Hinske will return to Braves for 2011 season

Eric Hinske delivered a number of timely hits for the Braves last summer and he has now proven that he has the ability to come through in the clutch during the winter months. 

About six hours after the “LeBron returns to Cleveland” storyline had become nauseating, Braves fans were given reason to distance themselves from the basketball world and focus on Hinske’s return.

Hinske might not have received the two-year deal he was seeking.  But the Braves appeased him enough with a one-year contract that includes an option for the 2012 season.

“It’s a perfect fit,” Braves veteran catcher Brian McCann said.  “There
are a lot of guys who are going to be excited to hear about this.” 

Hinske hit .256 with 11 homers  and a .793 OPS in the 320 plate appearances he compiled in 131 games with the Braves last year.
With Martin Prado targeted to serve as the primary left fielder, Hinske will likely be primarily utilized as a left-handed pinch-hitter, who will see some time in left field and also serve as insurance in the event that Freddie Freeman struggles during his early days at the Major League level.

The Braves still haven’t announced their decisions leading into tonight’s deadline for arbitration-eligible players.  But there still isn’t any reason to believe that they plan to tender Matt Diaz a contract.

I still think Diaz will wind up with his good friend Charlie Manuel in Philadelphia.   


The more winners that make this roster, the more winning it will produce. Good sign Frank Wren, and good decision Eric Hinske.

Boy, I gonna miss Matty’s batting tears, especially in August when the Phillies are trying to rip our guts out. I know he is defensively challenged but I will miss his RH bat coming in and golfing one over the Ted’s LF wall. Matty, good luck and Godspeed wherever you wind up. You gave the Braves everything you had to give.

Two years ago Matty slid into the wall and wanted to stay in the game with a knee that required surgery. Last year he had the thumb but no excuses. He plays the game hard and clean. He can be on my braves team anytime. Oh Mark I thought the headline you were going to mention was the Michigan AD not yet reviewing his (your’s) football coach.

Perfect deal. Hope Diaz will stay, but it’s unlikely.

Matt Diaz is one of the true champions of baseball. Remember whenever he crashed into that wall in Milwaukee, stayed in the game, got up to bat, hit a grounder and almost collapsed running to first base? Any other guy would have taken 10 minutes to catch his breath, then decide to come out, and Diaz was acting like he was taking 2nd on a grounder with a torn knee ligament. I salute Matt Diaz. I see no Braves player except maybe Prado give 125% like Diaz did

Damn it, winjob lol. I had to wait to post that comment and you beat me to the Diaz story lol.

Any chance of resigning Diaz and making him and Mclouth be out back up OF and pu t Hinske in Rf and moving Heyward to Cf? Or Mclouth to RF?

Brandon, Diaz appears to be one of the few things we all agree on and NC slowing down his posts.

I completely understand the decision to non-tender Diaz, but MAN I LOVE THAT GUY! I will definitely miss his heart and free swinging bat next season. Tough as nails comes to mind when I think of that guy. Glad to see Hinske back, now just need to fill that veteran reliever role. Frank wanted to get his work done quickly this year apparently. I assume we will go to spring training with this roster and play it out, picking up/getting rid of someone if the need arises. There will be a HUGE microscope on McLouth, IMO.

Matty Diaz will help whoever he plays for. There is a logjam in Atlanta and he is just the odd man out. The person far exceeds the player in this case, and the player isn’t bad.

Matty was one of my favorite Braves. A man of great faith and integrity. Played hard… always left it on the field. My wife went to FSU with him and said he’s every bit of the guy we think he is. You’ll never hear a bad thing said about him. I believe he’s worth every bit of the $2.5-$3 million he would have earned in arbitration. Wren doesn’t agree and that’s the business of baseball. I HATE the thought of Matty suiting up for the Phrillies and coming off the bench in a late inning and sticking it to O’Flaherty… Hope to never see that happen. I will pull for Mat Diaz to succeed wherever he ends up. The dude deserves to start and play every game. All he has done is hit over .300 his entire career. Whatever team gets him will be EXTREMELY lucky. Godspeed Matty! Thanks for giving it your all!

Also – congrats to the Diaz family on welcoming their new addition yesterday! It’s been a busy week for sure!

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