Beachy primed for potential clincher

If you want to tell me that coming out of Spring Training, you knew Omar Infante would be an All-Star, I would say, “OK, Whatever.”  If you choose to tell me that you knew on Opening Day that Brooks Conrad was going to play such a critical role this year, I’d smile and simply nod my head. 

Now if you could tell me entering the season that you predicted Brandon Beachy would be the starting pitcher on a night the Braves could clinch, I’d have to rudely interrupt your excitement and ask, “are you are an attorney or a politician?” 

In a season that has simply been improbable, maybe it would be fitting for Beachy to earn his first Major League win in a clincher. I’ll be honest, I knew very little about this kid until July arrived and some clubs were at least showing inquiring whether he would be available via trade.

At that point, I think Beachy had made just two or three starts this year.  Don’t forget that he began this season in Double-A Mississippi’s bullpen. 

If the Braves do clinch before the end of Saturday’s games, Tim Hudson likely won’t start Sunday’s series finale.  The Braves haven’t revealed whether Derek Lowe or Hudson would be start Game 1 of the National League Division Series. 

If Hudson were to pitch Sunday, he would be on regular rest for Friday’s Game 2.  But he said he would rather get some extra rest and possibly throw a couple simulated innings on Tuesday.    

Jair Jurrjens completed another bullpen session today.  The Braves haven’t decided whether he will pitch in relief this weekend.  But they may soon have to decide whether they can afford to put him on the Division Series roster simply with the hope that his right knee remains strong.

Derrek Lee said that he received some “Your Welcome” text messages from some of his former Cubs teammates, who aided the Braves by taking three of four from the Padres this week. 

With the Padres and Giants playing late tonight, the Braves have determined that they won’t celebrate even if they clinch the Wild Card tonight.  With an afternoon game tomorrow, many of the Atlanta players plan to go home at the conclusion of their game to watch the game in San Francisco. 

Andres Galarraga and Gerald Perry are among the former Braves who have already arrived in town to celebrate Bobby Cox’s final regular season weekend.   Greg Maddux, Fred McGriff and David Justice are expected to be present for the celebration preceding Saturday’s game.

Fans attending Saturday’s game should plan to be in their seats by 3 p.m. ET to watch the ceremony. will stream the ceremony live at 3:30 p.m. ET. 


Bill, Brooksy has a shot to make you look like a genius these last few games.
Just had to poke fun for a sec.

Papi, he already has. There will be a lot more to come but what he has done so far is to give this team a much needed lift.

You are right. Let’s hope it continues on.

Boy, it’s great to see DLee get a couple of clutch hits. If we could only get Bobby to phase out the Human rally killer Melky we would be in a lot better shape.

Even if Bobby MUST play Cabrera, one would hope he would place him 8th. Statistically, he’s better at the bottom of the order, probably because nothing’s expected of a batter down there.

Agree totally Papi, you would think Bobby would want to place Melky, the “veteran” presence ahead of the pitcher where his experience would be valuable. Moving Brooks up a couple of spots where he has some protection, given his power, would be more valuable to the team.

Can’t help but wonder if Diory Hernandez might have at least thought about THROWING THE BALL TO FIRST!

none of this happens if worth is rung up by beachy with the perfect inside corner strike. But that said, the braves once again just giving **** away…

Gave the Phils two extra outs in the 6th inning. And Moylan walking in the run is also inexcusable .

If Diory was playing 3rd we would be filling in meaningless games until next season.

and infante is rung up on a pitch worse than the one called a ball on worth. joke.

This had the makings of a pretty good game until that 6th inning… and has disintegrated since.

Barry, maybe the facts will help in your analysis. In 9 Minor league seasons(playing on ill prepared minor league infields) Brooks had 1 error for every 36.5 chances while playing 3B, in 14 major league seasons Chipper had 1 error for every 21 chances( about the same number of chances as Brooks). In 8 minor league season Diory had 1 error for every 15 chances while playing 3B. Damn, those facts are pesky things. You know how I knew to go look for these stats? It was because by looking at Brooks, Chipper and Diory, it was obvious to me who the better fielder of the 3 was. Just because you are prepared to dump this teams problems on the kid doesn’t mean that he is responsible for any of this teams woes. I suspect you are dumping on him because you don’t want me to be right. If so, I will gladly take your abuse, but don’t disparage what this young man has done for this team.

Wow. That really worked out, didn’t it billreef? I thought you guys were going to teach the ‘Frillies’ a lesson in determination and ‘huevos’.
Now we’re not sure who we will be playing. Get this over with already one way or the other, will you?

Oh and Barry, I just watched the replay 3 times and Brooks threw the ball right to Omar. Omar wasn’t in any position to take the throw, he was 8 feet from the bag. That error should have been charged to Omar, Brooks made the play. Omar didn’t think he was gonna get the throw and he was out of position.

Bilreef- speaking of facts, when did Brooks play 3B in the minors? That’s a serious question, because in Gwinnett he played 2B. Did he play at third with his previous teams? If so, where, specifically are you getting these numbers? Thanks.

Cd Drizzle Brooks DID play 3B at Gwinnett(in 2009) he also played 1B, 2B, SS and RF. He also played 3B at Sacramento, Round Rock and Pittsfield during previous employment. Baseball Reference has all of his minor league records. Whoops, there are the facts. I did make one mistake though, his errors vs. chances stat was a total. That was from playing C, 1B, SS, 2B, 3B, RF and LF. I guess the guy is a really bad fielder that why they played him at 7 different positions. They were trying to find one that worked out for him.

phan52, it will either be the Padres or the Reds, depending on if ATL gets the wild card or if it’s SD. Either way, the Phillies wouldn’t face the Braves in the NLDS.

papilgeewhatever, I am well aware that the Phillies can’t play the Braves in the NLCS. I am busting billreef’s ‘huevos’ because he was telling us that it would be all settled by now, because of the Braves determination and domination at home.
Well, somebody was dominated last night.

How ironic can it get for all the cry babies who complain about CBP? The Phillies sweep the Braves at CBP by besting the Braves at their supposed strong suit – pitching. Now without the benefit of their “bandbox”, the Phillies sink the Braves with their supposed strong suit, the long ball, in the Braves supposed “pitchers park”. Just loved the performance of the Braves vaunted bullpen. And, one last thought, it doesn’t matter whether whose fault the throw to second was, Conrad or Infante, as much as what it shows about the value of fielding to wit: the Phillies 5th in the league; the Braves 12th in the league.

This is not the first time this season that a Braves third baseman making the ill-advised short throw to 2nd on a routine grounder with two outs has extended an inning and cost a ballgame. What happened to taking the sure out at first–especially with a slow baserunner in the batter’s box?

From one redneck Georgia fan to the Phillies bloggers: For people that want to convince us that you are so smart you sure are ignorant. Your arguments make no sense at all, case in point. You say Atlanta has fair weather fans and then you make stupid remarks as to why we defend our team. Make up your minds idiots! Either call us bad fans, or you can talk crap and expect us to defend our Braves but you can’t have both. I suppose this doesn’t make sense to you, but on a Braves Blog you will find people who (and I know this is shocking) really LOVE the Braves!!! Quit spewing philth and go slap your mothers or whatever else you do for fun. For people so freaking proud of your team, you spend a whole lot of time talking about the Braves.

bravestrong1234…..We will slap our mothers just as soon as you run down your cousins at the family picnic for dates. There is no doubt that there is devoted Braves’ fan. Must be at least a dozen or six. The Braves were the tools of Ted Turner. Maybe he should have spent more time and money selling the team to Georgia fans than trying to sell the team to America.

I am no pitching coach. But here is an observation on Beachy so far>
1. His curve ball is slow, and hanging most of the time.
2. He starts way too many hitters 1-0 or 2-1.
3. He is not hitting spots, if you consider where Brian is holding the mitt.
4. He has pitched against a good team and has held his own, except, since the Braves offense is anemic against most pitching, especially good pitching, he is 0-2.
So while I hope this 24 year old will develop, right now, he seems to be just another F… righthander, as scouts say.

I do love Bobby. He is obviously a HoFer and has worked miracles with what Wren has left him.
I am no hitting coach. But here is an observation on recent players:
Alex G. He is done for the season. Has not squared up a ball in a week, and keeps coming up in crucial situations.
Problem: noone else to take his place…now or for a few years.
Heyward: Looks like he is lunging and crouching during his swing. I have seen him square up only one ball in a week or more. Too bad. Bat avg drops from almost 290 back to 275 this late in the season, shows a true slump. But he is 20.
Infante: Has not seemed to be able to sustain. Maybe just too tired. But his avg dropped many points during this important phase of the season. Problem: no speed or hitter to put in his place.
Lee: Finally a decent Sept, after a lackluster season. But still no power for a cleanup hitter.
Bench: None left

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