Braves acquire Linebrink from White Sox

The Braves have acquired veteran right-handed reliever Scott Linebrink and $3.5 million (UPDATED)from the White Sox in exchange for right-handed pitcher Kyle Cofield.
Linebrink provides the Braves the veteran experience they were hoping to place around young relievers Craig Kimbrel and Jonny Venters.  The 34-year-old right-hander  has compiled a 3.50 ERA in 543 career appearances, primarily as a middle reliever and setup man.
While pitching for the Padres from 2003 through midway through the 2007 season, Linebrink proved to be one of the National League’s most effective relievers.    He posted a 2.73 ERA in the 306 appearances he made during that span. 

Linebrink went 3-2 with a 4.40 ERA and allowed a .262 batting average in 52 appearances for the White Sox last year.  The money received by the Braves will offset a portion of the  $5.5 million the veteran reliever is owed in 2011.   

Considered a middle-tier prospect, Coffield went 1-3 with a 4.39 ERA in 18 appearances (10 starts) for Double-A Mississippi this past summer.    The 23-year-old right-handed reliever was selected by the Braves in the eighth round of the 2005 First-Year Player Draft. 


Wren must have a lot of tee times scheduled during the winter meetings. He has already gotten Uggla, Hinske, and bullpen help. Poor NC isn’t going to have anything to speculate about….

Meh is all I’ll say. Shame we have to spend $4m on this guy. Why the hell did Chicago give this guy a 4 year contract?!?

Ok, so we only have to pay him $2m. Good. Looks like we only have about $1.5m to spend on a 4th OF. Gwynn Jr. is a good candidate. He’d likely make the league minimum. But he’s not much of a failsafe if McLouth’s struggles continue.

Chicago is giving us a veteran plus 3.5 mill for a middle-tier prospect. Don’t know what Chicago knows but it smells like a rat or FW is a great used car saleman. Yea show me the FOX!

I think getting Gywnn would be nice i think him n Cf and in the leadoff spot is what the Braves need. I know he struggles at the plate but maybe a change of scencery will be nice

nc you promised you were done posting. Is it a compulsive thing? Do you need a doctor?

I’d put all of my faith in McLouth over Gwynn Jr. any day of the week. I hope you do the same, nc. Your advocacy for Gwynn Jr. to be the starting CF for the Braves will only end in ridicule.

No one is going to CF except NATE-dog. The job is his until he loses it through poor play. We’ve already got one non-performing asset on the books (KK), and we are going to give McLOUTH every chance to hang himself with another sorry start in 2011 before moving on.

HINSKE and MATHER will probably be the back-ups in the OF unless ‘THE BEAVER’ fizzles completely, opening the door for SCHAFER, YOUNG, or CONSTANZA.

Something tells me the Nationals are going to regret paying Werth $18 million dollars when he is 38 years old…
7 years at 18million a year??? For a 31 year old who hit 28 home runs and 85 rbi’s in a hitter friendly park???
Somewhere Carl Crawford is licking his chops…

Neither of those options would be above would be worth trading for.

How bout if the Brewers give up one of there OF’ers like Cain or Gomez, Would the Braves maybe make a deal for one of them?

How bout if the Brewers give up one of there OF’ers like Cain or Gomez, Would the Braves maybe make a deal for one of them?

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