Teheran stands as candidate to replace injured Beachy

As Brandon Beachy strolled through the Braves clubhouse Saturday morning, it was confirmed that he is destined for the disabled list.  But the Braves are going to wait at least one more day before announcing who they will promote from Triple-A Gwinnett to take his spot in the rotation.

Beachy tweaked his left oblique muscle while swinging and missing a Cole Hamels pitch in the second inning of Friday night’s loss to the Phillies.  Once he was unable to complete his warmup pitches in the third inning, there was reason to wonder whether the Braves will promote Mike Minor, Julio Teheran or Rodrigo Lopez.

Lopez has gone 5-0 with a 1.79 ERA in seven starts for Gwinnett.  But if the Braves were to promote him, they would have to start paying him a $1 million salary.

With Beachy’s next scheduled turn coming Wednesday, some might think it makes the most sense to recall Teheran, who would be pitching with just one extra day of rest.  The 20-year-old phenom certainly had nothing to be ashamed of while  making last weekend’s spot start in Philadelphia.

Beachy is probably going to be sidelined at least three weeks and possibly longer.  But with the way the some offdays fall on the scheduled over the next week, the Braves might again be able to bring Teheran up to make Wednesday’s spot start and then send him back down.

After Wednesday, the Braves could go with a four-man rotation until May 31.    At that time, they would be able to once again choose whether to promote Teheran or Minor.

Given  that he has still thrown just 82 1/3 innings at the Double-A Minor League level or above, Teheran still needs time to develop.  But if it’s just for a start or two, I could see the club allowing him to fill Beachy’s spot.

During his spot start in Milwaukee on April 6, Minor proved that he needed more time to develop and the Braves have probably hoped they could allow him stay in the Minors a little longer.   While going  2-1 with a 1.86 ERA in six starts for Gwinnett he certainly seems to be moving in the right direction.

Minor’s regular turn to throw is Sunday.  Thus by tomorrow morning, we’ll likely know whether he or Teheran will be filling Beachy’s spot.

Looking back on Friday night: Without surprise, many of the Braves returned to Turner Field Saturday still upset about some of the calls Minor League umpire David Rackley made behind the plate Friday night.  He seemed to miss a 1-1 pitch to Ryan Howard in the first inning.  Instead of being ahead with a 1-2 count, Beachy found behind and kicking himself after allowing the big first baseman to his a 2-1 fastball about 470 feet for a three-run homer.

Then of course they were still surprised Rackley didn’t ring Shane Victorino up on an 0-2, pitch in the seventh inning.  Catcher Brian McCann and Eric O’Flaherty were walking toward the dugout before they knew a ball had been called.  Two pitches later, Victorino produced a game-tying single.

To his credit, Rackley did allow McCann to release his frustrations by berating him after Victorino’s single.

At the end of the day, Beachy and O’Flaherty should have made better pitches and the Braves certainly needed to capitalize on the bases-loaded one-out situation that went unrewarded in the bottom of the seventh.

There’s also reason to point out that balls and strikes can be debated all day long throughout every season.  Victorino certainly had a legit beef just five days earlier when he got rung up while facing Braves closer Craig Kimbrel in Philadelphia.

But with Rackley simply coming up to fill in, should he have been behind the plate during a series like this one?  It just seems one of the other three veteran umpires present should have been the ones sitting behind the plate this weekend.

Throwback unis: As Major League Baseball celebrates  Civil Rights Weekend in Atlanta, the Braves and Phillies will wear throwback uniforms during the final two games of this series.  The Braves will wear the old Atlanta Black Crackers uniforms Saturday.  Then in honor of Hank Aaron, both clubs will wear their 1974 uniforms for Sunday’s series finale.


Minor league replacement behind home plate?? Really ?!?! Really, what a joke who was the crew chief?? I did not know that and it definitely factored in last nights game, and thats wrong!!! A game should never come down to the umpires. What a joke……..

Get OFF he umps. Rackley didn’t ground into the bases loaded double play, McCann did. Rackley didn’t leave 7 men stranded. Uggla did. Rackley didn’t swing at balls away and at he ankles, Uggla did. There were several close pitches that went in the Brave’s favor as well – just none as glaring. Braves didn’t get the job done – and they should have. KUDOs to Nate McSacrifice for doing his job. They pitched around Chipper twice. McCann and Uggla did not make them pay. So expect more of the same until they do. NO EXCUSES guys. We blew last night’s game.

It was a factor. You can’t argue that that blown strike call to Victorino changed the momentum for both teams. Especially when Victorino tied the game two pitches later.

But like I said last night, we had our chances… and I agree to the extent that it wasn’t ALL on Rackley.

The call didn’t have nearly as big an impact as the pitch Victorino hit up the middle to tie the game. Bad calls are a part of the game, and they go BOTH ways. You still have to do your job. The reason the Braves’ lost last night goes more to their inability to drive in runners in scoring position with less than 2 out.

Not as big an impact? The blown call made that pitch POSSIBLE.

OK, so the Phils lost today on that bad call at 2B? Right?

Nope. The Phillies weren’t already winning and therefore had no lead to lose.

Prado and Nate McCannonshot getting us an early lead.

Nate McPower

Boy that Prado really blows, huh?

Bill, how is nate doing recently?

“I bet no one has noticed Martin Prado’s sub .280 OBP in the LEADOFF SPOT. Where’s the criticism there?”

By Brandon Woodworth on April 30, 2011 3:34 am – Reply

I’m not even going to explain the several different ways where you look like an idiot here, Bill. Bravo on actually searching for that and quoting it for us though. Because still no one cares.

You should admit you are wrong bill. Be a man!

Bill has no Y chromosome, Zid. Only women argue with facts.

Nate McWebgem

Nice shot, QTip digging in his nose for the camera.

I’m only watching on MLB Gameday, and it just said that Victorino left the game with a leg injury. Please somebody tell me it’s serious.

Anyone else want to see prado hit 3rd next year? And the braves go after a speedy lead off hitter?

More overall speed would be nice but I don’t really know if I would replace anyone in our lineup. At least I don’t think we could replace them for the $$ that is probably free to spend. We know uggla at a minimum will begin hitting for power so even if the avg sucks he has shown in my opinion that his defense and the power when it comes around are keepers. Mclouth has shown a lot of improvement or he would have been the first to go in my view.

Prado is a perfect 2 hole hitter. Heyward will be the #3 hitter. Prado’s only leadoff because we don’t have a prototypical leadoff guy.

Good win today. The Braves lost Friday because they played poorly. Umpires miss calls all the time. Remember two years ago when EOF threw a strike against Boston and Bill Haan called it a ball. Take is easy on the umpire – he had a bad game and he is a rookie. Uggla and Freeman had much worse games (and did it again today). How about Prado at second just for day and Hinske at first. Freeman and Uggla wont have much of a chance against Halladay the way they are going. Time for another run – 8 of 10 will work.

Freeman went 2-4 with a run scored. Not too shabby. I agree though… Uggla should get a day off soon. He hasn’t had one yet.
And please don’t bring up Bill Hohn. lol

Chipper a late scratch vs halladay..hmmm

Chipper has great stats against Halliday.

5-10, 2 HR’s. Everyone slow their roll on the Chipper conspiracy. What’s up with all the shattered bats today?

WOW! don’t know if you all could hear the kid playing America the Beautiful on the Saxophone – but that was AMAZING. The kid was playing notes that don’t even exist on the Tenor Sax.

Brooksy just made a great play. I heard it Barry – and it was intense.

Danny Boy strikes again.

Yeah, nice to see Brooksy make a great play. Great series win. That was Uggla’s third homerun against Halladay.

“I don’t see us beating Halladay”

By Brandon Woodworth on May 15, 2011 12:46 am – Reply

On a Frillies blog, no less, Pthui. Phttt.

That’s like going overseas during wartime and saying you think the enemy will win the next battle.

Nice analogy. Sports rivalry = societal disruption with high mortality rates. Proof once again that Mr. Big Bad Bill is quite the moron. Strike two, Bill. I’m sure losing to the two time Cy Young award winner(and probably the best pitcher of last decade) was completely unfeasible and should have never been expected. Especially when Brooks Conrad was logging innings on defense. Must have been opposite day.

World English Dictionary

2. a comparison made to show such a similarity: to draw an analogy between an atom and the solar system. .

Surely the atom and and the Solar System are widely disparate in size and scope yet they form a very smart ANALOGY!!!!!

Chipper has slight meniscus tear in his right knee. If it doesn’t react to cortisone he may be headed for arthroscopic surgery. Out for 2-3 weeks(optimistic?)

Damn it, Chipper. Damn it. Heyward needs to be healthy.

glad to see hinske get some time while heyward is hurt i dont understand give him some real playing time like in RF move Jason to CF mclouth to left and put Prado at 3rd base and move chipper at 1st

I hope prado goes back to third full time while chipper is out. Then hinske can come into LF

Just wondering if they trade Lowe where would he go and who would we get for him?

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