Presley appears close to becoming Orioles hitting coach

In an attempt to promote good health, here are a few tidbits to chew on this Halloween weekend.  In other words, put down the miniature Snickers bar and strengthen your mind by digesting some of this information. In case you forgot, that candy was bought for those Kris Medlen-sized figures who will soon be knocking on your door.

  • The list of candidates to serve as Fredi Gonzalez’s hitting coach appears to have dwindled.  A Major League source said he expects Jim Presley, who handled this same role for Gonzalez in Florida, to soon sign a two-year deal to become Buck Showalter’s hitting coach in Baltimore.
  • Matt Diaz has privately told some friends that he’d be willing to avoid arbitration and sign for the same $2.55 million salary he earned this past year. Still it appears, the Braves will likely non-tender him and possibly re-sign him if he’s willing to play for somewhere in the neighborhood of $1-1.5 million this year.  With this being said, I won’t be surprised to see Diaz end up in Philadelphia with his good friend and offseason neighbor Charlie Manuel.
  • Derrek Lee, Billy Wagner and Takashi Saito have all been classified as Type A free agents.  With Wagner and Saito both possibly contemplating retirement, their status likely won’t affect Frank Wren’s offseason decisions.  But if other teams show strong interest in Lee, the Braves would be able to more comfortably offer him arbitration without the fear that he would accept and gain a salary of more than $13 million for the 2011 season.


We cannot let Matty go to Philly and be exposed to Citizens Bank. Plus, look at how many ex-Braves kill us when we play them already. Willie Harris will hit .200 on the year, but somehow he’ll get 4 hits in a game against us.

who are the other candidates for hitting coach? any chance dale murphy or maybe even brian jordan or ronnie gant would be interested?

Hopefully Chipper will just be like, “I’ve got this one, boys. Got to earn my $13m somehow.”

Two word to solve our hitting coach vancy Ryan Sandberg.

But I want to know is are they willing to sign Lee as insurance just in chase that Freeman is turns out to be another Scot Thorman or Mike Hessman.

nc, there is a first base free agency carousel this winter. Lee will get a starting job. And second of all, why would he want to stay as a backup to a rookie? Third, why would we want a bench option that has never been a pinch hitter and can only play 1 position?

I wouldn’t mind getting Lee for another year and trying Freeman in LF or give him another year in AAA. If he doesn’t work out we could always cycle through the depth of mediocre outfielders in our system.

Though I do like NC’s idea of having a $13 million dollar backup bench player.

Why not sign Lee and use Freeman in lf? We need a lf and Diaz may sign with Philly so why not sign Lee or Berkman to play first and have Freeman play another yr in AAA or use him as a platoon in lf along with either him and Infante.

And why not go after Sandberg who was a proven hitter and can teach guys like Mccann and everyone to be a better hitter.

And the other idea i got is how bout moving mccann over to first and making Ross our everyday cathcer and clint sammons our backup.

I can’t believe I just suggested moving Freeman to LF..

The thought of Ron Gant as a hitting coach is quite possibly the only scenario that would make me want to keep TP. For those of you too young to remember him, he is the guy who would get in a slump swinging at outside sliders and then take two months or more to get out of it. No thanks. I’d rather Jerome Jurinovich or Fred Hickman got the hitting coach gig. At least they would be smart enough to defer to Chipper.

Larry Parrish???? Whose never been a hitting coach before at any level. Guess he was affordable.

Again Ryan Sandberg

Parrish sounds good to me.

Derrek Lee is a WINNER and will bring that winning attitude with him wherever he goes. World Series Winner with Florida- 3 Gold Gloves, not to mention the Integrity, hard work and dedication he brings to make the whole team better!!! Greg Kusch “The eBay Guru”

Well, Mr. Ebay Guru, you must be new around here. Yes, Derrek Lee was a better option than Glaus down the stretch, we gave up nothing for him, and he hit solidly for us, but here’s a few points you may have missed:

A) Derrek Lee just finished playing 5 years for a franchise that hasn’t won in over 100. How exactly does that make him a winner? Sure, he won in 2003, but in 2003, Bush was in office and Arizona had diversity. Times have changed, dude.

B) Freddie Freeman is our 1st basemen of 2011, no questions asked. Why? He’s the reason we had Troy Glaus on a 1 year deal last year instead of Adam LaRoche on a multi-year deal.

C) If we were to resign him, it would be to a one year deal through arbitration, which would mean we would have a $13m+ part time player who only plays one position and has no experience pinch hitting.

D) Derrek Lee has 3 Gold Gloves, integrity, hard work and dedication… so why wouldn’t he take a starting job and likely a multi-year contract with the Nationals/Orioles/Astros/White Sox/Rangers/Diamondbacks/Rays/Blue Jays?

Viva, why would we want to put Freeman in AAA for another season? He was already player of the year in AAA, what else does he need to accomplish. Did you see the shot he hit off of the Cy Young Award Winner from ’10???

I was worried that my house was going to get it on the night before Halloween. They tried to “TP” my house, but since it is made of wood, there was no solid contact from the TP.

Larry Parrish has a very good reputation as a hitting instructor. Besides, Chipper needed a hunting buddy with LaRoche playing elsewhere.

Speedy, Freddie was Rookie of the Year in AAA, not Player of the year. Still pretty good, just not quite the same thing. Either way, Freddie can hang in the Bigs, and will more than likely be at 1B when summer rolls around.


When they were trying to TP your house, were they walking a lot but not hitting much of anything????

Yep, and half of the guys throwing the TP had sore thumbs from trying to inside out every roll of TP. Go figure…..

Also, I heard that many of the throwers were just fine and could make solid contact with wood houses with anything else they had. They say the problems only started after they began working with TP.

Hopefully TP settles in as 1st base coach. I like the guy, but he just simply didn’t get the job done as hitting instructor. He did some great things for us, but hitting coach is not at the top of his list. I do not know much about Parrish, but I hope he can have a great influence on Heyward and Freeman. Also, maybe he can get McLouth going because that would be like us signing a FA bat without actually having to do it. We all know that’s how Wren likes to work….something for nothing.

I got nothing againist Freeman its just past expiernce has taught us not to trust another rookie firstbase man that isnt proven. So why not sign a firstbaseman/of help like Berkman or Xandy and use them as first baseman and use freeman in lf and maybe trade Hanson or JJ for Cf or SS help. Or maybe sign someone like Bill Hall or Willie Bloomquist.

BEcause i said trade either JJ or Hanson is bc in two years or so they are gonna be asking for the Big BUcks bc look who their agent is so why not ship one of them off and get something for them like a Rh bat or a Cf ok

Well I guess there are a just a number of uses for TP that I hadn’t thought of. Whether it’s hanging from a tree or lying in a bowl, one can always count on TP being there.

Rother and Bill, I just read your exchange about the TP. Great stuff.

Was rather good stuff, papi. Bravo bill and rother.

As a player, Larry Parrish was a power hitter who stood very tall and upright in the box, driving on the front foot. I am assuming he will take a similar approach in working with the Braves. The Toledo teams he had were very much free swingers and he doesn’t seem to be afraid of a few strike outs. I can see the power numbers going up across the board in Atlanta.

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