Former players arrive for festive scene at Turner Field

It’s a festive day here at Turner Field.  The Braves could clinch the Wild Card today after honoring the man who is most responsible for the plethora of success this organization has experienced over the course of the past 20 years. 

In a tribute story that ran today, I defined Cox as the most influential man in the history of the Braves organization.  This afternoon, Chipper Jones said that Cox and Hank Aaron are the most influential men in the history of Atlanta sports.

Say what you want about the fact that the Braves have only won one World Series during Cox’s long managerial tenure.  The fact is that he has impacted your life and the lives of the many former players who have gathered today to honor him in a pregame ceremony. 

Proving that Yunel Escobar didn’t exactly make him completely run away from the baseball scene, Jeff Blauser arrived at Turner Field to reminisce with Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Mark Lemke Fred McGriff and some of the other stars of the 1990s.

When Dale Murphy arrived this morning, he playfully said, “Is something special going on around here today?  Can I get a ticket? 

When I suggested today’s attendance might surpass some of the season attendance figures the Braves realized during the 1980s, Murphy laughed and said:

“Yeah, these guys have what like 25 last at-bat wins?  When we played, we were just hoping to get 25  wins.” 

Cox began this morning eating grits with his long-time friend Pat Gillick and an Atlanta artist who painted the portrait the Phillies presented him last week in Philadelphia. 

By the time the day is over, he would like to be soaking in champagne. 



what fool rather than cox makes the dessions for the braves. why get a washed up lee glaus was at least as good. and what is that saying 2 freeman the firstbaseman of the futher.people thinks the sun sets and rises on bobby.there is only one manager sorryer than him.and thats leland .thats how the braves won all thoes years.that and billy wagner he chokes like cox.he dont have the lineup right he dont know how 2 handel his pitchers he has messed up more arms than the anderson brothers he should be in the wwe

Who’s the chump playing third for the Braves? Are these losers going to ruin Bobby’s big weekend?
Since the All-Star break the Phillies are the #1 defensive team in MLB. The Braves are the second worst, ahead of only the lowly Royals.

I sure hope that when Bobby retires tomorrow that he takes the rest of the team with him. I would rather not have a team in Atlanta if this is the way they finish out a season.

Same way they finished last year. Very disappointing. They just can’t hit and I think Conrad is showing why he was never a top prospect. They may need to use Glaus at third base. CConrad has really hurt them. Not over yet – I still believe. One win, coupled with an SD lose and they are in,,, just hit the ball….

The fillies have a fielding precentage of .986 for the year the Braves are .980 with 70 more chances. Taking anything other than the whole season only shows a current trend. Wow the player is hitting 12 for 20 (.600 avg.) but wait he is now 0 for 20. (.000 avg.) Had to put the averages in for the fillie fans. Never have seen a team truly win without playing the whole season when it is played.

The Braves just can’t seem to win when they need to win. I’m not going to defend their play, right now they don’t deserve it.

Billbrooks, you must not have been watching the Atlanta broadcast yesterday (Friday). Joe Simpson was forced to apologize to Omar Infante after a replay from the third base camera showed that Omar was lined up perfectly with the bag. If Brooks had simply thrown the ball over the bag – It would have been an out. Omar had to divert to his right to keep the ball from going into Center Field.

Brooks should have known how far away Infante was from the bag. He should have gone to first. Even after the first crow hop – he should have gone to first.

Today’s play? What can I say. I said when Prado went down that Diory Hernandez should have been employed at 3B. I also said that Brooks’ defense would be liable to jump up and bite us. It did – twice.

What is with these stats you came up with? You are the one that is always poo pooing minor league stats. Here are the stats that are important. He has made crucial errors in 3 consecutive games.

Now. What kind of a line up was that today? Brooks was the #5 hitter? We were lucky to get 3 hits.

Bobby, if you want to win tomorrow and have any chance in the playoffs, play your best players, and give them the opportunity to win.

If Brooks is going to play – put him at second base, and move Omar to 3B (which is where he should have been playing to start with).

Otherwise – Diory at 3B.

Infante – 4 (5 if Conrad)
Diaz – 7
Heyward -9
Lee – 3
McCann 2
Gonzalez – 6
McClouth – 8
Hernandez – 5 (or play Conrad at 4)

I know it’s weak, but it’s your best shot.

ziffer you are smoking crack. To try to blame this teams woes on Conrad, is just stupid. He , frankly is one of the few reasons this team is still in contention. Yeah, play Glaus a defensive wizard at 3rd. Guy can’t hit, he can’t field and he can’t run. Basically a 0 tool player. The problem here certainly isn’t Conrad, what has he started 15 games. You are clueless.

Barry, Omar didn’t cover the bag at second. Brooks, double clutched waiting for Omar to get there and he still never got there. You know diddly about baseball or you would have seen that. Yeah Brooks got asked to come in the last week and rescue a pathetic lineup playing really bad defense. Great assignment for a rookie. Guess you need someone to blame for how badly the team is playing. I’m sure Brooks Conrad is the problem with the Atlanta Braves. Even Brooks couldn’t fix what ails them. Veteran McCann made his error today, doesn’t he suck too? If Conrad hadn’t won the two games before the weekend this thing would be over already. I’m sure Diory would have hit a triple off the wall and a three run homer if he was in there, That is hysterical. Joe Simpson can apologize all he wants. Omar was asleep at 2nd and wasn’t anywhere near the bag. I’m sure you consider Joe Simpson the authority on all things baseball, but he is clueless if he missed that call.

If I hear one more word about how great Bobby Cox is in the midst of a dire playoff run I am gonna puke. For someone who supposedly didn’t want a lot of acclaim this has been the most obscene victory parade I have ever seen. Frankly I think the whole Cox promenade is why this team has struggled down the stretch. Too much focus on the next pair of cowboy boots or portrait and not enough on whose in today’s lineup. This has turned into a vaudeville show and it may cost this team the pennant

Funny Bill – for someone who get’s very sensative when someone throws personal shots at you, you love to dish them out. I must be clueless to think Conrad has cost them over the past few days??? – really Bill???? Seemed pretty obvious to me. Don’t like Glaus, fine. Move Infante to 3rd and Conrad to 2nd. Has to be better. I think you are just frustrated and taking it out on others, but don’t worry, I can take it.

Brooks makes only about half of his throws on the Money from 3rd – ask D Lee??

I still believe. Bill, enjoy the game today.

We are one win from none of this crap mattering. We are also one potential loss from all of it mattering.

Anybody wish we had that 10-1 lead back with Jurrjens on the mound?

Here is the reality of the day, if the Braves are up one today after Hudson has gone 6 innings, how do you finish the game? And, if they make the pitch, can they make the plays to end the games? Some people are good with the late, clutch AB, some are good with the late inning 5-4 putout. If they are not the same person, then use two people.

Also, when you bat your best RBI guy in the two hole for 3 months, what do you think is going to happen to the overall production? The Lee move isn’t the problem, the Gonzo trade wasn’t the problem, even Hinske has more than matched the product of the HoF third baseman with the bad knee this season. Batting Prado in the 3 hole took away the pitches he used to drive. He is a free swinger and has stated publicly that he has struggled getting a pitch to hit. He is not the guy you want looking for a walk, that isn’t his game. Heyward has had to deal with being pitched around every day since the middle of April, wherever he bats. That was the move that was missed. That is/was/will be the issue this season when we all look back on it.

Bottom line of the season, Bobby is the greatest manager ever and his theme song after today should be “Blaze of Glory”. GO BRAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO #6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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