Braves and Giants preparing for pitching showdown

When the NCAA basketball tourney pairings have been announced in the past, a friend has often hoped that his beloved Oklahoma Sooners play their first round game on Friday night.  

“It makes it feel like you’re in the tournament longer,”  he has playfully reasoned.  

Well all of this year’s American League teams will have played the first two games in their respective Division Series matchups before Tim Lincecum throws his first pitch at 9:37 p.m. ET Thursday night to mark the start of the Braves-Giants National League Division Series.  

In some ways it’s nice to have the extra day to rest some tired arms (Jonny Venters) and tired legs (Brian McCann).  But while sitting here watching Jeff Francoeur drive in the first run of this year’s postseason, you can’t help but grow more anxious just to see what will transpire over the next couple of days, when the Braves and Giants pit their strong pitching staffs against each other.  

Over their final 31 regular season games, the Giants posted a 1.91 ERA.  That staggering number becomes even more impressive when you consider that the San Francisco pitchers not named Barry Zito posted a 1.64 ERA during this span.  

During their final 31 games, the Braves posted a 3.59 ERA.  That number drops down to 2.73 when he don’t account for the damage incurred by Cristhian Martinez,  Mike Minor, Scott Proctor and Jair Jurrjens.   

There is reason to believe that Zito and Jurrjens will both be left off the Division Series roster.  Minor and Proctor definitely won’t be part of the 25-man roster the Braves submit before Thursday morning and Martinez will likely stand simply as the final selection of an 11-man pitching staff.

Before the Braves left Turner Field yesterday, Brandon Beachy confirmed that he will be on the DS roster and Takashi Saito (shoulder) said he would not be included.    Jair Jurrjens would likely have to wait until the NLCS before having a chance to prove that his right knee is truly healthy enough for him to pitch.  

My projected Braves NLDS roster:

Catchers: Brian McCann , David Ross

Infielders: Derrek Lee, Brooks Conrad, Omar Infante, Alex Gonzalez, Diory Hernandez, (updated: erroneously omitted when first published)Troy Glaus

Outfielders:  Rick Ankiel, Nate McLouth, Matt Diaz, Eric Hinske, Jason Heyward, Melky Cabrera

Starting pitchers:  Derek Lowe, Tommy Hanson, Tim Hudson

Relief pitchers:  Billy Wagner, Jonny Venters, Craig Kimbrel, Peter Moylan, Mike Dunn, Brandon Beachy, Kyle Farnsworth, Cristhian Martinez.

While posting a 1.91 ERA in their final 31 games, the Giants went 20-11.  Five of those losses came in games started by Zito.   But they also hit just .232 and averaged 3.6 per game runs during this span.  

Sound familiar?  

While winning just 13 of their final 29 games, the Braves hit .243 and averaged 3.5 runs per game.

With Lincecum, Matt Cain and Jonathan Sanchez getting the ball in the first three games for the Giants, the Braves will spend the next few days gaining more reason to wish Chipper Jones and Martin Prado were still around.   

But with Derek Lowe, Tommy Hanson and Tim Hudson getting the first three starts for the Braves, manager  Bobby Cox’s club certainly also has the potential to prolong San Francisco’s offensive struggles.

Initially I was surprised when Cox chose to go with Hanson instead of Hudson for Game 2.   The veteran skipper has seemingly always favored his veterans.   

But when you look at the .Hanson’s final month (1.81 ERA and .176 opp. BA) and combine it with the fact that Hudson exerted a lot of physical and emotional energy in Sunday ‘s outing against the Phillies, it made sense to give Hudson a chance to get a couple extra days of rest.  

Check and later today for more updates.  Heading to the stadium now for this afternoon’s workout.  


I am not sure why Glaus would not be on the roster. He deserves to be. I believe he is a much better option than Hernandez.

Mark’s roster prediction looks a lot like the one I posted yesterday. Only difference – he corrected leaving Glaus off.

I left him off too, and the reason I did was that I had the Braves carrying 3 catchers. I seem to have taken a lot of grief about that from the one who loves turkeys, Mr. Bill.

Ya’ll might be right. Boscan may not be on the roster. I just seem to remember Bobby carrying 3 catchers on most post season rosters. Am I wrong about that?

Guess I won’t have to listen to you yammer on about how great and wonderful you are over Thanksgiving. Maybe you could just send me a ham, and I am sure the real turkey will still be at your house. I am so shocked that JC didn’t make it, a career minor leaguer who had one PA in the major leagues, who didn’t qualify for the postseason because he wasn’t on the major league roster on August 31. What a shock!!!!!

If you can read, BarryDumb, you might want to check out postseason eligibility rules. JC can’t play in the postseason unless one of our catchers is DLed.

Mr. Bowman,

I took an oath to my friends that if the Braves made it the playoffs that I would shave a tomahawk into my chest.

Don’t stop the chop.
– Josh Brown

well bobby is at it again. showing he knows nothing about baseball. 3 pitchers in one inning come on.we got the wrong le in the deal. we was to get cliff not derrick. i dont know why glaus isnt at 3rd conrad needs to be just a pinch hiter.and we need speed in that big outfield.not diaz but maclouyh in left.and also venters should be our stopper not wagner.he can not do it in the do you think we made it all thoes years .we beat wagner.i know the braves is gonna get gonzallies to manage next year .lets hope he forgot how bobby coaches.ive been a fan sience the bristol days ,all i can say is lol.but im not holding my breath!

Oldhippy, you sound like a total retard.

2 the fool who thinks im a retard hold your breath.only 2 hits im glad bobby is goging out as a loser like u

r u still holding your breath fool 3 zip in 1st its already over!

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