Freeman returns to Atlanta to have thumb examined

Freddie Freeman has returned to Atlanta to learn when he might be able to resume playing in the Arizona Fall League. 

Freeman will visit with Braves hand specialist Dr. Gary Lourie Monday.  The highly-regarded first base prospect has been sidelined since aggravating a left thumb ailment while sliding into third base during an Oct. 18 AFL game.   The thumb began bothering him a few days earlier when he secured a low throw to first base. 
An MRI exam performed last week showed no structural damage to Freeman’s thumb.  <p>
Braves general manager Frank Wren said that he is hoping that Freeman will be able to begin playing again within the next week.  The 21-year-old first baseman played just five games for the Peoria Desert Dogs before his thumb became too painful. 

Freeman is scheduled to fly back to the Phoenix area Monday night.   


Interesting that Frank Wren has said Alex Gonzalez is our ss next year but the front page note on Freeman mentions that Pastornicky(also from Toronto for Escabar) is doing so well in the AFL that he may be up to the major league club in 2011.

I have a feeling he’ll make a run at either second or third thats if Chipper cant come back bc I am sorry but he needs to retire and let the braves use his money along with whatever they can scrap up and make a go at either Crawford or Werth. Well i know Werth can play Cf but i dont know if Crawford can but he be nice to put in there and in that line up either maybe batting in the leadoff or maybe in the second hole and putting prado batting third and heyward fourth. I mean it would be nice for the braves to trade for a big bat like either Kemp Chris Young Justin Upton but if either the Yanks or BoSox get Crawford I bet the braves can make a go at either Gardner Granderson Eslbury or Cameron if he signs with one of the two.

Guys, I don’t see us getting Carl Crawford. I do not think we will win any sort of bidding war for the guy. He is one of the big diamonds available this winter, and you know that the Yanks will be looking to buy another ring since it didn’t work out for them this year. Our best chance of securing a big bat will come from a trade, in my opinion. Let’s just hope that we get a “big bat” that isn’t coming off reconstructive surgery or 5 years past his prime, because that seems to be the norm. Enough with the “professional” hitters, we have the best “professional” hitter in Chipper. Give me someone who will anchor the middle of the lineup. and give BMac, Prado, Chipper, and Heyward some pitches to swing at. That, AGAIN, will be the key to our season.

I said at the beginning of the season that I thought Glaus performance would be the critical element of our season. Pretty much turned out to be true. When he was cold in April, we s*cked. When he got hot in May and early June, we were a juggernaut. When he went back in the tank late, we couldn’t score runs. It was a tale of Three Seasons. The bad thing was that Wren and Bobby rode that dead horse for a month and a half or more. When we should have been shopping we were shrugging. Adding Lee was ok late, but IT WAS LATE!!!!!!! We had blown a 7 game lead by then and had no punch in the rest of the lineup because Chipper and Prado went down too. If we had fixed the earlier problem earlier, those late losses wouldn’t have been so difficult to compensate for.

Anyway, Don Baylor just signed a 2-year deal as Hitting coach for the Diamondbacks. Frank, Are you home??? Or are you off scuba diving on an island far away from your wretched existence being GM of one of the best sports teams in the world. I bet the fish freak out when they see that shock of white moving through the water. They must think that Captain Ahab was right.

C’mon bill,Its all water under the bridge now, though I can certainly understand the frustration with Wren not going after Baylor. Then again, when Baylor was the hitting coach, steriods were in full force and the Braves had their fair share of users. I hope he gets someone who doesnt allow Terry Pendleton to talk to anyone unless he’s saying “steal 2nd” or “pick up the ball and throw to first base”.
I’ve been following Pastornicky since we got him. His average stays around .255-.265 for the most part. If he could get it up to around .280-.290 (his OBP is usually about 70-80pts higher), he would be a great leadoff guy. He had 57 and 35 SBs in ’09 and ’10 (respectively). And, as all of you would agree, thats exactly what we need. His biggest problem is his defense, though his errors dropped to 12 last year, so thats a great sign.

And it helps that he’s ****, as our current SS is a mere mortal when he’s not playing in Canada.

I said “a shortshop”! Jesus this blog is retarded…

Shaunson if you think this filter is bad, you should have read this other Blog I post on over the last couple of days, it got hysterical because of the filter. It filters words by their first and last letters so words like “Fullback” and “Cornerback” were getting filtered.

Pastornicky would be a great addition for speed. But he needs to significantly increase his OBP and AVG. I can’t help but think it will take a season or two to mature enough to handle MLB pitching. He will be one to keep an eye on though.
As far as Gonzo, the guy is a front foot hitter. When he times the ball correctly, he will hit it for miles. When he is fooled, he will be a human corkscrew into the clay. When seeing the ball well, Gonzo will give us some pop. However, due to his streakiness, he will always be a 7 hitter, in my opinion. The biggest thing Gonzo can bring us is a dependable glove and a guy that can start at least 90 percent of our games. We need the stability on the infield.

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