Heyward returns before Freeman

(Updated to show Jason Heyward has been activated):

As expected, Jason Heyward returned to the Braves’ lineup before Freddie Freeman.  Heyward’s wish to return for Wednesday night’s game against the Mets was granted by the Braves.

When Heyward flew back from Indianapolis (where he spent the past two nights playing for Triple-A Gwinnett), he told a close friend that he was ready to return to full-time duties immediately.  But he understood he would likely have to first take some swings and complete some running drills before the Braves opted to activate him from the disabled list.

Heyward had been on the disabled list since May 22 because of right shoulder inflammation.   He battled right shoulder discomfort for more than two months before finally realizing some relief while rehabbing at the Braves’ Spring Training complex in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

Heyward’s return at least compensates for what the Braves lose while Freeman rests the mild right oblique strain he suffered while taking swings in Turner Field’s indoor batting cage before last night’s game.

Freeman attempted to enter last night’s game in the late innings and he awoke this morning feeling he could return to the lineup tonight.  This is the kind of passion you want from your young players.  But it seems highly unlikely that the Braves will allow their rookie first baseman to return before they are certain he will not strain the oblique muscle and possibly miss a month.

“I’d rather mild stay mild [instead of] mild turn into something severe,” Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez said Tuesday night.


I really hope this is the last of the injury bug. The lineup last night was almost entirely bench players. And we still came close to beating the Mets. So with a healthy lineup we should be in pretty good shape.

Close only counts in hand grenades and horseshoes? But it can be tough playing without key players. Just ask the Phillies. But wait, haven’t the Phillies been in 1st place the entire time? Oh, never mind.

Yeah you guys are pretty far ahead. It’s not even a race anymore.

Yeah WienusPain, 4 games is an insurmountable lead. Especially when we are so close to the end of the season and we play so poorly against the one team we are trailing.

I think we will win the divison provided this injury crisis doesnt continue. No doubt we cant win with the line up we put out last night though. Brooks might stay up now with freddie out. He can play a bit of 1st base I think?

Bill cant we trade you somewhere? Can we trade you to the mets? You would fit in with their fans better you do here. Sound good?

What am I missing? Why are the Braves electing to carry 3 back-up infielders (Diory, Hicks and Conrad) and no back-up outfielders? I figured Hicks would be the one to go down to the minors.

Mather is still up, Hinske plays Both corner OF spots. They are both backups but both have been playing regularly. MCLouth will be a backup when he returns and Prado is probably closer than we know. They probably sent Young down because all those IR guys are close to returning.

Hicks can play OF

Junior, COnrad isnt a back up infielder. He is a pinch hitter. End of story. He should go down. Chipper is too injury prone to be carrying him. We have mather as back up outfielder remember

I wonder if we could see a little bit of David Ross at 1B?? Can’t hurt to have his bat in there. Especially if a lefty is on the mound

When prado is back and freddie, this should be the line up:
1, Schafer, 2, Prado 3, McCann, 4, Uggla, 5, Heyward, 6, Chipper, 7, Freddi, 8, Gonzo
Uggla should be clean up if he can produce .260 and his usual power for the rest of the season

How can he bat cleanup if he’s been traded like you suggested?

Do we really have Chipper sitting in the cleanup spot??? What is even going on…

Didnt you know clean up is where you put your guy who hits .260 with 15 home runs?

any chances of going after Cantu since he is being DFA? I mean the guy can play first third and second base and can be used as a RH bat off the bench.

If you get cut from the PADRES ’cause you can’t hit, you deserve it.
The Braves shouldn’t be in the business of signing players cut mid-year.

Yeah, we go after the guys who didn’t even start the year. Julio Lugo says thanks.

You know how they have a money or some other animal pick the NCAA bracket winners? I feel like that may be a better option for figuring out a lineup than whatever the heck FG is doing.

There’s Brooks Conrads monthly hit. Too bad no one could get on base before him. You’ll get another shot in July, Brooksie.

He did it in late innings, where he needs to be utilized. I don’t really think there is room for him on the roster once we get everyone healthy, but come crunch time when the rosters expand he’ll definitely get his share of late inning at bats.

I agree. It”s just not worth keeping a guy who you can’t trust defensivley who hit’s .200 when someone like Brandon Hicks is more versatile, plays better D, and has at least the ability to match his OBP to Conrad. Like I said, Conrad has options left.

I am going to have to leave the blog. This is worse than the monkey room at the zoo. Brandie, Zippy and now their new parrot Kookookachoo. It’s kind of like watching fruit flies, not much brain matter, but very prolific. Tried to get them to back up their words with a simple wager, but none of them had the quevos to take the bet. It would probably be problematic because I suspect they are all 12-13 years old.

Ok bye bill!

BillyBobReefer, don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Deuces. No one cares. Van flip.

Kookookachoo? Is that referring to me? If so, I find it laughable that I’m accused of “parroting” anybody. I’m fairly certain I disagree with half of the things they say on here (as well as half the things you say, too, so we’re even). I just don’t understand why there seems to be groups of fans trying to get under each others’ skin all the time. You do it with the nicknames and insults, and Zidane does it by bringing up Brooks and McLouth about 15 times on every thread. I’m not on anyone’s side in this silly playground word fight. I’m here to discuss anything related to baseball. I don’t necessarily care enough about anyone on here to “parrot” them, nor do I care enough to pick sides in a name calling battle. Nothing personal, but none of us know each other on here, so who cares? We have one thing in common, we love the Braves, you’d think that’d be enough for everyone to get along well enough to discuss the game.

Schafer. Average = .211, obp = .294, SLG = .303.

McClutch. Average = .238, obp = .332, slg = .341.

Schafer isnt getting it done. I know his D is better though. All in all it is close who should play when nate is back. I would give jordon another couple of weeks to see if he can get away from the mendoza line and if not make nate starting cf again

Neither one of them are exactly lighting up the hit column. At that point, I will take the defense of Schafer. Not to mention he can actually bunt and he has 7 stolen bases in 19 games. There is no reason at all to start McLouth at this point (in CF). I don’t think it is that close consideration considering Jordan brings much more to the plate (no pun intended). I can see McLouth possible getting some starts in LF until Martin comes back. With that arm, McLouth has no business in CF.

Remember when this team could score runs? … oh – you don’t? Well – it was 2005

*** nice! ***

Seems so long ago, doesn’t it?

Also, can we please get Ross some AB’s over at first if Freeman is ailing?

….also Wren if you are not to busy could you please trade KK and Linebrink. It doesn’t even have to be for another player. Maybe we can fill their spot on the roster with Chief Knock-a-homa.

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