Braves showing interest in Cain

The Braves are among the teams showing interest in trading for Brewers center fielder Lorenzo Cain.  They are also very capable of providing the Brewers with the talented young pitching prospects they’re seeking in exchange for Cain. 

Cain hit .306 with a .763 OPS and seven stolen bases in 43 games with Milwaukee this past summer.  The 24-year-old outfielder has hit .291 with a .366 on-base percentage during a six-year Minor League career. 

If the Braves acquired Cain, he would provide immediate insurance.  He could serve as the everyday center fielder in the event that Nate McLouth’s struggles extend into the upcoming season.

The Braves also need to guard against the possibility that Chipper Jones’ knee proves problematic enough that Martin Prado spends a lot of time at third base.  If this happens, they could play Cain in center and have McLouth and Joe Mather share left field.

It appears the Braves and Brewers have talked.  But it doesn’t look like they are aggressively working toward completing this deal at this time.   


Cain would be an ok addition, but I don’t think he’s worth any prospect other than Beachy. Beachy for Cain straight up sounds good to me.

Well this is a ringing endorsement of Jordan Schafer’s comeback attempt.

Tell the Pirates they owe us for the McLouth deal.

That’s a brilliant idea, NC! Even if the Brewers would to accept that incredibly retarded offer, the WHOLE POINT of a trade to get Cain would be for OF depth in case Chipper is hurt and Prado has to move to 3B. And yes, a deal of KK to the Pirates or to any other team on the planet would be to eat part of the contract and MAYBE get a low level prospect.
Back on planet Earth..

ncbravefan, the brewers won’t take McClouth for Cain… that’d be ridiculous. Cain is a much, much better prospect (and 5 years younger), and the only reason the Brewers are dangling him is because they desperately need starting pitching. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a deal involving Cain plus draft picks/cash for Tommy Hanson.

How bout we send Mclouth to the Mil for Cain and then send KK to the Pirates for cash.

Nc… just let it go man. Really. We’re stuck with McLouth. Period.

I thought that Cain was one of their up and coming stars? Why would they trade this kid if he has a large upside? Makes me think that there is something there that they see as troubling. Probably just the conspiracy theorist in me, but I hope we don’t give up anything huge for this kid. Of course, maybe the Brewers are just that desperate for pitching….Better not be Teheran in the deal.

nc thinks we should trade what in all likelihood is our 5th starter to start the season for Cain. Beachy is our only starting depth, very cheap, good upside. As usual our adderall influenced friend can only see rotoville from his house.

Please, please, PLEASE don’t trade my Matty D!! I am so tired of watching the Braves trade or let go good solid players, who could really make a difference in our lineup if given a chance, and keep the players (like McClouth) who help to ruin a championship bid. If they let Diaz go, it will be tough to stay supportive of the Braves.

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