Tidbits from first full-squad workout.

As he sat at his locker with a sense of frustration showing late Saturday afternoon, Chipper Jones seemed to be having a tough time dealing with the reality that there are simply going to be days when his surgically-repaired left knee doesn’t cooperate. 

Saturday proved to be one of those days. 

“It was a bad day today,” Jones said. “I didn’t feel good doing anything…Some days I wake up and I can tell it’s going to be a good day and other days, I’m going to have to fight my way through it.”  <p>

After running the bases Friday, Jones might have led the knee to decide to prove ornery for Saturday’s first full-squad workout.  He remained active through most of the three-hour workout. 

The veteran third baseman said he probably would have skipped some of the activities that placed too much demand on his knee.  But because they were going over Fredi Gonzalez’s bunt defense and defensive fundamentals, he decided he should participate.

“I didn’t do everything today,”  Jones said. “But I still went out there and got my reps in for three hours.  The good thing is I haven’t had two bad days in a row.  Hopefully, I don’t start now. 

“It’s going to happen.  I just don’t want to pile days on top of each other where I can’t get in shape or get my reps in.  It might keep me from doing my conditioning.  But it’s not going to keep me from doing my reps  — hitting, fielding, throwing.”

Jones said he would rest Saturday night and be back on the field Sunday afternoon, when the Braves resume their workouts.  Players will once again have physicals in the morning.  Thus the workout will begin at 1 p.m. ET.  <p> 

While Jones’ 38-year-old body is giving him some trouble, Martin Prado appears to have overcome the hip pointer and oblique strain that he suffered on Sept. 27.  

Prado has long been known as a workout warrior and he certainly hasn’t disappointed this week.  He has been leaving the park at least two hours after he and his teammates have exited the field this week. 

Most of his time in the afternoons has been spent in the weight room.  While he’s attempting to get stronger, he looks even leaner than he did when he came to camp last year in such great shape. 

Jordan Schafer has also drawn praise from those who have recognized that he came to camp in great shape.  Gonzalez praised his 24-year-old center fielder after watching him take some swings against Randall Delgado and Julio Teheran in live batting practice. 

Earlier this week, Schafer also homered off Jonny Venters who allowed just one homer in his 79 appearances last year.

It should be noted that Venters did throw a four-seam fastball and this is the time of year when the batters know what’s coming. Of course if he had known Venters was throwing his patented two-seamer, it probably wouldn’t have meant a whole lot of difference.

Worth Noting:  Braves shortstop Alex Gonzalez arrived Saturday in time for Saturday’s workout…Braves general manager Frank Wren didn’t have any updates when asked about Kenshin Kawakami, who has seen visa problems delay his exit from Japan.



Maybe we can threaten a boycott of Toyotas and Hondas unless Japan keeps Kenshin.
Looks like Chipper is right where i figured he’d be. Out of shape with a knee that would need a lot better rehab than he has been willing to put in. I gonna bet he doesn’t get more than 300 AB’s this year. If he was willing to put in professional workouts in the offseason, he might have been able to get in game shape. As it is, we better start thinking about whose gonna play Left. My guess is that we start the season with Shafer in Center and McLouth in left. But if Mc can’t get his hitting in order we better get an outfielder signed quick. We can’t afford to spot Philly one game this season. They are gonna be tough and consistent with that rotation.

I’ll take your bet, bill. Then again, make it plate appearances. Chippers going to be taking walks all year, still, like always. I’m glad you can gauge from behind a computer exactly what a38 year old, surgically repaired knee needed to stop being sore during the first day of spring training. The world needs more physical therapists.

3 knee surgeries later, you bet I can gauge it. Yawn, blah, blah, soccer player.

Nice article by DOB in the journal today. Freeman 15 pounds heavier stronger.

Also interesting information concerning Jordan Schafer’s new attitude and outlook. It would be HUGE if both Schafer and McClouth could find their way back to potential – especially if Chipper is a part timer this year.

You’re right, bill, I was a soccer player. I was a baseball player too, what’s your point? Obviously you’ve never tried playing sports again on your surgically repaired knee like I have, because it never feels the same.

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