Heyward and Moylan updates

After Alex Gonzalez proved his left groin was healthy enough to return to the lineup, there wasn’t a lot of good health-related news coming out of the Braves clubhouse Wednesday afternoon.  But there also wasn’t reason to be surprised about the updates regarding Jason Heyward and Peter Moylan.

Heyward did provide some encouragement when he said he is no longer feeling the numbness that plagued his right hand and forearm when he left Tuesday night’s game in the eighth inning.  But the 21-year-old right fielder said he is still feeling right shoulder discomfort.

“It feels like it’s loose, like there is space in there,” Heyward said. “There’s a lot of discomfort.”

Heyward will undergo an MRI exam Thursday.  While he would like to return as soon as possible, he said he might need more than just a couple days of rest.

“A couple days of rest is probably not going to be it,” Heyward said. “Something may need to be done.  I don’t know what.  I might need to sit and let it rest.  But I don’t think that will be it.”

Heyward has been feeling discomfort in his right shoulder since Spring Training.  But he hadn’t experienced numbness in his hand until the seventh inning of Tuesday’s game.  He exited during the next half inning.

After Heyward addresed the media, Moylan confirmed that he will undergo back surgery next week in Los Angeles.  The 32-year-old reliever was encouraged to learn there is still a chance he could pitch again this year.  He is hoping to return in 8-12 weeks.

When Moylan flew to Los Angeles to visit noted spinal surgeon Dr. Robert Watkins Monday, he had already been told by other surgeons he would need surgery.  Watkins will perform the surgical procedure next week.

“I wish he would have said ‘no you don’t need surgery, there’s a miracle cure I have for you, just take this pill and you’ll be back in a week,'”  Moylan said. “But he said exactly what everyone else is saying.”

Check MLB.com and braves.com for more details on both stories.


Hayward is a nother high price player who is not woth what they are paying him he is always hurt

Geez, Linebrink throws the biggest meatball

He couldn’t get my grandmother out.

Another great find by QTip

I hate the effing Nationals.

Mather is pretty worthless and has no business playing Major League Baseball. Dude’s fighting for his professional career and can’t do anything about it. Why is he on this roster?

Linebrink’s name should be changed to Linedrive.

hmmm. Uh, those guys didn’t blow a two run lead in the 9th. Hey Fredi, I think it is time for Mr. Kimbrel to give way to Mr. Venters.

Mark will probably write about that tomorrow.

Good point. Kimbrel is the real goat of this game. However – he is brilliant 90% of the time. You can give him the occasional pass. Mather and Linebrink – no business playing professional baseball.

Bravo, get real. Kimbrel’s ERA is now up to 2.70 as a rookie closer in MLB. Linebrinks is 7.50 with years to hone his craft. Kimbrel’s gonna give up some runs every now and then, Linebrink is gonna give up runs every time he takes the ball. Kimbrel got thrust into a tough spot(closing for what we hope is a contender). He has performed admirably, I’d say give him some slack.

So when will Linebrink be DFA’ed? We should start a betting pool. It’s a real shame that Marek just got hurt. I guesss if Linebrink is booted, that means we’ll see Proctor take his place. Good to hear Moylan’s not out for the season. We’ll need him down the stretch.

Moves that need to happen:

DFA Mather, Linebrink.

Call up Proctor, see if he works out.

If you prefer the power route, call up Wilkin Ramirez, if you prefer a speedier guy, Scott Podsednik just got released, theres a cheap 4th OF right there.

Bill – I think you misread me. I said that although Kimbrel was the goat last night, he should get a pass because he’s dominant most of the time.

Posednik was released from a AAA team. Is he really worth the look? Maybe, maybe not.
As for Kimbrel, cool your jets Barry. Kimbrel is having a little trouble locating his fastball. He will be perfectly fine, I agree with Bill on this one. He has the most dominating stuff of the two (him and Venters). I’m not saying Venters is a chump, but I think Kimbrel is the better option at closer. Plus, if you commit to a closer, you have to stick with them to keep their confidence. If we go with the hot hand, they will always look over their shoulder for the hook. Kimbrel needs to have the responsibility to know the ball is his in the 9th.
Good to hear Moylan will not miss the season, it will be good to have him back in the pen in a couple of months. Linebrink is garbage, he has yet to contribute anything sufficient this season.

He was only in AAA because he had a small injury towards the end of the spring, so they put him in AAA to recover. And the Jays are loaded with outfielders. Travis Snider, Dewayne Wise in AAA, Juan Rivera, Corey Patterson, Jose Bautista, Rajai Davis. And am I the only one who interpreted Barry’s comment correctly?

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