monday night’s win over the Marlins.

One inning later Prado landed on his hip again and slowly rose to his feet.  During the bottom of the fifth, he hit a chopper back to the mound and then went to the ground after taking just a step or two out of the batter’s box.    


Welcome back Brooks.

We’ve been missing heroics of ANY sort lately. Brooks is just a time bomb waiting to go off. Now if Ankiel could just lift a fly.

I still think we can make it to the postseason?if we can start hitting anything in this game. But losing Prado might make things nearly impossible for the postseason. Think the Phillies could make it if they lost Rollins, Utley, and Howard stopped hitting? It’s a bit difficult for any team if they lose their 3 best hitters.

More late inning heroics for Conrad.

Ankeil Strikes out again.

Thank you Prado for playing hurt and done minsunderstand this. I am looking forward to see Conrad at 100% more than Prado at 50%.

Get well soon Martin – see you in the spring.

Thanks Hinske!!!

Conrad and Hinske = two of the most underutilized players the Braves have since September began.

I guess the Braves have figured out that they are home now. More magic at the Ted.

Nice job, Wags.

It was great to see the emotion on Hinske’s face tonight after he got a hold of one. Hopefully was can get the sticks going a little bit. Huddy also looked like he was in old form tonight, that sinker had a lot of bite on it.

What do Troy Glaus, Eric Hinske, and Brooks Conrad all have in common?
They were major reasons the Braves were as good as they were for as long as they were. Also, Bobby hasnt played them in September. Two of them have directly led to wins the last two nights when they finally got a chance. Where does that make sense?
Maybe Bobby will stop pressing the Melky button and give Hinske a chance. He’s done everything to deserve it and Melky has done everything to NOT deserve it.

Just got in from the Ted. The first thing I would like to report is that there is nothing wrong with the fans of the Braves. Although it wasn’t a sellout (I am certain we will sell out the weekend games) and I haven’t seen attendance numbers, but my guess would be 30,000.

The crowd was electric. There were spontaneous “chop” cheers all night. The crowd was loud and clearly behind the team, even during frustrating moments such as Snitker sending McCann. (If only the ball had bounced over the wall!)

It was interesting hearing the fans around me ponder the same questions we ponder here. Why can’t Bobby play Matt Diaz against right handers and strengthen our lineup? WHY CAN’T JASON BAT 3RD?

With Prado now gone for the season (he should have been shut down 3 weeks ago) it appears that bill will get his wish, and Brooksy will get the call at 3rd. He had a GREAT at bat with that triple tonight. But, alas it once again came late in the game.

Hindsight being 20/20 Diory Hernandez should have been getting his feet wet at third base over the past three weeks. (He is the best option at the present time too. Sorry bill.) Diory has speed, the arm, and has become a good contact hitter with some pop this year. Brooksy is our secret weapon late.

I can live with Brooksy taking over at 3B. He has earned a shot. The above is just my opinion. If we make the playoffs, realistically it doesn’t look good for us, does it? Baseball is a funny game. GO BRAVES!

I wonder if any of the guys got in touch with Kelly and Adam in Arizona to tell em to get the Giants for us. Kelly has already homered tonight. HIS TWENTY SIXTH. Maybe we should go after him to play left field next year.

Boy it sure is quiet on here tonite with no ******** Frilly fans. Guess they are licking their wounds after getting shut down by DC.

And Barry, you”re really not serious, DIORY HERNANDEZ????? He has a .138 avg in MLB and has hit 32 HRS in 7 minor league seasons. My dog hits better than that. 36,000 at the game tonite. Suck on that you Phanatics.

Thank you, Alfonso Soriano. Times 2.

I know I’ve said this many times.. but Craig Kimbrel’s stats are insane. 18 innings pitched, 8 hits, and 34 Ks??? Who averages 2 Ks an inning in the majors?

Viva, totally agree his SO numbers are sick. He gives up more walks than anyone would like but if you walk someone and then SO the side, you aren’t exactly giving up a run. My earlier post showed Craig the love.

Yeah I agree but his numbers since the break are almost unbelievable. 10.2 innings, 4 hits, 22 Ks, and 4 walks. No runs scored (sounds like a McLouth month). Before the break he had a hard time getting out of an inning while pitching less than 25 pitches. He hasn’t thrown more than 20 in an inning since the break. This year he has had one appearance where he hasn’t struck out a batter, and that was his second appearance. Barring Venters’ arm falling off by the end of the season, the back end of our bullpen is just incredible for a long time. I think we should resign Saito for another year to have a veteran presence. Too bad Wags is actually gonna hang it up, cause another year of having him around would be amazing for those 2 Venters and Kimbrel.

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