Prado rests sore left knee

Martin Prado has routinely put up a fight when he has been left out of the starting lineup in the past.  But after getting hit on the side of his left knee with a throw as he was stealing second base Tuesday night, Prado returned to Sun Life Stadium Wednesday and knew he needed a day to rest.
“My best indication was when he didn’t put up a fight,” Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez said. “Usually, he’ll come in and say I’m playing, I’m playing.  But he didn’t come in today.  With guys like that, that’s a pretty good indicator.”
Gonzalez joking said Prado was walking around “like Bobby Cox in the clubhouse.”  The valuable left fielder suffered a left knee contusion when Marlins catcher John Buck’s errant throw hit him as he was recording a ninth-inning stolen base.
“When that play happened, I thought they bumped knees,” Gonzalez said of Prado and Marlins shortstop Ozzie Martinez.  “If they would have been playing kickball, he would have been out.”
Gonzalez did not think Prado would be available to even serve as a pinch hitter Wednesday night.  But he was hoping his veteran outfielder would return for Thursday’s series finale against the Marlins.


Well done Schafer. We scored a run!! Woop Woop!

Atta boy Dan. Nice AB!

I just don’t know what we can/will do, to score runs? We have no speed or “small-ball”ability to produce runs. We don’t have the power for “wait-for-the-3-run-homer game”. Our fences are way too deep, for our power, can’t we move them in? When Venters goes thru the 8th so easily, with limited pitches, why can’t he continue in the 9th? Kimbrel continues to give up 2-strike hits,? Is he making those pitches too close? Should we not, trade for a lead-off/speed position player, with our excess pitching?

How bout the Mariners and Braves just trade two bad second baseman for another. I mean I rather have someone like Figgins in the top of the line up rather then Uggla at the bottom. I mean Uggla can be used as a DH if need be.

I agree we need to find a way of trading uggla asap. Before he is untradable

We are not trading Dan Uggla…get over it.

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