Braves acquire Dan Uggla

The Braves have landed All-Star second baseman Dan Uggla from the Marlins in exchange for Omar Infante and left-handed reliever Mike Dunn. 

Uggla is coming off a career-best season that included a .287 batting average, 33 homers and 105 RBIs.  The 30-year-old infielder could play left field for the Braves or at least provide insurance until Chipper Jones proves that he is able to return from ACL surgery. 

Uggla has no played any other positions other than second base since arriving in the Majors in 2006.  There is some belief he could play third base if necessary.  Or the Braves could opt to keep him at second base and position Martin Prado at third base or in left field.  

With Uggla, the Braves have gained the right-handed hitter they were seeking to add to the middle of their lineup.  He has hit at least 31 homers each of the past four seasons and a total of 154 during his five seasons in the Majors.

The Marlins began actively shopping Uggla once they were unable to sign him to a multi-year contract reportedly worth $48 million.  The two-time All-Star is entering his final arbitration-eligible season. 

With Infante’s departure, the Braves will begin pursuing another utility player to compensate for the versatility lost in this deal.  Infante’s value soared this year as he earned his first All-Star selection and ranked third in the National League with a .321 batting average. 


Uggla will never play 3rd on a team that has a healthy Prado.

And we have enough inept 3rd basemen.

The story here is what does this mean for Chipper? Neither Uggla or Prado will ride pine.

I meant inept outfielders! Egad!

Not too bad of a deal overall. Uggla will play second, and Prado will spell Chipper, Uggla and Freeman at first…an Infante for the infield.

Seeing Omar in a Florida Marlins uniform is gonna hurt my soul… but I must say that I’m extremely surprised Frank Wren was able to pull this off. Granted, it’s unfortunately probably a one-year rental, but then again, Omar probably was, too. He was sure to demand a bigger contract after being an All-star and hitting .321 last year.

But who are the Braves gonna sign to be a ulity since Infante is gone? I mean there Bill Hall Willie Bloomquist out there but they wanna be everyday players so how bout making Diory Hernadez an ultity player.

And it’s true, Bill. You’ve gotta give FW props. He did what we were all 100% sure he couldnt do.

Dunn hurts, too. He was a bit wild at times, but you can’t argue with the 1.00 ERA in AAA and 1.89 for Atlanta with 27Ks/19IP.
Still, given that… this still looks like a really good deal on paper.

Give it to the man, bill. Frank Wren just robbed the Marlins.

Then the plan must be to move Martin to 3B.

I know that Bill will be thrilled. I am keeping my powder dry for now. Looks good, but I still remember that HUGE hole in Uggla’s swing that certain pitcher (except those on the Brave’s staff) seem to find.

He will probably lead the Braves in RBI and Strikeouts.

Left Field, guys. One of Prado or Uggla will move to LF. Uggla came up as an OF, Prado plays OF in winter ball. Hope it’s Uggla. Infield defense can’t stand to lose another step.

This will be a great trade if we can sign Danny to a long term deal. Not worried about defense. I think he will be primarily a LFer and after Diaz and Melky will be an upgrade. Uggla plays my kind of baseball, he get’s his jersey dirty and is a really consistent RHB for the middle of our lineup. He and Fredi are tight and I think he will want to stay here. He is a KY, TN boy and will thrive getting out of that Miami cesspool. I just hope we have got an idea that we can negotiate the LTD.

I think, the braves need an OF to complete a balanced team (Like Mat Kemp who doesn’t like LA anymore). Drop Kawakami, drop McLouth and improve the bench a little bit.

Omar wasn’t exactly the best defender himself, and he didn’t fit as a starter on this team. Infante’s value was that he was a great bench option when Chipper was out of the lineup. So now you have a guy at 2B or LF, and Prado will move over to 3B if (more likely when) Chipper is out. I wasn’t hot on this idea mainly because I thought it would’ve taken a lot more to get Uggla. But by swapping Infante’s (who is a free agent after next season) better defense with Uggla’s way better power and Dunn, who was one of our 3 brilliant young lefties.. ok. now I think it’s a pretty good move.
Actually the main reason I’m excited about this is the fact that I think it makes Prado immovable, which I was worried about when I heard he could be part of a trade for Rasmus. Before, Infante was Chipper’s fill in. Now it’s Prado.

Viva I think we sold high on Infante. My guess is that he will never bat .321 again.

I too think we sold high on Infante. I really liked the guy, but Uggla is a stud and I will take an everyday producer over a great bench guy any day.

I am hopefull that perhaps the Braves will be able to sign him. It may mean other pieces go away (Jurgens) that will also be hard to sign, or whose remaining contracts become less onerous (Lowe) as the years dwindle. If Chipper isn’t able to make it all the way back that would free up money for the following years as well.

So here is a line up projection:

1) McLouth (L) (I know, but hope springs eternal that he will rebound)
2) Chipper (S)
3) Heyward (L)
4) Uggla (R)
5) McCain (L)
6) Prado (R)
7) Freeman (L)
8) Gonzalez (R)

Looks good to me.

HR’s last 3 years

Martin Prado- 28
Chipper Jones- 50
Brian McCann- 65
Dan Uggla- 96

Rbi’s last 3 years

Martin Prado- 148
Chipper Jones- 192
Brian McCann- 258
Dan Uggla- 287

SO’s last 3 years

Martin Prado- 174
Chipper Jones- 197
Brian McCann- 245
Dan Uggla- 470

OPS last 3 years

Martin Prado- .819
Chipper Jones- .895
Brian McCann- .854
Dan Uggla- .855

That was a very nice trade. Sold high on both players and got consistent quality in return. That is how I wish I managed my portfolio.

Ha yeah, Bill.. you think we sold high on both of them?? You think he just might want to stay in Atlanta for a while? I’m pretty sure that Fredi had a little inside info on that one. Oh, and I believe that I read that Wren stated that Prado will be in LF and Uggla at 2B, and Prado’s insane work ethic might make him about an average outfielder.
And I don’t think losing Dunn hurts at all. We had 3 lefties projected to be in the bullpen next season, and 2 of the 3 had pinpoint control. We just traded the one that didn’t. I’m actually surprised that the Marlins didn’t ask for and didn’t receive Venters instead of Dunn. Maybe he wasn’t on the table.. And if O’Flaherty goes down or struggles, we have a couple decent lefty relievers in the minors in Scott Diamond and Lee Hyde.
The absence of Infante on the bench won’t be that damaging seeing as if something happens to Chipper or on his many off days, Prado will move to 3B. The tricky part now is what we do w the backup outfielders barring any trade for a starting center fielder?which I’m sure McLouth will be manning once again. Signing Tony Gwynn Jr would be a great start in getting an elite defensive outfielder for late in the game to make up for our defensive weaknesses, and I think he might come cheap. So now we have Mather (outfield, 1B) and Ross (C obv) on the bench. We need to get a strong late innings bench bat that can play a couple positions. Hinske could be that guy since we need a lefty. That leaves a utility infielder, in which we could possibly use Diory. Too bad he can’t hit. Unfortunately, I don’t see any room for Diaz or Conrad.

So far it’s:
Prado R
Heyward L
Chipper S
Uggla R
McCann L
Gonzalez R
Freeman L
McLouth L
Of course there are always “ifs” but IF Freeman doesn’t struggle and McLouth salvages his career even remotely, then this might be the best lineup in the East. There is power potential at every position.

We need leadof hitter in carl crawford

1.Crawford RF
2.Prado LF
3.Heyward CF
4.Chipper 3B if he is avalible
5.Maccan C
6.Uggla 2B
7.Freeman 1B
8.Gonazlez SS
9.Hudson,Lowe, Hnson,JJ,Minor
pen martinez,beachy,marek,o’flaherty,venters,kimbrel,wood
Bench Conrad,mather,shafer,hall,hinske

payrool around 105 million caman Bravos

Guess we know who McCann, Heyward and Freeman will see in the late innings when we play Florida. If we can sign Uggla to a long term deal then it’s a great deal. Infante’s defense cost us a WS game. Infante can hit as he did the last 2 years and the broken hand two years ago cost us a playoff spot. I think what we gave up makes Uggla a steal.
I am glad that NC got one trade right

I must say I’m surprised to see Uggla as a Brave, that will be hard to get accustomed to overall. I hate to see Infante go, but we definitely sold high here (considering his price tag). I am not worried about Dunn leaving. In my opinion, Dunn’s numbers were definitely skewed since we pulled him if he showed any signs of danger. I think the biggest part of aquiring Uggla is that 1. We will have a power RH bat. 2. We will have a power bat in the lineup when McCann has to take a night off. Now that the hard work is done….of to the bullpen and bench.

I don’t know how Tolip thinks we’re gonna add so much to the “payrool” to get Crawford and Wood. If the Red Sox get Werth or Crawford, maybe Wren has some more magic left to trade for Ellsbury and get Boston to take McLouth and 1/5 of his salary. Also: I don’t see that happening. Besides, the need for a speedy leadoff hitter is overrated, though minus Heyward (gets caught stealing half the time) and McLouth (never gets on base) this might be the slowest team in the league.

Winboj, “nc got a trade right”?????? What are you smokin? nc proposed every trade in human history but this one. Is he your illiterate cousin, or what? this deal isn’t a steal, both teams got what they needed. Uggla didn’t want to stay in Miami, especially after Fredi left. Infante fills the hole left by Uggla at a fourth of the price(a Loria special), Dunn helps out their BP, a glaring weakness and another real cheap option. We got 1 year of Uggla at market value with an opportunity to sign long term in a town he wants to play in(close to his home in nashville). This isn’t a steal, it’s a good trade for both teams.

I wonder if Larry can help Danny cut down on his SO’s? After all Larry had 6-100+ SO seasons. Hmmmmmmmm??????

I never would have thought the Marlins would trade a big bat to a division rival. I’ll take him though… Hate to lose a guy with Infante’s versatility; but you have to trade value to get value.

Couple questions I have for next season:

1. Does Gonzalez have the marbles to drop Chipper in the lineup if he has another sub-par season at the plate?

2. How long does the McLouth experiment last into next season? If the new hitting coach can’t straighten him out, what then? Do they promote from within or find someone on the scrap heap?

I really hope they get Heyward out of the #2 spot. He has some good pop in that bat, and I would like him to be in the position to use it more often.

Addition by subtraction….. Relieving Pendelton of his hitting coach duties has made me happier than anything the Braves have done so far in this offseason! Hopefully Larry will with each guys strengths and not try to mold them all into Pendelton Jr’s…

Bill that was my point on the NC trade. Look how many he has proposed and never this one. I think NC talks to Ken Rosenthal to much. FW now has to look at replacing 3 players out of the bullpen. Also with salaries coming off the payroll at the end of next year (and maybe Chipper’s) we should be able to sign Uggla long term. Thank Charlie Manual for making Infante an all star and increasing his value.

Alright guys, we’re making progress. Of course, any off season that ends with Jason Heyward still hitting second in the lineup next April is an unsuccessful offseason. We have to allow the big bats to swing like big bats to be successful. Parrish is a power stroke guy, not a “the world will end if you strike out” guy like TP. I much prefer 3 solid rips at the ball to one defensive swing with 2 strikes from the good pitches we already let go. OBP is nice, scoring wins ball games. They are not that closely related. If Chipper’s main stat becomes OBP, he has to be out of the 3 hole, period. McLouth (or new CF), then Prado, is the way it is going to have to be for now. 3-4-5 needs to be Heyward-Uggla-McCann, with Heyward and McCann reversible. Chipper in the 6 hole, Gonzo in the 7, Freddie Freeman 8.

Really? You want McLouth in leadoff? Shouldn’t he be given the most non-stress spot in the order? And what did he hit when he was in leadoff for the Braves in a year and a half? Probably something worse than his AVG in Atlanta.. around .180 maybe.. If he is indeed going to be the CF again this year, he needs to get comfortable and get some confidence back. Prado should be leadoff since he killed it in that spot the entire time he was in it last year. And then flip Heyward with Chipper if he isn’t going to be hitting third.

the braves just need a legit lead off guy who plays center field to complete the offense. If chipper comes back the lineup goes like this
McClouth (actually the said leadoff guy)
flip freeman and AGon if Freeman shows capable of hitting behind chipper.

ViVa, FW resigned Proctor so I think he will get a spot in the pen. I agree with Kimbel, Venters and the others. However we need someone to get us to them beside the starters. That’s the problem FW fixed last year when we got rid of Acosta, Jessie C. and others. But the replacements are now your setup and closer. Who will pitch the 6th and 7th? Also does Fredi over use relievers like Bobby did?

And Bill, what is it gonna take for you to admit that Wren made a great deal? Did he bang your wife or something? There has to be a reason for this unrelenting resentment for a guy that has done a pretty damn good job so far. Even Mark was saying that he was shocked that a bigger prospect wasn’t added to the deal seeing as how yeah.. we get Uggla for one year if we don’t resign him (which I think we will), but they only get Infante for one year at his price. Dunn is an unproven reliever who is a setup guy at best but doesn’t have the command yet, and the Braves were obviously desperate to get Uggla at least from what I read (maybe the Marlins don’t read), and we’re in the same division which should up the cost at least slightly. The guy is the best hitting 2B in the NL after all. So yeah.. good job Braves, let’s move on!
Winboj.. I don’t think there are 3 holes in bullpen. Wags, Saito, and Dunn are gone but Dunn was an expendable lefty and we got used to life without Saito in the second half last year. Last I checked, we already filled the closer and setup spots with Kimbrel and Venters. Behind them we have Moylan, O’Flaherty, Martinez was an effective long reliever, and then we should sign an established veteran reliever to back up Venters at times (who IS NOT Scott Proctologist). We also have Stephen Marek who was nasty last year in AA and AAA.

Now that the Braves have their power guy. I wonder if they will try picking up Posednik as a leadoff hitter. It’s not perfect, and I know that we might not have the budget, but the guy has proven that he can hit leadoff at the major league level.
As for Chipper, why don’t we bat him 2nd? He’s a switch hitter, doesn’t strike out much, has good command of the strike zone, has great baseball knowledge, and gets on base a lot. I know he’s not going to bunt, but he is a good enough hitter to move the ball around to get the leadoff guy over. Prado is capable of taking over the 3 hole, IMO.
1.Posednik (if we can sign him)

No Viva, I’m not really sold on McLouth at leadoff either, but I’m very much against rendering Heyward impotent like we did this season. That was more of the reason for the post. Prado was a great leadoff guy. He is also a great opposite field hitter who was killing it in the 2 hole. Basically, he is going to be a stud anywhere you put him. CF is the issue, and that is where the new guy will probably be, if there is going to be one. I just can’t take another season where a 6′ 6″ monster leads the team in ground ball outs. That was ridiculous. Parrish should have Heyward putting balls in orbit by the end of ST, as opposed to the inside out thumb shot grounders to short and second he was producing for TP this year. I’m very encouraged at the possibility of seeing the guys actually turn on the ball again next season.

Im for gettig a leadoff hitter but lets get a decent one like Elsbury Gwynn Jr or maybe Spann.

Yes! Let’s get Tony Gwynn Jr to hit leadoff! He is the final piece of the puzzle with his .204 / .304 / .287 line and 17 SBs last year!

And who is Spann?

For the either uptons but i think this would work for BJ

JJ mclouth Edward Salcedo and Beachy for BJ Upton.

We don’t have a way to get rid of Mclouth yet and he is not going to leadoff, but Pods doesn’t play center so that is out. Also, no way they move Chipper out of the 3 hole until he proves he can’t do it. We do need a speedy, OBP CF though. If either the Yankees or Red Sox get Crawford or Werth, it might free up Gardner or Elsbury. I think those are our best chances. Or we may get stuck with Gwynn or Crisp if nothing works out. Or McLouth plays CF and bats eighth until he fails again. I’m just crossing my fingers for one of the good options because if that happens we have a really good team.

Denard Span he was the leadoff hitter for the Twins.

Denard Span he was the leadoff hitter for the Twins.

I wouldn’t trade JJ, Salcedo, and Beachy for BJ. That’s really bad for us.

The Braves stole Uggla from the Marlins.

And the proof of this is a Cleveland web site that doesn’t mention Uggla or the Braves. Go light a river on fire or something, huh.

Have a nice day, Bill.

No BJ Upton!

So, in my excitement of the acquisition, I sat down and went over many different lineups, trying to find the best seperation of all hitting categories and constructing the most logical lineup, so here goes…
1. Prado (R): ? Hs, ? OBP, ? SPD2. Freeman (L): ? OBP, ? SLG%, ? SPD3. C. Jones (S): ?? OBP, ? SLG%, ? AVG, ? SPD. Everyone knows he’s gonna hit here.4. McCann (L): ? OBP, ? SLG%, ? K, ?? SPD. Don’t really like him here, but he will be.5. Uggla (R): ?? SLG%, ? HR, ? RBI, ? SPD, ?? Ks6. Heyward (L): ?? OBP, ? SLG%, ? SPD, ? RBI7. Gonzalez (R): ? RBI, ? SLG%, ? SPD, ? AVG8. McLouth (L): ? SPD, ? OBP, ? AVG
Lemme know what you think (and don’t just say “thats just stupid”… if you’re gonna disagree, at least give some logical reasoning).

In Wren’s defense of the McLouth trade: no one could have predicted that he’d fall off the face of the Earth. Not to mention we gave up nothing for him. It was an incredible trade on paper.

Forget about Jordan Schafer. I’d rather not hear anything about him until he can prove that his one good season in the minors wasn’t a fluke (or steroid-induced). I’m all for Matt Young getting a shot as 5th OF. He has nearly a .400 OBP for his minor league CAREER. Not to mention he’s fast (a lot of SBs) and can play all OF positions.

I think the Uggla trade is a steal, but it looks solid for both teams. I think it will be apparent next October who won this trade. Even if Infante hit’s .300/5/45/.350 and Dunn posts a sub 4 ERA, Uggla could hit .260/30/80/.360 and we’d still win. We filled our biggest hole this winter. Great job by Frank. I hate him signing free agents, but he makes the occasional good trade(Jurrjens, Infante and Will Ohman, Uggla) to go along with the crap ones(Melky, Kotchman, McLouth).

It appears the biggest reason Florida let Uggla go was because the owner got mad about a 31 yr old wanting a 5 yr contract. Think about this question Bill, if Uggla was a member of the Braves would you trade him for just Infante and Dunn? Looks like the Braves are going to give Schaffer another chance to backup Nate in center.

Well you can kiss the idea of Elsbury playing Cf because it looks like he and either Paplebon or Daniel Bard are going to be shipped to Arizona for Upton. So unless FW can ask bout any other Cfs like the other Upton but that isnt a popular choice on this website so why not ask for Andres Torres Dainel Nava Micheal Bourne Lastings Milledge, it would have been nice to throw in Mclouth in the Uggla trade and ask for Emilo Bonfiacio.

Where did you hear that we are gonna give Schafer a chance to be backup to McLouth? Wouldn’t it seem logical to keep him in AAA to see if he can start hitting again now that his wrist is apparently back to normal, instead of giving him limited work while miring on the bench? He hasn’t played consistently in over a year and would be the best option if McLouth flops again.
Brandon, the McLouth trade ended up looking bad but was a good one at the time. Remember that Schafer was hitting about .190 around then? There were few teams out of contention by the all star break w a center fielder to spare. In hindsight it sucked, yeah. Pretty much everyone at the time said it was a decent?great move. Also, how was the “Melky” trade bad? Really? We got a decent 4th outfielder who ended starting more than Bobby planned, as well as Dunn and Vizcaino?who is now one of our top prospects. The salary dump cleared the books to make room for the already resigned Tim Hudson, who came in 4TH for the NLCY. What did the Yankees get? Vazquez’ contract, his worst season, and Boone Logan who had a pretty good year. Who was in the Uggla trade? DUNN. Why do people keep thinking that Melky was the centerpiece of the trade? Even Wren immediately afterwards said that was not the case. And why do I and others keep having to defend this point over and over again?

Shaunson, you don’t want to put the best hitter on your team in the 3 hole. You want him hitting second or third. Also Uggla will most likely be hitting cleanup. McCann is not a good cleanup guy, but is an excellent option in the 5th spot. The 2 guys who REALLY need to get comfortable are Freeman and McLouth, so they will hopefully get the easy chair spots towards the bottom of the order.
Also, I HIGHLY doubt that there will be any more big moves made. The lineup is pretty good as is and yeah, getting J Upton would probably give us the most elite offense in the NL, but that’s assuming McLouth does NOTHING again. This very good lineup was made by only giving up ancillary parts, and we still have JJ and all of our prospects. On to the bullpen and bench. So NC, please no more opinions on the reshaping of the entire team.

I put Uggla behind McCann because McCann is slow and Uggla’s SLG% is high, meaning he’s more likely to get an XBH or HR, which is the only way McCann can score without being followed by a combination of 3 Hs and BBs.
Then you have Heyward there to either drive in the rest of them or get on base (and he can steal bases) so the lower part of the order can drive him in.

You’re right, viva. Melky was so bad, I keep forgetting we actually got other bodies with him. The McLouth one,at the time, looked great, but now it’s terrible. The Pirates got crap in return as well, but I think we lose that due to the fact that we still have to pay him $7.5m.

Actually, Melky was so overplayed, the only others with more plate appearances is the 21 year old star in the making, and our savior 2B that finally collapsed after carrying the team for so long.

Dan Uggla is a good player, but a terrible role model. Please, please insist that he get rid of that horrible tobacco “chaw in the jaw” that he sports when he comes up to bat. He is sending the wrong message to young athletes that look up to major leaguers.

Viva, The AJC has an article about Prado telling FW he is fine playing LF. Also in the article FW talks about Schafer.

We need to assume that Chipper is going to miss some time. Assume 20 games or so. If that is the case, we need to find a dependable 4th outfielder, someone that can also play CF.

It’s baseball, not Sesame Street. If your kid is dumb enough to start chewing tobacco because Dan Uggla is doing it then.. let natural selection set in.

For our Cf troubles why not go after Micheal Bourne from Houston or maybe Gardner or Kevin Russo or Greg Golson from NYY or Chris Dickerson from Mil or it would be nice if we can make a deal for Victorino fro Phil.

Can’t you just hear the Red Bull…..

So DOB mentioned on Twitter that we have made an offer to Eric Hinske. Wonderful. We need him. Not to mention a 4th OF. Also, Gonzalez mentioned McLouth could hit in the leadoff spot or 2 hole… He must have a lot of faith in him… guess we’ll know in spring. I hope he can come around. His speed is perfect for leadoff, and Prado’s bat is perfect for the 2 hole.

Viva, Can you explain this quote “Shaunson, you don’t want to put the best hitter on your team in the 3 hole. You want him hitting second or third.” Whaaaa?

And Speedy assuming Chipper is going to miss 20 games is like having a bet on red and black for roulette. I mean he misses 20 just dodging tough pitchers these days. I think we will be lucky to get 100 out of him, if he makes it back at all. I haven’t heard much about his physical therapy when tends to make me think he is sitting in a deer stand or a duck blind somewhere.

With 5 seconds of detective work, you could see that I meant “Shaunson, you don’t want to put the best hitter on your team in the 6 hole. You want him hitting second or third.” They would be asking for Fredi’s head on a pike if he put the savior of Atlanta that far down in the order.

I didn’t know if your argument was theoretical or actually about his lineup. My head was spinning so bad from your opening sentence I kind of gave up trying to understand it. Now I see what you were TRYING to say🙂

Well, DOB tweeted (ugh I HATE writing/saying that): “Gonzalez listed this as a possible lineup: 1. Prado, 2. McLouth, 3. Chipper, 4./5. McCann/Uggla, 6. Heyward, 7. Gonzalez, 8. Freeman.”
Of course, on McLouth hitting #2…”When Gonzalez mentions McLouth possibly in 2-hole, he’s only talking about if the guy is hitting, if he looks good this spring.”

Interested to see that you think that The kid is already “the best hitter on the team”. I don’t know if I am ready to bestow that title on him just yet. My nod would probably still have to go to Martin, Heyward continues to be bit streaky for my taste. I LOVE Martin’s consistency, notwithstanding the end of last season when he was dragging an arm and a leg onto the field every night.

Well, let’s say the “best talent” on the team. He will be the best hitter and won’t be so streaky once he can properly use all of his fingers. But you know what. I take it back, Shaunson. Maybe 6th is a better spot for Heyward. I’m always for taking pressure off of the young guys and the ones who are sucking (McLouth).

I apologize for all the quotes (these are the last ones), but I really like these. From the NY Daily News about Jeter and how sh*tty the Yankees are: “Jeter is about to learn that more often than not the Yankees are willing to pay more for someone else’s free agent than for their own.” and from the NY Post “[they] are a married couple that knows the soft spots with which to hurt each other. Yet they know the marriage must go on.” The Yankees are a horrible organization, but you have to respect Jeter.

I tried to take the young/sh*itty player factor into account as well. I couldn’t in good conscience bat McLouth anywhere but 8th. I have a lot more confidence in Freddie Freeman having a .350+ OBP and striking out less than 125 times than I do McLouth, meaning I think he’ll be much more likely to get on base or at least get the runner over… hence why I was forced to put him (a rookie) batting 2nd over McLouth.
Not to mention that, with this lineup, you get a perfect L/R stratification. With the ability to draw the walk this team has, see how opposing managers like that in the late innings (see: first-half of 2010 Atlanta Braves, add a 30 HR guy, subtract a Melky Cabrera).🙂

I just have two questions. One is can Mather play CF and why not give him a shot and two if we need a Rh bat to come off the bench why not go after Laroche, and thats Andy not Adam? I mean Andy did play some Of 3rd and 2nd so why not sign him as a ultity guy.

Remember how everyone was on Andruw in his last year as a Brave?

In 154 games he batted .222 with 26 homeruns, 94 RBI and 138 strike outs. Remember how frustrated you were with him?

Uggla’s stats in 2009 – 159 games, batted .243 with 31 dingers, 90 RBI (in a smaller park) and struck out 150 times.

Just saying.

I just read that the Braves added Matt Young Cody Gearrin and Randall Delgado to the 40 man roster.

I’m not a Guerrin fan based on what I saw in Gwinnett last season, but the other two are good moves. Young has earned it. Maybe Guerrin on the 40 man will be better leverage as he seems to have had a nice run in the AFL this fall. Most guys who do well in Arizona are more marketable in the short term.

Since the Braves traded Cody Johnson to the Yankees do you think that they will take a package like Deldago or Gearrinn along with Matt Young and maybe another minor leaguer could they get someone like Angel Pagan or Brett Gardner.

NC, Cody was traded for cash considerations. Unfortunately Cody couldn’t hit water if he jumped off a dock. He was like a poor man’s Ryan Klesko, and that’s nota completement. He will be a great church league softball player.

Any biters on KK yet? Would be nice to know how much money we can take off of the books for the season.

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