Chipper could debut Sunday

Chipper Jones didn’t make the trek down to Port St. Lucie this morning.  But he does plan to make at least one of his club’s four scheduled trips down here and allow the Mets fans to once again show how much they love their favorite Larry. 

When Chipper arrived at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports complex Friday morning, he was both frustrated and relieved.   His frustration stemmed from the fact his surgically-repaired left knee had cause him problems again during Thursday’s workout. 

His relief stemmed from the fact that the discomfort had subsided overnight without the need to drain any fluid from his knee. 

A few hours later, Jones ended a two-hour workout with sliding drills (he did slide on his right side) and some baserunning conditioning drills.

“It might take some time,” Jones said. “But I would like by the end of March to be able to go at it every day and not think about it anymore.  That would be perfect world stuff.”  <p> 

Jones’ frustration has been a product of the few rough days he’s had during the early day of camp.  But with this being said, the 38-year-old third baseman has participated in every workout and impressed front office members with the enthusiasm he brings to the park on a daily basis.

Jones could make his Grapefruit League season debut as a designated hitter in Sunday’s game against the Mets at Disney. He would like to begin playing defense in games later in the week.    

It sounds like Kenshin Kawakami could arrive in camp Tuesday or Wednesday.  The Japanese right-hander’s arrival has been delayed because the Braves applied for his visa later than normal.  This was a result of the fact they weren’t sure they were going to invite him to Major League camp. 

A Japanese media member said an Orioles source said their club offered the Braves somewhere between $1-2 million for Kawakami earlier this winter. 

It will be interesting to see if the Braves get at least that amount if they are fortunate enough to find a suitor for Kawakami before the end of Spring Training. 

Schafer  DH
McLouth 8
Heyward 9
McCann 2
Hinske 7
Freeman 3
Conrad 4
Hicks 5
Hernandez 6 


Why is the lineup like all left handed? Seriously, it’s more left handed than normal.

Are we playing one pitch today or something? Braves have thrown 14 pitches to 11 batters, and the hitters are basically doing the same.

Anybody else unable to get the TV feed for this game on I keep getting “media error.” Was able to see about 5 minutes of Phillies-Yankees and now getting “media error” there too.

Wow, guess you just have to post a comment and it works! Just got the feed.

What’s wrong with Kimbrell throwing only 86 mph?

I wish Fox Sports South did the games instead of having to listen to the dang Mets announcers.

What happened on that play that cost Diory the RBI single? Looked like the umpire had called the third baseman for obstruction. Did Lucan deliberately try to get in his way?

Mets should move that shortstop Hu to first base. Then they could do a “Hu’s on first” routine.

Great game today. Some highlights. Kimbrel wasn’t as bad as his line indicates. He was just early season wild, I wouldn’t worry about him at all. Shafer looks good at the plate. He will come around with some AB’s against live pitching. BMac is frigging skinny. Man he must really be eating right. Freeman is a big boy now, he always looked like a bit of a sprout, but no more. He is a man in man’s body. Wilkin Ramirez looks great. He is a lot bigger than listed(looks Heyward, Freeman big). Brooks turned a great DP and got confused on what should have been a routine out at first. He needs to settle down and quit thinking so much. Marek was dominating, even the Mets fan were asking who he was. JJ was in midseason form.

On a personal note. I met Carl Bernstein at the game. For you youngsters google Watergate. He sat behind me, 3 rows up, directly behind the plate. He is a die hard Mets fan and I gave him the low down on this years Braves. Really a nice guy. One of my heroes, too.

Bill, you weren’t “Deep Throat” were you?

Barry, No I wasn’t “Deep Throat” but i think I met her once.🙂

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