Moylan’s immediate future uncertain

Peter Moylan just went through the Braves dugout slapping hands and providing his teammates some encouragement before this afternoon’s doubleheader against the Brewers.   Unfortunately, it’s still not known whether he’ll be able to offer the Braves any more than this during the remainder of the season.

Moylan didn’t provide details after visiting with a doctor early Wednesday morning.  But as he gingerly walked through the Braves’ clubhouse, it was quite obvious that he is still feeling significant discomfort in his lower back.  An MRI exam performed two weeks ago showed a bulging disc.

While there was hope that Moylan could return soon, it now appears he might need to undergo a surgical process that could end his season.  It seems like he is attempting to get multiple evaluations and weigh his options.

Moylan underwent back surgeries while playing what amounted to recreational baseball in Australia in 2001 and ’03.  The sidearm delivery that helped him get noticed in the 2006 World Baseball Classic was a product of attempts to lessen strain on his back.

If Moylan is unable to return, the Braves might ask Scott Proctor to fill the void once he is eligible to join their roster on May 15.  Proctor struggled in Spring Training and was released.  But he quickly re-signed with the Braves and has since prospered while working with Triple-A Gwinnett pitching coach Marty Reed.

Proctor has allowed two earned runs in 12 innings for Triple-A Gwinnett and limited opponents to a .205 batting average this year.  The 34-year-old right-hander combined for 166 appearances for the Dodgers and Yankees during the 2006 and ’07 seasons.


McLouth double. Bottom of the order getting the first hit of the day.

Nate McPower

Nate works the Mcount for a walk.



Nate McMultiHit strike again. Nate is hot and back to his best. I think its time Bill admitted Nate is class now

One comment not including the center fielder for the Braves…..Looks like Martin is regaining old form. Nice to see his bat come alive.
Sorry to hear about Moylan, he has been a big part of the team for a few years now. Hopefully Gearrin can step into his shoes until his back heals.

It’s funny that Bill hasn’t made a comment yet today. I’m really interested what he has to say about McClutch today.

Can we play two everyday? Mark, thanks for the article about Gonzalez. As I wrote a few days ago, I think we have the best defensive Shortstop going in the league right now. You can’t show many anyone playing any better than he is right now.

You’re not gonna get Bill to admit anything positive about Nate McLouth. You can forget about that now.

I’ve tried explaining that to Zidane. He’ll learn.

Mcfiveforfive hasn’t made an out all day.

What a game by Hudson.
What a day for the Braves.

McLouth reached base in all 8 PA’s today. Not bad for a #8 hitter who has no business producing.

What a huge day for McClutch today.

Hudson was terrific, Hanson was really good. Also, it was nice to see Uggla knock some frost off his frigid bat…If he gets going soon, watch out.

Interesting Bill has gone quiet today…. anyone know why?

Let McLouth make one out. He’ll be back.

When he decides to chime back in, ask Bill if he still wishes that Chipper retired. Since, you know.. he didn’t care about his rehab and was screwin around all offseason and was only coming back for the money.
Oh.. and i do believe that Nate is leading the team in OBP, 4th in SLG, and 3rd in AVG. He is also hitting above .400 with RISP.

I remember Bill bet me that Chipper wouldn’t get 300 PA’s. Here we are 12% into the season, and he already has near half that.

Things are going good. May was a welcomed change. We really should have won all 3 of those games against the Cards too. We had the lead going into the 9th in all of those games. 2 out of 3 against the Phils would be oh so sweet! With Lowe, Jurjjens and Hanson I like our chances!

Really? On the road against Lee, Oswalt and Hamels?
Forever the optimist, I guess.

It would definitely be nice to cool off the Phils this weekend

I think we shall only see Bill return when Nate McClutch hits another rough peroid. He went 0-3 last night, and you can be assured Bill will be back if Nate gets another 0 for tonight.

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