Let the free-agent frenzy begin

While the Giants and their fans are still basking in the glory of winning the World Series, the rest of the baseball world has moved forward and accelerated their roster reconstruction plans for the 2011 season.

As soon as Giants closer Brian Wilson ended this year’s Fall Classic with a strikeout of Nelson Cruz last night, the free-agent market officially opened.  All players eligible to enter this market officially became free agents last night and over the course of the next five days their current clubs will have exclusive negotiating rights. 

In other words over the course of this week, the Braves will have exclusive negotiating rights with Troy Glaus, Eric Hinske and Derrek Lee.  Hinske stands as the only member of this trio who could return to Atlanta next year. 

But it will likely be at least a few more weeks before Hinske learns where he’ll be playing in 2011.  He will take advantage of the chance to evaluate his demand from other clubs. 

The Braves are looking for a right-handed backup for their left-handed first baseman Freddie Freeman. But if Hinske’s cost remains around $1.5 million, there’s certainly a chance they could attempt to bring him back to their bench. 

Closer Billy Wagner is among the Braves who had a team option for the 2011 season.  But when asked again this morning if he ‘d altered his plan to retire, Wagner didn’t even hesitate before emphatically saying, “No.”

Later today, the Braves will likely announce that they have exercised the $2.5 million options to bring both Alex Gonzalez and Omar Infante back next year.  They could also soon announce that they have reached an agreement with Scott Proctor, who would be entering his final arbitration-eligible season.

Proctor, who struggled while attempting to return from Tommy John surgery this past year, will likely get a base salary of approximately $750,000.  The veteran reliever’s contract will include some performance-based incentives that could allow him to earn close to $1 million.

The Braves aren’t expected to exercise the options to retain Kyle Farnsworth or Rick Ankiel.  Farnsworth’s $5.25 million option includes a $250,000 buyout.  Ankiel’s $6 million option includes a $500,000 buyout.

In other Braves-related news, general manager Frank Wren has hired highly-regarded Bob Johnson to serve as one of his advance scouts.  Johnson gained great respect from his peers during his long tenure in this role with the Mets. 

“He’s as good as it gets,” one Major League scout, not affiliated with the Braves, said earlier this week.

Johnson will be replacing Chuck McMichael, who was recently relieved of his duties with the organization.  McMichael had been with the Braves since the end of the 2000 season.  



I was wondering for the RH handed first baseman that the Braves are gonna use if they ever thought of using either Hicks or maybe going after Cantu bc he can play both Third and second and be used as a pinch hitter off the bench and the thing with left field why not give the job to either Infante or Hinkse. I mean Infante should be an everyday player instead of just as an utility guy. I also just read that Bill Hall denied his option and took the buy out so hes a free agent so why not go after him for our utility player or use him in Cf.

The MLBTR non-tender candidate list looks like a who’s who of Braves failed experiments:Willy Aybar,Ryan Church, Matt Diaz(ouch), Jeff Francoeur, Casey Kotchman, Ryan Langerhans, Andy Marte, Corky Miller, Brayan Pena, Blaine Boyer, Kyle Davies. Thats 11 of 80 named. Remember when the Cubs had all those ex players who went on to become great with other organizations. We have the opposite problem. We hire em, they fall apart here and then go on to non distinguished careers elsewhere. Not as true for pitchers as for position players. Only 2 pitchers on list, 9 pos. players. Still not a great assessment of our scouting or player development skills.

In my opinion, Canizares will be the backup.

I’m sure you none of this is news to you, but I’ll just make my point since I’m stubborn and bored.
Marte was a highly regarded prospect who never made it outside of the Braves organization. We got the 2010 WS MVP for that guy. Davies and Boyer had mental meltdowns. Frenchy hasn’t turned it around with 2 other teams and has some of the worst numbers for any everyday outfielder. Kotchman was just not very good. You’re gonna put Willy Aybar in the group? Really? He hit .300 in a handful of games for the Braves and then disappeared for months smoking meth in the DR and the team never heard from him. I wouldn’t call him an experiment, especially since we only gave up Betemit for him. Corky Miller and Brayan Pena were always AAA / AAAA players destined for a team like KC. Church was a junk swap and performed decently here. Langerhans was an amazing defender with no bat. Maybe he could actually be the 4th outfielder option. Diaz is really the only good player in that group, and the only players I think we (MAYBE) mishandled are Frenchy, Davies, and Boyer.

Well I got the solution to end out Cf problem I just read that Carlos Gomez is a non tender canidate and with both Lorenzo Cain and Chris Dickerson he can be trade along with Rajai Davis of the A’s. I bet those two can be got for cheap if in a trade or as a free agent. I mean get them both. One in Cf and the other in Lf and there is out OF taken care of.

Also how bout going after Jason Barlett from Tampa too.

THis just in – Ankiel and Farnsworth – gone.

Proctor, Gonzalez, Infante – options picked up.

Well, not the best world series ever played but a somewhat satisfying one since the NL has recaptured the crown in the rivalry between the two leagues. One thing I want to say, the Giants/Braves 1 run difference in every game of the series . Everybody else? Well, it wasn’t close very often. And since this was a season that every Brave contributed to winning the games we did, don’t forget the value of what we have in some of these guys before you decide they are trash and need to be traded. Just want to say that.

NC? I mean, NoBravesfan? You’re still here? What? Since the Phillies didn’t go to the WS, you’re back here with “improvement” ideas for the team? Did your copy of MLB Front Office Manager finally break? You didn’t manage past 1 season did you? I told you, you gotta play with a 10 year stretch in order to understand all the ins and outs of running a baseball team within a budget. I bet you’re one of the folks who approved of the Adam Wainwright trade years ago. Wait a minute, I forgot. You’re ten. You weren’t alive then. But still, my point stands. What point you ask? Well, simply this—You really do not have any idea what you are talking about when it comes to trades that would affect the Atlanta Braves in a beneficial way for years to come. Moving players is quite different than trading baseball cards and computing stats. How about this….write up all your trade ideas, put them in envelopes, seal them up, wait 10 years down the road, pull them out and see how well you did in predicting the future. You’ll get much better than karma than by posting your idiotic ideas on here. You do realize that between your elementary school grammer, punctuation and ideas that you have alienated EVERY reader of this blog who automatically skip over your posts because they do not want to have their IQ dip a hundred points reading your ideas. You are about as respected at this blog as Paris Hilton is at a Mensa meeting. And you’re not pretty to look at either. Well, I’m assuming. And that is not saying Hilton is hot either. Personally, I’d rather run her over than look at her. (just to cut anybody reading this off at the pass.) Go back to your Phillies websites.

REMEMBER THIS ABOVE ALL ELSE: We remember what you said when Chipper got hurt during the season and that is totally against the sportsmanship and honor that the Braves have. It was indescribably revolting to even CONSIDER you as a Braves fan. The only kind of response you will EVER get from ANYONE at this blog is to tell you exactly what I have been telling you. Your ideas suck, we’d rather not hear your next 5 fantasy scenerios are to “improve” the Braves and you sir, or madam, or alien or whatever, are NO BRAVES FAN.

Yes i remeber what i said when Chipper got hurt and i stand by it bc HE’s almsot 40 yrs old and cant produce like the CHipper of old so if the Braves had any nut sacks Frank Wren would call CHipper and tell him that we need his money more then we need him. I mean why are u on his nuts and Freeman’s too, doesnt the past mean that u should be careful of Braves firstbase prospects of Hessman and Thorman. I mean the one decent firstbase man we had we traded away and he had success else where. And for your information that no I didnt agree with the Wainright trade or any of the trades J.S did bc it hurt the team. I mean the Texieria deal both of them we got nothing for alot. The Denny Neagle for Jason Schimdtt. The Ryan Klesko and Brett Boone for Reggie Sanders and some infielder who retired after the season began the Danny Kolb trade I mean i can go on and on.

Does Wagner gain the $250k for declining the option, or does he forfeit it by retiring?

Wondering, because if he does get it, plus all the moves the Braves have made already(I have not included KK’s salary that we’ll have to assume yet), they have a minimum commitment of $72.375m to 2011.

But that’s my estimate, as I have estimated and rounded all arbitration earnings, and have not added a Matt Diaz contract, because he could be gone, back at the same, higher, or lower salary.

I see NoBravesfan posted again. Since its sure to be another useless trade suggestion, I didn’t bother to read it. Billreef? Do you have a way to translate what I said to him so he can understand? You have a particular talent for being blunt with your opinons and I think that might suffice in this case.

Matt Diaz will probably be non-tendered in hopes of possibly resigning him for closer to $1 million. No offense, but $4,000 per At Bat for MattyD is plenty, sorry. I like him, but he is very replaceable, especially at $2.5 million.

NC was actually right on that occasion. Can’t believe I’m saying it. The Braves are putting a lot on Freeman, like they were on Heyward. But what if Heyward ends up just like Francoeur? What if Freeman turns out like Scott Thorman? There’s always the possibility. That’s why last year I suggested they try and trade Freeman in a package for an OF and try to resign LaRoche. But now that it’s a year later, Freeman’s been called up, and he will be the starting 1B, I repeat 1B, NC, opening day. Mark my words. I predict an opening day lineup of:

Prado 2B
Heyward RF
Chipper 3B
Left Fielder we sign(Pat Burrell?)
Freeman 1B
Gonzalez ss
McLouth CF
Hudson P

There will be no Pat Burrell sightings in Atlanta. 10 K in 12 WS ABs will put an end to any conversation about that. The higher the stakes, the easier the out he becomes.

The 800 pound gorilla in the room is Chipper and how the Braves handle the relationship between his diminished skills and his playing time. Every day, when healthy, in the 3 hole, is a recipe for a very average line up if he maintains the .260/.375/.420 numbers he has been putting up for 2 years now.

Maybe the rehab will drive him to be in the best shape of his life, maybe. Otherwise, the extent of his role is going to have to be evaluated at this point. I agree he has to be here, I’m just not sure in what capacity.

Victory tours are rarely taken on winning teams.

Ok so i know Freeman is everyones buddy but not mine bc of Hessman and Thorman. Ok thats why i been saying sign someone that can play firstbase and be a mentor to him like Lee or Berkman ok. I mean why not sign Bill Hall use him in CF use Freeman in Lf but on days where Lee needs a day off place him at first and use Mcclouth in LF.

nc, I understand why you have questions about how good Freeman will be, but you make no sense in thinking that we have a curse on 1b prospects and that moving him to lf will make him live up to his potential.

I’ll say it just like everyone else has. If you want to post at least think through what you’re writing.

Scott Thorman and Freddie Freeman’s numbers were similar in their last year in AAA before making the jump to the big leagues, but there was no fanfare with Thorman. I don’t believe he was ever touted as a top 50 prospect in all of baseball, and I also don’t remember Thorman being known for his amazing defense at first. Freeman has better minor league numbers than, say, Ike Davis, and I think if we get something similar to Davis’ MLB production then it should be considered a great success.
Also, NC.. your suggestion is to put Bill Hall in CF? Have you even looked at his numbers? Do you even watch baseball?

I mean he was good in Boston playing Lf second and third so why not use him.

.247 18 46 44

I mean it was better then wat we got from our CF so why not give him a chance. I mean either him Bloomquist randy Winn Alfredo Amezaga Austin Kearns Jason Kubel could be answer for CF and cheap or well if we sign Kearns put him RF and make Heyward play CF.

I mean he was good in Boston playing Lf second and third so why not use him.

.247 18 46 44

I mean it was better then wat we got from our CF so why not give him a chance. I mean either him Bloomquist randy Winn Alfredo Amezaga Austin Kearns Jason Kubel could be answer for CF and cheap or well if we sign Kearns put him RF and make Heyward play CF.

Just jumping in here to respond to a couple of loser trolls who have nothing better to do…..Sorry jimphelps, can’t help you. ncbravefan is obviously one of your own, probably a product of the failed Georgia school system. He’s all yours.
and vivabeta…Never had a chance to congratulate you guys on a wonderful series against the Giants. Brooks Conrad rocks….
::phan walks into room, gives the finger to vivabeta and the rest of the redneck hillbillies.. laughs.. takes dump in the middle of the room and leaves::….One last thing, do they hang banners at Turner Field for the wild card? How’s that work?

Ok u guys b*tch bout scrubs what bout Joe Mather that just got signed by them but atleast hes a Rh bat so maybe he can resurrect his career and have an outstanding year if giving the playing time.

Phan.. seeing as how the city of Philadelphia smells like piss, then I thought some pee would be in order. But yeah, it has gotta hurt more than Chipper’s knee to get beaten by the same team that barely squeaked by the Braves when your guys were at full strength. The Braves shoulda won the last 2 games, and that was without all of their best players. Ryan Howard looked so small after that last strikeout, I thought the Phrils had sent Ron Howard to the plate. But better luck next time, guys.

vivabeta, The Phillies will be back in the postseason tournament next year and you are the ones who will need the luck to get the wild card. Maybe next spring you should remind your class clown billreef that a MLB season is 162 games long before he decides to make a fool of himself in the blogosphere. That way, nobody will notice the lack of baseball knowledge on your pathetic board and you can stick to arguing with idiots like ncbravefan.

Phan, let me know how well Ibanez continues with his decline. Also, let me know how long Polanco will last before he hits rock bottom, how well Kendrick and Blanton will use each other as a crutch, how often Rollins will be out of the line up, and how Brown hits againts lefties. Also, let me know about you guy’s rock solid bullpen of Brad Lidge and Danys Baez. You guys have just as many question marks as us.

And please, viva, tell me what power hitting RH LF we are going to sign for under $5m besides Burrell?

I meant rother. Sorry, viva.

Brandon I have no idea right now, but Burrell is so bad defensively that I doubt the Braves would even consider him. Shelley Duncan would be as good for 1/3 the price at most, but that just isn’t the type of player the Braves look at. I won’t be surprised if there are a few more ex-Marlins in the mix either. Every manager has guys he likes flying under the radar, and I’m sure Gonzalez does, too. Honestly, I’d get Andruw Jones to play left if $3 million and under is the price range we are living in. Wren seems to be a contact/doubles/defense guy when you hear him discuss it, so I’d look to places with a log jam of younger players. I’d also take a look at Marcus Thames if pure power is the recipe. I think there will be a bunch of guys available via trade. Look to Tampa Bay, Arizona, Florida, Colorado, maybe even that giant guy in San Diego. If they have any feeling at all that Matt Kemp has a brain and isn’t the next Milton Bradley, he’ll get a look, and CF will be taken care of. It’s too early to tell still. I’d love to be sipping on a brew in the hotel bar at the Winter Meetings though, wouldn’t you?

I doubt the Braves sign any significant free agents early, not until the price is sort of set. Besides, I don’t know why we’re looking at true outfielders, NC says pretty much every first baseman in the league is a candidate for LF in Atlanta. There will be some movement when the Crawfords and Werths get signed as they are going to be displacing somebody where they end up as well.

I guess if we’re all looking for a proven 30+ HR guy, that is a pretty darn short list, and Burrell isn’t on it any more.

Scott Podsednik just came available. What a great addition that would be for not a lot of money. He was great for the Dodgers. I wish we would get Adam LaRoach back but I know that isn’t going to happen. They need a right handed 1st baseman.

If the “owners” would just consent to another $10-$15 million more for 2011 I can assure them that they would get their money back and then some. Think of the additional tickets that would be sold and parking and beer and hotdogs to go along with everything else if Braves fans knew going in that we had a Playoff Team from the very beginning!

I am telling u the braves cant sign anyone for 5 million so why not use our pitching depth we have in the minors and go after a big name like Hart Kemp both Uptons Swisher Markakis Adam Jones Torii Hunter I mean anyone of those guys could be traded for if the ****** bag in the front office gets some balls and trade the young arms to get someone like i named.

Maybe Wren and Freddi can ask Chipper and Mclouth to take pay cuts like a decent amount so maybe they can go after someone like Burrell Thames or Andruw.

I am not saying every firstbase man im saying the one we got can move to Lf and sign someone like Derek Lee for like 6-8 million for like 2 yrs have him mentor guys like Heyward and Freeman then after 2 years being in the bigs then move freeman to first or keep him in lf.

Just stop digging a deeper hole, nc..

NC, Matt Kemp is gonna get $7m next year. Torii Hunter makes WAY more. We wouldn’t have to ask anyone to take a pay cut to gget Andruw. Anyone could get him for around $3m. Come on, man. And if you’re gonna come up with ludicrous scenarios for our position players, can you at least stop moving them around to different positions like it’s a chessboard. Hopes and dreams are nice and all, but Freeman is going to be playing first base and not anywhere else. Good defensive first basemen don’t grow on trees and on a poor defensive team, it’s better to have a good defender at first instead of making him a crappy outfielder.
I’m pretty sure we have more than $5m to spend on LF or CF, right? I haven’t checked the books recently. Burrell’s defense is pretty bad, and if we want to go that route, then we should go cheap w the bullpen and go after Vlad, who hasn’t played the outfield in 2 years.
I still say trade JJ if we can get a very good outfielder for him and sign Vazquez on the cheap to a one year deal?prob for $4m. His output from year to year is like a rollercoaster ride, and he’s comfortable in Atlanta. Then when his contract is up Teheran might be ready to take his rotation spot.

Brandon, The hole is so deep now that Viva can’t tell if the smell is from fillie or NC. Beside Bill will remind NC next year when all of NC’s traded players flop.

Yeah there’s a dinosaur killer sized meteor crater and I don’t even want to know what’s down there. Maybe it’s SaltLake playing MLB2008 with Jim Edmonds.

Well, let’s name some trade targets. I can’t think of any right now, besides the obvious Kemp and Upton ones we keep hearing from NC. Rasmus isn’t a fit at the moment and there’s no way St. Louis can take on any more salary. I don’t really have an idea right now. Jacoby Ellsbury would be nice but not really what we need… Carlos Quinetn could make a little bit of sense, he’s a non tender candidate…

I am with waiting on who signs either Werth or Crawford and then maybe make a trade to that team.

Here’s some fun. Sign Micah Owings and/or Dontrell Willis as minor league free agents and make them outfielders. They are both legit power hitters. That would be interesting and could be done on the cheap at zero risk. Owings is a local Georgia kid and Willis is one of the best teammates possible. It is a shame to waste all of that hitting power on a couple erratic pitching motions.

I’d invite Blalock to camp, and maybe Heredia, Thames, Baldelli, Andruw and Hawpe. None of those guys are going to take a guaranteed contract to get a look at. It is going to take a stable of 8 to 10 guys to find an outfield mix the Braves can live with. They can’t assume 3B is taken care of either, and even if it is, there will be 50+ games to fill for the inevitable injuries. Blalock had no shot in TB with Pena and Longoria, Atlanta is a different mix.

There, my morning trip out of the box.

vivabeta, what are you talking about? An Ibanez decline? He had more RBI than anybody on the Braves roster, and he batted 6th all year. He’s far better than anything the Braves trotted out in LF this year, and will be next year as well.
And Polanco’s only issue was that he was hit by a pitch on the elbow. He played through it all year, played GG caliber defense and is still one of the best hitters in the NL. Believe me, the Braves would love to have somebody like Polanco to play 3B. The bottom line is that the Phillies only have to add some arms to their bullpen, while the Braves need a major overhaul. You better hope the Mets don’t figure out how to spend their money properly or you won’t even be a contender for the wild card.

Wishful thinking Phan. For all the excitement over the juggernaut that was the Phillies, they ended the same way the Braves did, in the same manner, to the same team. They never separated themselves significantly from the pack.
We all know how hard it is to repeat year after year with the same lineup. There are already signs that the Phillies think they can turn it on and off when they need to. Without a career year from Ruiz, the Phillies don’t make it past the Braves. The team is now at the point where winning was nice, but they want their money, same thing that happened to the Chicago Bulls.

Rollins is a below .250 hitter now for his last 1000 at bats, with an OBP around .305, and didn’t even score 50 runs.

Oswalt will not go 20-3 with a 1.74 over a full season.

Halladay will not repeat the heroics at the same 2010 level, who could.

Hamels has been a .500 pitcher for more than two years on a team that has been 56 games over without him.

The bullpen is nonexistent.

The Phillies are right there at the top, and I’d be surprised if they didn’t make the playoffs again next season, but they aren’t trending up at this point, and the separation is not what it once was.

Phan.. I didn’t write that comment about Ibanez, but it’s true. And no one is comparing him to our left fielders. Everyone knows it was not our strong suit. And uh.. I’ll take old Chipper over Polanco any day. Before he went down his numbers were better, so I don’t see how we “would love to have” Polanco at 3B.

Hey guys I don’t really comment much.
But what if we took a chance on (If the Giants ate some of the money) Aaron Rowand?

Will Pastornicky take Conrads place?

I wonder if our newest signing from the Cards marks an end to Hinske’s days as a Brave.

I just thought of it why not see where Cliff Lee is gonna sign weither it be with the Rangers or Yankees. So if he signs with the Yankees the Braves offer JJ Brook Conrad Cory Harrilchak and matt young to the rangers for Nelson Cruz and Andres Blanco. Now if he signs with the Rangers offer those same players with a ptml and ask for Swisher and greg olson. then u sign Scott Olsen for cheap and he can be the 5th starter.

No NC, just no!

If anyone has seen the SouthPark episode where they find out that Family Guy is written by manatees… I think that NC has the same team of manatees working on his trade deals….

Ok i want someone to tell me whats wrong with those trades. I want to see someone else come up with something that the Braves need to do in the offseason to make them a contender for the playoffs.

Braves need a major overhaul…. yeah, ok. We have the best hitting catcher in the league, a star in the making in RF, and 2B that is already turning into a star, a top prospect at 1B, and more pitching than we know what to do with(besides trade it for Melky Cabrera). I’m pretty sure needing a LF isn’t a “major overhaul.” If you guys didn’t have Dominic Brown, I wouldn’t say the Phillies needed a “major overhaul.”

I’d wager to say the Prado is already a star as the NL’s starting 2B in the all star game and so is Heyward, the NL ROY winner or runner up. And yeah, a top prospect at 1B, a future HOF 3B, a perennial all star at C, a great defender w power potential at SS, an all star utility man, a deep rotation, possibly one of the best bullpens in baseball..

Take Werth out of that line up in Filthy, and it is Mayberry who better step it up not Brown. They are going to be very vulnerable to lefty pitching if he doesn’t.

the braves are looking for a rh bat what bout Andy marte I mean he can play all infield position and can him for some power why not sign him to a minor league deal and see if he works out. I mean try him in LF if its nesscary

Ok i just read that The Braves have all this talent at SS and noone can tell me that they cant use anyone for trade bait. I mean Alex Gonzlaez is going to be the Braves Ss for the next year or two so why not pony up cple of the SS in the minors to teams like the Yankees Padres or Dodgers. I bet that the Braves dangled one of there SS prospects that they can land a big time hitter like Adrian Gonzalez Cory Matt Kemp Tony gwynn or Ryan Ludwick i mean someone.

Surprisingly has never played there, but maybe Magglio Ordonez could transition to LF? 1 year/$4m guaranteed? That or maybe see if Carlos Quinten is non-tendered and take a swing at him. If he get’s tendered by the White Sox, I don’t thin he’s worth a trade of any of our pitching prospects or Jurrjens, unless we’re really desperate.

See, nc, those are REALISTIC proposals.

Ok i just read on Newsday.com that the writer thinks that Adam Dunn is gonna sign a 2yr 18 million dollar contract with the Braves. My question is will this happen and how true is it that he will sign for that much.

Freeman having never played left field his defense would cost you big time. You may as well sign Pat Burrell. Also how may other places have your read that Dunn is going to sign. By the way Bill has some real cheap land in Florida for sale.

Well the Braves could sign Berkman but i think his days as an Outfielder is done. Maybe signing Maggilo would be nice but i have a feeling the Braves want someone that can play all three OF positions and Dunn along with Berkman maybe play both RF and LF along with Firstbase. Gary Matthews is available i bet he can revise his career and be someone we can get for cheap, Randy Winn is another switch hitter that can play all three Of spots and is a great hitter and is a decent defensive player. I mean the only other options i can think of is either trading for Arron Rowand Carlos Quentin or Alex Rios but his contract maybe too big along with Rowand and he is coming off a dismable year. But what if the Braves went after Hunter Pence bring back Gorkys Hernadez Lastings Milledge or maybe go big and go after Garrett Jones or Andrew McCuthen?

What bout going after Michael Cuddyer or Delmon Young from the Twins. What bout Dexter Fowler?

I doubt we get Dunn. We’d be adding to our defensive problem, though I’d love the power, he’d also be ANOTHER LH batter. We do not need/will not sign a LH outfielder, unless he’s a switch hitter, which there seems to be none of.

I feel you Brandon but I been dying to see Adam Dunn in a Braves Uniform for years. But switch hitters the only switch hitters in the free agent pool is Randy Winn or Gary Matthews jr.

Exactly, there’s no one. Forget my Ordonez comment; didn’t realize he was represented by Boras. Look at what he got Damon last year. 1yr/$8m. Magglio is better than Damon. Look at what he got Beltre after his worst season ever last year. $10m guaranteed. I see Magglio getting 1yr/$8m minimum. We could realistically go after someone big, like Werth, IF they’re willing to take a backloaded contract, but we’d have to get on the ball and give him every reason to want to come and take a paycut for the first 2 years in order to receive more in the final years. 5/$72m is what I would give him. $8m for 2011, $10m for 2012, $15m for 2013, $18m for 2014, $20m for 2015. I don’t think he’ll top $100m.

The only one of those proposals that would work would be Quinten, and I don’t think he’s worth Jurrjens in the long run. And Chipper is staying nc, as is Lowe. Lowe has shown he can be a solid #3 starter still. KK will be gone, but we’ll only get $3m in relief. That will go to mostly, if not all, to another bullpen arm. After that, we’d have around $10m in arbitration raises even if Diaz is non-tendered, so we’d only have around $10-12m to spend on a LF, 4th OF, and bench bat. The last 2 could certainly be had for under $3m combined.

Now if the Braves can let go of some salary like having the balls to tell Chipper that they need the money from his contract more then him and see if anyone can take on either KK or Derek Lowe contract then offer Werth 6/$90 million contract and convince him that if he comes to Altanta that with in his one or two years we can compete for a W.S with him in the lineup. Or u can offer that same contract to Crawford or Dunn.

But im still for trading Jair Jurjjens for a big bat too. Either for Nelson Cruz Nick swisher Carlos Quentin or Justin Upton.

Do you think there is any chance the Braves go after the middle infielder Tsuyoshi Nishioka? I know its a risk on Japanese ball players and he doesn’t have a true position on the Braves, but he is only 26 years old. I am certain either him or Prado could play LF. Is he a power bat? No. Would I rather take a risk on Nishioka than a 37 year old Mag Ordonez. I know we don’t have the money for Werth or Crawford, but please Wren go after a young player who will be with us a couple years.

I kinda agree with Andy why not sign Tsuyoshi Nishioka and use him at 2nd and try Prado in left or vice versa. BUt my thing is that the Braves have all this Infield help like Diory Hicks Pastornikcy or anyone of them a backup/starting OF

Based on what they saw from KK, I doubt there will be any Japanese spoken more than 30 feet from a sushi bar at Turner Field this year.

I don’t know if you’ll read this Bowman, but I was wondering as to what you think about the Braves picking up Scott Podsednik? I feel he’d be a great addition with his speed, high average and his good fielding. I’m not an expert on these things but I don’t think he’d be an expensive deal, somewhere between 2 and 4 million I’d assume.

I think he could be a perfect fit in the number 2 hole in the line up.

I see your point rother, but Saito did a great job this year. But I agree KK will probably be their one and only Japanese experiment. As far as Podsednik, I wouldn’t mind the signing, but we need to look for power first.

Wilson Betemit why not sign him if hes a free agent i mean he can play all of the infield hes a switch hitter that can come off the bench for defense and he can get u 10-15 hrs just as a bench player then u can resign Hinske and go after Pods and try to part a deal with either Elsbury or Upton. Yes i said Upton bc of this blog.


Wilson Betemit why not sign him if hes a free agent i mean he can play all of the infield hes a switch hitter that can come off the bench for defense and he can get u 10-15 hrs just as a bench player then u can resign Hinske and go after Pods and try to part a deal with either Elsbury or Upton. Yes i said Upton bc of this blog.


We’ve been there, done that…no reason for betemit, that’s why.

I think I have made my opinions on BJ Upton known, if we don’t get a big bat, I would like the Elsbury trade as long as we don’t give up Teheran. At least he’d be able to get on base for Prado, Heyward, BMac, and Chipper….It would be interesting to see a speed guy roaming CF and the top of the lineup.

Ellsbury, a guy who played 18 games last year and whose OBP is lower than Prado’s CERTAINLY is not worth Teheran, a potential ace. Maybe Teheran takes off in a deal for Braun, but that’s the only scenario (MAYBE Rasmus) I can see where Teheran leaves the Braves organization.
Oh and Betemit? Really? Wow. NC, Do you just list every player whose name you can think of? You previously included Gwynn Jr’s name in the “big bat” conversation.
This blog really sucks these days w no input from Mark, minimal from Rother, and NC making up most of the dialogue.

Haha. Good one. But I think NC has been taking on that project for the past year. Everyone has been traded away except for Heyward and McCann, and the rest of the positions are taken over by an army of Prince Fielder clones.
Put 20mil extra on the books.. If we had enough money to just get Werth, I would be SHOCKED if we didn’t win the division, barring an injury epidemic like in 2008 or the second half of this season. And then trade for Ellsbury when the Sox get Crawford.
Ellsbury (.310, 55SB)
Prado (.320 AVG, 18 HR, 90+ Runs)
Chipper (who knows .270, 15HR?)
McCann (.280 25HRs as always)
Werth (.290 25HR 90+RBI)
Heyward (sky is the limit. .310 30HR 100+RBI?)
Gonzalez (.240, 15HR, 60+RBI)
Freeman (??? .270, 20 HRs)
Now that is one complete lineup in all ways. Probably even more powerful than Philly was last year. And with speed at the top of the lineup.. Everyone has 15+HR potential except for Ellsbury, who has 50+SB potential.
Bench: Hinske, Ross, Mather, McLouth, Infante
Rotation: Hudson, Hanson, Lowe, Minor, Vazquez
Bullpen: Kimbrel, Venters, Moylan, Gregg, O’Flaherty, Dunn, Martinez
(JJ is gone cause we traded him and prospects in a 3 team deal to get Ellsbury)

Ok how bout this and this isnt my trade idea i just saw in on MLBTrade Rumors Ask an expert. But what if the Braves send JJ Matt Young Tehran Beachy and Cory Harrilchak to the Brewers for Ryan Braun and Carlos Gomez.

Ok how bout this and this isnt my trade idea i just saw in on MLBTrade Rumors Ask an expert. But what if the Braves send JJ Matt Young Tehran Beachy and Cory Harrilchak to the Brewers for Ryan Braun and Carlos Gomez.

Let’s do this alittle differently fo rfun. We are now trying to fix the Braves lineup, but we have the yankees budget to do it with. Who do we get and why? Who do we keep and why? And finally, does a team of mercenaries like we build here have any chance of winning given the mix of personalities this top level talent will bring t the clubhouse?

See what you can come up with.

Yankees payroll, eh? Well, that just wouldn’t be fair. I hate the Yankees for BUYING their championships, not winning them. sure, they have “the big four”, but besides that, all their players are fill ins or products of a checkbook.

Let’s say Boston’s payroll. Around $150m.

I’d extend Prado, Heyward, and Hanson right off the bat to a McCann type extension for cost certainty. Trade Kawakami for a veteran bullpen arm(no matter who) and pay the other team the difference. Sign Eric Hinske, a reliver type like J.J. Putz and someone like Reed Johnson and our bullpen, rotation, and bench is set. Use McLouth as CF at the moment, and go after Jayson Werth as a LF/CF.

Well, if we had Boston’s payroll?about $60 mil more?then why not sign Werth and Crawford, trade McLouth for a prospect and eat his entire salary? I would also like to resign Raphael Soriano to a contract and give him mop up duty. Not in games. Actually mopping up the clubhouse.

Though in real life what we will most likely see will be:

I just saw that the A’s traded for Davis Dejesus now that means that Connor Jackson and Jake Cust can be traded for and one of those might be a nice addition to the Braves line up. And both of them can play first base too.

Neither would be of much help. Burrell would be a better option than both.

I’m not sure what it is, but I cannot stand Pat Burrell. I have always disliked that guy. Of course, if he brings us a power bat, I’m sure he could win me over.
Maybe all those years in Philly grinded on my nerves. . . . Maybe i’m just a little old school, but I am not a big fan of signing guys from old rivals (Dodgers, Mets, Phils). Don’t even get me started on the Kenny Lofton deal….

But isn’t it even more gratifying to beat those rivals with their former stars? On the flip side, it was always a pleasure watching the Braves trounce Glavine, especially when Smoltzy was on the mound.

I know im gonna get killed for this but the Braves did kinda revamp his career with signing Glaus but why not inivite to spring training Richie Sexton. I mean hes only 35 and i bet he can still swing a bat and i bet he would be a perfect fit if he can still swing and play firstbase and he can be really really cheap. Or how bout trading for Mark Reynolds from Arizona. I know he hit only .198 and struck out a bazillion times but hes just what the Braves need. A RH bat and i bet he can play LF too.

What I dont understand is we have what other teams want and thats pitching but Wren is afraid to use anyone of our young arms to pull a deal together. I bet if u use Tehran Minor Dunn and Beachy as trade bait teams will be coming and I am not saying trade them all away. The Braves have done some boneheaded moves like both Texeira trades. I mean the Angels couldnt have given us Juan Rivera and have Prado play first. I mean why not use him at first infante at 2nd Chipper at third. But is there a way of maybe making a deal to get Hart of is he off the Braves radar?

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