Teheran to debut Saturday

Instead of having either Tim Hudson or Tommy Hanson pitch on short rest, the Braves will allow top pitching prospect Julio Teheran to make his Major League debut Saturday night against the Phillies.

The decision to promote Teheran had nothing to do with the health of Jair Jurrjens, who will now start Sunday, instead of Saturday.   The Braves are simply doing this because they didn’t feel comfortable bringing either Hudson or Hanson back on short rest for Sunday’s series finale.

“I’m excited,” Braves All-Star catcher Brian McCann said. “Any time you get to see your top prospect, someone you have been reading about for three years, you’re going to be looking forward to it and feeling some excitement.”

While Teheran will likely return to the Minors after making this spot start, his presence will generate a lot of excitement around the baseball world.  MLB.com ranks the 20-year-old hurler as the game’s second-best right-handed prospect and the 10th-best overall prospect.

“He’s one of the top pitchers in the Minor Leagues and everybody raves about his stuff,” Braves centerfielder Nate McLouth said.  “It will be exciting.”

Teheran has gone 3-0 with a 1.80 ERA in his five starts for Triple-A Gwinnett this year.   He has recorded 25 strikeouts, issued eight walks and limited opponents to a .118 batting average.

“Give the kid a chance,” Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez said. “He’s been pitching good.”    <p>


The Braves’ FO must be reading the tarot cards. The Phillies do not do well against rookie pitchers. But what the hay, 2 out of 3 ain’t too bad.

Yay another ignorant Philly fan… It will be fun beating you

See you guys on Sunday for the sweep. Dumbass.

Sweep? Really? Ryan Howard is not impressed.
And remember this. You just got shut down by Kyle Kendrick.

I think its a geat idea! Our offense is rolling for the most part, the phils isn’t. And the chance to seethe kid against a major league lineup. I tel ya its amazing to see how much pitching our team has produced over the last 25 years. Just think of all the guys we’ve dealt away cuz we had needs at other positons.

We are going to hammer the phillies this series in my opinion. Uggla is going to smash at least 2 homers in the series. You heard it here first! O and Nate McClutch will win at least 1 game for the braves

I’m very glad mclouth is stepping up to what they thought he could do at the plate. He can get to most balls but god do something about his arm. He almost never even attempts to gun someone out much less succeed at it.

I love the Braves and wish I could I watch this guy pitch tomorrow, but won’t have cable until Tuesday because of this stupid storm.

I just love it when NC sounds like Bill.

Barry – I don’t think that’s the infamous “NC”. I think this guy picked an unfortunate name. If he only knew…

Man our starting rotation is just putting up some SICK numbers. Hope Lowe is OK. What a gutsy performance! Especially Eric “O”.

As of tonight, ALL 5 BRAVES STARTERS have a lower ERA than all but Halladay and Hamels on the Phillies. Best starting 5 ever in Philly this season?….yawn. I cannot wait to see Teheran tomorrow.

Any chance Teheran stays in the rotation with Lowe nursing the blister on his toe? I guess it may depend on his start tonight. On the road against the Phils is no easy task.

I wonder if the Rookie does well he stays and send the DRUNK on his way and send him to the Yankees where we dont have to face him unless the Braves and Yankees make the W.S

He’s already on the plane back to Lawrenceville, GA.

why not keep the kid and get rid of the Drunk

We were all so proud of the comment you made the other day, NC. Why didn’t you quit while you were ahead?

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