Post-Halladay hex once again haunts Braves

It’s never nice to pile on, especially when they are not around to defend themselves. . But after reviewing all of the facts, Kenshin Kawakami  has to bear the blame for the Roy Halladay hex the Braves have now battled for two straight seasons.

Of course, had Dan Uggla not hustled around the bases and then hit the game-winning, eighth-inning homer when the Braves beat Halladay for the first time ever on May 15, these past two weeks might not have been nearly as frustrating as the nine-game losing streak that began when Halladay beat the Braves on April 21 of last year.

With Kawakami out of the picture, maybe the blame should be pointed solely in Uggla’s direction.   But instead of piling on the new second baseman, it seems more appropriate to look at the history of this Halladay hex.

After earning a no-decision while Kawakami helped the Braves claim a 1-0 win over the Blue Jays on May 22, 2009, Halladay gained reason to seek vengeance during any future trips to Atlanta.   Given what has transpired in the days following his only two subsequent starts at Turner Field, it seems he has succeeded.

Last year’s unforgettable nine-game losing streak began with Halladay tossing a five-hit shutout.  The Braves hit .223 and averaged 1.9 runs during that futile nine-game stretch.

Given that the Braves have hit .245 averaged 2.8 runs and split the 14 games played since they last saw Halladay, it might not seem appropriate to compare these two spans.  But those of you who have watched the Braves hit just .192 with runners in scoring position during this stretch may at least agree that the resulting frustration has at least been comparable.

Given how May concluded, it might be hard to remember that the Braves were much more productive than they were during the season’s first month.  <p>

When the Braves went 13-15 in April, they were six games behind the Phillies in the National League East race and 4 1/2 games behind the Marlins for the top spot in the Wild Card race.

After going 17-11 in May, they enter June trailing the Phillies by 4 1/2 games and the Marlins by just 2 1/2 games.

Still even while gaining ground, the Braves seemed to lose the great opportunity they possessed after winning 10 of the first 14 games in May.  Included in that stretch were a pair of series victories against the Phillies.

Two days after beating Halladay, the Braves were energized by Brian McCann’s incredible late-inning heroics.   It would have seemed McCann created a great spark when he hit a two-out ninth-inning pinch hit homer and 11th inning walk-off homer to complete a two-game sweep of the Astros on May 17.

But two weeks later, it’s more appropriate to say he just blurred the offensive struggles which started to mount during that two-game series.

While winning 10 of the first 14 games played in May, the Braves hit .272  with a .342 on-base percentage and .433 slugging percentage.  They scored 4.8 runs per game (fifth-most in the Majors) while hitting .268 with runners in scoring position during this span.

While splitting their final 14 games of the month, they batted .245 with a  .310 on-base percentage and  .346 slugging percentage.   They scored  2.8 runs per game (second-worst in the Majors) while hitting just .192 with runners in scoring position during this span.

Fortunately, the Braves know they have the ability to hit the clutch.  They exited their May 15 matchup with Halladay with a .301 batting average with runners in scoring position   — the game’s third-best mark through the season’s first six weeks.

Even with all of the opportunities they have squandered over the past two weeks, the Braves still rank sixth in the Majors with a .273 (108-for-396) batting average with runners in scoring position.

With a pair of late-inning RBI singles in Tuesday night’s loss, Chipper Jones improved his team-leading batting average with runners in scoring position to .429 (18-for-42).  Brian McCann has found nearly equal success hitting .381 (16-for-42) in these situations.

Further proving that clutch situations always seem to find the wrong guy in the lineup, Uggla has recorded 51 at-bats with runners in scoring position  — seven more than any other Braves player.  And he has hit just .118 (6-for-51) in these situations.

Fortunately for the Braves, the calendar has turned to June and there is no chance of Halladay pitching in Atlanta again until the final three days of the regular season arrive.


I like this. Blame everything on Kawakami. Just as logical as blaming everything on McLouth.

This article is pointless. Trying to create some hex that isnt there? Wow, you are really stretching for something to write about here…

When the Red Sox finally won the World Series a few years back, I delighted in reminding my Sox fan friends that this was proof that the Red Sox were not cursed afterall…..

They just S-u-c-k-e-d for 86 years.

If getting out of a funk was easy, Serrano from Major League wouldn’t be selling insurance on TV.

Tonight marks the first time this year Uggla has batted seventh. Come on DB, try to have some fun with it. Brandon understands it.

Damn a MB sighting on the blog. It’s almost as elusive as the Ivory Billed Woodpecker.

Almost as elusive as a Brooks Conrad hit before the seventh inning.

Maybe just tell Fredi and Larry to stop telling their hitters to be so aggressive and in the process ruining one of the most productive and patient teams in the NL. Or maybe have the Braves medical staff check Uggla’s eyesight, as he has been swinging at a much higher percentage of balls out of the zone and at a lot fewer balls in the zone this year. There’s a big problem there. Does Uggla wear glasses or has he had lasik surgery?
Maybe the Kawakami Kurse was from the Braves sending him to baseball purgatory down in Methtown, MS.

About time uggla hits 7th. It could get him started. I feel like he is trying to do too much with the braves. Its different playing for the braves than the marlins. For the braves there is pressure to perform every night because they are a side chasing the post season. For the marlins the pressure was always off because they werent playing for anything. Finally Fredi makes a brave decision to demote uggla to 7th, he did say that the team picks the line up after the first month, but yet he stuck with uggla in the heart of the order throughout the second month. Glad he made the move. Bit late but never mind

You mean like 2009 when FL finished 2nd ahead of the Braves, 2008 when the marlins finished ahead of the braves or this year when they are right behind the Frillies and ahead of the braves. What a ridiculous argument not supported by the facts. And there are still no “sides” or “referees” in baseball.

Uggla said he was pressing. I don’t think that is exactly a shocking news bulletin. Also, you are really coming off as a jerk because you defended McLouth to no end and stated that fans need to support their players. Now you take every moment to down Brooks Conrad. If you don’t like the way Bill does business, don’t turn into him.

Hi Bilbo, conrad did well last night didnt he? 0 for 4 with 2 k’s and 3 lob. Uggla’s post season stats = 0 for 0. I would expect a team where the pressure is on to have at least made the postseason once? God, its getting boring owning you Bilbo! How you can disagree with my point is beyond me. Its obvious that uggla is feeling the pressure and trying to do too much for the braves. Maybe you need to go back to school and develop that brain of yours bilbo?

That was a pretty weak dis.
Also, the Marlins have won two championships since 97, so it’s not exactly like we’re talking about Pittsburgh or Kansas City. Uggla isn’t seeing the ball. And he is probably being told by Fat Fredi and our hitting coach who has no experience as a hitting coach to be more aggressive. This year he’s swinging at a MUCH higher percentage of balls outside the zone and not swinging at balls in the zone. Do your research before you throw out intangible evidence.

You know that if Gonzalez is Fat Fredi, then Parrish is Fat Freddy’s Cat. And that probably means the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers are Medlen and Moylan. If you don’t know what all this is about, do a lil research on the Freaks. Well worth the effort.

You seriously think playing for the marlins, who havent been to the post season in ugglas career is the same as playing for the braves, who are chasing the post season basically every year and have fans, players and media who are used to winning???

Earth to Zindane….the object is to win the WS. In this regard the Marlins, in their short history, have been twice as successful as the Braves. It is only in Atlanta that finishing second is highly regarded. Google “Stone Mountain” to get the point.

I’m saying that much more is wrong with Uggla than playing for a better team (though the “better team” hasn’t exactly annually outplayed the Marlins in recent years).

I love how there is hope based on the Braves being 4 and1/2 out at the end of May as compared to 6 out at the end of
April. So by September one the Braves should be tied with the Phillies whether it be for first place or not?

Pherris go back to your own forums mate. We might be struggling, but you should be worried about your own club which is in decline🙂

In decline? What a hoot!

Nats – 2
Frillies – 1

A now they are a club? What got tired of, squad and side? TEAM, TEAM, TEAM!!!!!! Geez. Go take a baseball class and come back when you at least know what the parts of the game are called.

Maybe you could get a British to baseball dictionary.

Bill, Bill, why all this incessant nitpicking about terminology? It seems the Braves could use all the fans they can get no matter where situated. After all, wasn’t this Ted Turners vision before he bailed?

“National League of Professional Baseball Clubs.” Hmm…..

Dan is snake bitten. Line drive to LF would have been an RBI with the bases loaded in the first. At has all been said about Uggs so I will move on and prey. Curious to see what happens when McCouth comes back. Even though Schaeffer has played well and is exciting to watch, it really has not lead to offensive production. May not be his fault, but just the facts. Would like to see Prado back at second and McClouth in left, but I have $62 million reasons why this will never happen.

Bill is just trying to stretch so thin to insult Zidane it’s almost laughable. A dinger is an accepted term for homerun, yet it makes no sense to call it a dinger. Cheese is a term for fastball… I can go on and on. Being ignorant is just Bill’s thing. He just thinks it doesn’t matter because of his anonymity.

I wonder why “no one is worrying about how badly Prado is playing”? Way to go Martin.

How’s your bff Conrad doing there? Winning games against the Pirates in May, what a lifesaver. Why isn’t he starting over Uggla again?

Brandie the problem with your comparison is that Cheese and Dinger are as you expressed “accepted” terminology. NO ONE calls a baseball team a side, there are NO referees in baseball and nobody says “squad” meaning a baseball team. When the team is split it might be a squad in ST but it NEVER refers to the whole team. And as to you and Zippy, there is NO CRYING in baseball, so quit your whining for chrissakes.

Who’s to say what is accepted or unacceptable? Anyone with free will, eh? I know exactly what he’s talking about. Context clues, Bill, context clues. This is literally the pettiest thing you’ve ever complained about, which is saying a lot. Not everyone uses the same vernacular.

You were claiming “accepted” terms 3 posts ago. Now your arguing against them. Piece of work. How’s that cow college degree coming along? Bet the community college teachers love that kind of logic.

I’m liking Mather’s defense in RF. He looks to be a slight upgrade over Heyward. He has a nice arm and gets to everything he should. Seems to have good ball instinct as well.

Beats no college, eh?

Weenis I have only 1 thing I need to say in retort to your obvious bating. PHILADELPHIA, where gene pools go to die. I crack up when I watch our games up there, those guys in the stands farting, belching and drooling themselves. It reminds me of the Folsom Prison scene in Walk the Line.

Oh and Weenus, Sorry to hear about that loss to the nationals. Must be rough to only score 1 run when you are the mighty Frillies. guess that lead would be down to, what, 3.5 GAMES ?????????? Duh duh….

So much for returning to try and start a rational discussion about baseball.

Seems everyone else has got that covered. Ugglas sucking, were not winning. Not much more to talk about. But heres some; Mather’s not as good as a fielder as
Heyward, although he is good. I’ve heard Wilkin Ramirez’s arm is better than that of Mather and maybe Heyward.

Sorry, I know better than to feed the soccer player. Kimbrel is filthy tonite.

Tennis player, ex-soccer player, ex-baseball player, any more flattering things you’d like to call me? I’m proud of my athleticism and versatility. Your acknowledgement of my skills just feeds my ego.

Damn Brandie, that really sounds a little light in the loafers, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Apologies to Viva( I WANT A SERIOUS DISCUSSION, DAMMIT). Hey Brandy I just wanted to know if , there at Bovine State University, you could graduate sumoooooo cum laude or magna cow laude???

Who’s to say I accept and use those words? Your argument about something as subjective as slang is full of holes. I understand what they mean, doesn’t mean I accept them or use them. College is going along great, actually. Seeing as how my job title isn’t Bitching About Nate McLouth, I can actually afford to go.

Boom and Shafer saves the game.

We aren’t winning? We had the second best rest in the NL for May at 17-11. And so far the best in June at 1-0. Yeah the offense blows but that stinks of Fatass Fredi and whatever hole where they found Larry Parrish’s career. When this team walks, they score runs as shown by tonight’s game. If you don’t get on base to manufacture runs, you don’t score. That’s why the first half Braves hit A LOT of solo home runs when they’re being overly-aggressive. We are still a get-on-base, line drive team where no one puts up gaudy HR numbers (except for Uggla v2010). Compare last year to this year and the huge drop in OBP, BBs, etc (actually almost every category) is pretty staggering. Good thing our pitching staff is absolutely brilliant, and I think Venters needs to be in the discussion for the best relief pitcher in baseball right now. He has given up TWO runs so far this season, and one of those was a garbage run in a game where we were already up 8 runs to the Nationals and he needed to get some work in.

You know the spark this team needs may have just arrived. After watching Jordan Shafer crash into the CF wall to catch a game saving drive, I was jazzed like I haven’t been since this season started. He brings an element to this team that was missing completely and that is to deliver that unpredictable advantage . Beginning with his artistry in CF, to his speed and acumen on the basepaths to his willingness to help the team at all cost. I can tell you I am as excited about Shafer as I was when he stepped onto that ST opening day at Dodgertown. He was pure baseball player. I don’t know all the details about his injury, I know nothing about whatever HGH flap he got into with the league and I only have read of his road back. But man he looks like a superstar to me. I am sure he will have some setbacks and I am sure he will struggle, but let me say it here first, welcome back Jordan.

Wow, could not agree with you more, Bill. (Scary) It is STRIKING to see the transformation of Jordan Schafer. I am not talking about his baseball ability – as that has always been there – but rather what we all noticed in ST and what you have noticed in your post. Schafer seems to have “IT” now. He seems to have that quality combination of work ethic and determination that we see in Martin Prado. It is really great to see him taking full advantage of this opportunity. It couldn’t have come at a better time for the team. Now, if only Jason could find “IT”!

I agree with you guys. I have not been high on Schafer in the past due to his attitude, but the kid has surprised me and turned his career around.

Right, lets have a truce Bill, OK? Let’s disagree on baseball issues but not bring up where I am from or anything.

Bill, I love what Schafer has added to the team too. I definitely don’t think McLouth would have gotten to tat ball last night. Schafer came up as a cocky kid who thought the world owed him. His teammates didn’t like him and neither did the staff at Gwinnett. The word from several over there was that he was the epitome of a douche bag. In my opinion, the injury and the suspension was the best thing that could have happened to him. It humbled him. I reads yesterday that he sought the advice of Chipper during spring training and asked him what he needed to do to return to the bigs. He took Chipper’s advice of transforming into a true leadoff hitter to heart and now he is back and contributing to a weakness of this team. He need for a table setter and a threat on the bases. His strike outs are down and he puts the ball in play. I still hear he hasn’t lost some of those douchey attributes about his personality… but as long as he keeps helping this team the way he has, he can be as big a douche as he wants to be.

Way to go JJ. Well deserved.

Mark Bowman mlbbowman
Jair Jurrjens was named the NL’s pitcher of the month for May. #Braves

He has “IT”? That’s the stupidest “S*IT” I have ever heard. Oh and Heyward’s “IT” has been hampered by a “S*IT” shoulder so far this season. I’ve always rooted for Schafer although he seems like a colossal d-bag, but c’mon guys. He has been in 8 games so far and his numbers aren’t exactly off the charts, but hpoefully he keeps them up and will force the Braves to DL Uggla to figure out what the hell is wrong with him. Temporarily move McLouth to LF and Prado to 2nd base.

Before you all fall for bill’s terrible talk about shafer being amazing (which is due to the fact he hates mcClutch), lets look at the facts – which bill often tries to avoid. Shafers OPS is actually below nate’s this year, and they have both only had 1 sb and 2 CS. Yes shafer gives better defence (just) but I doubt he will be able to produce offensively. I predit his OPS to fall from here on too, so we need to get nate back in the line up. ATM, I would bring nate into the of and keep shafer and drop uggla as lots of you have said.

I don’t even need to respond to this, everyone will see how ridiculous your argument is I mean your comparing cumulative SB stats for a player who has been up for a week with a guy who had 2 months to make it work, please.

uggla certainly needs to trip to the reserves one way or another

No reserves in Baseball either. They call them minor leagues, and dropping Uggla is the stupidest move they could make and the only people who think it’s smart are the little soccer playing crowd.

8 games is not enough of a sample size to say anything about Schafer. We already knew he is more proficient in CF than McLouth. Schafer is fast, but he’s kind of a sh*tty baserunner. I still think McLouth will perform better in the long run, but really I don’t care at this point. I just want ANYONE besides Mac and Chipper to stop suckin at the plate. I would sign the Phanatic if I knew he would have a 350+ OBP and not take every first pitch strike (Prado), swing at every breaking ball outside (Uggla), or play hurt (Heyward). Fire Larry Parrish.

Every player plays hurt at some point through the season, there is no shame in that. I feel that perhaps the Braves coaching staff should have stepped in before the situation reached the point that it has with Jason. They might have, there is no way to know for sure, but it doesn’t appear that way. Also, I can’t understand why in the world you would criticize Martin Prado. He has been the MVP for the Braves over recent memory. I completely understand your frustration, but don’t let it cloud your perception.

Viva – you’ve been reading this blog for over two years and have read posts from the likes of ncbravesfan82 as well as this little Bill-Brandon-Zidane pillow fight and you figure that Papa’s comment that Schafer has “it” to be the “stupidest sh*t you’ve ever heard”?… Really?…
I get what Papa is saying. By “it”, he is referring to the way Schafer is playing the game. Like he’ll do anything to get on base, and around the bases, and that he’ll run through a wall to make a catch. It might not be the “it” level that players like Prado, Griffey JR, Pete Rose, George Brett, etc… but if you’ve never heard of “it” then I suggest you go read up on your baseball literature for some knowledge about the game.
I find your comments arrogant and ignorant. Schafer has altered the way he plays this game to reflect that of a player willing to do whatever it takes to contribute. That is what “IT” is.

And for the ultimate level of “IT” right now, look no further than Martin Prado. Dude is insane. During spring training, he was the first to show up and the last to leave the ballpark. I remember Mark tweeting a picture of Prado doing pull-ups in the tunnel after a game once. The other night, he was unhappy with the way he was swinging the bat so he stayed late after the game hitting in the cage by himself… and then was the first to the ballpark the next day… which by the way he hit a homerun that was the difference in winning the game. You can see the fire in his eyes after making an out. Like he’s going to take a bat to a water cooler. I’ve seen him react in that same pissed off manner for letting a good pitch go by or for fouling one off. Prado has “IT”. Every manager wishes he had multiple Prado’s on the team. It’s contagious. How can you not want to work hard at anything after watching Martin play the game? It inspires me and I know it inspires his teammates. That is “IT”. By him selflessly moving to the outfield it literally will cost him millions of dollars because he went from #1 at his position as an infielder to the middle of the pack as an outfielder. All for the betterment of the team (at least we all thought). All while not saying a negative word about it. He never settles for less than 100%. He has “IT”

Ditto all that about Martin (except Viva who missed it on Martin and Shafer). The hardest working man in baseball and anyone who questions his heart and talent don’t know JS about baseball. Over the last 30 days Martin’s line is .308 BA .872 OPS. 6 HR and 20 RBI’s. I hoping that even the simpleton kids can figure out what that does for the team. Chipper who gets a pass for that same 30 days, .244 BA, .731 OPS 1 HR and 10 RBI’s. Viva, you need to start actually watching the games.

Schafer has been in EIGHT games. I already said I’m a fan of his but it’s ludicrous to say that his hustle shows anything other than what the rest of the team displays. He has been a great replacement yeah, but he’s not exactly setting the world on fire with Bautista-like numbers. If I sucked for two years at my job which could eventually pay me multi-millions, yeah I think anyone would alter their approach to be productive. Come on, meow. This whole team works as hard, with the exception of Prado.
Martin has been one of my favorites for the past few years. It’s retarded to think that because I criticized one thing about his game that I think he sucks. He takes an insane amount of first pitch strikes to the point that sometimes I think it’s Boggs up there. Also, Martin was NOT number 1 at his position. Pre-2011 start, I believe that honor would have been held by Chase Utley and Robinson Cano. I am more than impressed by his transition to LF. What I would like to see from Prado is to be more selective, which can be seen in his OBP/OPS (both at a 4 year low) and lately he has been doing so. He also leads the league in outs made and has hit into a slew of double plays. I should’ve put him alongside Chipper and Mac, but I thought the omission would rattle the Bowman’s Little Girls Club cage. And it worked wonderfully!

Well Viva, rattle this. I have watched those eight games of Schafers and like an advance scout who comes in before a series, I have seen a lot more than the numbers on Schafer. He is hustling. He is getting the jump on EVERYTHING hit to CF. He is doing what the teams needs for him to do despite his own desire. I am really impressed with the transition. It’s got nothing to do with 8 games worth of stats. He is a “sh*tty” base runner???? OMG the Braves leading base stealers are Freddie and Jason. Of JS’s CS one was a botched Hit and run and the other, he was safe. He’s the best thing we have had on the base paths in a while. That comment really was off the mark. You are spot on sometimes, but you are so out-to-lunch on this one.

I meant comparative to his speed. And certainly not comparative to the rest of the club footed team. He’s not Melky rounding the bases, but he’s not Michael Bourn either. I never once said Schafer sucked or anything. I just said you can’t judge anything by such a small sample. I hope he keeps it up and even does better. It’s just the babbling about “heart” and “hustle” that gets annoying sometimes. Are you guys saying that JS is putting in more effort than Mac or Sea Bass? Everyone hates Gonzalez for some reason but you can see that guy put everything and more into every play. You never hear about Mac’s “heart”, because he has never hit the bottom and had to climb out, but it’s still there at the intangible level of 500%. I love this team and everyone who is or has been on it (except maybe Melky/Rocker/Soriano etc), but I don’t watch games through the eyes of people like Bravo who has seen Angels in the Outfield a few too many times. It’s cool if you think that way. I just don’t.

Anyone who thinks I watch the game through “Angels in the Outfield” glasses needs to go back and read my post on the state of the pathetic offense on this team. Also – read my posts on my thoughts about Schafer. I have not been a fan of his and have every reason to believe he’s a huge douche bag. BUT – I also know baseball and recognize changes that players make. I recognize the hustle. I recognize the heart. Yes – it has been 8 days and he has not set the world on fire. However he has saved a game or two with his defense and he has made things happen on the base paths. His OBP is nearly .400 since his call up. This is one of the FEW chances he will get to make another name for himself and he is taking advantage of it and leaving it all out on the field. I’m willing to give him a pass. I’m willing to eat a little crow if it means Schafer succeeding because I have not been a fan of his. What you call “babbling about heart and hustle”, I call knowing the game of baseball… which obviously you don’t know much of…

Damn Bravo, nice post. And Viva, give Schafer a break. He is essentially a rookie. Great base stealers generally have to learn the moves of 300 some odd pitchers. Give JS a little time. He is gonna swipe some sacks. He is already the best baserunner on the Braves. What do u want? As to his heart. I think any major leaguer who showed up in a visiting city and was willing to put on the Marty Martian batboy’s helmet so that he could play get’s my vote for being willing to sacrifice(pun intended) what it takes for the team to win. He has a clean slate in my book. I am a huge fan of second chances, sometimes they are the best chance.

So Bill is saying that Shafer has shown he is amazing in his first 8 games, and now he is saying that 8 games is too soon to judge his stats? Laughable. There is no question that Nate will be more productive at the plate, and that is what this team needs. We need Nate back now. He was turning it around

Yeah, Everyone is waiting with bated breath for the return of Mighty McMouse. It’s like being taunted by a 12 year old. Grow up son.

We should trade conrad and lowe for someone

Bill you only see in Shafer what you want to see. Your hatred for Nate leds you to proclaim JS as the man to solve all our problems after about 5 minutes of him getting called up to the first team. Look at his stats guys, they arent good and he wont be able to keep up the same intensity and focus after a few weeks

Zidane – I do not have a hatred for McLouth… but I think Schafer will get on base more and play better defense. I actually agree with Bill on this one. And with Martin hitting behind him – double plays aside – Schafer will be on second or 3rd with one out as opposed to nobody on. Martin Prado is not a lead off hitter and it’s time he start hitting with runners on base. He leads the team in RBI’s and homers.

Zidane, you don’t exactly help your argument in trying to defend McLouth when you say “look at the stats”.

McClouth is a better baseball player than Shafer. Thats obvious from the stats. Nate will be fine when he comes back and I fully expect him to hit .260 for the year. Shafer I doubt will hit .220

I disagree in your assessments of Schafer and McLouth. I think that McLouth is a good ball player, but I think Schafer has a larger upside. I think the catch vs SD is only a preview in Schafer’s defensive ability. Also, Schafer’s willingness to bunt and play small ball will aid our team greatly. McLouth is probably a better clubhouse guy, and probably has more power, but in the long run I think Jordan is the future. Let’s not forget, the only reason we got McLouth in the first place was because of Schafer’s strikeouts and injury. He is now healthy and not striking out. This, IMO, makes McLouth expendable. But I think we need to take a little longer look at Schafer before we deem McLouth trade bait.

I have an idea that may just work. How bout if we trade Uggla Sherrill jordan schafer and Mclouth to the NYY for Swisher and Gardner. Put Prado back at 2nd move Gardner to LF and Swisher to RF and Heyward to Cf. Now when Heyward comes back just move Swisher to LF. Now the the Yankees are looking fo DH help and Lefty pitching so this trades works out Uggla to DH Sherrill to be a lefty specialist and shcafer and Mclouth can be backup OF options.

Nobody would take uggla right now. We shouldnt sell low on the guy. Trying to trade him now would be like saying we have no faith in his ability. I would trade Lowe/Hudson and Conrad to get a prospect and a big time outfielder. People would obviously take lowe and hudson because their contracts are no longer big commitments and it could make a difference to their run at the playoffs. And someone would take conrad to be a bench player/Pinch Hitter.

Zippy, the broken record needs a change. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

First off, ANYONE who saw Schafer in person in 2009 and/or 2010 can tell you he has turned a corner. Schafer was a slug in Gwinnett. He has made the adjustment mentally that everyone was hoping for. A winter working out with Prado seems to have done wonders.

Is he going to be among the league leaders in any category? Probably not, does he have to be to help the Braves?

As to the “arms” race in RF. Mather may have an edge on Heyward there, but Ramirez has them both in arm strength, and it isn’t that close. If he EVER gets consistent on offense, Ramirez is the most dynamic athlete in the organization.

Ron Gant was never consistent, but he was out there because he was a great athlete. Ramirez is that same sort of guy. He will eventually win games for the Atlanta Braves with any combination of his power, wheels or arm, even if it isn’t until September that it happens. But like Gant, he will spend a month at a time waving at sliders off the plate until we are all going nuts.

Another reason why Prado is our MVP.

Broken record how bill? That trade would transform the braves into a division winning side. You know it!

No one is going to trade a “big time outfielder” for a pitcher on their last legs and a pinch hitter. The only way that would happen would be if the OF had personal problems (like a Milton Bradley), or was lost at the plate (like a Dan Uggla).

Who is on their last legs? Lowe or Hudson? Most teams would love to have either of them, but that trade idea shows a lack of understanding of how baseball and the world work. So you want to trade our underpaid ace and anchor of the rotation? Really? I would be surprised if Lowe isn’t dealt before the end of the year, but Hudson is going nowhere. And you think anyone wants Conrad?? What is he hitting? .150? Dude. Lowe and Conrad for “a big time outfielder” and “a prospect”? I don’t think your baseball video game would take that even if you had the ‘force trades’ setting on.

Wow, viva, hudson has massive value because he is underpaid. Yet we have ok replacements. So we can afford to offload him and get a huge upgrade in the outfield.

Yeah he has value. Lots. And that’s why it would be idiotic to trade him. You don’t sign someone to a cheap ‘hometown’ contract and then trade them. Wanna throw Chipper in that deal as well? You don’t get “huge upgrades” AND a prospect for an aging pitcher (Hudson or Lowe) and Conrad.

Important pitchers in the organization who will possibly be traded from the Braves: Jurjjens, Lowe, Minor, Delgado, Vizcaino. I didn’t include Beachy because he is hurt, and has more upside than his trade value. If one of the prospects are traded the others come off the table. Medlen will not be a starter again. JJ will yield the biggest return if he keeps pitching like he has and will be quite costly pretty soon. If we decide to keep him then Minor will definitely be gone. Vizcaino will probably end up a reliever and we really need more arms in the homegrown relief corps. But Hudson? Really?

Jurrjens, as much as I hate to say it, is the most likely to go this offseason. Boras client, arb eligible, we could shed a bit of cash, and he would undoubtedly give us the highest return.

That is, out of the list you mentioned, Viva.

Shedding the $6MM+ for Jurrjens, the combined roughly $14MM for McKawakami, and you have the possibility of Chipper retiring. WE could have a lot of money coming off the books. Could be in search of a longterm LFer if Chipper retires and Martin goes to 3B. It would also be extremley wise to sign Martin to a minimum of 3 years this offseason.

I agree brandon. Hopefully chipper retires and we can get rid of all those other contracts and then we can build a quality side around a good base we have now. Our year should be next year.

From the way some talk on this blog (from people who shall remain nameless) we could probably trade conrad and get pujols. Because conrad is such a great player according to some people on this blog!🙂

Zippy, now you will know why I call you that.

Portrait of Zippy Monkey

And Brandie, just so you won’t feel left out, here’s your tribute.


Maybe go after Billy Butler. I mean the guy is what we are looking for. A RH power hitter. I mean uggla aint doing it so why not package him along with hicks maybe a top guy like Pastnornicky or Cory Harrilchak.

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