Hudson proved to be Mr. Everything

On his way home last night, Tim Hudson stopped at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and helped Delta employees evacuate passengers from that Los Angeles-bound plane that had to return to Atlanta because of engine trouble.  He also volunteered to fly the new plane, but was told he had done far too much over the previous few hours.

OK, so Hudson might have actually been sleeping by the time the plane returned during the early morning hours.  But could you blame him?  He had spent the previous few hours basically doing everything for the Braves in their 2-0 win over the Blue Jays.

Hudson accounted for all of the scoring with a two-run, seventh-inning homer and also ended three outs shy of notching his second one-hit shutout of the season.  But his stellar mound effort was still preserved by Craig Kimbrel, who struck out the only three batters he faced to notch his 20th save — moving him within six of the matching MLB’s rookie record (Jonathan Papelbon in 2006) for saves before the All-Star break.

Kimbrel was simply filthy while tearing through the heart of the Blue Jays’ lineup in a span of just 15 pitches.  But as Blue Jays’ starter Ricky Romero said, last night belonged to Hudson, whose only previous career homer was hit against the Cardinals’ Kyle Lohse on Sept. 12, 2009.

According to MLB Productions senior researcher Roger Schlueter, Hudson became just the 13th pitcher starter since 1919 to throw at least eight innings in a team shutout and account for all of his team’s runs with a home run (or a pair of home runs).

Dating back to his 1999 debut, Hudson and Mark Buehrle are the only Major League pitchers to have allowed one hit and recorded a shutout in three separate regular season games.   Hudson was bidding for his fourth career one-hit shutout before the ninth began with his only walk of the night and Yunel Escobar’s infield single.

While Hudson might not have matched the one-hit shutout he notched against the Brewers on May 4, he was downright dominant again.  He recorded 15 groundball outs and a season-high eight strikeouts.  The only two balls the Blue Jays hit out of the infield against him came in the second inning via a J.P. Arencibia single and Jayson Nix flyout.

As Hudson completed this masterpiece, it was even harder to believe he had gone 2-14 with a 6.75 ERA in the previous 18 Interleague starts he had made since joining the Braves in 2005.

From livid to celebratory in a second:  While covering games, I usually only look at the television feed to see a replay of a close pitch or close call.  Thus I want to thank Braves fan Bruce Mulkey for tweeting me last night to ask David Ross why he was yelling in the dugout just before Hudson hit his first-pitch homer into the seats.

It seemed quite odd that when Ross was thrown out so easily after Diory Hernandez hit his one-out chopper directly to a drawn-in Yunel Escobar.  But when told television cameras caught him yelling, Ross provided some clarity by essentially saying Hernandez missed the squeeze sign.

“We are a team that has to do the little things especially now when we’ve got so many guys banged up and hurt,” Ross said. “We’ve got to do the little things like get guys over.  We can’t miss signs.  We missed a sign and I was upset about it.  I just wanted to voice my opinion and I hope it doesn’t happen again.”

When Ross speaks, the players listen.   He certainly drawn more deserved praise than any other backup catcher  I can ever remember.  He has some productive years left as a backup catcher.  But it won’t be long before you see him sitting in a dugout serving as a Major League manager.  He’s going to be a good one.

Hudson and Ross share a bond that goes back to when they were helping Auburn reach the College World Series in 1997.  They are hilarious in the cluhouse and form a sensational battery on the field.

In the three games he’s pitched with Ross behind the plate this year, Hudson has posted a 0.78 ERA and limited opponents to a .125 batting average.  In the 12 games he has pitched with Brian McCann behind the dish, he has posted a 4.69 ERA and allowed opponents to hit .259.

Before you get too excited about the need for Ross to be Hudson’s personal catcher remember this is a VERY small sample size that is being taken in a year when Hudson’s mechanics have been very inconsistent.   When he has been able to drop and drive like he did last night, he has been pretty good regardless of who is behind the plate.

In the 25 games he pitched with McCann behind the plate last year, Hudson posted a 2.38 ERA and allowed opponents to hit .237.  With Ross behind the plate (11 games) , he posted a 2.73 ERA and limited opponents to a .210 batting average.






Any updates on Martin Prado?

I think our current manager might take some notes from Ross. Gonzalez isn’t Cox and he just can’t get the same results by being even-handed. I think he needs to get a little heated every once in awhile. Has he even been tossed from a game this year? In some of our losses, the Braves look like they just aren’t playing like they do against the Phillies. This is an attitude problem and it starts at the top.

First, congrats Tim Hudson on a BIG NIGHT.

I don’t see the big issue with Huddy having Ross as his catcher. Ross has a productive bat and obviously has a good connection with Huddy. I agree Huddy can be just as good with McCann. However, this would give McCann consistent, planned days off and get Ross consistent work. Ross can focus on catching every fifth day as oppossed to guessing when he will play next. Huddy is a good enough professional that he could easily pitch with McCann behind the plate if the occassion did present itself (i.e. playoffs, Ross injury, etc). If memory serves me correctly, Eddie Perez always caught Greg Maddux in his days with Atlanta (could be wrong here).

if and i say if Prado doesnt come back are there any replacements the braves are looking at?

nc what makes you think for even a moment that Prado is out for the year? That was never a possibility.

who were the other 12? I know Spahn did it at least once

Lugo is up, Diory optioned. Your ManCrush missed the squeeze sign Bravo.

Yeah, I saw that. So if you miss a squeeze sign, and hit a ground ball, and the guy is thrown out at the plate, whose fault is that? I mean if Ross got the sign he should have been moving, right? And if he was moving, he would have been safe, right? I really didn’t get that WHOLE thing. Glad that Diory will be playing everyday. He needs it. AAA will do him some good, as it would Mr. Uggla, and Mr. Heyward to name a couple.

Must have been a safety squeeze, because Ross wasn’t stealing home on the play. If it were an all out squeeze, the play woulda still worked perfectly with the ground out.

Ross chewed Diory’s ass after the play, whatever it was he missed it.

Hey, so I finally see whom it is I constantly get confused for. And dude, what makes u think Prado would miss the rest of the season. Yes, a staph infection could be bad but wih the level of care he is getting and the fact they caught it very early, I don’t think that’s possible.

Eh Nobravesfan82 is just trying to adjust his baseball card collection…he still doesn’t know anything about baseball other than what flavor the bubblegum stick comes with it. And NCbravesfan, I apologize for before getting you two mixed up. Its nice to know theres a baseball fan in NC that actually has intelligence since NObravesfan82 is just a Phillies fan here in disguise.

Haha – glad you finally see why we were giving you such a hard time man. You chose a very unfortunate name.

Up 4 runs in the 9th. Sure, why not bring Venters in again, he probably needs extra work. *sarcasm*

I know right? Tonight was all the ammunition I need to prove Pherris’ little theory wrong. Minor goes 7, he and the bullpen retire 16 in a row to end the game. But that was completely necessary using Venters. I’m sure Ascensio or Valdez or whoever could have worked the ninth, even Linebrink.

Wow, two games in a row of at least seven innings per starting pitcher. Something to be proud of and notable, if for nothing else, for its infrequency. That most certainly proves me wrong, doesn’t it? But, Mr. Woodworth, it doesn’t matter what you say about me, the important thing is your talking about me.

Weinus, I talk about jock itch when it gets really itchy, is that kind of what you were thinking.

Look at those Philly bats by the way. Man, as soon as they got Utley back their offense really has taken off huh????

Are you talking about the 9 runs the Phillies just scored in the top of the 8th inning?

By the way, I would have done my usual posting during the game, but I was playing a 3v3 charity soccer tournament. Bill would like you guys to make fun of me for that,

BillyBobReefer, I didn’t know chicks can get jock itch?

They get something a little worse about once a month. In your case, you get it every time one of your observations is proven wrong and the Braves win.

I have yet to be proven wrong. Have you even bothered to research McCann’s stats yet? I didn’t think so. Just continue to spout the venom, vitriol and vituperation of your daddy – BillyBobReefer.

Interesting quote from McCann last night – ” I’ve been seeing the ball well all season long and like I said earlier in the year, I talked to my brother about some adjustments and ever since we’ve talked I’ve been able to really let the bat fly through the zone. I’m lucky to have people in my family who understand the game of baseball and understand hitting. I go to them quite a bit.”
That makes two of our best hitters who go outside the organization to get hitting advice. There is an organizational downside to our offensive production. On paper, our lineup should be much better. Changes need to be made.

So, you are saying Uggla doesn’t have a father or sibling who know the game? Maybe we can rent the Jones’ or the McCanns. Or, could it possibly be that the skill level of Chipper and B Mac FAR exceeds those of Uggla?

when your hitting coach isn’t the first one one speed dial when you need help… then there is a problem.

AS I came to post about how this should be a no problem at bat for Uggla, he mashes a 2 run homer. And Pherris, how many pitches did our starters throw the last 2 nights? How many innings? What was the very thing you were arguing against? I won’t pull a Bill and go back and quote it because I just don’t care that much, but your ignorance is laughable. Go back to the Frillies blog and discuss your team. I hear all ZoZone readers are pitching in to buy some blow up dolls made out to be like Phillies players – better go claim Victorino, heard Utley just got taken.

Two games refute what I said? I hope your major in college isn’t science? Let me guess – accounting. When you go to that first job interview and you are asked “How much is 1 +1?” remember to tell them it is whatever they want it to be. You can offer as proof your status as a Braves fan.

Last time Uggla was showing signs it was against the Astros, and in particular Mr. Myers. Uggla had a life time average of .380 with 4 homers against him. I told you then, EASY boys, it’s the Astros. These past few days he has been hitting the ball QUITE hard against American league teams that NEVER see him. Two things to point out here. 1. We will be facing divisional pitching again soon. 2. On the positive side, if we make it to the World Series, Uggla could be interesting to watch.

Speaking purely statistically – he could still hit 30 HRs if he gets hot after the All Star break. He might not be able to pull that average over .230, but 30 HR’s would be nothing to complain about. BMac is still mashing.

Beachys only gonna go 6 tonight Pherris – you’re right, BMac can’t manage this staff at all. I mean, he’s had to throw soo many pitches to strike out 11 through 5-1/3. I swear, Freddi better not go O’Flahrety, Venters tonight. We have 3 runs to work with, take a chance of Ascensio or Linebrink. SAVE OUR SETUPMEN.

Beachy only 6? What else is new? But I must tip my cap to the Herculean effort of the Braves staff to get at least 2 games in a row of at least 7 innings from starters.>

AS I type that, I see DOB post on Twitter that Linebrink is warming up. Yes.

Tht was a homerun. Waiting for the replay.

Well done brooksie. ETA for Bill?

We have the 2nd best record in the NL, yet Pherris comes on here and acts like we’re the laughing stock of baseball. It’s humorous…And then he points out that last year we blew a 6 game lead, as if that somehow has anything to do with this year. If anything, it should remind him that the same thing could happen to them this year. He actually makes valid points with about half of the things he says, but the other half are just senseless. I can’t decide what I think about the guy. It’s as if he is a troll that has shining moments of usefulness. Oh yeah, and if he is really trying to convince us that he isn’t using a thesaurus half of the times he posts, he is kidding himself. Anyone using a vocabulary like that on a regular basis wouldn’t be talking trash on a baseball forum, first off. Secondly, any person with the intelligence to use that vocabulary probably wouldn’t use it in this setting, because they’d be intelligent enough to know that it really doesn’t fit within the setting. It’s an obvious attempt to present himself as a smarter person than he really is, which actually sheds light on how insecure he is about himself, his team, and his actual level of intelligence.

I’m very bad with words, but you seem to be doing a great job of saying exactly what I want to say for me. I made the whole point about it could happen this year to the Phillies and the whole “it happened last year” thing on the ZoZone and I got laughed at. They were all like “RITE LOL THAT IS NO WAI THAT CULD HAPPEN LULZ NOW SHUT UP *explative explative explative* HUR DURR.”

Well said Koovoon

Zindane, how is that ERA thingy going?

So your saying I should talk as dumb as the audience is? In other words, I should talk southern when I post here? What you will come to realize is that even a baseball blog has its heuristic value?

and it’s you’re, not your

I disagree with using venters. But he must of been up before conrad’s homer and we have an off day tomorrow

Of course, no save situation, but Everyday Jonnys in. Freddi, come on dude.

Uh, oh! Bases loaded.

If you knew anything you’d know the only time Jonny Venters pitches better than normal is when there are runners on base. It seems very clear that you don’t really know anything, so I can’t blame you for not knowing that. By the way, nice response to Kovoon. Not only does it prove his point and show off your brilliant literacy skills, it also showcases another one of your brilliant observations: All Braves fans = Southerners. Here’s one of mine: All Phillies fans = intelligent as an infant.

Such biting repartee!

boy, have you noticed how bad that Conrad guy is. I really think we should send him down so we can keep Diory and Brandon NoHits up.

Everyday Johnny in back to back 3-4 run games. Love this bullpen management.

Bill I am glad conrad went deep. It was good. If chipper can stay fit for 140 games a year then conrad can be accomadated as the back up infielder. But if conrad has to play int he field then his 3 pinch hit HR this year dont cover his terrible D. You literally cant win alot of games with him in the field. He is that bad. So if chipper can stay fit then conrad should stay ont he roster. But if chipper is going to miss alot of games with small niggles then conrad needs to go sorry bilbo.


All teams should be able to hit in that “band box” the Braves play in commonly known as…uhhhhhhhhhh……….what is it known as?

You’ve got to be kidding me; Kimbrel in for the ninth. I know he just had a day off, and we have another tomorrow, but really?

Pherris you getting worried yet? 4 in a row for the braves once kimbrel shuts this one down.

As Alfred E. Neuman said, “What, me worried?”.

Zindane, did I fail to ask you, “How is that ERA thingy going?”.

You got it right, Pherris. You’re smarter than all of us and I want you to dumb it down so we can understand, please. If you claim you talk like that in your everyday life, I’d love to see it.

I don’t talk like that but I do write like that. Take your own case for instance, Your speaking vocabulary is probably 100 words and your writing vocabulary must be at least 150 words.

You just keep proving my point, sir. If you were actually that intelligent, you wouldn’t stoop so low as to to insult someone you know nothing about, basing the foundation of the insult entirely on what major league baseball team I root for. You’re still trying to overcompensate for something. Constantly trying to justify yourself. Whatever helps you sleep at night, pal.

On a side note, it’s nice to watch us sweep the Blue Jays while I watch from here in Toronto lol. Wish the series was up here so I coulda caught a few games.

Pherris – I wouldn’t bring up many pitching stats right now. Especially since the Braves are better than the Phillies in K’s, BA against, Saves, and Tied in Shut outs. As far as ERA is concerned, the Phillies are .03 ahead (3.02-3.05). For the “best pitching staff ever assembled”, you should really try to be the best in the league first… shouldn’t you? Oh yeah – and how much does your staff cost? How much have we paid for ours? How much of yours reflects organizational scouting and talent? Oh wait – you just paid to bring your guys in. We developed ours. Hmmm…. pretty telling.

What a hoot! better in saves? How about percentage of saves? The Braves had no problem paying for the talent when they were able to. What happened? Oh, yes! Turner bailed. All of these Braves fan all over the world do not put a dime in the Braves coffers. But the only statistic that really counts is W-L record. Worse case analysis, the Phillies are in first place through Sunday providing the Phillies lose all of their games and the Braves win all of theirs. Braves fans should start hedging their bets and start rooting for the Phillie to knock-off all of the wildcard pretenders the Phillies play.

Yawwwwn. Long season. Why even debate this stuff now.

We brought in one free agent. Greg Maddox. Smoltz, Glavine, Avery were all home grown. Smotlz coming via trade from Tigers but still playing in minors.

He’s like a human parrot. I would have loved to see this guy squawk during the 14 straight division titles era.

You mean the one WS ?

It bears repeating, biting repartee from you as usual.

According to you, that doesn’t matter. The divisions are won in June, the Wild Card is an embarrassment. You seem to never mention the fact the Frills didn’t got to the series last year, and chocked to all powerful Yankee’s the year before that. So 4 straight titles and only 1 series? Hmmm, where does that sound familiar? Lets see, Braves won in 91, 92, 93, was no division winner in 94, so 95. Hmm 4 division championships and 1 World Series. Seems like your team has taken so much more advantage of their winning eh?

Wow Bravo, I was shocked that we are now higher ERA than the Phils. Thought we were lower. Is that overall staff? Or just starters?

Papa Bear, it has been about a week now. But, so what, the Braves had a lower ERA last year and look what it got them. Zindane came over to the Phillies blog and harped on that endlessly. Now he has nothing to say about it.

Its overall staff. We were first in majors for ERA up until about a week and 1/2 ago. We have closed the gap tremendously and will soon take it back over.

Dude, did you just really try to make a case that the Braves have a better pitching staff than the Phillies? Seriously, the Braves pitching staff is very good, but really? Are you going there?
Let’s just start with Halladay, Lee and Hamels. You’re up.

OK – you start with “Names” and I’ll start with “numbers”. The only meaning pitching stat the Phillies are ahead on is ERA. Today that lead is a minuscule .05 and it’s only been a week since taking over that lead. Brave are ahead in K’s, BA against, Saves, and Tied in Shut outs. Also – we’ve done it in more innings pitched (because of all our extra innings). That means we’ve had more opportunities to fail – and are still succeeding at a rate better than the Phillies staff. Game. Set. Match. In case you don’t believe me, here is a link –

Correction – with Lee’s shutout last night the Phillies have one more shutout than Braves. Still braves have the edge. Also – how much have you paid for your pitching staff? We do it on a shoe string budget by developing players. (Hanson, Jurrjens, Minor, Beachy, Venters, Kimbrel, etc.). Other than Hamels, the Phils have just stroked checks for their arms. This was supposed to go down as the “best pitching staf ever assembled”. So far, it’s not even the best one in their division.

Also – all 5 of our starting pitchers have been DL’d or have missed starts with injuries meaning we have had to use a number of additional starters. From a statistical standpoint AND an organizational standpoint, the Braves are a better staff and have done an amazing job of developing depth at pitching. Organizationally and statistically, the Braves are better at pitching.
You’re up.

Bravo, was there ever a tremendous gap to even close? But if it makes Braves fans feel better we will go with a “tremendous gap”. We also might want to throw in the Braves” “Murders Row” with the real gap in the number of home runs they have hit. But what can you expect when they play in the band-box known as Turner’s Field? Band box, sound familiar? Oh, excuse me, that only applies to CBP when the Phillies are hitting home runs. My bad. We can leave the issue of the poor, poor Braves and the DL for another whining session. But I am not sure whether that comes before or after the whining about umpire calls.

Pherris, the braves has a good record. Its not over yet so dont crow now. WHy dont you go back to your own blog with other phillies fans?

Zidane, what about that ERA you were crowing about on the Phillies site? You’ve learned a little bit about baseball, have you? How does the humble pie taste?

Brandon, Brandon, Brandon, the only thing that is new is the history you do not know . Since the introduction of divisions, the Phillies have won 11 times, gone to the WS 5 times and won it twice. The Braves have won the division 14 times, gone to the WS 5 times and won it once. So what if the Braves won the division 13 years in a row. They only got to the WS on 5 occasions, same as the Phillies, and only won the WS once while the Phillies won twice.All of this claimed glory from winning division titles is for losers.

So Weinus want to pick an arbitrary point. The Braves have been to the WS 11 times and won it 3 times. The Phillies have gone 7 times and won twice. Maybe you should have said well since August of last year, the Braves have been to the WS 0 times and so have the Phillies. Dilbert.

In Fact, little Weinus, The Phillies went 97 years before winning their first WS. No wonder everyone tries to get out of Philly.

Actually winning the division for so many years is more of an achievement than winning the world series. Loads of bad sides have won the world series. It doesnt mean they are the best side. 162 games shows who is the best side. How even a frillie can belittle the braves division run is remarkable to me. You really are embarrasing yourself pherris. You are performing in these blog comments like the phillies would without their steroids

And you can decide for urself which year of the frillies I mean when I say this

Glad to see Beachy back….What an unexpected find.

God, I love this kid, he is tough as nails, what a gritty performance today, coming of the long layoff. We need a nickname though, so I don’t have to think of Brandumb when we talk about him.

Bravo, you are delusional. Seriously, the first three starters for the Phillies are arguably the best three starters in the NL. Look up NL pitching WAR, and tell me who is at the top of the list. When you start with that, there’s a lot of catching up to do. I’m not knocking the Braves pitching, but you are out of your mind. Who matches up with Halladay? Next, Lee? Next, Hamels? Like I said, don’t go there. There are only two guys in the NL who could push his way into that rotation. One is Tim Lincecum and he is struggling this year (although he will get it together; he is too good). The other is Johan Santana and he can’t get on the field.

And BTW, when you have 13 blown saves and the opposition has 2, that is not a more successful rate by any measure. You need to go back and take some remedial math classes if you think so. Madson’s save numbers are better than Kimbrel’s and Bastardo’s numbers are every bit as good as Venters, but Bastardo doesn’t have to pitch as often because the Phillies starters always go deep. Your bullpen is deeper, but it better be, because three of your relievers are in the top ten in appearances, with Venters at #1. That’s not a good thing, for your information.

(Q) “Who matches up with Halladay?” – (A) W/L – Halladay: 9-3. Jurrjens: 9-3. ERA – Halladay: 2.51. Jurrjens: 2.11. HITS ALLOWED – Halladay: 107. Jurrjens 84. BB – Halladay: 16, Jurrjens: 18.

Bastardo couldn’t hold Venters Jock. Venters has half the ERA, 17 more k’s, 0 homers allowed (to Bastardo’s 2), and only 2 more BB’s… Oh yeah – in nearly TWICE AS MANY INNINGS PITCHED. It is even offensive that you mention them in the same category.

Funny how its gone from the phillies front 4 to now their front 3. Laughable

(Q) “Who matches up with Lee”? (A) W/L – Lee: 8-5. Hanson 8-4. ERA – Lee: 2.87. Hanson: 2.48 HITS ALLOWED – Lee: 101. Hanson 56. BB – Lee: 25, Hanson: 30.

Ok this year its pitching that been keeping us in games now let the FO go out there and get us a bat to help us score runs and not hit for a 190 average and strkie out 3 times in a game. I mean every single trade since FW has come into play has screwed the Braves one way or another. I mean we needed help at first base so we go out and get an injured player who didnt produce like the Braves thought he could. I mean we could have gotten Berkman atleast he could have done a lot better in Atl then NY. There was no attempt to get Fielder maybe the Braves learned from the Tex deal but still with KK contract and Mclouth contract up after this year i would have traded for him in the offseason and giving him the uggla’s extestion and then signing him to a bigger contract. But no at the trading deadline we get a defunk Ainkel who did ok but subpar. I mean package Minor Beachy Schafer Macrus Lemon and Hicks to Houston for Bourne and Jeff Keppinger

Wrong on every account.

Oswalt / Blanton / Kendrick / Worley :11-12 and 3.85 ERA. Hudson / Lowe / Beachy / Minor: 12-14 and 3.91 ERA

All I’m saying is that you can’t make an argument for the “best pitching staff ever assembled” or even “Best staff in the majors” if you can even make that strong of an argument for being the best pitching staff in your own division.

Way to come with game Bravo.

Top four w/l records in MLB so far this year including salaries:

1. Phillies 172 million
2. Red Sox 161 million
3. Yankees 202 million
4 Braves 87 million

yes, citing those numbers from Bravo, I really don’t see 85 million dollars worth of difference there, do you?

I wonder how much better the Braves would be if they had about 90 more million to spend. How about the team as is and add Pujols and Jose Reyes.
I think I might go on hiatus once again since this is becoming more of a playground girl fight than an actual discussion and Mark doesn’t involve himself anymore, so what’s the point.

Loving those stats Bravo. Bet the phans are eating it up.

Sure did get quiet in here once the Phan trolls started seeing actual numbers. Names mean nothing when there’s no statistical evidence to back up your claims.

Now that you’ve said that, Pherris is breaking out the thesaurus and is ready to tell you why none of that matters because it’s June 23rd and the Phillies are in first place, so they will never lose the division ever again. Ever.

I love how Phillie Phans throw around “Halladay, Lee, Hamels” like there is some sort of mystical power without not even double checking the numbers. I think they are scared to admit that a bunch of young/cheap 20 somethings can out pitch “the greatest staff ever assembled”. Go ahead and keep paying $172 for your mystical creatures” and we’ll go ahead and develop players just as good with our organizational prowess.


LOL!! So you think Jurjenns is anything close to Roy Halladay. Wow. Like I said, delusional. Every GM in MLB is laughing at you, even Frank Wren.
Braves fans are so clueless.

Bravo and Vivabeta basically shut up the phans. Nice work guys.

Here are some numbers for you: Braves fans: after 76 games in 2010 Braves were 44-32 and in 1st place by 0.5 game; Braves after 76 games in 2011 are 43-33 and in 2nd place by 4.5 games. A 5 game turn around. But here is the real kicker: Phillies 2010 after 76 games were 41-35 and in 3rd place 3.5 games back. In reality, the Phillies have had a +8 game turn around of which only one is due to how the Braves are playing overall since they have had only a one game drop. Due to pitching? Who knows. Signs of an old fashioned butt whupping? You bettcha!. I know, I know this year has nothing to do with last year, except of course if you are a Braves fan boosting about ancient history such as consecutive division titles in the inimitable fashion you are wont to do.

The Phillies spend about 90 million dollars more than the Braves annually. That price tag should be worth more than 4.5 up and a loss in the NLCS last year. You guys are all like bickering, whiny little girls.

Vivabeta, you just will not let go of that “Phillies spend more meme” will you?. But back when you were merely a glint in your father’s eye or the best part of you was rolling down his leg, as the case may be, it seems to me that a fella’ named Ted Turner spent a ton of money to try and buy championships. I believe several years there the Braves had the highest payroll in MLB. Yes, higher than the Yankees. And what is this lack of interest with baseball in the south anyway? Last 3 Phillies home dates attendance – 136,288: last three Braves home dates attendance – 72,938. Vivabets, what are you a capitalist who after returning from your Teabagger rally suddenly becomes a socialist when it comes to baseball but each man for himself otherwise?

Phillies Attendance Rates: 20-0, 0.37 ERA, 3 walks (all intentional), 214 K’s, .048 BAA

Man, it’s a good thing those attendance rates factor into the pitching staff debate. He’s a monster!

Viva 2 – Pherris 0. Time for round 3? You should quit whilst its still respectable pherris

Koovoon , how about Vivabets wants to cry in his soup over the fact the Phillies spend more money. How about they spend more money because they make more money because of the product they put on the field. I know it is probably difficult for such a small mind such as yours to wrap it around this concept but give it a try. You might surprise yourself.

Hey little Weinus, you gotta 1 post left before I go nuclear on that pasty face Zolecki web site. You know I’ll do it too. I’ll just go on there and talk about overflowing sewers, ugly fat chicks and stupid Frilly sanitation workers(bloggers).

Here is the post buttwipe. Bring it on and bring your mother to Philly again. She was great entertainment last time. But BillyBobreefer, why don’t you and your mother both bring your shoes and teeth this time. I understand this years airdrop was successful.

This very much sounds to me like a terrorist threat. Keep it up, we shall see.

Oh and I did notice that the mighty C Lee has given up 4 in the 1st 2 innings, Think he’ll have a complete game tonite(snicker)?

Look again you asshole, it was Oswalt.

Really Billreef? That’s odd, since Cliff Lee has pitched two consecutive complete game shutouts (Twice as many as the whole Braves rotation) and has given up ONE run in the month of June.

Another insult. Originial…

Whoops, I guess not, he’s out after 2. Sure hope he didn’t hurt his wittle finguh.

You were warned

Guess what team just passed the little Frilly girls in best ERA? You guys blew it in one night.

Come on Zippy and Brandie, I need your assistance and your unique talents on the Pasty Face web site of Todd Zolecki. Here’s a link for anyone who cares to take the trolls down.

Also, since when has Hamels been considered a top starter in the NL? He had a pretty mediocre year last year if I recall…he ended strong, but you have to look at the entire year, no?

Frillies down 12-1 after 8, don’t they have a mercy rule in the majors(snort).

Pherris’ thesaurus is misplaced, so here he is swearing at Bill because of his own ignorance. Nice one bro. And got this one all on your own BIll. I don’t need to taunt the phans of an apposing team. It’s not like they’re playing the game and have any effect on the outcome of the season. If they get off to a sports team being in first in June, so let it be. Must be a sad life they live when the most they have to look forward to is looking at the standings and making sure the Phillies are still in first.


*goes to ZoZone and starts dropping F-Bombs*

I know the Braves spent more money than most teams in the 90s. That’s not my argument. The Phils’ fans are comparing their CURRENT team to the CURRENT Braves team. One spends 90 million more than the other. One has the best record in the NL (and majors), the other has the second best record in the NL (4th best in the majors). The pitching staffs are pretty neck and neck, and I don’t give a damn about who has the best ERA or the second best etc etc; they’re both amazing. MY ARGUMENT is that I think $90 million dollars more should be worth more than 4 games up in the division. Only 4 games up on the Braves who have yet to see anything from Uggla, injuries to McLouth and Prado, and have been mostly without Heyward. Maybe the Braves just don’t need to spend as much money because of the brilliance of their organization and farm system. What happens if one of the Phils 4 goes down for an extended amount of time? Oswalt left the game early today. The Phils have no pitching depth, just the great staff that’s already on the 25 man roster. We have already seen the Braves bring in Minor, Delgado, and Teheran to fill in for injured starters, and all 3 are top 40 prospects. Speaking of prospects.. how’s Domonic Brown doing?

Viva, best post I have seen from you since you got all pissy earlier in the year. Welcome back.

Do you know the Braves had a higher payroll than the Phillies as late as 2008, the second year of the Phillies run of division titles?

If it isn’t payroll disparities, it’s injuries; if it isn’t injuries, it’s umpire calls. It is some new excuse every day. How about this – the Phillies are better and the only chance the Braves have is if the Phillies fall flat on their faces. Oh sure, they can sneak in through the wildcard and good luck with that.

So what you’re saying is that after they won the series, payroll went up because every degenerate in Philly jumped on the bandwagon and started going to games? And if you used that reading comprehension thing you preached about earlier, you’d have noticed that no one has used payroll as an excuse for being 4 back. In all reality, it is sad that you have enough payroll to afford an Albert Pujols and Matt Holliday on top of that “best rotation of all time” compared o the Braves, and are only up 4 measly games.

Good point viva, sounds like a fair enough analysis

And, your point is?

Don’t get your panties in a bunch because the best rotation of all time is losing a member, you have plenty of top pitching prospects right? I was just sharing a link for my Braves brethren. Here’s another. Seems Ruben is worrying about his bullpen more than your are ours.

Pherris I think its time for you to leave this blog before you embarrass yourself anymore. You are even letting Bill get the best of you!

Brandon, Brandon, Brandon, you sound more and more like BillyBobReefer everyday. What I find disconcerting is that you would want to emulate someone who tries to emasculate you on a daily basis. Vivabeta has used the disparities in payroll as an excuse several posts above by implication when he asserted that with their payroll the Phillies should have a bigger lead. Do you get it yet? . Back to your McGuffey now.

Pop quiz: Which is the biggest state east of the Mississippi?

Brandon, Brandon, so if the Phillies lose Oswalt they are reduced from the best rotation of all time to merely the best rotation in MLB this year. What is a Phan to do?

For anyone who has not heard, Joe Mather elected free agency.

I’m saying this so Amaro can go out and sign him to a 2 year deal. They need a RH outfielder don’t they?

The Braves need to jack up a cap and insert a new team underneath it. At least Amaro signs one or two year deals. How long are the deals with Uggla and McClouth or that Japanese fellow now being paid $8 million to pitch in what? AA? AAA?

A) Are you insinuating that after 2 months into a 5 year deal that Dan Uggla is a bust already? B) Frank Wren didn’t sign McLouth? I mean really, do your homework. C) Kantwinagami would be a perfect fit for the injured Oswalt, no? Can’t be any more terrible than Blanton eh? Grasping at straws once again.

Brandon, I have narrowed it down, you were either home schooled or graduated from some Christian “Academy”. Which is it?

If clicked on the link to my name you’d find out just how much of a Christian I am.

“A year after losing Billy Wagner, Braves’ majors-leading 2.49 bullpen ERA is more than quarter run below No. 2 Padres’ pen (2.77)” Straight from DOB.

How come the Braves are not in 1st place with such a stellar bullpen? Might it have something to do with all of the saves the Braves bullpen has blown?

Plus our bullpen is costing us next to nothing

You get what you pay for. How many blown saves now 12 or 13?

Do you understand how ERA ranks pithcing staffs? 1, Our staff is overall better than yours, FACT. 2, Our pen is far better

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