Looking back on McCann’s historic day

Attempting to digest what Brian McCann did during Tuesday’s 3-1, 11-inning win over the Astros,  one could only wonder if they had witnessed history.  It’s not every day that you see somebody come off  the bench to hit a game-tying two-out homer in the ninth.  Nor do you have the chance to see an extra-inning, walk-off homer with great regularity.

Defying significant odds Tuesday afternoon at Turner Field, McCann experienced the thrill of hitting both the ninth-inning game-tying shot and walk-off, extra-inning blast.  The Braves All-Star catcher tied the game by hitting Mark Melancon’s 1-2 curveball over the left-centerfield wall with two outs in the ninth.   He ended it with his two-run, 11th-inning blast off Jeff Fulchino.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau,  McCann became just the second player to hit a pinch-hit, game-tying homer in the ninth inning and then end an extra-inning game with another homer.  The only other player to do this was Jeff Heath for the Boston Braves in a Aug. 27, 1949 win over the Reds.

It’s somewhat odd that a pair of Braves are the only players to ever do this in Major League history.  But I think I was more surprised to see McCann’s historic day came exactly 40 years  after Ralph Garr did something similar across the street at old Atlanta-Fulton Stadium.

Prior to McCann, the last Braves’ player to homer in the ninth inning (or later) to tie the game, and then homer again to win the game in extra innings was Garr, who did so in a May 17, 1971 win over the Mets.   Garr homered in the 10th inning off Tom Seaver and then won the game with a 12th-inning walk-off homer against Ron Taylor.

Makes you wonder what will happen when the Braves play on May 17, 2051.


1st? and god what a moment.the division is ours to take.

Jim – do us all a favor and change your avatar. Let’s try to keep this respectable and about baseball.

I was reminded of a game back in ’05 against the Dodgers. Adrian Beltre tied the game in the 9th and then ended the game in the 11th.
It was nice to be on the winning side for a change.

Check that… it was ’04.

Great icon, Jim. Glad to see this place is still in tip top shape.

all we need is a decent defensive Cf know any available?

Nice piece again…Wow are you getting soft on us or are the Braves getting better….Again

We could be first after this road trip. We should win the division. What a side wren has built. Great squad.

It’s not a squad and we don’t call it a side, Limey. You might want to go back to “football” or one of the sports you know something about(assumed).

And why don’t you quit being a discriminating prick?

haha, I am proud of where I am from so it doesnt bother me what you say!

Oh Brandie your feathers seem a little ruffled. Man I love Martin Prado. He was so pissed when he grounded into the DP. He and McCann are the true leaders of this team. Everybody watches what they are doing.

George Sherrill is an inspiration to fat guys everywhere.

I’m loving me some Brooks Conrad.

Martin Prado leads the team in RBI’s from the leadoff spot. Why isn’t anybody criticizing Martin??

Way to go Braves BP with 11 innings pitched in 2 games and 10 blown saves in 22 opportunities. I love the smell of burnt out phenoms early in the season.

Ok. Let me state this about Kimbral. He has the stuff to be a closer. HE HAS THE ATTITUDE TO BE A CLOSER. What he lacks (and why he should be IMMEDIATELY REMOVED from the position) is the ability to COMMAND his pitches on a consistent basis. RARELY has he had clean innings. He either walks batters, hits batters, or leaves his fast ball up and in locations where major league hitters can do damage. Last night we saw ALL three. Time to promote Venters to the role. Kimbral needs a little more seasoning. And that has nothing to do with smashing his spirit. It has to do with REALITY.

I’m inclined to agree, Barry. 4 blown saves in half a season or even a season is tolerable – and even great. 4 blown saves in a quarter season – reason to be alarmed and make a move. Venters is the unhittable one right now. Either give him the closer role or user a closer-by-committee based on matchups.

O Bill does it matter what terminology I use? Anyway, I am not the one who just has irrational hate for some of the braves players (McClutch) even when they are producing and helping my team win. You would hate it if the braves won thanks to some of the players you dislike on the team! And they should call it a squad. So I stand by that

Since when did it become a british term to describe a team as a squad? I’ve been calling baseball teams and sports teams in genera l”squads” all my life. South GA, and FL is a long way off from the UK. (and that stands for United Kingdom, Bill. Not University of Kentucky.)

I agree. Even in spring training, there’s a lot of mention of “split-squad” games. Never “split-team” games.

Well a team leaves the field at the end of a game, not a squad or a side. They are soccer terms. I wonder if Zidane is really another Brandie. He says South GA and I know that where the soccer star lives too(you know his number is painted an a field somewhere). Hmmmm strange coincidence. It’s kind of curious that Zidane shows up full time when Brandie was struggling and they always think the same way. Atta Boy Zippy.

O dear Bill, you really are losing the plot. You have to cover up for being proved wrong time and time again by certain players by making wild accusations (like suggesting anyone questioned Prado’s ability) and by championing laughable conspiracy stories!

My thoughts on Kimbrel – A winning team in contention has no business in a competitive division giving a struggling closer more chances to find his location. If we were the Twins, I would be all for it. However – the division title and wild card will be decided by a game or two, more than likely. There is no room for putting a rookie in close situations for him to learn about confidence and tweak his location with pitches in hopes that he can work it out. At the end of the season, we will be looking back at all these games we’ve blown (4 in saves and many more lost in extras) and wish we would have approached them differently.

How bout making O’Flaherty the closer or how bout Venters? And if prado is the team leader in Rbi then looks like maybe should be moved down a in the lineup and get rid or Mclouth and get a decent speedster like Pods or Cain from the Royals i mean someone for the love of god.

Amazing. McPopup has his avg. back down in the .240s after his one day of stardom. For those of you keeping track his avg has fallen over 40 pts since then and he looks like a little leaguer in CF. Damn, I hate being right, especially when it hurts the team.

Hey Brandie/Zippy. Can you rag on Uggla so he will go on a tear like Martin did after you were trashing him?

Nobody ragged on prado Bill, sorry but that was a figment of your imagination. Brandon made some tounge in cheek comment about martin and you took that as him raging on him. But hey, why let the facts get in the way of a good rant, ey bill?

Heyward and Uggla both need to be ragged on. I’m about a month from hopping off of the Hey-Train hype. He flat out sucks right now. Our pitchers are going to have to give up 2 runs or less every game from here out to give us a shot.

McBunt will be called on since no pitchers were available to lay down the sac.

Have you noticed ? When Nate McRagArm came to the Braves, he was touted as a “Gold Glove” centerfielder. When Dan Uggla came over, everyone said he was a substandard second baseman in the field. Go figure, could the pundits have been more wrong? Uggla has been stellar at 2nd and Blondie in CF, not so much.

Greg Norton’s batting average through 5/17/2009 – .130
Brooks Conrad’s batting average through 5//17/2011- .105

Clarity – Heyward needs work. It is ashamed that he can’t go down to AAA and work on his swing and hitting. Big League pitchers know how to get him out, and they are doing so with regularity. McClouth? The ONLY thing you are right about, Bill is his arm. If you are going to rag on him, and not rag on Uggla and Heyward – you are just simply being dishonest. May I ask you who you would be playing in CF in his stead?

Oh, why did I ask that – the answer is obvious. Brooks Conrad.

Yeah, those pop flies he drops and those ridiculous routes to the ball aren’t a problem for someone playing in a defensive role. Oh and Nate’s BA since his one day of production in the last 2 years ? A whopping .152 !!!!! Oh my god he’s cured, he’s got his game back, OMG he’s hitting .000 with RISP, oh that crusty old Bill is really gonna have to eat crow, hah. He has 1 RBI in those games, a solo HR. Who would I put in ? Shafer plays great D at least and has been raising his avg. every week. He can also steal bases. Anybody but that blond kid for god’s sake.

Haha, Bill being selective with the stats. Since that 1 day he went 8 for 8, which wasnt even long ago!

Also, Bill OBP is also an important stat, and nate has been working more and more walks recently. Nobody is expecting him to regain all star form after last season, but he is slowly coming around. The fact you refuse to acknolodge this just shows your last of baseball sense/integrity

*Lack of

Grass is not always greener on the other side.
Kimbrel – 12 saves in 16 opportunities
Venters – 2 saves in 7 opportunities

Just because someone is struggling, doesn’t mean change will make it better. With that being said, we have got to have production out of Heyward and Uggla. Otherwise, its going to be a long year.

Listen up Braves fans. Think, hope, pray or do whatever it is you do. Nothing is different this year than that which has occurred over the last four years. Don’t believe the hype surrounding the Phillies rotation. I do not believe most of it myself. But the fact remains that the Phillies who were 7 games back on July 22 won the division by 7 games with only the addition of Oswalt. This year do they not only have Oswalt but now they have Lee as well. The Phillies have converted 12 of 13 saves. The remarkable thing here is not so much as the success percentage as it is the paucity of save opportunities. Just as the Braves BP might crater considering its work load so may the Phillies starters. But what we are really talking about here is Manual selectively taking the starters out an inning or so earlier rather than having to do so. See, ee can trade thoughts and viewpoints without going all BillyBobReefer and questioning either an adversaries parentage or sexuality.

At what point do we start to worry about uggla? When KJ and McClouth were still struggling two months into the season, they was a lot of concern. He plays hard, but until he learns how to be patient and not chase bad pitches he will continue to struggle. Has anyone seen a huge improvement with the new hitting coach – Prado (slightly less productive avg), Heyward, Uggla, (much worse), Freeman (tough to tell, but hardly an over achiever at this point), McCann, Gonzo and Chipper (as expected, no better), McClouth (as expected based on history (not last year only). They need to hit and stop wasting good pitching.

How many times do we hear about a manager shaking up the line-up and team perfoming well? I think last night showed it does not always work.. Not blaming Fredi, just remember, it does not matter where you hit if you only get 4, you will lose. Time to stop the slide….

I for one started worrying about Uggla right after I heard we were interested in him. I did not think that his stats warranted the money we gave him. I did not think his home run totals would be the same at Turner field. In fairness, I did NOT think that his BA would be this low. And I thought he would strike out more. On the positive side, I love his hustle, and his defense has been way above what was advertised. My bigger worry is Heyward. He has not been the same since TP messed with him last year. He REALLY needs to go down to Gwinnett and earn his way back up. Really, he pretty much is doing a Jeff Francoeur imitation right now.

I have no problem with the Uggla move when it was made. Of course hindsight is 20/20 in a situation where the guy was struggling. If Uggla was ripping the ball, it would be a steal, and still could be. We gave up Infante and Dunn for a 30+ HR RH bat. I don’t care if he hits .220 for the season. At the time of the move, it was the right move, IMO. The extension, leaves a little more room for debate. One can only imagine that Uggla will come around sooner or later. Let’s just hope that its sooner.
At least Hinske has provided some spark with the bat. My assumption is that he will see a majority of the starts vs. RHP at this point.

It would probably be in the best interest of the Braves to go ahead and DL Heyward. He gets to rest his shoulder, and can go on a rehab assignment to work on his swing.

McFail just drops another one. Great hands Nate. He has now officially lost 50 points from his avg in 2 weeks time. Great leadoff guy.

McDribbler with RISP. Damn, Brandie and Zippy are pretty quiet. Mather looks great tonite. Guess what, he can play CF.

Is Bill still bitching about McLouth? I mean really, the entire team is struggling, you’d think you’d hear at least a bit of variety in Bills whining. The entire reason the Braves are losing is McLouth’s fault. And when he was hitting well, he was still a chump and didn’t contribute anything. We know your tired act already Bill, move on. By the way, you go from bitching about Mather and now all of a sudden he’s the next Brooks Conrad because of one day? I remember the day McLouth got on base 8 times in two games, didn’t hear a peep, now Mather has a good game and he’s the starting center fielder? Please feel free to be a bit less hypocritical if you could.

By the way, McLouth has the 2nd highest OBP on the team, and also has the second most walks next to the human walk machine Chipper Jones.

Kinda feel stupid now, huh, Brandie? After Mather delivers the Game winner.

You will go to any length try and make an irrelevant point won’t you? You constantly bitched about Mather through the spring and first two weeks of the season, and now you want to have a three way with him and Conrad because of one game. You’re particular brand of ignorance, stupidity, and hypocrisy is one that blows my mind, seeing as I can’t really attack just one of them because you do them all so well.

Third point, OBP is a statistic with much more credibility that batting average, you dolt.

I guess that’s why the triple crown is now HRs, RBIs and OBP. You little stat monkeys kill me.

Oh, little Brandie. I guess your delirious because McSmurf got a hit, his 1st in his last 23 ABs. BTW, don’t know where you get your stats but McLouth is 8th in OBP. Kinda like a nag in an 8 horse race at the county track.

You really need to get you glasses checked; coming into tonight, Mclouth had a .339 OBP, better than the team average of .309, and good for second place on the team(for anyone over 100 PA’s; unless you would like to count Christian Martinez’s OBP as higher than Martin Prado’s) next to Chippers .354, McCann not far behind at .337. I would ask you not to be so stupid as to argue with facts, but we all know you’ve already proved your stupidity buy doing this several times over.

Way to go, Joe. A new OF for the Braves, its about time.

Brandie coming into tonite, McSlouch hadn’t gone 1 for 7 yet. Get current son.

Let’s get current then Bill: McLouth is now 3rd behind Chipper and McCann. 3 is a hell of a lot closer to 2 than 8, moron.

Bill getting owned by brandon on this blog! Bill funny how when nate is on a bad run you post about 5 times a day, and when he went 8 for 8 we didnt hear from you for about a week! Also, why is he the scapegoat, he is far from the worst offender in this struggling offense.

Because if he didn’t have anything to bitch about, his head would explode. He really just tried to use the Triple Crown to defend my point about OBP being more important than batting average. You know, the thing that hasn’t been won in 44 years, and probably won’t be won again.

hey, the “Beave” come through! Having a breakfast of “crow” this morning – and it actually tastes alright. Keep on hittin’ Joe. Also nice to see Craig Kimbrel have a “clean” inning save. A couple more of those in a row, and I will enjoy some more “crow.” (Bill, not enjoying his).

Does anyone know where you can get some stats on hitting with RISP? I saw a real ugly stat on Uggla – he is actually worse with RISP (140 or so). It seems like he, Heyward, Freeman and Gonzo really struggle this year, while hinske, mac, chipper and prado have done well. It would be nice to get some early runs. Bill – i would like to see Conrad get a start at second. Uggla adds nothing to the line-up now. I think he will at some point, but this has been a VERY long slump.

Cmon McLouth. You’re just giving Bill more ammunition. I’m guessing Conrad at 3rd, Prado in LF, and Hinske to RF, Mather to CF. Looks like Mather is getting Bill’s tryout.

Wow, Diory. Forgot about Conrad’s disappearing glove trick.

Kudos to the Bullpen last night 6 innings of no-hit ball kept it close. Even Sherill and Proctor looked good.

what happened to nate? I missed it

He check swung and somehow messed with his left side. I’m hoping it’s just a cramp or something. He didn’t have enough movement to seriously pull something. Mather continues to impress.

He got an owie. Nice hit Joe. Boy he ain’t missing em right now.

Ok, Bill, take the pin out of your McVoodoo doll.

Wilkin Ramirez up, Heyward to DL. If McLouth goes, I’m hoping we see Schafer.

I don’t have to mess with Nate he’s perfectly capable of running into someone, tripping over something or being hit by a meteor all by himself. I just sit back and watch my prognostication come true.

Do you have a Dan Uggla doll?

I wish, I would be working on that doll’s swing if I did.

Bill are you really a braves fan? You rag on so many of the players it is amazing. This team isnt doing as well as it should be because of uggla and heyward. Thats the summary of the first 2 months of the season. Everyone else is performing as we had hoped for. Heyward and Uggla need to pick things up

If nate had been in the outfield for that homer bill would of been ragging on him for not climbing the fence reaching up 20 feet and bringing that ball back!

The homer was hit to left field, rocket scientist.

Zip it Zippy. Looks like Nate is headed to the DL.

Who is going to be the person you blame whilst nate is on the DL Bill??? Can we get advance warning, or are you going to decide at a later date.

Uggla needs to move closer to the plate. They keep feeding him pitches on the outside corner of the plate and when he makes contact it’s with the very end of the bat.

I agree with speedy on DL Heyward and bring him at 100%. Mather is swinging a hot stick I say lets ride it out as long as we can. If McLouth heads to the DL also then bring up Schafer, if we can’t up grade offensively then at least upgrade defensively for the time being.

What is BillyBobReefer bitching about now? I thought he was a prime candidate for the just completed 2011 version of the Rapture. Then after giving it some thought I remembered that to qualify for the Rapture one had to be both a Fundamentalist Christian and a Republican. No extra points were for being a self ordained minister of baseball.

Mr. Bowman, two things. My last comment, which was deleted, was tame. WTF is up with that. The second thing is McCann had his historic day 6 days ago. In a game in which things happen daily and the difficulty would appear to be what story is more important rather than is their a story, six days between is BS. These Braves fans need some meat. What are they, veggans?

Zolecki updates to tell about when Chase Utley eats a grilled cheese sandwich on rehab. Once again, there is this microblogging site called Twitter(heard it’s quite popular) that he posts on several times daily.

Ahhhh yes, Twitter. For those who can’t string two sentences together.

Heyward to the DL. It’s the right move. I’m glad Ramirez got the call. I’m interested to see what the kid can do. Worst case scenario is that he goes 0-4 like most of the lineup.

And Pheris is so hungry he comes here?

Call me crazy – but I still am pretty optimistic about this season. We are still 305 games back and the Phillies are not running away with this thing. We have the pitching staff to keep us competitive. If we can find out a way to generate runs we will be fine. If not – We will win 85-90 games. Plan and simple. Lucky for us we have the depth at pitching to make a move to improve our offense. All is not lost. At least for now.

**meant 3.5 game back.

McLouth to the DL, Schafer called up. Hope he does well.

Wow, I really couldn’t have seen that coming ;>)

Bill, there are at least two people on DOB’s blog that would have preferred Matt Young, lol.
Personally, I prefer the guy who can at least hit the outfield wall with a line drive.

Also, the Braves just signed Julio Lugo, apparently for depth.

Didn’t you hear? Bill pulled some strings; he’s our new CF.

Brandie apparently the only string I pulled is that one attached to your tampon. Glad to see Jordan working his way back after his injury. I think he is gonna be a real solid contributor. God knows we can use his defense.

Yeah – that’s what this team really needs Bill. Defense. God knows we can use defense. That’s our glaring hole. Defense.

Well here we go. Schafer is up, Wilkin Ramirez is up. That is as dynamic as we are going to get in our system at this point. Let’s hope they both hit the ground running. It has been a very long time since the Braves have put ANY pressure on the opposing team’s defense at all. These are the best athletes in the organization and they both have the ability to turn it up a notch in Atlanta. It will be fun to see other teams try to run on these guys. Both of them have cannons. Both can run, Ramirez is the fastest guy we’ve had in a long time. It’s time to turn these guys loose and start dictating a little like the TB Rays do. IF they are ready, this is going to be fun.

Well, Bravo. If you can’t hit well. You have to pitch and field VERY well. Defense can’t hurt. Neither can speed.


The Braves aquired Julio Lugo for IF depth, NC.

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