Diaz signs two-year deal with Pirates

Former Brave Matt Diaz has landed a two-year deal with the Pirates.  Financial terms were unknown. 

The Phillies, D-Backs and Dodgers were among the many teams who showed strong interest in Diaz, who ultimately chose to go with the opportunity to pursue the regular role the Pirates have projected for him. 

Diaz batted .305 with an .815 OPS during his five-season stint in Atlanta. He has hit .335 and produced a .533 slugging percentage in his career against left-handed pitchers.


Matt Diaz , it has been one of the unique joys of my life watching you play baseball for the Atlanta Braves. Be well, I will always root for you unless you are playing us. God Speed.

I can see Matty Diaz turning into a hired gun, like Sweeney, Greg Colbrun, etc., showing up in late July-August trades to get a playoff team ready for the playoffs. In that regard, I can see him back in Atlanta down the stretch in the not too distant future. Because it is a two year deal, he may stay put for all of 2011, but I’d guess in 2012 he becomes the additional bat that everyone tries to get down the stretch Way to go Matty, have a great year.

I see where Diaz has signed a two year contract with the Pirates…Great for him !! The Braves WILL miss his bat and leadership !!

We will miss Matt. He added a great spirit to the team!

Glad to know Matte didn’t end up with the Phrillies. We only have to face him a few times now. He deserves to start and I’m happy Pittsburg will use him in an expanded role. All he’s ever done is give 110% and hit a career .300. Hope to see him back in a Braves uni again. I’ll be pulling for him!

I hope Diaz has a great season playing fulltime so that Bill has another reason to shake his fist at the sky every time Frank Wren’s name is mentioned.


Going to miss my FSU Nole buddy playing ball for the Braves.Though i am not a Pirates fan,go get’em Matty.

I simply adore Matty D. I sincerely hope I get to see him play ball for the Braves again one day. I think it was ridiculous for the Braves to let him go, but I am happy that he will be getting to play ball on a regular basis. He deserves it. I’ll miss #23!!

Well said Bill, I agree wholeheartedly. I would definitely hope we can pick him up for bench help after the allstar break….

Matt Diaz was my favorite! I will root for him to be the best in Pittsburg, Only hope he will return to Atlanta! He is just such a classy player and always gives it his all. Blessings to him!

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