McCann returns to camp

Here are a couple of tidbits to devour before the Braves and Cardinals play this afternoon: 

Brian McCann was anything but his usual self when he arrived at Champion Stadium this morning.  He was obviously relieved that he had the opportunity to interact with Luis Salazar at the Orlando Regional Medical Center last night.  

But at the same time McCann was still shaken up about hitting the foul ball that provided a near fatal blow to Salazar Wednesday afternoon.  Click here to read more about McCann’s thoughts about this situation. 

There were no updates on Salazar’s condition Thursday.  It appears he incurred significant damage to his left eye.  The significance will be revealed within the next couple of days.’s Greg Johns reported Mariners outfielder Franklin Gutierrez has left camp and flown to Florida with his wife Vivian, who is Salazar’s daughter.

As Braves general manager Frank Wren said, it was tough to focus on yesterday’s game after Salazar got hit.  But this morning, a handful of scouts were raving about what they saw from Arodys Vizcaino.  

The Disney scoreboard clocked one of  Vizcaino’s fastball at 101 mph and a couple of scouts agreed with that reading.

When one of these scouts was told an American League scout had the young right-hander topped out at 97 mph, he responded by saying, “he did throw a couple of fastballs that were 97 mph.” 

Over the past two weeks, I’ve heard at least two people say they believe Vizcaino will end up being a closer.  With his live fastball and the potential he has with his curveball, he could seemingly be very intimidating in this role. 

Earlier this week when I mentioned Vizcaino needed to find a little more consistency with his breaking ball, a fan told me I needed to check my reports or at least update them. 

When I asked one evaluator, he described Vizcaino’s curveball as filthy. Two others have shared my belief that his arm action is slower with his curveball than it is with his fastball.

Regardless of which of these assessments you share, this kid has plenty of time to become even more impressive than he has been during his first Major League camp.  He won’t even turn 21 until November. 

With this being said, don’t be surprised if Vizcaino and Brett Oberholtzer are among the players cut from big league camp this afternoon.  This is the time of year, where clubs need to make sure they have enough available innings for their Major Leaguers and high-level Minor Leaguers. 



First off, hopefully a speedy recovery for Salazar. Those things are not fun to see or deal with altogether.
Secondly, Viscaino’s performance so far is very encouragable. Having Viscaino, Venters, and Kimbrel in our bullpen next season will be a very nice luxury. Not to mention inserting Teheran into the rotation.

Speedy, it’s Vizcaino for future reference, and I agree we have a wealth of pitching depth again. You did leave Delgado off your list though and Brett Oberholtzer isn’t far off either. i love this stat(go figure) Delgado is 21, 6’3″ and he weighs a ******** 165#. When he starts to add a little bulk he is gonna be a force.

I guess “wh*pping” (insert the o) is censored

Bill – I think the system is just planning on the day you go postal on here with an “f-bomb” laden tirade. With Kawakami, McLouth, and Wren still in the organization, it’s on high alert.

I have far too sophisticated a vocabulary to resort to such profanities relative to certain members of our team entourage. I prefer to use much more sophisticated monikers such as Q-Tip, CantWinKami and McRagArm.

Bill, I left out those other guy intentionally. I have only seen Teheran and Vizcaino so far so i only commented on them. As for Delgado, let’s get him a sandwich or something to put a little weight on the kid. Has anyone noted the progress of Marek so far in the spring? I guess he is the only piece left in the organization from the “trade I refuse to name” (granted he was from the Angels, but he is the only piece left from that whole situation).

I watched Marek pitch on opening day. He is a big kid and looked unhittable. I think he is gonna be a big part of this bullpen as soon as someone falls on their face, if he doesn’t make the team outright.

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