Looking ahead to Day 2

It has been encouraging to see the amount of interest Matt Diaz has garnered from clubs looking for a right-handed.  The Phillies and Pirates appear to be among the many interested clubs.  But early indication is that Mississippi State has made the most lucrative offer. 

All joking aside, Diaz could easily land a job before this week ends and it appears he would like to sign with a club located on the East Coast.

Things currently seem quiet on the Braves front and it still wouldn’t be surprising if they don’t make a move before this year’s Winter Meetings conclude Thursday.

With this being said, it’s never safe to make assumptions when the Hot Stove season is simmering.  Less than twenty-four hours before the Braves acquired Dan Uggla, many still assumed the Marlins wouldn’t be willing to trade him to a division rival, especially one skippered by the guy they had fired a few months earlier. 

There might be another Lorenzo Cain-type angle that arises today.  My guess is the Brewers probably aren’t going to deal him unless they get somebody like Jair Jurrjens or Zack Greinke in return.  This is something the Braves certainly wouldn’t be willing to do.

Bobby Cox returned to Atlanta last night to be with a family member who became ill.  He was really looking forward to being present for this morning’s ceremony, during which Major League Baseball will honor his career and those completed by Joe Torre, Lou Piniella and Cito Gaston.


Hey rdomalski, maybe before you call someone out and start throwing insults their way, maybe YOU should make sure you have YOUR facts straight.


Really? Jurjjens for Cain? We would really have to give up our 3rd/4th best starter to get this guy? Am I missing something or is his defense some of the best in the game? How about this.. let’s keep our pitching, see how McClouth does.. if he sucks, let’s see how Schafer does.. wrist injuries can take upwards to 2 years to come back from. It has been 2 years and supposedly, Schafer is doing much better. I know we’ve heard that before but it’s pretty hard to swing a bat with a bad wrist. Anyways.. if Schafer isn’t great than at least we will be better defensively in CF. SOOO..if he sucks, let’s check out Mather, Matt Young or Jose Constanza (who seems like a fast G Blanco). One of these guys has to be doing decently in the minors if McLouth isn’t cutting it after 2 months or so. So let’s not give up our 4th, 5th, or 6th starter to get another plan B, ok?

Hey, rdomalski@hotmail.com
You are an idiot, get off the internet. D-Bags like you who are ignorant and stupid shouldn’t be able to post on any website. I mean a simple google search would have prevented you from looking like a moron.

LOL, JJ for Cain, they would be lucky to get Mike Minor and a 3rd level prospect

Jurrjens is the REAL ACE of our staff when fit

Cam Newton on the Braves blog, that is a new one.

He didn’t know what his Dad was doing like the rest of the great ones don’t have agents, and Bryce Harper was just a family friend of Boras getting free advice. None of the high school coaches ever get the college jobs for the guy that is assumed they will have in tow, and Press Marovich got the LSU job because of his track record, not his son.

If you believe ANY of that….

Insert joke about swamp land in Florida or the Brooklyn Bridge here.

Also, don’t worry URadumba$$ki, Mississippi State is free to continue on in mediocrity without sanctions until they again revert to being just plain bad.

Diaz is said to have 10 offers, why is everyone else in baseball interested in Matt and we can’t find a spot for him. Oh I know. It’s because we are paying a lousy CF and a double AA relief pitcher 14 million. Oh and maybe becuase we are paying a 3rd baseman who can’t run or play everyday 14 million or a journeyman starting pitcher 16 million. Hmmmm.

Hey D-Bag, stick with pro baseball, since you obviously know nothing about college sports. It was Auburn that paid for the football player, not Mississippi State.

Nice move though, dragging the whistle-blowers name thru the mud.

Smitty, are you really citing FACTS, while linking from wikipedia?? You’re not really good at this internet thing, are you?

And yes, I know that he is currently eligible. But, the NCAA has made it clear that the investigation is not over. Bury your head in the sand if you wish.

Is this a college football blog?? Last time I checked, no.

Geez Mark, You went and started SEC WW3. You should have known, those SEC types have no sense of humour🙂

Toy, you are dumber than smitty. Did you even read the article you posted? The Newton’s asked for money, that is fact.

Good for Diaz. Dude goes batting cleanup to not getting an offer. I’m thinking the Braves know he was going to be able to get more (through arbitration) than they can afford to pay a fourth outfielder with the burdens they already have. Maybe he can go play on the Braves’ AAAA team in KC with Bruce Chen … would hate to have him stickin’ it to us 18 times/season in Philly.

As for the Newton crack (and the quality sources from Bleacher Report and wikipedia, are you kiddin’ me?), I’m sure Miss State fans are tired of their team getting dissed in the media for things they didn’t do, especially when they are the “whistle-blower.” NCAA ruling so far is that Newton’s family via an agent asked MSU for money and MSU called the NCAA to report. No school (MSU or Auburn) has been indicated as offering anything.

But you keep up the good work, Bowman. How else are going to get blog hits in December than referring to stories you don’t know much about?

Well, Bill.. I think that since Diaz can’t play CF, neither can Prado, a platoon doesn’t work in LF anymore and Matty can’t play anywhere but LF/RF, there isn’t a spot. It’s not because we can’t afford him. With or without KK’s salary there isn’t a place on the team anymore for him, and that having a RH pinch hitter for $2mil isn’t a good allocation of funds. That’s not very hard to get. It’s a shame that there isn’t a place for him on the Braves, but it is awesome how much attention he’s getting from other clubs, and also that he told Wren “don’t forget about me for the future.”

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll come back with something that says, “Diaz is now waiting for a better offer from Auburn.” Or maybe I should broaden the scope and bring back that old “Big Ten power is better than SEC speed.”

Before you start typing, realize that too was just a joke. Yes, I’ve heard of the tales about what happens when The Ohio State University advances to the BCS Title game.

Cant the Braves offer that 3.5 million that they got from Chicago and offer it to KK and release him cant the Braves do that.


Matty is to 2 million dollars

as Greg Norton is to a pork chop sandwich.

as Garrett Anderson is to Carl Lewis

as Chipper is to batting against a top ten pitcher.

He will be missed. He is the biggest casualty of our crazy contract policies. When someone goes down, we no longer have the comfort of a .300 hitter who makes 2 MM coming in to save the day. We don’t have him in our dugout. We don’t have his humanity in the ATL community. That’s what Diaz gave us. He is gonna be the snake that bites us in the ****.

Matt Diaz signs 2 year deal with the Pirates. Wow.

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