Braves and Brewers still attempting to match pieces

The Braves and Brewers have continued to attempt to find the matching pieces to swap a young pitcher for an outfielder.  But late Wednesday morning, they both seemed reluctant to move the piece the other club was seeking. 

There’s no doubt that the Braves have interest in Lorenzo Cain, a 24-year-old center fielder from Valdosta, Ga. But they weren’t willing to acquire at the expense of losing Mike Minor, the 2009 first-round selection that the Brewers requested in exchange. 

The Brewers seem more willing to move Carlos Gomez, a 25-year outfielder who previously played for the Mets and Twins.  Likewise, the Braves seem much more interested in moving any of their young pitching prospects not named Minor, Teheran, Delgado and Vizcaino. 

Speaking of Arodys Vizcaino, a scout said that he saw him touch 96 during an Instructional League game a couple months ago.  That’s very encouraging considering it appeared the 20-year-old right-hander’s elbow was ailing to the point that it appeared he would eventually need to undergo Tommy John surgery this past summer.

Braves general manager Frank Wren has started making inquiries about some left-handed relievers.  But if a refreshed Jose Ortegano continues to pitch like he has recently in Venezuela, he might find himself as a candidate to join Eric O’Flaherty as a situational left-hander.

Ortegano struggled after arriving in Spring Training this past year with a lot of hype.  When his struggles continued into the regular season, the Braves gained the belief that he was simply overworked during last year’s Venezuela Winter League and the Caribbean World Series.

Through his first three appearances (one start) this year, Ortegano has worked 10 1/3 innings, recorded 13 strikeouts, surrendered seven hits and allowed two earned runs. 

Rule 5 outlook: Because he was optioned to Double-A Mississippi a couple weeks ago, Kenshin Kawakami will be eligible for selection in both the Major League and Minor League phases of Thursday’s Rule 5 Draft.

But there’s essentially no reason to believe he will be selected.  The selecting team would be responsible for all of the $6.67 million he is owed this year. 

There is a chance the Braves could lose right-handed pitcher Michael Broadway or left-handed pitcher Scott Diamond in the Rule 5 Draft.

Diamond combined to go 8-7 with a 3.46 ERA in 27 starts with Double-A Mississippi and Triple-A Gwinnett this past summer. He was 4-1 with a 3.36 ERA in his 10 starts with Gwinnett.

Broadway posted a 4.39 ERA and recorded 57 strikeouts in the 53 1/3 innings he combined to throw for Mississippi and Gwinnett this year. 

Impressed by Hurdle:  After it was announced that he had agreed to a two-year deal with the Pirates late Tuesday night, Matt Diaz said that he was really impressed while meeting Monday night with new Pittsburgh manager Clint Hurdle. 

Less than one week after being non-tendered, the former Braves outfielder was also comforted with the reality that he will receive $4.25 million over the next two years.  




So now, can we trade Kawakami for Diaz? If the Pirates are still interested, there is our back up out fielder. All kidding aside, I already miss Diaz. I would also be very hesitant to trade any of our pitching away, even Beachy for that matter. If we get in a bind with pitcher’s arms I think Beachy is the best to fill in. Trading him away would create a possible gap down the season, especially with this being Minor’s first full major league season. I love Schafer, and I’m all for giving him a shot. I do not want to go after Carlos Gomez, he seems very insignificant to us in our plan. Get a left handed reliever, possibly look at Brendan Ryan for a back up infielder (I love Ryan, total stud), and call it a Winter Break.

So the one really bad move of the offseason (tendering Scott Proctor) is going to make us lose a pretty decent insurance starter in Scott Diamond. I have no clue why they want this guy to stick around? Maybe they see something amazing at camp that warrants a pitcher who was effective for only one year (2006) a spot on the 40 man roster.
Annnnddd… WHY would we want Carlos Gomez??? FOUR seasons in the majors and he hasn’t had an OBP over .300 once! I’m assuming that this guy is an incredible defensive outfielder, but come on.. The Dodgers just signed Gwynn Jr for $750k and that didn’t cost any prospects. Is Gomez’ defense so much better than Schafer’s that we want to give up prospects for this Plan B? Even Jordan’s one horrible year (while injured) in Atlanta was just slightly below what Gomez has done for 4 years (healthy).

Braves nearing deal with George Sherrill. As long as it’s at $1m or under, I’m ok with it. Looks lie our roster is pretty much set in stone. My predictions:

C – McCann
1B- Freeman
2B- Uggla
SS – Gonzalez
3B – Jones
LF – Prado
CF – McLouth
RF – Heyward

BC – Ross
PH – Hinske
UT – Mather
IF – Hernandez
OF – (toss up at this point, but I’ll go with)Schafer/Clevlen.

RH – Hudson
RH- Hanson
RH – Lowe
RH – Jurrjens
RH – Minor

MR – Proctor
MR – Linebrink
LHSP/MR- O’Flahrety
LHSU /LHSP- Sherrill
LHSU/CL – Venters
CL – Kimbrel

2 things:
1. I thought Viscaino had to undergo tommy john surgery. This is certainly a great sign if he avoided surgery and is throwing pain free. This sign is great to see as we will have to deal with Hanson and JJ being Boras clients in a few years….It’s awesome to see all the great young pitching in the minors.
2. No need for Carlos Gomez, why not just go with McLouth, Mather, Hinske, Prado, and Heyward in the OF…If not, give the chance to Young. Of course, I think we all know Prado will end up at 3rd with Chipper’s ailments. Also, aren’t we grooming the Lipka kid to be a CF?? I think Gomez is a sideways move that doesn’t need to be made. Maybe we would see a Marek for Cain deal? Although I’m not sure how much value Marek warrants.

Well now that Cain is not with the Brewers I think the Braves missed out. Rumors are alright but action is best. You snooze you loose. The Braves lost ( again ).

The price for Cain was too high if it was Minor they were asking for. Beachy I’d have traded because he is right handed. He isn’t enough better than the internal alternatives to justify that much compensation. Cain is still all potential. Schafer has just as much potential and is already here.

Thank you rother, to be honest I did not know this. Thanks for the enlightenment. Happy New Year to all .

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