Hicks and Young on Opening Day roster


The Braves announced their Opening Day roster Sunday afternoon and revealed that they will wait a few days before deciding whether to put Jair Jurrjens on the disabled list.

Along with announce Brandon Hicks and Matt Young will be on the OD roster, the Braves revealed right-handed reliever Scott Proctor was released and Joe Mather was placed on waivers.

Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez also said the club will wait a few more days before deciding whether Jair Jurrjens needs to begin the season on the disabled list. Jurrjens left Thursday’s start against the Blue Jays after just one inning because of discomfort in his right side.

Jurrjens will complete a bullpen session Monday and if that goes well, he’ll likely pitch in a Minor League game later this week.

Even if Jurrjens proves to be healthy, it appears Brandon Beachy will now fill the fourth spot in the rotation and pitch the April 4 game in Milwaukee.  The Braves are hoping Jurrjens will be ready to pitch April 6, which is when Beachy was originally slated to pitch.

If Jurrjens is placed on the disabled list, he wouldn’t be able to pitch until April 9.   Because he’s already on the 40-man roster,  Mike Minor would likely be recalled to make any starts that Jurrjens is unable to make.

Young and Hicks were informed before Sunday morning’s batting practice that they will be with the big league club for Thursday afternoon’s season opener in Washington D.C.  This is the first time that either has been included on an Opening Day roster.

“I can’t keep the smile off my face,” Young said. “There aren’t enough words.”

Matt Young

Like the 5-foot-6 (my blog, my estimates apply) Young, Hicks didn’t come to camp as a favorite to win an Opening Day roster spot.  But the slick-fielding shortstop showed great improvement at the plate and led the Braves to give him one of their final bench spots.

“I knew that spot was open and I was working hard this offseason to make that spot,” said Hicks, who spent a portion of the the offseason hitting with Brian McCann and Mark DeRosa in Atlanta.

Brandon Hicks

Infielders (6):   Brooks Conrad, Brandon Hicks, Freddie Freeman, Alex Gonzalez, Chipper Jones, , Dan Uggla

Outfielders (5):    Jason Heyward, Eric Hinske,  Nate McLouth, Martin Prado, Matt Young

Catchers (2):    Brian McCann, David Ross
Pitchers (12):    Derek Lowe, Tim Hudson, Tommy Hanson, Brandon Beachy, Jair Jurrjens, Craig Kimbrel, Jonny Venters, Peter Moylan, Eric O’Flaherty, George Sherrill, Scott Linebrink, Cristhian Martinez.


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Well, I didn’t see Matt Young coming… I bet bill will jump for joy when Mather doesn’t make it.

Looks like the rest of the bench will be Ross and Hinske (of course) and Conrad. That gives the braves a backup catcher, defensive outfielder, pitch-hitting outfielder, defensive infielder, and offensive infielder.

Well, alright! I love the fact that decisions are being made for what is best for the organization. I heard yesterday that Brandon Hicks had been impressing Larry Parrish. Must have made a BIG impression.

I can’t tell you how happy I am for Matt Young. Nobody works harder. The kid can hit, has great speed and can play infield and outfield – very versatile.

updating my comment – the last three in that bullpen scare me, and I have little confidence there. Any comments? Referring to Sherrill and Linebrink mostly. Martinez is good sometimes and bad at other times.

Excited to see plays like this from Matt this year:

Was at that game, sitting behind home plate. That catch was even more impressive in person and from that vantage point. He got a GREAT jump, and had to run a long way. Sold out diving on the warning track was impressive too.

Nice moves, I think. 🙂 Is the bullpen all that’s left to decide?

I was hoping Young would make it on the opening day roster, as for Hicks I wasn’t really sure until this week that he would.

Congratulations to both guys, they earned it.

I’m ok with young, although I think Wilken Ramirez is a better option. As for Hicks, I think that’s a horrible decision. He’s a career .220. Lucas is better offensively and more versatile. After losing Infante, we need versatility.

Lucas is so much better than Hicks that it was a “horrible” decision? Gimme a break. That was a coin toss that went to the hotter hitter and better defender. It will likely be reversed multiple times this season so that they can both get enough work. Besides, where is that long history of big league success for Lucas that makes him a clear and obvious choice over Hicks? The difference between .220 and .260 in this 25th man role is probably less than one hit per month. I’d go with the best glove as well for now, and Hicks has been very hot and pretty clutch of late.
Wilkin Ramirez is the most athletic player the Braves have, and I really like his potential. However, once they started throwing breaking balls his average went steadily down. If he hits consistently in Gwinnett, he will find his way to Atlanta. Young will do a nice job as a late inning pinch runner and/or defensive replacement for Uggla. He will embrace the role that is available to him much better than Ramirez will. Ramirez needs to play when he gets to Atlanta, but he needs to prove he can hit breaking balls consistently first. It would do him no good to get a handful of ABs and a few pinch running opportunities a month. Let him stay every day ready, and bring him up when he is red hot. If Chipper goes down and Prado goes to 3B, Ramirez is the guy to play every day for a couple weeks. Young is the better answer for this backup role. I forsee a lot of movement up and down I-85 with these back ups through the season as they try to ride the hot hands and keep everyone getting enough work. Dismuke may play his biggest part since he’s been in the organization if he can get Wilkin Ramirez and Jordan Schafer ready to hit Major League pitching. For a change there are going to be position players in Gwinnett who are capable of contributing in Atlanta. If you look back only 2 seasons, the 40 man roster has improved dramatically. Gone are the major league place holders and retreads. This is a solid and deep team.

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If Ramirez learns how to hit the breaking ball at Gwinnett, I have a feeling we’ll have our LF for 2012.

I think its funny how everyone comes on here and think they know whats best for the team. Wren is where he is for a reason along with everyone else in the organization. They made it to the playoffs….should have beaten the giants…..last year with pretty much the same people. They get paid to make the decisions they make and THEY KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR THE BRAVES, not you or anyone else. The only thing I do agree with is about being unsure about the last 3 in the bullpen (linebrink, sherrill, martinez), but i’m sure there is a reason why they were chosen and not someone else. We will only know when its all said and done in October what choices were good or not.

Well kids, the Mather move is surprising but obviously the right call. Q-Tip had to eat some crow there i guess. I like Wilkin, Lucas, Young and Hicks. I might have stacked the bench a little differently but I’ve got Fredi’s back here. this team has struggled defensively for some time now. And no that’s not all Conrad’s fault. For Fredi to keep a couple of better defensive options doesn’t trouble me at all. All these guys(4 named above) will play in ATL this year. Now, here comes the critique. Sherrill and Linebrink. For gods sake you don’t keep them because they have pitched in the ML before. Luis aka Jairo had a killer spring and should be in that BP. I mean, Marek doesn’t make the roster????? Who are we kidding he was as dominating as any pitcher in ST and has been lights out in the Minors for a while. What’s a guy gotta do? Some body is asleep. And Chris I guess by your logic, Omar Minayo should have won baseball man of the year because his ” there for a reason”. I can’t stand this new system, I think i want a new doily next to my posts so I will probably open a new account as BrandonIsClueless or something. Oh and Chris, I guess The White Haired Wonder got fired in Baltimore after 1 year for a reason, too, huh?

WOW, Bill – there is not a single thing that I disagree with in that post. What is the world coming to? Let’s PLAY BALL!

Sherrill is there to pitch to lefties (aka Phillies). That’s it.
And I’m glad to know you STILL think Wren is an idiot after putting together one of the best offenses and pitching staffs in the NL. And without giving up any top prospects.
I’m also surprised that you were so down on Mather, Bill. Wasn’t he getting a lot of Franceour comparisons? Frenchy, by the way, is still tearing it up with the Royals posting a .194 / .339 / .265 line.

Young can play OF and 2B. That’s pretty versatile. Plus, i’m pretty sure the kid had more walks than strikeouts at Gwinnett last year. He’s a valuable hard-working kid. I can understand supporting Lucas, but having a defensive late inning guy (Hicks) is key in my opinion.

Viva, your doily is so, well, you. I thought you weren’t coming on here anymore? Wasn’t that you that threw the hissy fit and said you weren’t coming back? And about you beating that dead French horse, have you seen that .414 average Esky is sporting in ST?

I may have missed it somewhere, but what is the projected rotation to start the year?

I think its Lowe, Hudson, Hanson, Beachy, Jurrjens. Obviously Beachy and Jurrjens were switched because of the injury but I am pretty sure thats the order.

Just changed because of JJ’s setback i think. Now is Lowe, Hanson, Huddy, Beachy and then JJ.

Then Minor if JJ is not ready to go.

I was an SID at the University of New Mexico when Matty YOung played there…ATL fans, you won’t be disappointed. The kid brings it every day, at the plate and on the field. Put him in and let him GO!!

I love this Roster except for one thing I honestly dont think that Brooks Conrad is ready to step up and play second and they had him playing third base the other day against the Phillies which is unacceptable. Yes I know what your thinking he has a good bat and yes I agree with that with out those 5 hits last season we could not have got to the championship games but then he lost it for us with them errors that he had maybe he should ease in and out for a couple of months just to let him settle and get himself under controll of haveing all of these people watch him. But if you would like to talk farther Email me @ Averywilson33@gmail.com

DISCLAIMER – Barry D. is NOT related. Avery – We have had this discussion going back to last season. Brooks is on the team for his bat, and his heart. He is a GREAT pinch hitting threat from both sides of the plate. Expect to see Hicks and Young (sounds like a country music band) playing the defense.

Jonny Venters is just sick. ST= 10 IN; 3 hits; O ER

Agreed Bill, Venters was quite the find. Throw in Arodys in the next year or two, along with Teheran and Delgado. Our pitching is looking pretty good for the future. I noticed that Brad Lidge is already having rotator cuff problems, Phils are quite banged up. We need to jump on them early.

OMG, they are censoring comments now. I guess MLB or Liberty got tired of listening to it.

Big Brother is monitoring baseball blogs now. Incredible. Thought police are next. I read today that anyone in the MI university system who sends an email that references Madison, WI or Scott Walker is being reported to the government. I got stopped by a special police car the other day that was scanning license plates. Are they opening my mail? Watching my wife take a shower? I know they listen to all my phone calls. Are they protecting us from “terrorists” or are the terrorists sitting in the Pentagon?

Yeah, with Brad Lidge and Chase Utley on the whining about the pain list, we have a chance to build an early lead. Let’s hope we manage that a little better mid season when we see what key ingredients we need. Will Liberty give us $2.50 to sign a reasonable prospect mid season to stick the dagger in? They wouldn’t do it last year. We shall see.

My comments aren’t getting through. This site sucks

What could be getting censored if that last one got through? Given the time stamping of the previous version, technical difficulties are much more likely.

I like this team, I like their make up and character. This is going to be a fun year. The Braves need to start out hot because they have quite a little gauntlet to run at the beginning.

Also, a big shout out to our old friend Chuck James for ending the game in 10 innings for us last night.

CluelessBrandon, that’s the best you’ve got? Whoever made the reverse nc account was justified, but this is just sad, Bill. Why can’t we just go back to insulting one another like normal blog posters? I mean, I don’t talk about your man crush on Brooks Conrad and his lead glove THAT often.

Twas the night before baseball and all through Ted’s house,
Not a outfielder was stirring not even McClouth.
The gloves were all hung in the dugout with care,
And Brooksies bronze glove was even hung there.
The pitchers were nestled all snug in the pen’
with hopes that a slider would soon befriend them.
Young Freeman had just waked from a long minors stretch
with hopes that a ground ball he soon could still catch.
When out on Nat’s field there arose such a clatter,
Could it be Martin would be the first batter?
Now Heyward, Now Hicks , now Freeman now Hudson
Now Moylan now Beachy now little Matt Young.
On Danny, on JJ, on Jonny, on Moylan,
On Beachy, , on Derek and the handsome young Hanson.
As I settled in for my long summer’s fare,
I’m hoping Chip’s knee will surely be there.
That and young Fredi manages the club,
while staying out of O’briens latest pub.
As I think of my opus and all it says right’
I am sure Viva will claim it’s not bright.
Speedy will concur and make some sense’
But Rother will crash it and ruin the suspense.
The one thing i know as I lay my pen down,
The Braves will fight on until the last round.
The Frillies will struggle as if in a fight’
Until Bobby says “you guys say good night”.

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